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Why Women No Longer Respect Men - MGTOW

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Why Women No Longer Respect Men - MGTOW Video about why women no longer respect men. Relationship advice for men and women. ☑️Paypal donation link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RP7SAZRNRT3QL ☑️Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3190267 ☑️Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/howard.dare ☑️Twitter: https://twitter.com/Howard_Dare ☑️Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/HowardDare Free advice for men on women, dating, relationships, work and MGTOW. Thank you everyone. #MGTOW #MEN #WOMEN
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Howard Dare (4 months ago)
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Norman Craig (1 month ago)
+WHY YOU ARE AN IDIOT No, women don't t follow sin, they always charge for it one way or another zipper head!
Keylanos Lokj (4 months ago)
they are jezzebel. misandric and with no values. thats why they dont respect men.
WHY YOU ARE AN IDIOT (4 months ago)
evolution does not exist women follow sin
Delo777s (4 months ago)
marcel enlight Fag Happened to whom?
Delo777s (4 months ago)
Seth Navarettes Perfectly understandable in this day and age thst she'd protect herself though better to protect yourself than be a trusting innocent fool.
Jon R. Pejtersen (1 day ago)
Respect is something you Earn. You don't earn respect by being a wimp. What is the difference between being single or to have a girlfriend/wife? You should get a lot more homecooked food and sex with the second option. If not.. you got work to do ;)
Scott Kirk (2 days ago)
The now constant news flow into our living rooms..dictates what we think about all day...Its a "constructed paradigm"
Dan Blizerian (3 days ago)
He speaks facts......but God I hate the way Howard talks
Ian macdonald (3 days ago)
women are cunts
YouCanDoEet (10 days ago)
6:15 Important part of this segment.
Heiko Friedrich (11 days ago)
Greetings from Germany Howard. You are right. It´s exactly what happened in Germany. The biggest betrayal of of it´s own people, a political leadership has done in history. Only the communists were able beat this in 20th century. They killed everyone right away...
rigginglis inglissness (15 days ago)
Most women are scheming cunts....
BFjordsman (16 days ago)
2 simple answers. Sufferage and we're not allowed to punch them in the face
Howard! It feels great to BE ABLE TO comment again lol
The Alsatian (29 days ago)
The truth is that from a certain perspective, if you get more women in the workforce, it’s just more cows to be milked of their tax money.
David Harrison (29 days ago)
Howard, discuss the problem of alpha psycho men, who are preditory and need to be killed off by civilized men.
Richard Lewis (1 month ago)
Lust for pussy is no.1 cause......a fucking nasty smelling hole thats bleeds once per month........pure fuckery
Domenq (1 month ago)
I am from Berlin, Germany. All I want to say is that people do not talk any more; on the job, with friends, family - nobody is discussing anymore. There is fear of beeing insulted as a "right-wing", as a "nazi" for having doubts about the gouvernement. As the gouvernement's share of economy is so big, there is always the risk that you loose your job, your orders, your income. It is that fear of dependency... The situation is very serious, as you can feel the bitterness and frustration about what happens here - though nobody talks about it. At the same time the totally dominant public television (more than 20 stations) and the press - traditionally in the hands of "money makres - seperates between "us" and "them". "Them" is certainly all "nazi"...
Slim Morden (1 month ago)
Born after 1975 they only know a standard that formerly required no less than 35 servants, Couple that with the trend of the workplace to go behind closed doors. On top of that professional students could, 60 years ago, stay forever on campus by calling themselves Professor so three generations later Professional Students are teaching about a world they haven't seen for 50 years. You take it from there.
Norman Craig (1 month ago)
This is not, these retarded, land whale, harpies fault! The only reason they have any power, rights, or even alive is because of men! If we could get these beta cucks, that enable and empower these feminazi idiotstick's purged from existence, we as men could get these butche's back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, where they belong and out of the voting booths, this nation could get back to it's previous Patriarchal order. that made the world fear us instead of laughing at us, as (((THEY))) do today. So, the next time you see or hear one of these male beta cucks cbitching about women's rights, just plant your foot, rite into their little raisins, and put them in their place, just like the little pathetic bitches (((They))) are ... We can do it gents!!!
Dale Hemme (1 month ago)
Someone suggested that men and women dont breed in captivity and I suggest that men and women not try to live together. That is a Christian idea and probably not something that should be tried outside true Christianity. The whole concept of love respect and decency are probably too far outside of the hypergamy norm. As we creep closer to the edge of civilization if women are to breed at all, it will be with the 20% of alphas. Marriage maybe should be considered an outdated contract and systematically abandoned. We will slip into road warrior mode quickly enough and there will be a societal reset through millions of deaths and on the other side of that will come a renewed respect structure. It may take a new stone age to get the job done but I'm optimistic it could be done in a couple thousand years
selective Grey (2 months ago)
Howard Dare Comics
I realise you may not like or appreciate my comments but it is not to meant to discredit you. it's just me, thinking out loud. Good women are as rare as good man. You reap what you sow. Very logical if you think about it a little bit.
unfortunatly a agree with you.
Hugh Byrne (2 months ago)
Woman defined: Life-Support System for a vagina.
Because the government doesn't allow men to heat the fuck out of women who act like men.
David Wright (2 months ago)
I'm starting to understand. It's not at all a pretty picture for us. My Brothers, we're losing.
goat man (2 months ago)
Back in the 1950s the man was in charge of the house now the man is changing into a woman their for the woman are over us now.
THAT PERSON (3 months ago)
Fuck u why women will respect a man if they treat them as slaves idiot it is a breakthrough from oppression from men
Artur Markowski (3 months ago)
I don't respect women any more
t4705mb6 (1 month ago)
When Columbus tripped over the Bahamas native American housing was far better designed and built than that of the huge majority of Europeans. There were nearly 100M native American in central and north America at the time - about 70M people populated Europe. One of the best examples of how we got Native Americans all wrong is Cahokia, a massive Native American city located in modern day East St. Louis. In 1250, it was bigger than London, and featured a sophisticated society with an urban center, satellite villages and thatched-roof houses lining the central plazas. While the city was abandoned by the time white people got to it, the evidence they left behind suggests a complex economy with trade routes from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. BTW: JSYK, Columbus never stepped foot in North America.
ExterminaTORul DEborati (3 months ago)
White People are builder`s, without us every other race would be in very low number living in tree`s.
LoveGod (3 months ago)
My respect to woman "fuck and leave and find another them and again fuckim"
Ace boogie0913 (3 months ago)
skid row (3 months ago)
this guys voice is kinda annoying to be honest not that he isn't correct in what he preaches but the voice is like fucckkk
Spot on
TheAdditionalPylons (3 months ago)
Men built everything women need to function and survive and now women think that because they can get a desk job that they are "independent". I drove my car that was designed and built by men on the road built and maintained by men that are policed by men to my office building built and maintained by men that has water and power provided by men to work on my PC that was designed and built by men to use software programmed by men. I work my counter productive and overpaid HR Job which consists of giving my fellow employees busy-work and getting men fired for being nice to women who aren't attracted to them. I'm a strong an Independent woman! Now, wheres my stud, millionaire, dream husband who will take care of me for the rest of my life? Im 36, have a useless degree and 150k in student loan debt, and I think that makes me a 10/10 catch! Men are just threatened by my independence!
Guy123456Chicago (3 months ago)
A Feminist System is punishing Heterosexual Boys/Men for acting in a Traditional Manner ... The young boys in this Society are being fed a diet of LIES and BULLSHIT. As they grow up, they talk to their older male relatives and view MGTOW videos/articles on the Internet, they find out/figure out the Feminist System is nothing more than a "Great Big Power Play". ... It's all one "Great Big Power Struggle". This generation of Heterosexual Boys/Men are NOT going to REACT well to this! ... Go one decade into the future ... ... What do you have? ... There are no White Knights in Existence. All you have left are Grey Knights and Black Knights. When REALITY finally is forced into this Society ... ... Let's use a world war in Europe which has to be fought, as an example. ... Now the Feminists have a REAL BIG PROBLEM! Number one, the Men of this Society have not been training to be "Traditional Men". This has been discouraged since day one of elementary school. Number two, the heterosexual men of this society believe nothing they are being told, by this Feminist Government/Society. ... There seems to be a "TRUST ISSUE"! ... How much money would you the reader, bet on this Feminist Government/Civilization will survive the upcoming world war? ... I'm guessing the other side will win. This is the big question to ask. ... Where will the Majority of Heterosexual Men give their LOYALTIES to? ... Think about it! ... Think about it!
b w n (3 months ago)
Respect is not the word...Women do not have the ability to respect anything. You are talking like they have the grey matter to have a plan and work it. I have never respected women...I have always appreciate them for what they were gifted by nature with for my pleasure. Islam has it right and is keeping it in control. The emotional natural disaster called a woman has no place in anything other than Helping a man make his way thru this jungle of life and death. You are giving them way to much credit Howard.....
Iota Shrivastava (3 months ago)
Howard dare's words are like magic in mgtow.
Actually the Queen of England has her husband in good stead ! I bet he doesn’t put up with any shit yet she is the queen ! Maybe this need to addressed and analysed further . Maybe the have all the answers for their realm???
Oh the collective consciousness of man is coming on really strong in the last six months and with the internet availability to the masses it is a very steep curve . It’s like the old saying by Victor Hugo “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come”
Mike Robinson (3 months ago)
I love to thank the feminists for allowing female nature to be exposed this is the beginning to their end and it will end soon just watch no more free stuff bitches...
Devon O'Reilly (3 months ago)
Mgtow power.
Chris Kilmer (3 months ago)
Wonderful explanation. Thanks Mr.Dare
EyonDreams (3 months ago)
I think men are great communicators ... in my opinion ... men tailor their conversations to suit ... which is/has been a part of the problem
WILBERT ADAMSEL (3 months ago)
A Woman being a Woman is NORMAL, A Woman Acting like a Man is PRAISED, A MAN Acting like A MAN IS DESPISED, A MAN Acting like a WOMAN is MOCKED!!
WILBERT ADAMSEL (3 months ago)
"Our GENERATION Is So Busy Trying to Prove That WOMEN Can Do What a MAN Can Do, that WOMEN Are LOSING their UNIQUENESS. WOMEN WEREN'T Created to Do Everything a MAN CAN DO, WOMEN Were Created to Do Everything a MAN CAN'T DO." -Asim Busara @asim_busara
Derpington McDerp (3 months ago)
In this bizarre new world I wouldn't find ridiculous the idea of feminazis pushing an agenda for MANDATORY MARRIAGE (even if the bitch decides to divorce 24 hrs right after that) FOR MEN OR JAIL, so no man could game the system out of the plantation. Mindblowing!
Chris Carey (3 months ago)
Lewis Sparks (3 months ago)
Go camping folks women in the woods will give way to Men. Louis L'aMour said in "How the West was Won" and damn I found it true. Women become more female and look to Men for protection from what's out there. If they are safe in town then Men become pointless except to provide resources.
Lewis Sparks (3 months ago)
I remember an episode of Cheers, the character Diane was berating Sam because he did a charity baseball game with models and he and the Men won just to win. The idea was it was sexist to win and the wise man lets the girls win. So feminisism says let girls win so they feel better. Leave you testes at the door.
hardwired (3 months ago)
Thank you Howard. Cept that the left are puppets of the true masters and this isn't an experiment.
JRD DoubleU (4 months ago)
The only way a woman can respect a man, is if she fears him. This can either be in the form of, fear of him leaving her, or, fear of him beating her/puting her in her place. This is quite evident when you attempt to verbally express something to your woman, yet despite claiming to be 'human', although they can process verbal communication, she lacks the cognitive capacity to acknowledge it, and take it on board, in an other than a superficial way. This is why relationships always seem one-sided, and women, are infamously renowned as being self serving, inconsiderate, narrcissistic brats. Basically, the only language she understands, is action. Words are nothing mor than tools she uses to manipulate you. Your words. Your opinions. Your beliefs. They mean nothing to her. Beat her, or leave her, that's the only way the message is ever going to sink in. It's why when you see a man beating his girl, she never leaves him, and she lashes out at those who would intervene. It's why when you dump her ass, she inevitably ends up crawling , begging for you back. It's not concious on their part. It's simply biologically induced. It can't understand anything else, it has far too much oestrogen flowing through it's ice cold heart to be able to think and function like a man. She thinks in one dimension, if you can even call it 'thinking' at all. They are stunted.
RALF 08/15 (4 months ago)
So the decline of the Western world can't be stopped. So what? Men will build another one. Will women again dominate? I presume.......😁.
Howard Dare (4 months ago)
The men who could have rebuild it will be dead.
PlanckTime Runner (4 months ago)
"Keep your pimp hand strong." .... The cold, hard, logical, truth.... If a woman knows she can disrespect you, up to and WAAAAY the [email protected]&% past the point of disrespect a man would get his ass beat for and have ALL the support of the "judicial" system, current social norm and culture. .. Guess what? That's EXACTLY what that bitch is going to do and MOCK you for it, use your kids against you in court, divorce -rape you and take as much of your shit as she can. At present gents, this is a Zero Sum Game. MGTOW is the only solution when we as men, have arrived in this bizarro, twilight zone world, where a woman's manipulative, hypergamic nature has been given tyrannical reign by screeching, SJW, harpies. Your "pimp hand" without the jail time, is smacking away all attempts to cage you in this, go monk mode or roll the dice with the occasional involvement with the magical meat curtains. Woman, for the past century, bitch and wine about "equality" when they want MORE of the exact opposite. They want to take credit for and TAKE ALL we built as men under their bullshit banner of "equality." Women have priced themselves out of the market . There is no return on investment. Will women at some point pull their collective head out of their Va Jay Jay, look around and see what they have done? I'm not holding my breath! The pussy ain't worth the squeeze. Until then, keep that pimp hand strong, my MGTOW brothers.
Taso Dionis (4 months ago)
Cause most men have become pussies that's why. Proudly MGTOW since 2001.
Rex Maximust (4 months ago)
LOL. You don't respect people and you want women to respect you? NOT.
Andy Detweiler (4 months ago)
the fact is since women don't respect the men who built civilization, mgtow men will let society degrade back to a point where women respect and obey men because they NEED men to stay alive in some comfort. us men happen to enjoy camping. are you listening, women? we don't care anymore.
Just Alex (4 months ago)
Female emotional views are not good for politics.. political stuff is complicated and its not there to make you feel good if u put emotions in politics and facts something is gonna go wrong
Gary Bentlage (4 months ago)
I call bullshit, fuck these bitches, and yes howard im going to use curse words. I dont give a fuck what society says. Society can go fuck itself, thank u
Daniel Sin (4 months ago)
Sex and Culture - J.D. Unwin This is something I recommend reading for someone who wants to understand the positive correlation between the cultural success of a society and the sexual restraint with which their people conduct their relationships.
Max (1 month ago)
thanks for the recommendation. Will do.
onepom63 (4 months ago)
What I notice on TV nowadays including commercials, is all about women.
Peter Pumpypants (4 months ago)
God help you all!
Peter Pumpypants (4 months ago)
Any god will do. If men and women in the USA don't start playing nice together and sticking together, you are all doomed.
RALF 08/15 (4 months ago)
Peter Pumpypants. Which god of those 5000? The crazy Jewish cockold maker?
Victor Visser (4 months ago)
Howard, I have been watching the onset of the age of female indulgence since my Third grade teacher, a proclaimed feminist, had an end of the year pizza party for our class that only the girls where allowed to attend. Even though it was not recess and it was a cold day all the boys in her class had to go and wait outside o. the playground while the girls enjoyed their pizza and soda pop. There was no real reason given for the exclusion other than "the boys are too naughty" no real explanation of what that meant either. some parents of the boys said this was not in any way fair since most of us had good grades. The school system just shrugged their shoulders and said it was her class. which brings me to my question. how can we fix this system of demonizing boys that has had at least 40 plus years to entrench itself in our public schools?
Cody Richards (4 months ago)
Another informative nice video. MGTOW, I had a question, I don't want to be in a relationship with any girl/woman or even date them and I never try to, so that's fine, But the problem is, when I see so many people in a relationship and friends and others asking me if I have a girlfriend, I feel a stress building from inside to go ahead and get in a relationship, my mind forces me. I really don't want to date any girl/woman as they really don't respect men, the primary reason. So how do I stop that stressful feeling? That makes me lose focus from important things. Do you have any suggestion? Thank You and Thank you for such good videos. :)
RovexHD (1 month ago)
Be active. Join clubs. Develop yourself.
Mudhut Productions (4 months ago)
I was born in 68'. During the 80's I came to believe that a man is something you aspire to be. It doesn't come naturally. It is cultivated through the growth of character. A man is noble, knows his strength and moderates it to the circumstances, takes responsibility for his errors and makes no excuses for them, has honor, dignity and above all interacts with the World in good faith. Tertiary traits include modesty, humor, empathy, compassion and a strong sense of conviction, civility and tact. A man knows who and what he is through a cultured sense of self awareness and introspection. Yet to media and most women, the term denotes a simple minded mess maker filled with toxic masculinity. The soy boy lumberjack wannabes who swing less testosterone than the average 94 year old don't even qualify. Rock on as always Howard!
jordan (3 months ago)
Hell that whole paragraph, made me proud to be the way i am, i was born in 78, but my father instilled all this in me. Military men all generations in my family with proper up bringing. Taught to give respect and be loyal and trustworthy. My ex gf was the definition of what women are today, use you up and monkey branch to the next. So entitled, i left her to be alone and focus on myself, best move i ever made mgtow boys, not a movement a way of life!
Peter Pumpypants (4 months ago)
I was born in 67 and never left the play ground. Life has been one long rollercoaster I don’t want to get off. Maybe when I am 60 I may grow up, but hopefully not too much.
Victor Visser (4 months ago)
I was born in 1969 and I couldn't agree with you more.
Howard Dare (4 months ago)
Rock on Mudhut.
Grand Champ (4 months ago)
It is my belief that the term "independant woman" in the modern sense is quite horseshit lol. The men killed all the scary animals, built all the shelters and expanded it into houses, hunted the food, plowed the fields, and now when everything is CONVENIENT you're an independant woman lol. Wupti doo, I wonder where all the "independant women" were when times called for taking up the spear or a plow to survive a winter. Fact of the matter is - there was none. People knew survival was a group effort. We built all that we see around us on generations upon generations of brilliant PEOPLE. None of us are alone in this. And while we can better our situation, you're utterly delusional if you think you are independant. You are Highly DEPENDANT on everyone around you. Instead of blowing our own horn of hot air, it is my belief we should start treating each other better. We are our own best hope for a future. Unfortunately (In general) this egotistical, conveniant generation seems to have forgotten that.
Brad (4 months ago)
"The girls will use..." That's the take away of this video, the men need to teach the boys, that the girls will use...!
MrDjx01 (4 months ago)
There's nothing wrong or controversial about speaking the truth with biological facts! Society has bended towards female favor and that's why it seems like controversial to a lot of ppl! The reality is very hard to be accepted to them cause it destroys their delusional fantasy world they've created within their minds and what was taught to them! The truth of the matter is that women want complete dominance over men and will do what they can to do it. Since the pendulum is already on the way back mother nature will show women that their error and feminism and how toxic it is and how far off balance everything is!
Rocket Man (4 months ago)
You give what they want you loose everything
Crescendo Waves (4 months ago)
Just a bunch of babbling
RALF 08/15 (4 months ago)
Crescendo Waves. Just an idiot. You have no clue.
Monk of MGTOW (4 months ago)
ZETA--out of the game, and glad to be out of the game. The game is rigged. It is possible for men to win if they play, but on average they can not. Our entire culture is structured around men being subservient to women. Every song on the radio, every stupid television show, everything they teach in school--it's all designed to keep men as providers and women as privileged princesses. How can men win? Rewrite the rules. Play by your own rules, the MGTOW rules.
Carlos Mendez Leo (4 months ago)
Today was my first day going to the gym with a MGTOW mentality and I am SHOCKED at the severity of the situation. I did a lot of MGTOW thinking while I was doing my 1 rep deadlfts next to various females showing their spandex compressed butts in my face. Today, thanks to your content, when I looked at these gorgeous women instead of thinking "wow, I NEED that", I visualized a giant tarantula who wants to use my talents, capacities, effort, money, etc. I want to share just one thought that occured to me a while ago: women succeed by following their emotions (softness), men succeed by ignoring their emotions (depending on the objectived of course)
michel Guevara (4 months ago)
Check out Chloé Renaud-Ouellette's idiotic, hostile, gynocentric shaming below, and call her a moron 😁
Gregory Mills (4 months ago)
Guess What...A Strong man would not make a you tube video with his voice modified and a made up superhero picture complaining about how women are big ol meanies. Lol this is why you betas are so mad. Except that you are who you are and that I have no problem being the dominant sex. Its natural for us. Women will act the way they feel there allowed to act. I honestly feel bad for you. I hope you can find a woman who can somehow make a beta male like you feel like a real man...even of only for a second
LoveGod (4 months ago)
I don't respect woman, I really don't see why should i I'm a human woman is human what's the difference if woman respect me I'll respect them and if you come to me and say respect woman because woman have birth to you my response I respect my mother not all mother's cuz they didn't have birth to me. And respect man for Scarficing His time and giving all money and spending day night taking care of pregnant woman so both genders has a role so respect both if u respect me I respect you
James D3 (4 months ago)
Women are in a lot of trouble and they don't know it. Women are 50% of the work population and produce 30% of the income tax. The result will be bankruptcy on a massive level. Once this happen, constantly changing emotions won't help them.
Lift and read (4 months ago)
Every time I see a male defending some random woman in person or online it tells me everything I need to know about them. Their insecurity and low self esteem speaks volumes.
Praise The Sun Bro (4 months ago)
S3TO1234 right, it tells you that If their validation as a man hinges on the opinions of a woman or group of them, then their disapproval is something he also fears so he has to monitor and constantly "check" himself. What Kind of man censors and dilutes himself because the women think he owes them something. Wahhh the mens are so terrible so they should be nice to me and respect me and throw money at me for being naked as well since I can't do anything else to secure employment 🤔
Pharaoh (4 months ago)
Who cares if women don't respect us all one needs to do is fucking ignore these cunts and they become irrelevant and we all know nothing annoys them more than to be ignored.
Arch Stanton (4 months ago)
Women are the Borg.
mrS (4 months ago)
Another excellent video, Mr. Dare.
Mr Grey man (4 months ago)
only wamyn on the left don't respect men, because the 'men' they associate with are leftist soyboy men, which is to say women with a penis but weaker. so as it is their only example of 'men' are leftist soyboy boys, it is no wonder they have become what they have become.
Trev1183 (4 months ago)
I'm tired of hearing men bitch. Out of the past 300,000 years of modern man, feminism is what did us in? Lol. The government and men of old made life better for women AND men. The problem, is that making life better for men actually weakens them and makes them useless. It's more magnified in the black community. The only thing that makes men strong is hard times. Real hard times, not bitching about how women did mean things or how the government we gave power to isn't fair....mgtow almost sounds like those left wingers with their safespaces, everyone makes fun of.
Portuguese MGTOW (4 months ago)
Bitches dont respect us men because we dont slap them anymore!
Why? Because they no longer respect themselves. If you don't respect yourself you are not able to respect anyone else.
Kevan Ashworth (4 months ago)
I am sorry to say you are correct Howard. Men see through the lie, women on the other hand accept and internalize the lie about women’s new place in society.
Daniel Bennett (4 months ago)
Truth of gender roles has been known since Genesis.
an American (4 months ago)
I no longer respect them either. MGTOW is not the problem. Women and ludicrous liberal laws and courts are the problem. I used to be polite and courteous toward women. That backfired. Once I lost respect for women, I would still treat them very professional. I was still nice and polite but very measured in how I went about it. I simply had no reason to trust them. So what happens? Outside of some good relationships from days gone past; I've never been treated better in my life. wtf! I know I still have flaws but it shows to me that I'm way out of their league anyway.
Steve (4 months ago)
"Got a cheating husband? Take him to the cleaners!" In this modern day of MGTOW, DNA, cameras, entertainment etc, they should do this experiment again; "American experiments in 1978 and 1982 found the great majority of men were willing to have sex with women they did not know, of average attractiveness, who propositioned them. No woman, by contrast, agreed to such propositions from men of average attractiveness."
bo steele (4 months ago)
Howard dare is probably next, they took out Alex Jones. The liberals are after freedom of speech. The feminist would love to silence howard.
Arnieus (4 months ago)
Communists especially feminists, I won't call them liberals, are not after "freedom of speech".
The Bob Loblaw Show ! (4 months ago)
When the first woman opened their mouth about feminism some guy should have shoved a cock in her mouth. 👏👏👏👏👍👍🇨🇦
Genesis Stewart (4 months ago)
Pilsbury Doeboy (4 months ago)
The (((left)))!
Nick Andrade (4 months ago)
Fuck women, my hands & money keep me sane
Cizzymac (4 months ago)
I couldn't give a single fuck about a woman's respect. Ironically, this train of thought will cause women to respect me. Clown world.
greg sheppard (4 months ago)
Best thing that could have ever happened to men.
hooterville2 (4 months ago)
a woman cannot respect anyone who respects her. women are only capable of respecting someone they feel inferior too. When a woman encounters a man who respects women all she sees is a man who projects inferiority which she is not capable of respecting....fact!
Dequay Rabb (1 month ago)
That's exactly how Satan, view on MAN wow, SO a women IS acting like the one who caused her to eat of the Apple, or fall, Satan did not respect MAN, did not wAnt to bow, cause MAN inferior TO him NOT worthy to bend a knee TO worship
Jersey Paul (4 months ago)
Not me Baby! I am lifting weights, dieting, and taking supplements. They are not taking my masculinity away from me!
Avitar Magnus (4 months ago)
EASTERN EUROPE WHITE CHRISTIAN OBEDIENCE OR DEATH NO TO LITTLE gay pedophile child molesters liberal feminist islamics as they are killed on the spot(except on borders where satan in islam lives for now or at least until Russians fully get annoyed an dkill them like chemo to cancer) no court no jew lawyers just killed!!! THEY ARE ON THE WAY TO GREATNESS !! AMEN
Avitar Magnus (4 months ago)
Men no longer care! they now go to asia and at home buy hookers they pay to leave or pay to have dinner and fuck!!! White Man Supreme goes everywhere traditiona TRUEl Catholic Chrisitans reside Central America South AMerica Brazil Columbia Ven where women know how to obey and behave and be TRUE CHRISTIAN as God commanded!!! the America fake zionist masonic jew devils and evangelical devils of satan are destroying North AMerica until we all destroy it or move to Russia or Eastern Europe where female obedience and White MAN SUPREME under Christ Gods only son is growing fast and hard!! and no immigrants brn blk islamic shit pile people AMEN
Tango Mike (4 months ago)
Oh no, a vacuous hooker doesn't respect me; whatever shall I do?
daveen adams (4 months ago)
F*ck with nature then it will put something else to fill that niche.
mgtow warrior (4 months ago)
Men are being punished by having their testosterone levels cut down by 30-50% on average. The government is trying to turn women into men and men into women so their isn't reality a male or female but a androgynous being. It's eugenics obviously. We're being softened up for the kill. My intuition rarely is wrong and that's what I think is happening. Look at soyboys for instance. Look at the try guys channel were they get their T levels checked and all of them have dangerously low T levels. Their T levels were that of a 86 year old man and their barely 30. It's getting scarier and scarier out there.
Ronin Patriot (4 months ago)
One world global dictatorship is the end game. Sexes,family,language economy, environment not one aspect of humanity has gone unscathed. The globalist vultures are picking the meat off the bones until nothing is left and the world begs them for their tyranny. They live we sleep.
mgtow warrior do they even lift bro?

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