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Should Black Women Respect Black Men?

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Hey brothers...welcome back to another video. I just wanted to put out my theories on this particular topic and I hope you enjoy it. How to Travel to Rio De Janeiro Brazil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaaU1HIML8w My second Oshay Duke Jackson II Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZuVX0lWffBAZY90Ew-NPtg
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Text Comments (343)
James Carter (1 month ago)
I respect this guy extremely ‼️
anthony king (1 month ago)
Say it again brother
Brandy Byas (1 month ago)
In 2014 you were living with your parents?! Dude you look 45 and I bet you still live at home with your parents. Hell you probably never had your own place, but keep pretending you were helping your parents out and not the other way around 🤣🤣🤣. Just looking at you I can instantly tell why you feel some type of way about black women, you probably cant even get a women unless she white and looks like the mucinex monster lol.
Robert Ellis (2 months ago)
Definitely don't engage with black women in general....terrible in conversation, terrible in business transactions and the only place a lot of em are good is in the bedroom!! This isn't all but the majority!!!
Floyd Walls (2 months ago)
They Don't Bottomline Don't have to be a Baller DOPEDEALER or Graduate from Harvard Can we work to gather or Crabs in a barrel or Ask One Teach One.
Floyd Walls (2 months ago)
GOD'S Plan 4 u Bruh Blessings in Disguise Go Getter AND You had Class about being let go KEEP up th RT ; It does Hurt But One Person don't STOP the SHOW!
JamericanDC1 (2 months ago)
Preach brother, preach!!
Frank Stocker (2 months ago)
Preach it brother, preach it.
sammie smith (2 months ago)
Brothers take care yourselves & Go Global.
Edward Bunch III (2 months ago)
And as the polish did, the Japanese received war reparations as well.
shimmer burnett (3 months ago)
No, you weak powerless men have done nothing for us to respect you.
Devin Norman (3 months ago)
Black man here .... you Oshay ... are a King ... love you brother ... becoming a patron ... thanks for the love and knowledge
Ricki B. (3 months ago)
Why it's always these ugly ass lames that complain about black women?!!
Richard Lovelace (3 months ago)
Oshay dont need shit fancy! Give that man a Mic some headphones, and a monitor and he drops jewels. Lol much respect.
Anthony Broaddus (3 months ago)
Great video brother.
Sun Rise (4 months ago)
The main ingredient for respect is FEAR. No one really fears BM so no one respects them. They are not feared cos they have no POWER. The only power they have is in their penis. Think about God. God is a being of love but is feared because of his power. You might be the most evil person ever the only thing that will compel you to change is not God's love but your fear of karma and punishment. What do ppl fear most about black ppl, our biggest weapon: sticking together
Duvar Davis (4 months ago)
Great Video....
Aaron Johnson (4 months ago)
Adn splSh amn
devohnmitchell (4 months ago)
Sylvia Smith (4 months ago)
The comment below is the clearest and concise statement I have seen regarding black male,female issues,and if applied by both why is their a problem.
Dee Dee (4 months ago)
You should ask should Whiteman respect Blackmen? The Whitemen have all the power and wealth that bkackmen dont have and never will if yall keep talking about blackwomen as if we have so much power that yall cant move forward in life. Yall that weak?
Rich Tate Animated (4 months ago)
Bella Bauvil (4 months ago)
The fact black men are demanding respect means a lot. Those who are in merit of respect seldom ask for it.
LC (5 months ago)
love this brother 👊🏾
PISCES* 904 (5 months ago)
F**k a so called " Blk Womans " respect....I'll find it Over seas* #big Facts
god is woman (5 months ago)
"Respect is earned not given "
U Knox (6 months ago)
Black men don't have to beg. Black men who victimized themselves to women have to beg.
odel mOSS (6 months ago)
Tell em my brother we got options
Red Visitor (6 months ago)
Elle Michaels (6 months ago)
Be worthy of the respect you think you ought to have.
Elle Michaels (6 months ago)
Black men need to humble themselves. Learn humility.
Black Heart (4 months ago)
I was humble in my youth. Women misread it and tried to disrespect me for it. Sorry, but humility in a Black man is not usually recognized as humility.
Elle Michaels (6 months ago)
Stop profiting on the broken relationships between black men & women. Stop throwing gasoline on the battle between the sexes.
Karl HK (6 months ago)
Respect should never be given it should be earned... PERIOD. However I woman should respect you as a man and treat you as such.
Gourmet Thursday (6 months ago)
Wow! This is a GREAT message!!!
B J (7 months ago)
Real go getters and self starters don’t fit into most of these retarded corporations
Fake News (7 months ago)
Dis yo best video big bro & yes blkmen gotta start sticking together cause don't nobody like us.
Nicholas Pinn (7 months ago)
I got fired in 2014 as well... no reason given... Funny thing is another black man was fired the day I started...
PatriotsWill (7 months ago)
the same thing i say about whitey's stereotypes of us. why acknowledge what these ppl rumored? don't be weak-minded falling for that,
Rodney Coleman (7 months ago)
Very good information
Joe Mane Media, LLC (8 months ago)
damn right!!
Nibby Speaks (8 months ago)
proud of you Oshay!
HELL NO! Black women don’t “owe” Black men respect. If Black men want to be respected by Black women, then EARN IT! Instead of acting like respect is supposed to be gift wrapped and given to them. Go demand respect from Opioid Becky and see how Inbred Brad deals with you. These types of videos only makes Black men look even weaker. Not only to Black women, but to the world.
shimmer burnett (3 months ago)
Bella Bauvil (4 months ago)
Hybrid Addicted-2-Opioids Exactly! Preach!
M Williams (8 months ago)
This is true. The moment I stopped caring what or who respected me and I started respecting myself the respect came from others on its own. Even my own sisters changed their tune when speaking or interacting with me. The Staple Singers had it right when they said respect yourself.
Problematic Apparently (8 months ago)
This video is so fucking dope
pretty prettygurl (8 months ago)
Of course yes we should and they should respect us.they r our kings we r their queens.
shimmer burnett (3 months ago)
Girl please, men who degrade us for the world to see. Let Becky, Mariah and ling ling respect these so called kings. Why support men that aren't supporting you? No thank you!
redrum21225 (8 months ago)
I don't think we should date becky AT ALL, but we definitely shouldn't just limit ourselves to black women. Most of them hate us more than white men. Most black women will have to fend for themselves in this race war since they hate us so much.
Insatiable is My name (8 months ago)
Respect one another no said no race is better than the other
DRIVER (8 months ago)
Exactly why I haven't dated a black American woman in over a decade. I have nothing to say to them. I have nothing to prove to them. Let their white daddy government pay for them to survive
Morris Jordan (8 months ago)
Black women want black men to respect them. But black women don't wanna respect black men.
w selena g (4 months ago)
That's not true, black men want black women to respect them regardless of how they treat us. If black men treat us like shit, they still want black women to respect them.
D. Joseph (6 months ago)
Morris Jordan I want it both way. I respect you if you respect me back. Simple.
Faigornx (8 months ago)
Short answer: No
Ricardo Allen (8 months ago)
Faigornx- give us a long answer please, whats on your mind? Should they respect white men?
Kyrian Kaine (8 months ago)
I liked the great motivational speech especially about Japan after world war 2 becoming a first world nation. My main focus is to open up African American eyes to the brutality and starvation that is happening in Sub Saharan Africa this is all caused by the african leaders and government. And United Nations supporting them becyof the cheap labour and mineral resources. We need to start holding those evil african leaders and governments accountable for crying out loud look at Singapore they were as poor as Africa in the 60s by the 90s they became developed. Now they have a higher HDI than America and Canada Lee Kuan Yew did all that economic development reform. I want Negromanosphere to talk about the economic development of Sub Saharan Africa and the enlightenment remember the Congo crisis is man made. Literally the reason why Africans are starving and the black race are seen as sub humans is because of the african leaders! Dubai was poor as shit now western and eastern European women are going there to get pooped on by sheiks "Dubai Porta Potties" we have no technological infrastructure or even an economic development reform in sub saharan Africa. Hold those bastards accountable condemn them I know it seems like I'm ranting but you cats don't listen you would never address the elephant in the too till it's too late! The target is moving.
December Very Own (8 months ago)
Good video
Deborah Yisrael (8 months ago)
Were you raised with a father?
Jermaine Flowers (8 months ago)
You should respect/not respect everyone on an individual basis based on character.
Deborah Yisrael (8 months ago)
You look like BARNEY with that big purple hat...lol
scottian washington (8 months ago)
Love your talks brother Oshay
2ndLt. Rei Fukai (8 months ago)
Keep pressing black men!!!
D Knight (8 months ago)
Boom!!!! Knowledge.....Drop it! They can't break us!!!
Pauline CARTER-OFOSU (8 months ago)
Change the topic it does not look good. Everyday the same topic
James williams (8 months ago)
tbh i so sick of these black women im seriously thinking about dating outside my race!
w selena g (4 months ago)
If you treat black women with respect then you have nothing to worry about, but if not, BYE!!!
Bella Bauvil (4 months ago)
James williams don’t let the door hit you...I’m sure you wasn’t contributing shit but giving these women hell. Trust me, it will be for the best.👋🏽✌🏽🖕🏽
Horatio H20 (8 months ago)
This man is the Truth!!!
Gilbert Byrd (8 months ago)
I appreciate you lifting US up with this video big homie..I’m really moved by the way you spoke on here..if there was any doubt in my mind about my potential you jus removed it..peace n love big homie..
Be strong Oshay.When one door is close there are always windows open.We as black men must respect our black women.We will have daughter or daughters one day.
Daveeda Jane Brown (8 months ago)
Mine was in 2012
L BOOGIE (8 months ago)
Real facts.Thank you brother i needed this information.
Living Well (8 months ago)
You gotta work at least 6 months to recieve unemployment but congrats.
Eric Moore (8 months ago)
Great video man!
B Scott (8 months ago)
KasirRham (8 months ago)
Ideally any people should respect eachother on minimal human level but you're a billion percent right. Fuck these people, self actualize
Brandi Lastname (9 months ago)
Yolanda Jenkins (9 months ago)
C Note (9 months ago)
Will baggiins (9 months ago)
Preach calypso preach PREACH!!!!!
Ciroc Obama (9 months ago)
Kohy Holmes (9 months ago)
Real shit
Vern (9 months ago)
New subscriber We as black men have to focus on self respect first getting a education and having a long term plan for your life . You're right Black men shouldn't care what black women think about us educate yourself and be the best man you can be trust some woman will notice and appreciate you.
Sojourner Truthin (9 months ago)
I think that's a good message to young men in your age group. The only thing I disagree with you on is your point about women weren't satisfied with men in previous generations. Where do you get that information? As a matter of fact, I'm probably your mother's age. I never heard any of these conversations growing up. This is all new Millennial conversation. That's not to say we didn't take issue with black men in terms of being responsible spouses and parents, or issues of abuse, but this vitriol that has developed between young black men and women is not something from my generation or my mother's or my grandmother's, even as I was born during the Second Wave of the US feminist movement. Everyone now is so angst driven. This is the generation of dissatisfaction, and that's something you all will have to reconcile for yourselves.
Mark Ballard (9 months ago)
I'm coining the term, "Malcolm X Conservative".
Mark Ballard (9 months ago)
Many black conservatives who claim racism no longer exists, are always talking about violence. "Blacks commit more violence against whites", blah, blah. Those are criminals. Honest hard working black men face discrimination in the work place. White guy makes a mistake, it's just a mistake. Black guy makes a mistake, it's "LaRon, are you sure you've done this before. You know what, I'm going to send John over here to watch you, I mean supervise you, oh excuse me, I meant help you".
THE FUHRER TV (9 months ago)
⚡️⚡️ WELL DONE ⚡️⚡️ SURVIVE .....
wille9 P (9 months ago)
Very Ignorant clickbait thumbnail!
Jéan-Curtis DeBonair (9 months ago)
The Doors of The Negromanosphere are Open.
Leland H (9 months ago)
Beautiful video! I stopped caring a long time ago! I'm a black man 29 years old no kids, no ailments, or anything that is degenerative that may restrict me from making it in life. Currently building and nurturing myself mentally and physically. I find that the typical black woman isn't fond of men that aren't moved by their madness/ tactics. Even though they will never admit it, they admire black men who aren't wavered by their foolishness.
Proverbs 31:3 (9 months ago)
Uplifting! This would have been perfect for fathers day.. Thanks bro
T M (9 months ago)
The topic of this video is just irrational. It is meaningless. It’s presumes bm and bw are an undifferentiated mass that have no individuality because their race explains everything.
CLEDUSSNOW3000 (9 months ago)
A Classic nothing but the raw truth!
darren joness (9 months ago)
Oshay,this is really deep shit Bro.The biggest,or one of the biggest problems in the Black community,is that a lot of us have been raised by single mothers, and no male direction. So you will find that a lot of men are conditioned to base their self worth around women's opinions. Keep preaching it Brother!!!
Johnny P (9 months ago)
Glad this channel is back up.
Edward Anderson (9 months ago)
Alot of people will go to the black men have not created a patriarchy argument. Yes on a technical level this is true. That being said I tell black women if thats what you want feel free to run to other patriarchies and shoot your shot there. White africna whatever. This excuses when black women are directly and equally responsible for tearing down the black community is bullshit when they use that as an excuse. If black women dont respect the man they they are with then he need not be with her and need to go somewhere else. These macro arguments about what black men did in the past as if all black men today need to pay for the sins of the father is crap and I hear alot of black men even thow I respect will justify alot of black female fuckery based on this premise when they know they wouldnt deal with it. Fellas the greatest power you have is the power of choice and you can choose the fuck different types of women. Who you fuck is not indicative to who you will have kids with or who you will marry if you choose that path. You can do like obabm and fuck nothing but nonblack women and then come back when you are ready to settle down. Obama did it and look at how that worked forhim. that is the point. I might call that the obama protocal.. Alot of the streess in the black manosphere is for chasing women that have contempt for you. If black women are tripping put them on a hiatus and comeback when they are not. It is that simple...
big Mac (9 months ago)
big Mac (9 months ago)
Hate getting fired why I️ have my own business smdh
THE REAL LOS (9 months ago)
Jay True Words 24 (9 months ago)
Talk that ish brother!!!
Ghana Dan (9 months ago)
Nothing like being treated like a bitch being fired yet it can be liberating.....NEVER AGAIN
Angry Happy (9 months ago)
i'll say it one time only. women shouldn't vote. they are emotional idiots who should have no say in what the country's economy needs. you think most men want easy immigration? hell nah only ladies could want something so pathetic and foolish.
Larry Lloyld (9 months ago)
CarlRenard 77 (9 months ago)
Male Sensitivity (9 months ago)
Is this seriously a topic? Enough is enough. I am no longer spending time listening to black people (male or female) who don’t yet understand that all we have is us. These divisive, one-sided videos need to stop. Focus on graduating and end these unproductive videos.
Diane Burns (3 months ago)
Bless, you MS. Oshay is a Youtube black cooning agent whose main goal is to divide Black man against the Black womam. Any black men who believes what this discussing coon Oshay is saying is a self-hating Buck. Some of these black just want to be with a non-black woman and use rhetorical statements to put down black women.
Bella Bauvil (4 months ago)
Male Sensitivity I give up. I used to be so optimistic and so proud of my blackness and I’m slowly no longer care. I barely speak to black men. I no longer trust none of them. I cannot believe how weak we are. I don’t have a problem if black men don’t want black women and black children, they should just move on and stop making these videos and degrading women they are birthing.
U Knox (6 months ago)
Great point- These dudes are whining about what black women think. Be the stronger vessel. Talk about how to heal. It's too many black women who are yoked to many of the black men. Black men making themselves victim to black women. I wager most of the black men agreeing with his vid have probably done more wrong to black women.
Sandra Wilsen (8 months ago)
Kevin Brainwashed that's all I have to say goodbye.
Kevin (8 months ago)
Male Sensitivity Nigga fuck off! If you don't like the videos don't watch. Only stupid ass black people will click videos they don't like just to watch. Go take your stupid ass to a Derrick Jaxn or New Possibilities video if you want positivity and everything to be blamed on black men.
esoteric knowledge (9 months ago)
Black men have fought in every war this country had, we've protected the freedom of black women. We've built roads and buildings. We deserve respect, but stop begging blw for respect I don't care nor demand their respect, and I feel fine
Bella Bauvil (4 months ago)
esoteric knowledge yet the women you are birthing are still the poorest and the most unprotected so come back again with real receipt please.👋🏽
Eller Gilliom (6 months ago)
esoteric knowledge I am a black women that absolutely love black men. But, I respect those who respect me whether you are black ,white, blue, or green.
esoteric knowledge (8 months ago)
First it is an honor for me to be from a family of black men that were Buffalo soldiers fought in WW1 WW2 Vietnam & Iraq, and myself a veteran. My family and other black men - fought for FREEDOM. You have a twisted view. White people respect this - why you black females can't is only testament that something is wrong with your soul. last point more whites sell and use drugs than black folk - that is a fact. go talk about white on white drug sales - it's a bigger problem - ever heard of OPIODS. Again - you're a delusional black female.
Stefan Molejo (9 months ago)

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