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How To Ride a Dirtbike |++Her First Time

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Episode brought to you by SPOKE SKINS. Fits up to 18" Rear 21" Front. Installs in minutes! Spoke Skins : PINK - http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/spoke-skins-pink/ Spoke Skins : RED - http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/spoke-skins-red/ Spoke Skins : BLACK - http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/spoke-skins-black/ Spoke Skins : BLUE - http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/spoke-skins-blue/ Spoke Skins : ORANGE - http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/spoke-skins-orange/ Spoke Skins : WHITE - http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/spoke-skins-white/ Spoke Skins : GREEN - http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/spoke-skins-green/ Spoke Skins : PURPLE - http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/spoke-skins-purple/ Spoke Skins : GREY - http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/spoke-skins-grey/ More vids to come.. Kalani
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Text Comments (473)
Brianna Sauson (1 month ago)
Today I’m going to be riding for the first time ☠️ I’m so scared aha
Melle Hoglind (11 months ago)
So I am trying to get my girl to ride bikes. I have two bikes, my 450 that is completely rebuilt and has like 98% after market stuff on it and then my bmw 1000rr. What bike do i teach her on xD I can't afford another bike. Please help, i'm really unsure what to do atm.
StrikeTuberFTW (1 year ago)
I was learning today on 250 2 stroke ktm sx but on a road😣 not that hard as everyone else says and just went on off road road up to forest and back pretty sick😂😂😂😎
kings17court (2 years ago)
If that was truly her first attempt, I'm totally impressed. I thought everybody stalls it while they are learning. You were a great teacher, and she was a great student.
SpotifyGTPS (2 years ago)
My first time riding dirtbike i stall.. SHE DIDNT! ey 2017 XD
Stratten 45 (2 years ago)
Get a Kawasaki ninja 300 the bike you were looking at was a fucking liter bike
Stratten 45 (2 years ago)
An r3
Ashley Caissie (2 years ago)
Im only a 13 year old girl and i ride dirtbikes its really fun! For thoes who never tried it you should try it!
George Micheal (2 years ago)
see kids know money know pretty honey you know dude has a good job because look what he gets to sleep beside every night so remember get a good job so go to school and get a good trade
Kimmo 91 (2 years ago)
im still young looking into learning how to ride a motorbike
John Lucas (2 years ago)
Cheeta (2 years ago)
Hi guys i have a question i am 17 and i'm 5' 8 and have 141 lbs i was thinking of getting a Yz 125 but i don't have any riding skills except i rode an automatic but that doesn't counts is that bike good for meh or a yz85?
Cheeta (2 years ago)
ik but i dont have money to throw just like that i need something that i will have for a longer time and i decided to get a wr125 so i have transport to school
Carlos Luhm (2 years ago)
datBOII don't get a 2 stroke yet get like a ttr-125 or if u want get a crf 150 but that a 2 stroke. You will know if it's a 2 stroke by the muffler and if the name doesn't have a "f" at the end like kx 250F
John Lucas (2 years ago)
I'll have a motocross dirt bike in 1 month n it will be my first time riding
Cheeta (2 years ago)
i want a dirtbike so badly but i wanted to buy yz 125 as my first bike and hopefully i wont crash in the first pole i see and btw good luck
John Fields (2 years ago)
she did great
New X Life Future (2 years ago)
loving girl
Lachlan Dee (2 years ago)
Lachlan Dee (2 years ago)
Dirt bike
rsscarr (2 years ago)
You're a very good teacher. I'm gonna make my girlfriend watch this. It's sucks that all I have is a kx250 2stroke for her to learn on
T Money (2 years ago)
If I'm coming to a stop in the woods for say, I would obviously hold the break and then once I'm stopped I pull the clutch so it doesn't stall out, am I able to let go of the brake? And does it matter what gear I'm in when I'm stopped? Lastly, to get goin again I would slowly let go of clutch and give a little bit of gas right?
coolshariq (2 years ago)
Always used the clutch when you coming to stop or red light than brake. if you just go brake 1st your bike will stall so always remember to clutch for any stopping.
Miguel Zepeda (2 years ago)
she's cute 😊
ClashixTV (3 years ago)
she's a natural :DD haha she's having so much fun, cool video dude.
NinjaxBart (3 years ago)
Ahhh the old days eh... Reminiscing hahaha going back watching
Jimbo Jones (3 years ago)
😔 ive been riding for a few years and i still forget what gear im in but it doesnt really matter u just have to feel how fast ur going. Nice bike i have a yz250 2 stroke. Im 14 years old
john worsham (2 years ago)
Im 14 and also have a yz 250 2 stroke. Everyone told me it would be to much but i love the thing
Shawn Szy (2 years ago)
+ActiveGaming YT honda never made a cr150
Shawn Szy (2 years ago)
+ActiveGaming YT honda never made a cr150
Shawn Szy (2 years ago)
+ActiveGaming YT honda never made a cr150
Green hornet Bandit (3 years ago)
bikes and tits awesome
Fastgamer X (3 years ago)
No kickstart? ;-) Nice Video
joseph b (3 years ago)
what a moronic kid
anonymous.is.life (3 years ago)
U need cheeseits
Achilleas7 (3 years ago)
natural! well said!! triples in no time ahhaha nice one!
gabriel perez (3 years ago)
would you downshift the same
Lil Brazzzy (3 years ago)
Get a Honda 100 easiest to learn and you might go flying forward with the fro t break but I only really use the back break
Nicholas Hartland (3 years ago)
"dirt bike are cool too" oh no no no dirt bikes are the only answer
Andrew Hales (3 years ago)
Interested in Spoke Skins. What year is the bike she is riding?
Gamer Girlz - (3 years ago)
+AccidentalBroadcast Cool!! but it dosen't really help..
AccidentalBroadcast (3 years ago)
2009 KLX 140 :)
GRIMSTER1499 (3 years ago)
I'll sell u my car :)
Ian Parrott (3 years ago)
Is this in Thailand ?
Nicholas Hartland (3 years ago)
+Ian Parrott maui, hawaii
bbuildingmarch (3 years ago)
you sir, have a strong finger.
bbuildingmarch (2 years ago)
@JakobJDS i dont even remember why i said that
K20Jakob (2 years ago)
Nazgûl (3 years ago)
shes cute
ChicagoSneakerHead (3 years ago)
how do u know when to shift .
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
dale gribble or rusty shakleford?
Ninth day (3 years ago)
+Jacob Oertel you don't normally go up to 5000
Jacob Oertel (3 years ago)
+ChicagoSneakerHead if you are driving a car. When you reach about 5,000 rpm's than shift
ChicagoSneakerHead (3 years ago)
+currently unknown i already know what it sounds like it just like when u drive a stick shift car
currently unknown (3 years ago)
@Stankypooter  that doesn't tell him when to shift when he doesn't know what it sounds like when you need to shift.
WhackyJ in AK (3 years ago)
Only a helmet? No other safety gear? She is being stupid.
WhackyJ in AK (3 years ago)
@Northaleus Velanthor I generally leave things which look like they may result in disaster from stupidity.  SKIN.  GRAFTS.  HURT.  It doesn't matter if you're on grass, that's where I was.  Regretted it instantly.  It takes one time to get her.  Crashing a motorcycle on grass is why my cousin Richard got gangrene in his leg and had to have it amputated.  Shit happens and shit hurts when you're dumb.
Liberty and Justice (3 years ago)
+WhackyJ in AK She has a helmet, and she's on grass. You're that uptight to leave a video without watching it after seeing that? lol :)
WhackyJ in AK (3 years ago)
@Nicholas Hartland "Learn to read?"  I left after I saw her starting it with no gear except a helmet. 
Nicholas Hartland (3 years ago)
+WhackyJ in AK learn to read, her gear is on order
Sneakeraholic (3 years ago)
How do u downshift
tryumph jordan (3 years ago)
the beginning was a little interesting then at about 0:30 i lost interest
SpectatingGamer (3 years ago)
Sneakeraholic (3 years ago)
Do u have to let off the gas when u shift And I have a nother question how do u downshift
Nicholas Hartland (3 years ago)
+Sneakeraholic yes you do need let off the throttle a bit when shifting otherwise it'll be like revving in neutral and when you rengauge the clutch it'll jerk you forward (or wheelie). to downshift you pull the clutch in, push down firmly on the shifter and engauge the clutch.
KingOfNukes (3 years ago)
Yes you let off the gas I believe it rekts the engine a bit butttt I think u might pop a wheelie and to downshift same thing
SGHD Rides (3 years ago)
nah man get a yamaha dt50
Gamer Girlz - (3 years ago)
+Tuff Pojk What you say?!
MustardBoi (3 years ago)
Du skojar va?
Tony Roberts (3 years ago)
is this Hawaii? Hawaii people hate white people couldn't imagine riding my dirt bike around Hawaii lol.
skyler halsey (3 years ago)
no I'm Hawaiian and I don't hate white people and I'm half white
Waka Vevo (3 years ago)
That chain is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rusty
Nicholas Mayfield (3 years ago)
I want to start but I'm 6'2/6'3 what's a good bike for me? I just want to ride around on trails or a little track we have
Sneaker Messiah (2 years ago)
Nicholas Mayfield I'm 6'3" I have Yz426f first bike
Charles צ'ארלס (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Mayfield 250 4 stroke
Angus Parkinson (3 years ago)
MX Guyz (3 years ago)
Zach Koontz (4 years ago)
I start with the clutch in anyway
FatBaba805 (4 years ago)
FatBaba805 (4 years ago)
My first first bime that i am riding is Kawasaki 200cc
GoK4rt_Jamer _1 (4 years ago)
What bike should i get if i only wants to race private/home. Just a little powerful CHEAP bike. Thx Btw im 13 and about 5"7"
Prince Fancybum (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Hartland pit bikes are always shit quality, get a proper motocross bike and it'll last far longer providing you maintain it
Nicholas Hartland (3 years ago)
+GoK4rt_Jamer _1 if its your first bike get a 4 stroke pitbike
Cobee Rice (3 years ago)
A YZ125 usually about 1000
Izzybll (4 years ago)
what a great idea, gonna ride a dirt bike for the first time better put on a bra instead of body armor
LIquid (4 years ago)
my front brake is so fucked i almost cant reach it haha
_jakethetoiletsnake_ (4 years ago)
Dude my first bike was a 50 cc then switched to a 100 cc check it out on Endermen808
Tom Ericson (4 years ago)
Good to see you and your girl riding! My lady has been riding a ttr230 6months and now has a wr250r. We are headed to Maui 4 25- 4-25. Been thinking about renting from maui adventures. Any ideas about that?
jAXSlaps (4 years ago)
did she really call the kx 65 a baby bike that bike is a bike that makes champions yea its small but a whole lot more power full than the klx 140 and klx 140l ps im a team green rider I would know
zokxso (3 years ago)
Quandre Rasberry (4 years ago)
Damm she is cute and beautiful
Freddie Rowe-crowder (4 years ago)
Blablablaablabla aaaaaaa fly blablAblablablablablabla
andy viveen (4 years ago)
My First bike is a suzuki rm 125
Charles צ'ארלס (4 years ago)
She is so cute:) but i want that bike:D bike is good
bigbear 350 (4 years ago)
damn she is frigging beautiful girl .. wholly .. she is the cute girl on youtube
Sgt.Deserthawk (4 years ago)
Do you need a special driver's license to be allowed to ride a motorcycle on the street? So in addition to your normal license one for driving motorcycles?
bigbear 350 (4 years ago)
@Sgt.Deserthawk its all depend .. if it dirt bike .. you not allowed on street and highway ... but if a street bike then you allowed to go on it , some moped can go on highway but some can not go on highway example .. if a moped is 125cc you allowed only back street and small highway .. if a moped is 150cc then you can do both .. street and small highway .. but for 2 line highway or more .. contact to your police station and ask them what is recommended for your street bike and dirt bike .. cant hurt to ask ..
We Are Airsoft United (4 years ago)
ktm 125 ftw
BIKELIFE HD (4 years ago)
Get a 125 Supermoto
Mike M (4 years ago)
Haha poor clutch
YouTuber 85 (4 years ago)
She done good respect girl happy riding :) PS it took me countless times to pull off without stalling hehehehe
SRT-4 Guy (4 years ago)
Just a year ago I started on a crf100f and realized I'm pretty good and I was maxing it out on the first day I ever rode, and now I got a 2015 CRF250R.
SRT-4 Guy (3 years ago)
@Luvin Ruano Nice bike but I'm a moto X kind of guy :)
Luvin Ruano (3 years ago)
In the moment I have my Honda XR600 for 5 years and had so many fun with it specially on off road because it's like a BEAST. I recommend the Honda XR 600.
SmidyCraft (4 years ago)
i have that bike
Zackpflbmx (4 years ago)
Get a motto guzzi!!!
hky.9_19 (4 years ago)
My first bike is a Yamaha 80cc
Sam Votaw (4 years ago)
I just got an 85 3 days ago and I'm still getting use to the clutch
Jake Stanley (4 years ago)
Your girlfriend needs to concentrate n the bike not the gears
The_Xbox_Squad (4 years ago)
I started when I was 3 on a 50 and was fast already
Matt VanDyke (4 years ago)
Just saying, you should really replace that chain before it snaps and your gears are all locked up.
Joe F. (4 years ago)
Wow dude. Better than most guys when they start to ride. Mega kudos!
TheDiamondSword (4 years ago)
Ok what's that Video called at the end when he does A wheelie and wrecks?
Thatgamer543 (4 years ago)
Just a word when u get or drive your first dirtbike be very careful letting go of the clutch . I just got mine to day and took it around the yard and did good then I took it onto the road kicked it into 1st gear let go of the clutch to fast went straight lost control and hit a ditch and wrecked thank God no serious injury . And also always were a helmet and if u do better on dirt stay on dirt
batman polskich ruin (4 years ago)
is she still riding a bike? i want more videos with her :)
69adrummer (4 years ago)
So she's a squid, so what....she can wrap her tentacles around me any day of the week and twice on Sundays!!
Danny Funough (4 years ago)
Im looking to buy a 125cc Ive never rode before Im 19 about 5'10 , 5'11 is this a good starter I would like to know what fellow riders think thanks,
HondaAllDay H.A.D (4 years ago)
Dude I'm about 3 inches shorter than you and ride a crf250 I just shaved my seat and can handle it way better, but if you never ridden before go for a trail bike like a crf150f or crf230f since your kinda tall and just get use to using clutch and work your way up with different bikes and power!
Bilbo Baggins (4 years ago)
Hey, im wondering what a good starter bike would be. im 14,  5'11". Im looking at a ttr 125 but I think it might be a little to underpowered.
Bilbo Baggins (3 years ago)
+Bilbo Baggins Update, I got a 1991 xr200r
theperson185 (4 years ago)
get like a crf250x or a yz250f or a crf230, I'm 5'8" and 12 and ride a yz125
Bilbo Baggins (4 years ago)
ok thanks man
Dylan Chambers (4 years ago)
Get that one, I've been riding for 2 years and I'm getting a 230 ttr they are really powerful
CRAMEC (4 years ago)
at first i wouldn't have pointed the bike face to the road =) just in case...
Cole Speirs (4 years ago)
NEVER GET A MOPED Get a motorcycle
ExecutionPvP (4 years ago)
Im 5'0 and 110 pounds would a Yz85 be good for me- btw I like 2 strokes
Motox cross0374 (4 years ago)
Your welcome! :)
ExecutionPvP (4 years ago)
Thanks for the feedback I will be getting one shortly!
Motox cross0374 (4 years ago)
Im 12 and have one and im 5'0 so ya it should be. You could allways ajust the suspension to be softer so wen u sit on it it will go down farther.
D35troy3r199 (4 years ago)
Wow, shes wearing the same boots that I have. Does that make me less of a man? 
FerreneMachine (3 years ago)
Denver Estabrooks (4 years ago)
You need to oil the chain!
DoughboyD16 (4 years ago)
1:38 HER EYE SHES A DEMON i knew it all along...
Chase Satterfield (4 years ago)
have you ridden up the manau kea trails yet? you should get some videos of you riding there, i go up there just about every weekend. I'm not sure why island your on but it on the big island 
Stephen Windsor (4 years ago)
I'm going to look at a dirtbike tonight. Soo happy!!!😄
suit1337 (4 years ago)
Kawasaki "half a click" to neutral? i thought all Kawaski bikes have a PNF on them
suit1337 (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Hartland PNF stands for "positive neutral finder" - on most Kawasaki bikes the neutral is technically not half way between like other bikes, the gearbox shifts either to neutral or to second gear - it just depends on the rotational speed
Nicholas Hartland (3 years ago)
+suit1337 no idea what PNF means but neutral is halfway between 1st and 2nd for nearly all dirt and street bikes
juandiamante46 (4 years ago)
Excellent job by the instructor. His calm demeanor and patient instruction were perfect.
32 pixels (4 years ago)
i have a klx 110 trying to get a 250 cuzz im 15 and 5' 11
Ugly TY the zombie (4 years ago)
i have a car u can buy
ssean officiall (4 years ago)
That computer is more expensive than the first bike
dirtbike kid151 (4 years ago)
Me and my sister was born with natural skill we grew up on dirt bikes I started when I was 2
Scarlet Bishop (4 years ago)
@Callum Payton you would know if you did, just because they were only two doesn't mean they couldn't learn. My cousin and brother started at an age neat there, and it didn't stop them, there are these things called picket rocket bikes, we learned on one of those
Callum Payton (4 years ago)
Sure you did.
dirtbike kid151 (4 years ago)
Americans are all thick bastards they make shit words out of owt
dirtbike kid151 (4 years ago)
Won my 1st ever race on my ktm 65 fast as owt
MotoSquid (4 years ago)
great stories (4 years ago)
Ew a push start
grandpa blumpkin (4 years ago)
hi im 11 and i wanna try riding a dirt bike i think i am 4'5 what would be the cheapest but most helpful bike?
TheDiamondSword (4 years ago)
I should have mentioned I raised the suspension
GhostSquadOfficial (4 years ago)
The new Husqvarna TC 85 will be good for you pal.. just depends if you've got a good budget
the chloroform man (4 years ago)
@TheDiamondSword Whut? the TTR-90's are crazy small and weak, they wont be able to go through tough terrain. Get a 2 strokes RM80. They are powerful enough to go through almost all terrains exept very steep hills, also its not just the power of the dirtbike you gotta learn to use and drive one too like, shift gears really quickly and such.
TheDiamondSword (4 years ago)
Try a ttr-50 if that's a bit small for you then try a ttr-90 i have custom parts for my trip-90 to make It powerful though
GhostSquadOfficial (4 years ago)
You won't fit on any dirt bikes at the minute mate. You could try a pit bike, you should be able to fit on them:)
antinsanwo (4 years ago)

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