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Deaf kitty excited to see owner for 3+ years

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She gets so excited when I get home! She was rescued from a dumpster and the greatest cat ever. She is 100% deaf and likes to make her presence known! :) And believe it or not I am aware the video is vertical. I did it on purpose. Some people are so angry over nothing 😂😂 Also, I made an IG page for cute photos and short videos of her: Clarabellethekitty
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beatrix the great (7 minutes ago)
Lol I started watching this my cats walking around like “who the heck is that?!”
Nathaniel Quijano (20 minutes ago)
Avianca G (57 minutes ago)
So precious
Eggy Egggs (1 hour ago)
Davis Guitar (4 hours ago)
So what you are trying to say that you were away for 3 years for each of those clips? How are you by the way?
Siddque abbas Abbas (4 hours ago)
Your cat is so cute want you see your cat now your cat say hello
Goblin Slayer (5 hours ago)
00:05 deaf ? How did she hear that ?
Jazlina Faizal (8 hours ago)
*i love you with all my heart*
Fritzi Lang (8 hours ago)
This is like when deaf people talk extra loud because they can't hear 😹
Matthew Lachance (10 hours ago)
I think your cloud has autism.
Octo the hentai lord (12 hours ago)
I must meow at acceptable rates, but I love her
Nick Cathers (12 hours ago)
She’s pretty
Nick Cathers (12 hours ago)
That is some cute white Persian cat
Can ϟ (13 hours ago)
owner harassing it's cat for 3 minutes straight
Shaimeen Safiz (14 hours ago)
awww please give me this cat. its eyes😍😍😍 my heart❤❤❤
Such a sweet babyyy It’s great to know she found such a loving owner that she screams her love :)))
Joanne smallwood (18 hours ago)
Gorgeous eyes, those and the rest of the kitty. Made me smile 🙂
RAUTAKARHU (18 hours ago)
That is one loud and precious marshmallow!
Nikki Lyn (19 hours ago)
Cat stuck in all caps
thedobosh (20 hours ago)
"And this is only the first 12 minutes of each day."
rena the bts army (20 hours ago)
Every time i come home from school my can meows like crazy
Just Pigeon (1 day ago)
Her eyes... omg, she is very beautiful💖
*Beliebers be like...*
xX_Plum_Astroid_xX (1 day ago)
this baby deserves everything good in the world
Jodi Dark (1 day ago)
This is so cute 😻 glad she/he has a great owner
I cant with this big fluffy white baby
Lucy (1 day ago)
Such a loud floof lol.... and omg, different eyes!!
DIRK (1 day ago)
she's an angel
g13flat (1 day ago)
I wish you had filmed it in landscape so we could get the full benefit of her lovely floofiness. :)
Armywife70 (1 day ago)
I love her! She's wonderful. She did SEEM to respond to SOME sound.
Damn, pretty eyeys and fur
It sounds like "Why would you disturb me all the time hooman?"
Cat translator: "Meow!!!" = "Hooman!!!"
xXLizzie&editsX x (1 day ago)
Aw it's so cute
Emmy Luscombe (1 day ago)
A fremd
Robot (1 day ago)
Milky Snapple (1 day ago)
Snow ki t ?
San Ban (1 day ago)
i love cats
EM ILY (1 day ago)
What a beautiful angel 😭💙💙💙
Doomer K Kid (1 day ago)
I love how she's always hanging out by the window looking outside
phoenix (1 day ago)
This is the only video I want to watch until I die
MrSchinken (1 day ago)
Someone mob me up. I am molten
Shayan Shajarian (1 day ago)
I wish some one would be happy to see me ...
BeamerBoy (1 day ago)
Milky Shot19 (1 day ago)
To be honest, I know this title is kind of clickbait. We all know that she can not be excited all the time. But it turns into a sweet video with a great cat and with great owners.
John Rosario (1 day ago)
A super fluffy cat with heterochromia and an adorable meow. She’s so precious!! 😻😻
Pascal K. (1 day ago)
"i cant hear you, but i see you and i love you"
FangtheFox Animator (1 day ago)
So cute just like mine I walk in she’s all over me and cries until I give her love
1:05 Cat: *wakes up* MEOW
did she feel the vibrations of the class table as you tapped it twice as you say she's completely deaf? and she's cute and a little loud for a kitty
ProjectAwesomes (2 days ago)
the ending is the best
Mary :D (2 days ago)
How could you/she leave her for so long :(
Army Bunny (2 days ago)
Omg... So cute
Bill Arrow (2 days ago)
I play this for my cat she goes nuts!
Excalibur Umbra (2 days ago)
beep boop (2 days ago)
My favorite video
Unit One Alpha (2 days ago)
CreekClub360 (2 days ago)
Such an adorable meow
Kendra May (2 days ago)
I use this video to make my little tabby cat think another cat is somewhere. He always comes running to me its so cute
Ric Sanches (2 days ago)
* hears nothing * maybe no one is here * turns around & finds human * MEEEEEEEEOW
leche picante (2 days ago)
She sounds like when my teacher gives the kids balloons and they squeeze the end to make that certain noise
Spicy Ramen (2 days ago)
That breed of cat have a lot of genetic issues due to being inbred so much. But it's a cute kitty.
steve ng (2 days ago)
This kitty needs a trim
SolBadguyZAC (2 days ago)
Perfect example of something that makes it worth it to leave the house into the world to do shit you don't feel like for 8 - 12 hours and finally come back.
Citruspolsion Spud (2 days ago)
HBDiniz _10 (2 days ago)
0:53 me greeting my friends
TooFastSorry (2 days ago)
My cat greets me by laying on top of my head while I sleep
Cynnabuns (2 days ago)
Still love this kitty a year later! <3
lubbadub (2 days ago)
My favourite is when she screams from curtains
Gothic Bitch (2 days ago)
Omg... Such a precious little thing! Also i noticed that the lil puff ball has two different coloured eyes does it have Heterochromia Iridium? If so then that's SO CUTE
pointlesszoi (3 days ago)
lyrics: Meooow MEOOWWW meow MEOOOOOOOOOOOOW meowwww meow meeeeeoooooooowwww MEOOOOOOOWWWWW MEOWWWWWWW MEEEEEOOEOOOOOW thank you, have a great day
AngeredIrken03 (3 days ago)
Majisterium shibe (3 days ago)
My cat is currently staring at my door. He's looking for the deaf girl. Little does me know it's just in a phone
sofia not sophia (3 days ago)
She protecc she attacc But most importantly... She meow when owner come bacc
sup nyan (3 days ago)
actually if she has one green eye she can hear by one ear
sup nyan (2 days ago)
Cristina Kintner oh :(
Cristina Kintner (2 days ago)
Nope I had her tested. She is deaf in both ears
maddie comer (3 days ago)
i was having an anxiety attack and for some reason this calmed me down lol
Galaxy Girl 29264 (3 days ago)
Much exite
1:05 when someone wakes me from my eternal slumber
Pheonix AKA Karma (3 days ago)
The cute little cat has heterochromiaaaaaa!!!
Renae Smith (3 days ago)
Oh my god that adorable face a little kitten like meow I wish I could hug and kiss that beautiful Kitty !💓💓💓💓💓😻😻😻😻😻
ellie (3 days ago)
Ive never cried at something for being cute before and here i am tears in my eyes because this is the cutest fluff ever
Olivia Hit or missing (3 days ago)
My fave 0:40
Olivia Hit or missing (3 days ago)
How can there be and dislikes wtf I would stab a hoe for that fucking cat
Jesse O (3 days ago)
0:53 Best one xD
The Milk Man cometh (3 days ago)
I always love coming back to this video, it makes me so happy and I want to pet her each time I watch this. Floofy kitty I just want to give her pets and kisses
Evan TheBOSS920 (3 days ago)
This cat never fails to warm my heart :3
Spawn Of Taco Bell (4 days ago)
Cherry 2.0 (4 days ago)
If a cloud meowed at me, I'd be to excited to be disturbed.
Qűęęń ÐMÇ (4 days ago)
My poor kitty looked all over for this cat while I was watching this. 🙀🐱
Kagamine Yes (4 days ago)
This made me cry tears of happiness
ihappy Production (4 days ago)
Please tell her i love her (copycat bitch)
roydriver74 (4 days ago)
Juju Bear (4 days ago)
mally cat (4 days ago)
All i hear is “oh my god” in a teenage girls voice happy to see her friend
Cherry 2.0 (4 days ago)
Now that you said it, I hear it too
Sam Marrier (4 days ago)
I love her! She just doesn’t understand how loud she is
I thought it was a video of the cat seeing you after 3+ years apart at first 😂
Zogus Bogus (4 days ago)
I can't stop watching this, it melts my heart everytime 😭😭😭❤❤❤
I am Bear (4 days ago)
What's funny is a lot of this is after waking up or hearing food. Cat vocal behavior during those times is *very* closely tied to the owner. What I'm trying to say is, I've learned those meows are literally only for you. She's designed them for you bc she knows what you've reacted to in the past... ;-;
Cloud Kitti (4 days ago)
Owner: Exists Cat: MEEEEEEEEEOW
Kegan Anderson (4 days ago)

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