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GoPro Hero 4 Black - Dual Vlog

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Grab the new design here : http://teespring.com/AccidentalSignatureEdition I will be gifting away some fun stuffs for this campaign including : Any amount sold : ++Athena's ORIGINAL heart! If chosen as a tee supporter, you will receive my 2008 WR 250R Cylinder with a fat DREMELED signature and some tasty treats from Hawaii. ++Troy Lee - Redbull "Day in the dirt 17" Signed trucker hats. I have two that are signed by Mr.Mike and I, and if chosen as a tee supporter, you'll get 1 of the 2. These are already extremely rare and only 1000 were made for the event. (they all sold out) CAMPAIGN GOALS : 200 tees/hoodies sold = 1 GoPro Hero 4 BLACK edition action camera ++ tasty treats from Maui. GOLDEN TICKET GOAL : If we can reach 747 tees/hoodies, I will randomly choose 1 lucky TRIBE member, and fly you out to Maui for 7 days. You will stay at my house and we will ride motorcycles as much as you want. (will also rent you a bike for the week and cover all your food stuffs) I grill a mean steak. MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO FLY OUT HERE. In the event that you are chosen, and you are NOT 18yrs old yet, we can work something out that is of equal value. I'll have to look into the logistics of it but maybe after speaking to your parents, etc via something like Skype video, we can work something out : ) Good luck TRIBE, and I hope you enjoy the new design! **Campaign ends on December 25th 2014**
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Text Comments (85)
DutchMiniR53 (4 years ago)
I like that end!
Steve Godfrey (4 years ago)
Hello. I know this has been covered in previous videos but i just ordered 2 hoodies, and i donno where i was supose to put my shoe size for the "contest"
superminer xl (4 years ago)
What size is your wr
Spike Spikus (4 years ago)
More cup cake bike action
Calistunt450 (4 years ago)
The hero 4 black looks great, great vid man
Manny Pullen (4 years ago)
Yo AB, do you have a PO box 
Liam Fielding (4 years ago)
AB do you ship the hoodies to England, if you do please reply asap as am definatley purchasing one! much love from your true tribe member ;)
Phil (4 years ago)
What kinda bike you got? +AccidentalBroadcast
Phil (4 years ago)
sorry about that lol havnt been on channel in a while.
NicelyDone (4 years ago)
Weird how you don't know but it's a wr250r my friend
What's a better bike Suzuki drz 125l or Honda crf 100
Jake TheGardenSnake (4 years ago)
I don't scream rhok anymore silly
Saracen125 (4 years ago)
AB, you owe a friend of mine (1ukrider) a gopro........you done a tshirt comp and he came first place.......ignoring and not replying to peoples messages isnt going to get you far.....come on dude sort the guy out or at least let him know where he stands
Tyler Reynolds (4 years ago)
Nice to see you back on the semi technical stuffs! More trails!
OtisENGINEuity (4 years ago)
I'd like to see the rest of the video of the trail maintenance day if it exists.
Duff3yy (4 years ago)
Gotta love 16 minutes of heavy breathing!
guppietank15 (4 years ago)
Hey accidental, what mirrors do you have? Looking to get some like that, love the dual vlogs!
Thomas Rhodes (4 years ago)
Would you every get rid of Athena and get a new bike
supermoto pirates (4 years ago)
Please choose me. There's hardly anywhere to go off roaring on my yamaha wr here in London. I miss it so much and love all your videos. Pretty please it would be a life changing experience! :( i would pay most my way. Just be an honour to ride with you!
Tony Bones (4 years ago)
what kind of headsets do they use
speed808 (4 years ago)
I would highly recommend extending the campaign deadline 1-2days past Christmas, there will be a lot of people with a $50 bill they don't know what to do with... 2¢ Good vid too!, miss dah fuk fuk guyz..
Sum4Seb (4 years ago)
Living in such a beautiful paradise would definitely make the daily grind a lot easier to deal with! You guys are blessed to wake up on such an amazing island everyday :) And we're even more blessed that you share it with us! *T4S*
Dmad Jefferys (4 years ago)
+AccidentalBroadcast you should try the Rekluse EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch it is the best investment i have mase for my wr 250 for road and trails 
Dylan Bogusz (4 years ago)
I'm diging the new design on the tee Kalani!
AccidentalBroadcast (4 years ago)
2 Wheel Lifestyle (4 years ago)
Dear ++AB: 1) Keep hawkin' the merch, I am ok with that if it lets you live the dream of making "Let's Ride" videos for a living 2) If you come up with a good audio set up, you should sell it as a bundle: Mic, RedHead, camera, settings, velcro, whatev 3) YouTube encoding does not handle heavy green foliage well, aka the jungle. Or tree leaves. Or swamps. Right? I hope someday they use new encoding 4) Do a Braaap thing somehow anyway (teespring won't work, I know) and MAKE them sue you, the groundswell of support you will get will amaze you. Look up a recent case where Bicycle manufacturer Specialized sued a small shop for naming itself "Roubaix".  DO IT!!!!! 5) You should have 100K subscribers easily, what is up with that? You are the best! This turned out so great I am going to PM you with it. Damn I impress even myself sometimes.
74CBASS (4 years ago)
Brraaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!! Brraaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!! Brraaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!
minitstop (4 years ago)
That was good fun! Brings back memories!
ABooDLoRd PD (4 years ago)
@AccidentalBroadcast Mr Kalani can we get da 60 fps-eriinos for da next viddy yo? cuz da 30 fps-errinos look like da choppy when u do da fast mooving...
LordTimelord (4 years ago)
I just upgraded my pc from a eVGA GeForce GTX 9800Ti to a ASUS GeForce GTX 750Ti tonight. My pc wouldn't stream [email protected] before the upgrade, it was a complete stutter fest. Now with the new video card it's silky smooth as buttah! BTW Kalani... I'm running a Tripple 24" LED/LCD Setup now! Here's a picture of it up and running: http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i133/LordTimelord/Dark%20Winter%20Mk3/DarkWinterv30Triple24-InchLEDLCDSetup_zps47770307.jpg Now all I need is some good editing software to improve my blogs for next riding season! :D
phrankus2009 (4 years ago)
+AccidentalBroadcast KALANI THAT 4K IS CRAP !!! ... THE REASON is that the GoPro cannot process all those deltas ... Too much detail and too much movement (too much action) means way too many "deltas" for that processor. ... The acquisition is FULL of pixellation and the final render makes it worse. Besides ANYTHING over 1080P/30 is TOTALLY wasted and, just BTW, it has been PROVEN that your viewers need a display of at least 36 inches to even be able to detect any difference between 720P and 1080P ... A scientific fact ... So save yourself a LOT of render and upload time ... You could be shooting in 720P60 and we would all be thrilled ... It is MUCH more important to shoot action footage at a HIGH FRAME RATE than it is to shoot in a higher resolution ... Don't you know this ? ... 1080P30 is over-kill and 720P60 is actually MUCH BETTER for "BUSY ACTION" and SLOW-MOTION.
A Life Behind Bars (4 years ago)
Took my new wr450f for a ride(been riding sports bikes for 6yrs straight). As soon as i heard the braaap, i knew i was home. Hahaha. Keep up the good work.
OzzyWombat (4 years ago)
Notice me ab please
turgsh01 (4 years ago)
15:40 Ooooooh yaaaaaaa! There's them bouncy things we love so much. I wish I lived in an area where dirt biking was possible / enjoyable. Unfortunately, quading in deep mud is the only thing I've got, which is just as fun, but I just wish I could have both options. I had to compromise with a sports motorcycle and 2 quads.
Joseph Arreygue (4 years ago)
BEEP BEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEP!!! Hahaha oh Tech issues. All good though! Great video Kalani !
MauiBraapKings (4 years ago)
Riding in those gulches sucks when it is the muddy people
Joel Barron (4 years ago)
I wouldn't say riding in muddy gulches sucks, I would, say it's fricken awesome!
AccidentalBroadcast (4 years ago)
Cuppcake hack++ I love you, bye! :D
MrDuhfactor (4 years ago)
Whew that was a close one on the wheelie time!!!! +Kreikei+!!!! Ha Ha!! That river crossing now coined..... "The crankshaft redemption....".....
Nerb1 (4 years ago)
I thought the same on that wheelie! That could have ended so badly... I guess we all make silly decisions every now and then!
Kalan Czupryna (4 years ago)
Having almost the same name as you kalani its weird reading the comments as if there talking to me:D. mj's bike is beautiful
AccidentalBroadcast (4 years ago)
haha, that's awesome.. "Kalan" use to be a nickname of mine.. lolz..
theyzwoodz (4 years ago)
To many quotes to laugh at. The best though is " I have to pick up my kids in 15 min" . Then jump on your dirt bike and get in the woods LOL. What could go wrong ? You put up the the best vids dude. Real riding Real fun. 
Calistunt450 (4 years ago)
Sweet vid
DV (4 years ago)
Omg Kalani loving the vids! In a couple of years im going to visit maui and do the braaaap stuffs im only an island away on oahu so if you ever visit here ill hook you up with a bike!
AccidentalBroadcast (4 years ago)
I'm in!
x KRAABEL (4 years ago)
That wheelie would have looked incredible in 60p. that was a moto trippin light ride xD
rebelyell22 (4 years ago)
How much extra do I have to pay to get a signed shirt?  lol
@AccidentalBroadcast Thats badass man, cant wait till after christmas , get the hook up on a black sweater
rebelyell22 (4 years ago)
AccidentalBroadcast (4 years ago)
Send it to me with a self addressed pouch with shipping back to you and I'll do it FO FREE!  Address = ++AB - P.O. Box 1280 Haiku, Hi 96708 Zing!
Sanel R. (4 years ago)
Kalani is it possible for you to get hooked up with a company here in europe for your shirts, because I LOVE your designs and the price is really fair, but it kills me to pay like 15USD for shipping everytime I order a Shirt and it´s not like I can order 4 Shirts and share the shipping with my friends, because for every extra shirt i get extra shipping costs. :/ Would be great if you consider hooking up with some German or other a company in europe, I and alot of europe fans would really appreciate it. :) greetings from Germany, Sanel ;)
Cody Luxton (4 years ago)
That would be a great idea! Been wanting to get for a while now and I love this design you've done! Will be getting one this week I think! But a company in the U.K. Would be great :)
AccidentalBroadcast (4 years ago)
Potentially in the future but the company that prints the shirts is in the US.. Tough to get around shipping... I'll look into teespring like companies in the UK though.. Or if you find any, post them here! bing : )
Gotta walk off the ++Accidental nut slaps!
M750 (4 years ago)
Ah man, that view at 7:44 was epic!
Frederick Boland (4 years ago)
Sweet viddy yo
Dillon Brummer (4 years ago)
Evilclinty4 (4 years ago)
screw 4k!! we want 60fps :D
AccidentalBroadcast (4 years ago)
60p is a soap opera.
FluffyBunny (4 years ago)
Kalani at it again with another amazing video! Thanks for uploading I love watching your videos kalani! Braaaap on!
FluffyBunny (4 years ago)
Can't wait!
AccidentalBroadcast (4 years ago)
Wait till audio setup 2.0 comes out.. no more fbeepking around..
AccidentalBroadcast (4 years ago)
++Arghhh, YouTube is killing me TRIBE. I shall find the magic upload stuffs for 4k downscaled to 1080p! Also, sorry about the jacked audio & MJ's dead cam.. It shall all improve.. I am actually building the Variant 2.0 with vastly improved audio quality.. Will make test viddy soon! Thanks for watching and supporting my latest t-shirt campaign : ) If we knock it out of the park, someone is coming to Maui for a week! Details in description.  For all the haters that hate that I'm selling t-shirts that help keep the channel going, feel free to exit the jungle over there, nobody wants to hear it : ) 
Responsibly Dangerous (3 years ago)
yeah yeah
Liam Fielding (4 years ago)
Do you ship the hoodies to other country e.g. England if so please could you let me know, absoloutley love the design, sure my mates would too! 
gncc1race (4 years ago)
@OtisENGINEuity The WR 250R (like Athena) weighs 295 lbs claimed.  Which means she tops 300 lbs stock.  The aftermarket pipe & muffler on Athena probably dropped between 4 to 8 lbs, but the skid plate & hand guards added a couple pounds back on. KTM doesn't make a 450 EXC (for the US) anymore, but the 350 EXC weighs about 249 lbs. and the 500 EXC about 256 lbs.  More power, less weight, better suspension.  Far better performance.  The EXC's are fuel injected and get excellent fuel mileage.  With stock settings it's possible to get 70 mpg on the road (very similar to the WR250R).  But I adjusted my TPS (I have the 500) to richen it to accommodate a new end cap I put on, and mileage dropped a little bit.  Not much though. Price is the real issue.  A 2015 WR250R costs about $6700, while both KTM EXC's will set you back over $10K. 
OtisENGINEuity (4 years ago)
@dexterlexter123 no replacement for displacement.. but then its a trade off for weight. the 450 is heavier but has more horsepower and torque, the 290 gets better mileage and is lighter and easier to throw around.. so what is better to you?
dexterlexter123 (4 years ago)
what is a better bike athena or a stock ktm
hunter ervin (4 years ago)
sweeeet dude
Elliot J Harris (4 years ago)
F**k Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Dmad Jefferys (4 years ago)
Damn nice wheelie 
Dangerous Skill69 (4 years ago)
Sweet videos buddy, I enjoy your videos !!!!
zingy Beatle (4 years ago)
First comment
Chris Impink (4 years ago)
love it 
Melly MTB (4 years ago)
Stoj (4 years ago)
Jackson 652 (4 years ago)
loved the vid
Brady Andrewsky (4 years ago)
4bidden concepts (4 years ago)
Love it

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