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Passion & Purpose: Finding Direction in Life (RSD Max Motivation)

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Achieve a TRULY Fulfilling Direction in Life with Passion & Purpose.. Check out Max's Brand New "Girlfriend Game" Program before the Special $200-Off Bonus Period Ends: http://bit.ly/getmeagirlfriend RSD Max's Channel: http://bit.ly/RSDMax_youtube INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/rsdmax/ - - - Real Social Dynamic's executive instructor, Max, shares his hardships from when he realized he would be unable to fulfill his life passion as a guitarist. He had to confront the pain of no longer having a direction in life. Lacking purpose for what the future held. Asking himself "What is my purpose?" He realized all he needed was a direction in life. A Goal to focus on... Pure male energy needs to strive for a life purpose and direction. It was that realization that lead Max to feel motivated... He started working out, building an epic social life, and living every day of his life with passion. Enjoy this RSD Motivation, leave us your thoughts in the comment section below! - - - RSDMax is an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, the biggest platform for dating advice and personal development. He's traveling the world teaching men and women confidence and how to become more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Follow him on his passionate adventures around the world or get in contact with him HERE: YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/RSDMax_youtube GIRLFRIEND GAME: FEARLESS: http://www.crushingmyfear.com THE NATURAL: http://www.becomingthenatural.com SNAPCHAT: RSDMax FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/rsdmax INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/rsdmax PODCAST: http://www.soundcloud.com/rsd-max TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/rsdmaximilian
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Text Comments (27)
venom5610 (4 months ago)
Fuck you
MuOnlineTutorials (4 months ago)
lovei t
D.W.L.F GAME (4 months ago)
Purpose 1st, women 2nd
RSDMax (4 months ago)
kinda, yes )
Colloquial Potato (4 months ago)
+D.W.L.F GAME nah gta v and jacking off though. They’d be #4 or something
Ane T (4 months ago)
Now max gets laid cause of the lambo. Hahahahaha. Finally uncovering the truth :p. Lambo game
RSDMax (4 months ago)
RUGGED BREED (4 months ago)
I saw this before, is this a replay?
RSDMax (4 months ago)
you might have seen some of the speech from the ancient video of the speech that we released like 5 years ago lol
ExploreAustralia (4 months ago)
Lambo sound turns my own engine on :D
RSDMax (4 months ago)
it does haha
Bittu Chaudhary (4 months ago)
Waldviertler Jungs (4 months ago)
Ypu are sort of the blue pill guy in the red pill community
RSDMax (4 months ago)
hahaha that's kinda epic
HenricoTV (4 months ago)
where do you get the nyc animation at the beginning?
RSDMax (4 months ago)
homeboy Blaz Rogelsek (check him out on IG) made the vid
Emir De La Cruz (4 months ago)
I appreciate this video man because I'm an electrician and I got injured at work, a ladder broke while I was on it. and I ended fracturing my hip and fingers. and as of now I have had a month without doing anything and every day I feel like total shit and I have another month to go to recover. It sucks when you see the days pass by and no accomplishment gets done. but it makes me feel good that im not the only one that thinks the same way.
c h i m m y (19 days ago)
Emir De La Cruz aw no, hope you are better 💕💕
Emir De La Cruz (4 months ago)
hey RSD Motivation and RSDMax truly appreciate the replies I always have looked up to you guys since I discovered PUA since I was 14 and never stopped taking insight from you guys. keep up the good work, you guys are helping society at the end of the day.
RSDMax (4 months ago)
damn dude, get well my man!
Emir De La Cruz (4 months ago)
appreciate it lazaro garcia99 just be safe out there. hazards exist all over the place
lazaro garcia99 (4 months ago)
Emir De La Cruz you’ll get through it 😤👌🏼
Sterling Lowery (4 months ago)
The meaning of life, is to give life a meaning.
RSDMax (4 months ago)
boooom love it!
SpencerOGallagher (4 months ago)
This is super sick.
RSDMax (4 months ago)
Trenton Erker (4 months ago)

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