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Guess Who's Back.

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glen Decuir (1 year ago)
just as good this time as it was the first time I missed these vlogs memories...
Konstantin Otrembsky (2 years ago)
Biting Dogg (2 years ago)
how's Miss Athena coming along? Really hope you're doing well. Cheers from the Bitingdog
cruz l (2 years ago)
11:30 lol
Matt G (2 years ago)
it was my DC'S shoes
SunflowerTwix (3 years ago)
27○? Like...Celcius? Pfft. Come to Australia!
TX NARWALL (3 years ago)
is dat a dead deer at 622
Jake Maue Vlogs (3 years ago)
I thought Athena was dead!!!!!!!😧😧😧😧
Austin Wright (3 years ago)
hell yes your back love your videos. One of the best moto vloggers in the world
valamere101 (3 years ago)
hey this was uploaded on my birthday!
Ben Schultz (3 years ago)
I have the same bike Athena
Reptar (3 years ago)
I'm so sick of riding on race tracks. I wish I had some trails near me. This place looks enchanting.
flbmx98 (3 years ago)
12:00-13:00 close your eyes 😂 "okay Jerry, you're off the hook!"
Dick Fatkins (3 years ago)
i ducked 10 sec b4 u said that
Wurm Watson (3 years ago)
lol gunna have to get yourself some dc shoes
juvanerik (3 years ago)
I could watch your videos ALL DAY LOOOONG... AB binge.
Billy Large (3 years ago)
man that's way to much work for a ride
Billy Large (3 years ago)
man that's way to much work for a ride
ftw200own (3 years ago)
first video i watched in like almost a year of you, great to have you back man.
Dimar Kuijl (3 years ago)
9:45, you were totally right! And for that i subscribe, you Sir are a bright thinker!
Jason Scottow (3 years ago)
I cant wait to go back!
ArtificialImPulse (3 years ago)
back again
ArtificialImPulse (3 years ago)
+ArtificialImPulse Tell a friend
ArtificialImPulse (3 years ago)
+ArtificialImPulse shady's back
Jaycen Allen (3 years ago)
Being a dirt biker my self! I love the sound of them starting their bikes! Beautiful!
SGTimid (3 years ago)
LMAO yes i Duck and did many times
Shadow Biker motovlogs (3 years ago)
I havent seen one of your vids in a year just watched this one fantastic videos don't why I haven't been following
Cory Schulte (3 years ago)
That looked fun as hell. I would love to ride those trails, hell i would live there. You know any bike shops looking for a Technician? I Graduate tech school in May.
Bmx Bros (3 years ago)
brent Jones (3 years ago)
Where were u
Mark Tegeder (3 years ago)
So glad you're back and doing OK. Was getting worried for ya. Really missed the videos. Haha, DC shoes! Anyhow, cheers from Northern Utah!
harry rudd (3 years ago)
you put me in a great mood thanks
Dean Cottrell (3 years ago)
Man i was sittin around today wearing my honu turtle hoodie thinkin, god damn i hope didnt give up! Went and checked the page and BOOM!! Videos!!! Literally felt so happy ha! Great to hear your back!! Ps. Dont leave again!!
Taylor Howlett (3 years ago)
so glad you are back! i have missed your viddys so much!!
BraappBoi (3 years ago)
thanks man I'm so glad you're back!!!!!!!
ohmygodohmygodohmygod he's back!!!!! HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!!
Melissa Mommer (3 years ago)
100 days, 20,000 miles this summer and now we are sitting on the couch watching one video after another daydreaming about riding with you guys in Maui again :)
Renatas Fomkinas (3 years ago)
how did u know i lituarly ducked and u sayd that
SpeedDemon (3 years ago)
We are your true subs we still had hope for u Nice to see u back and well
Danbear (3 years ago)
I'm glad to see you back!
Darren Price (3 years ago)
Darren Price (3 years ago)
AMN Carmichael (3 years ago)
Welcome back Kool-aid oni, the tribe is ready to reassemble.
donovan gaydosh (3 years ago)
I love how you can leave for awhile and we can just jump right back in and remember everything or at least I can
donovan gaydosh (3 years ago)
I am so happy that you are back and I like that you are posting on aloha stoked
Allen's World (3 years ago)
When you can see that it is steep on here. I would love to see it in person.
Enzo Collado (3 years ago)
what's athena make/model?
iFallsProductions (3 years ago)
this video made my day missed u bud. your videos are my inspiration to make more videos in my life.
epikc334 (3 years ago)
Late hello Jason! Glad to see more view ropes Kalani!
Nyze (3 years ago)
Nice :D !
Finn Capurro-Durkee (3 years ago)
Good to have you back Kalani!! looking forward to some more good times from AB++
Tom OfNorthCal (3 years ago)
How can anyone dislike your vidoes... Glad to see you back. This summer I road from SF-NorthCal to Seattle and my butt still works. Have a good one...
non playable character (3 years ago)
(y) nice
Josh Litzau (3 years ago)
Hey man, so glad to see you're back! Missed seeing new videos!
Moto Iter (3 years ago)
Welcome back.
jman1400 (3 years ago)
Glad your back!
Bilbo Baggins (3 years ago)
Makes me miss my bike even more. Cant wait to get it fixed
John Blanton (3 years ago)
Yay your back
Andrew Haddoxk (3 years ago)
why u break up wiht beautiful green eyed hula girl? good ta see u bak
Andrew Haddoxk (3 years ago)
+Andrew Haddoxk ALSO WHERES MS 76
Jewzza (3 years ago)
why did u break up
jking (3 years ago)
Oh how I've missed you mr. Kalini prince :)
martin babineau (3 years ago)
so pumped your back. this new upload was the highlight of my summer keep it up. love these videos
Pouchy2106 (3 years ago)
love the vids man good to see your back
kyle C. (3 years ago)
Bout damnn timee.
steveo1kinevo (3 years ago)
Sometimes when it Rains it Pours.. Don't get mad at life as we only live it once. Glad to see your back!! :)
George 196 (3 years ago)
Good to see you back Kalani.
kiba furlove (3 years ago)
im glad your back AB!
jimmy rust (3 years ago)
Missed watching you bud!!!
J-rocksMOTO (3 years ago)
Ha always good to see your vids, watching this one reminds my why i like watching your channel so much. awesome!
Andy Pandy (3 years ago)
made me sooo happy to see a vid of yours again, I didn't realise just how much I missed watching them until I watched this........... twice :-) Don't go away for so long next time!!!!
David Bryson (3 years ago)
Glad to see you riding and having fun. When you come up to those low branches I duck too
b dub (3 years ago)
hell yes, glad you're back AB.... nice ghost ride at the end as well
Dave M. (3 years ago)
That was kinda shitty haven't watched video yet but you better have got trapped in a whale for 3 months. Tribe shit
Turtle Deenie (3 years ago)
i missed you. hope your doing good with all the hard times. keep that head up high and keep making videos so i have something to do before i go to bed
Mr.Motarded Mike (3 years ago)
glad to see you back at it. keep them coming. cant ride much here in Sacramento untill we get some rain to keep the trails on the ground an out of our lungs so the vids help us much.
Freddie Rowe-crowder (3 years ago)
Illusion Official (3 years ago)
matt and his DC shoes!
sapman71 (3 years ago)
welcome back big bird
rainsweeps (3 years ago)
Nice return! For all the Glory
dean clark (3 years ago)
good to see you back brother kiler vids
GlitterNinja (3 years ago)
Great to see you and Athena Back In Action We have surely missed the viddy yo's 😄❤
Yogi Doe (3 years ago)
YEAH!!! welcome back kalani good to see you out of your funk brother
mattaria (3 years ago)
So good to have you back dude! You've been sorely missed. <3
Athena going all Enduro Kex at the end! haha
Street Weezl (3 years ago)
What a treat to see some numbers next to your channel when I got home! Welcome back, hope everything is rolling more smoothly for you after such a twisted and rocky trail.
Birks Werks (3 years ago)
Hai! Flip flops and a pink backpack!
BaddaBoomBig (3 years ago)
Immediately click like before video started.... I'm so happy right now
mikeXpapa (3 years ago)
This is a comment about Matt in his DC SHOES. Yes, this is ME leaving a COMMENT about MATT in his DC SHOES.
saltysalttheagent (3 years ago)
WB Mr AB. my summer, blew up the DRZ! so theres a BB in it now!
Ivan Po (3 years ago)
Welcome back man!
Linken200 (3 years ago)
Oh man seeing there was a new video from you in my subscriptions made me so happy! Glad you're feeling better man, good you took the time to get back in the grove :)
MicrowavedCarrot (3 years ago)
It's lovely to see you again, Kalani! ♥
Shago 2448 (3 years ago)
Nice to see you again
Trey Middleton (3 years ago)
Seattle for the win
sean macmaster (3 years ago)
how did u hurt ur sholder
theclockmace (3 years ago)
The jungle was truly dark without you Kalani. Nice to have you back!
Von Michael (3 years ago)
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you are back!!!!
ryan allen (3 years ago)
dc shoes wow
willmatic 84 (3 years ago)
welcome back man 😋👌 «<<< imma a new motovlogger
MrAlejandro595 (3 years ago)
Raphaël Roy (3 years ago)
finnaly i've been waiting this time for so long! Thanks ab for bringing back your wonderful content
lonzo durey (3 years ago)

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