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Funny Cats Protecting Babies Compilation (2017)

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Funny and cute cats protecting babies. Cats protect babies compilation! Try not to laugh or say aww! Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time! 👉 Subscribe: https://www.tinyurl.com/funnyplox 👉 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/funnyplox 👉 Submit: http://www.funnyplox.com/submit If you see a clip that you own that you did not submit or give consent for use, we have likely received false permissions and would be happy to resolve this for you! Please drop us a line at info(@)funnyplox.com 🐶👶🏻🐱 👉 For every 100 likes, new puppies and kittens are born!
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Text Comments (3271)
Actingskint (12 hours ago)
great cats shiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt music
SANS THE COMIC (12 hours ago)
So cute
SANS THE COMIC (12 hours ago)
So cute
Zosia K (2 days ago)
Cat: its not ur baby its mine
Sepia Smith (2 days ago)
I love cats so incredibly much
Brendan Gilroy (2 days ago)
0:43 yo, where the heck they at? Looks like a freaking store
Zen Guerilla (4 days ago)
Why so many thubs down? Nothings wrong with this video😍
Yellow4494 (9 days ago)
1:45 Awwww cutest thing ever
stefan hudson (12 days ago)
The white cat who was protecting the baby from hurting himself by the oven is a true guardian angel! Screw those parents....Just letting the child be in danger and not seeing the potential threat the oven can cause to the child!!
Bludaisie Starlite (13 days ago)
Cats good babysitters
Zayn Sadiq (13 days ago)
0:45 *BABY BEGNS TO FIDGET AROUND* cat (holding onto babies legs): dude, calm down.
Provenia Evermi (21 days ago)
impossible this beautiful creations to exist by chance, There's a god
These cats know how vulnerable such young children are. I love all the cats
Burhan Burhan (23 days ago)
Funny & Cute !
ffarss TY (1 month ago)
0:08 i just wanna play with him ;-; poor dog😂
Kalai Suresh (1 month ago)
I think the cats are not protect the babies
OLIVIA Schweitzer (1 month ago)
Good kitty
Frost Bite (1 month ago)
A (1 month ago)
They want their soul
pink XX (1 month ago)
That cat swinging the baby was adorable
HARALD BLUETOOTH (25 days ago)
it was just playing with that thing on the swinger you can see it at 2:42
Orko Chowdhury (1 month ago)
I love cats and cute babies
Leopolda (1 month ago)
Teneri e meravigliosi.
someone (1 month ago)
Aww the second one. I thought the cat was gonna hurt the baby but it didn’t
John Case (1 month ago)
Fun fact, Cats are more protective / concerned of babies well being than dogs are do to their nature. Female dogs might be protective of their puppies until they reach a certain age but outside the mother dog the other dogs in the pack believe in survival of the fittest. When it comes to cats, the other cats in a "clowder" (yes that's what a group of cats are called) they are very protective of another female cats kittens. So when a cats "owner" has a baby the cat will see it as a defenseless kitten and will protect the baby more fearlessly than a dog because it will see the baby as a part of it's "clowder".
Olaw Day (1 month ago)
She protec She attac But most importantly She kat
aleah marie (1 month ago)
A vet told me once that the reason some cats like babies so much is because they smell like milk and then they end up bonding after realizing the baby cant protect itself but is to big for them to eat 😂
Psy Steinborg (1 month ago)
M H (1 month ago)
Rocking a baby genius😂😂😂😂
Kidima (1 month ago)
Ethan Thompson (1 month ago)
2:03 I think the cat was trying to suffocate the baby
Haseeb Jutt (1 month ago)
Kidima (1 month ago)
broxenvibes (1 month ago)
1:44 awww sooo cute it's like the cats are trying to be the baby's pillow and snuggle buddy that's just too cute 😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Alberto Waynasdee (2 months ago)
tom would b very proud watchin this
5k dislikes for the win!
nishu kumbhat (2 months ago)
These cats are the cutest
Kidima (1 month ago)
Ольга Нпрд (2 months ago)
милые предки не позволяйте ребенку касаться плиту
AntiSiyon Türkiye (2 months ago)
Yuki Oras (2 months ago)
Lol the first clip😂😂 the dog wants to look after the baby amd the cat hits him😂😂
Savage Slushiez (2 months ago)
*good kitty*
kaung kaung (2 months ago)
hes like fack off dog hes mine
Angel Ayesha (2 months ago)
I like so much cat 🐱
Rubbishyoutuber (2 months ago)
So cute!
Myvleermuis1234 De vries (2 months ago)
i want a baby to protect please i am a cat
Ivan Josipovic (2 months ago)
That cat on 2:24 deserves every bite.🐱🤗
Hitagi 26 (2 months ago)
amine (2 months ago)
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cat.caline/
Amath Thiam (2 months ago)
I think the first was a personal matter(cat and dog)😂
Misty Cranberry (2 months ago)
This is why cats actually have hearts.
Moustafa (2 months ago)
5000 dogs disliked this video
PUMPED UP KICKS (2 months ago)
Nitish Khari (2 months ago)
Oooooo so quite yarr
kalhan vikrant (2 months ago)
Great videos, really dogs are best friends.
Andrew Flood (2 months ago)
Vinicius Souza (2 months ago)
01:30 o gato é mais responsável que os pais kkkk
DASHING IFR (2 months ago)
very nice
Rosi Schatz (2 months ago)
Horror ,seid ihr bekloppt ? Die Katze ist schwer und dann liegt sie auf der Brust eines Säuglings 😈 Ich habe auch Katzen ,wenn mein Kater auf meiner Brust liegt ,dann ist es mir unangenehm ,weil er mir eben die Luft abschnürrt und dann lasst ihr die Katze noch die Mund mit ihrem Körper verschließen .Meine Güte ,musste abbrechen .Nicht aus zu halten
gowri rajaguru (2 months ago)
2.29 is very superb
Monalisha Das (2 months ago)
Aawwww soooo sweet...... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Takaya A (2 months ago)
2:30 is so cute ❤️❤️
Nikki Rose (2 months ago)
The music started to get annoying...but I stayed
Hannah Dyson (2 months ago)
Cats have been known to sit on babies and smother them ..please becareful..invest in a cat net when your not around and the baby is asleep ...
It’s Yo Boy Lyrone (2 months ago)
Not my favorite but some cats are cool and not a-holes all the time..
chizoioioi (2 months ago)
1:30 Wow! Cat is smarter than the parents > Keep baby away from stove. Im not impressed by the cats laying on top of the babies though
Shahzad Ali (2 months ago)
I had a cat when i was a baby until i turned 4,,, after that some boys in my street kidnap her and throw her somewhere faraway beacuse they were jeolous of her beauty,,,😢
1701spacecadet (2 months ago)
Love the white one moving baby away from the oven and the big tabby herding baby to stop him crawling away.
Francesco Danza (2 months ago)
I love cats
Ken McFerran (2 months ago)
Don't these parents realize that cats have been known to lay on babies faces and kill them?? They smell of milk and their faces are warm. Not the cats fault, but they should never be allowed to lay on top of a baby.
Farah Sabina (2 months ago)
If it's not one of the uwu-est video ever, i don't know what it is...
Sophia Hess (2 months ago)
*Cats rubs against toddler* *toddler loses balance and falls over* Cat: ah shit fam my bad
Shark Hunt (2 months ago)
Wolfy Wolf (2 months ago)
Cats are my favourite animals but I wouldn’t,t have one when I had a baby that’s very bad and a dog even worse
pretty312 (2 months ago)
4.9K morons as of 22.08.2018! I can't believe it! What's wrong with you people? If you don't love animals, why bother to watch!
Steve Spencer (2 months ago)
Cat: wow! That hooman is so cute!
Ben Tarr (2 months ago)
Pet isn't an insult. That's horrible. A pet is an animal of another species, in your family, that you care for. Species is irrelevant to family. Humans are animals, and no more special than any other creature.
:D Guppy (1 month ago)
Heretyk_13 (2 months ago)
Ok, people who call themselves "daddy" and "mommy" regardning their pets, and say things like "cat is protecting his new BROTHER" when we talk about baby and a cat... Those people need to be fucking nuttered so they can`t breed, and pollute our DNA... I love cats and dogs, but for the love of god they are NOT children And YES species is relevant. Why? Because dog or cat needs different things, psychologically speaking, than child. For example dog needs to be shown leadership- that way dog knows where is it`s place in the pack. When dogs knows it`s owner knows what world is about, who is bad who is good and all that crap- it feels safe: "Ok, so master takes care of hard stuff. He/ she knows where we are, what we do... So i DON`T have to fight with him/ her over leadership, because i don`t have to. I will love and support. I will play and i will bark at people to let master know, that there is someone coming. Pack is safe" Cat does not need us for ANYTHING. What cat needs from humans? Petting, food? If i weren`t here, my cat would live anyway, and would be able to deal with problems. Yes it would be shittier and he would have worse time during winter, but his ancestors did managed to survive that.. For him i am here, on this earth to share chicken, pet him, play with him, and occasionally, when other cats attack his ass in the middle of the night, to either scare them away, with air gun shot to metal sign, which sound scares them away, or to take him home and "listen" to his "complaints". I literally am "fuck it. Whatever" existence to him... And child... Child needs far more care and protection, than pet. Pets can take care of themselves pretty quickly. If there was no difference, we wouldn`t be different. Not to mention- by treating paet same way as child people do damage to pets, whose view of the world goes to shitter, as it confuse them
Ben Tarr (2 months ago)
You can't own another living thing. They're not consumer goods. They're not property. They're not toys for your amusement, or tools for you to use as you please. We're not their owners, we're their carers.
Ben Tarr (2 months ago)
Other animals being stressed and feeling threatened isn't funny. Other animals aren't toys for your amusement, or tools for you to use as you please. If they're upset, help them. Humans are animals, and no more special than any other creature.
dipesh garg (2 months ago)
my babu like cat
i like to watch videos (2 months ago)
Cats are awesome
Laxmi Rana (2 months ago)
I really love kitten,pets they r just soo cute they take care of uss
Othy Eighty (2 months ago)
1st cat just want to chase the dog, 2nd just want to sleep to warmy baby
Omar Ayad (2 months ago)
3:45 😊
Albin Wilson (2 months ago)
2.45 has his own baby
P90A (2 months ago)
Los gatos son animales
SCharlesDennicon (2 months ago)
2:25 WHAAAAAA- XD How ?! Why ?!?! Thats gotta be the best thing I've seen on YT in a while.
Otsile Modiselle (2 months ago)
2:20 This baby's gonna be hacking up fur balls.
Bibiche hbiba (2 months ago)
Super mignon👍👍👍
Gayathri Krishna (2 months ago)
Hahaha interesting
أنا أحب القطط
Nilce Ronda (2 months ago)
Esses gatinhos são verdadeiros anjinhos
Johnny Sins (2 months ago)
Yhmmm cats likes higher temperature, babies have higher temperature than adult! Ta dam! Cats sucks...
Bisla Pooja (2 months ago)
Dr Ahmed (2 months ago)
Pls hold the cat from the face of the baby
James Sullivan (2 months ago)
That music is AWFUL!!
Zindar while (2 months ago)
whats this music name?
Marylee Macpherson (2 months ago)
Cats sleeping with babies .. awesome
Marylee Macpherson (2 months ago)
Love cats protecting babies
j doodoohed (2 months ago)
2:03 is how the baby dies in its sleep. Cats suffocating kids is real
Ramiya Akter (2 months ago)
Anki Barman (2 months ago)
OMG! so cute 😘😘
Anwari Begum (2 months ago)
So cute

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