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Repurposing old Lamp for Young Girl's Room, So Cute, Blingy & Easy!

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I purchased this lamp from a thrift shop and thought it was pink like the shade. After wiping it off, the paint came with it and revealed a clear glass lamp. Adding ribbon and sequins to the lamp and shade, I turned this lamp into a cute addition to the comforter set I purchased. I used strips of rhinestones from the Dollar Tree as well as strips of ribbon that I purchased awhile ago from Hobby Lobby on clearance. Those ribbons had fringe which worked great for the bottom of the shade and the base of the lamp. I am repurposing a vintage picnic basket for her room as well in an upcoming video as well as a Christmas ornament that was a craft fail but looks perfect now with the lamp and comforter. I hope you will try to repurpose things rather than throwing them away. It was really fun to try to think outside the box.
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Rhonda Snair (2 years ago)
Love the lamp so creative
Rhonda Snair (2 years ago)
That's so nice of you.  We don't have kids and have lost both sets of our parents, so Christmas isn't much fun unless you have someone (a little girl) to buy tutus and fun things for.  We really love doing it and hope the family has a Christmas they never forget.
Rhonda Snair (2 years ago)
+Crafting For Almost Everyone that's so sweet you seem to have a big heart
Thanks, the little girls' whole bedroom was a project for me and I think it turned out well. We adopted her family for Christmas so never heard if she liked it but she was four and the perfect age for the fun blingy bedroom I made her.
Tina Bruderer (3 years ago)
OMG This is tooo cute.
Tina Bruderer (3 years ago)
im sure she will
+Tina Bruderer I have  several other projects I'm doing for her room and can't wait to get them on the internet.   I hope she really likes them.
Linda Edwards (3 years ago)
Sandy, I just know that little girl is gonna love this! Not only your money is going to make a wonderful Christmas for her, but also your time and your heart! What a fabulous idea.
+I'm really glad you like it.  I think she will too.  I hope this Christmas will be the beginning of a whole new life for she and her mother.  They definitely deserve it.

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