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The Powerpuff girls The Boogie Man has a plan

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SRK Vhozite (16 days ago)
These niggas lit
Dakota Watson (11 days ago)
I pinned this one 😂
Dakota Watson (11 days ago)
SRK Vhozite 😂
Burnee A (1 day ago)
4:15 Rick James is there, bitch.
Cringy Kid (4 days ago)
3:00 is what you came for
lowfat milk (5 days ago)
I wanna as fly as the boogie man did
amber day (7 days ago)
Idk why this makes me laugh so damn much 😭
FRANK CASTLE (8 days ago)
3:04 Me When I cheat on the exam
ZiggyKick921 (8 days ago)
My childhood brought me here.
HowTingz (14 days ago)
3:01 me strolling into 2019 drunk as fuck and still on my bullshit 😂😂😂
Martin De Los Santos (14 days ago)
The real crime here was the disco music lol
Dakota Watson (11 days ago)
Martin De Los Santos its addicting tho
Nekotorious (16 days ago)
Implied black exploitation at it's finest.
ChaoticGenes (5 days ago)
+Dakota Watson I think they were just noting it. Black exploitation was a more popular movie genre style in the 70s that used all those things they listed that you see in this scene.
Dakota Watson (9 days ago)
Is that bad orrrr
Nekotorious (11 days ago)
+Dakota Watson The dated slang. An overload of Disco and funk background music. The monsters have a secret hang out in the form of a shady bar, The monsters are all dressed like they're ready for Mardi Gras with some of their flesh and fur being neon colored, "Blame it on the boogie" Is the title of a disco pop song by Michael Jackson. *GIANT DISCO BALL ECLIPSING THE SUN!*
Dakota Watson (11 days ago)
Nekotorious how?
andree calhoun (16 days ago)
4 18 the invisible pimp
Theonlydezman (16 days ago)
Did he just say shit?
emeka62 (16 days ago)
KSI brought me here.
Same :P
Dakota Watson (11 days ago)
emeka62 who’s KSI 😂
Said Charanek (17 days ago)
He definitely see the people to chill the Faaaaahk out 00:39
Jarrid Smith (17 days ago)
Boogie Man said Shit
Jarrid Smith (17 days ago)
Big upper body but no legs
ander son (17 days ago)
Jarrid Smith my mans just got done doin 15
Josh Newton (18 days ago)
That nigga a smooth criminal
Darius Stafford (18 days ago)
3:37 I know he said sheet and yes I seen someone comment it already but I had the thought before I seen it so I'm posting it
Darius Stafford (18 days ago)
Dunkzilla42 (19 days ago)
This is ALL predictive programming for the end times prophecy. The cutting off of night lights is symbolic for the Solar flare that they are planning and the Sun being eclipse represents the 3rd Death. The death of the Sun
Dakota Watson (11 days ago)
It’s just a show 😂
L Monroy (16 days ago)
Omg, chill sis
Captain Marvel (19 days ago)
3:04 "Hey Boogeyman!" "Alright, alright!" 😂😂
L Shadow177 (12 days ago)
Dat truckin walk thou XD
KVFutureGamer (19 days ago)
Martrell Va Beach (19 days ago)
Boogie slidddddd up in there
CreepyAntonio (8 days ago)
All clean and glistening and shit
Darius Brooks (19 days ago)
That man was gliding
Huey Freeman (19 days ago)
So smooth 🤣
Martrell Va Beach (19 days ago)
Panamanian Muffin Garrison lol right
My mans cool level on a thousand.
pakkun90 (20 days ago)
When you got the lean walk on point
muchira njau (20 days ago)
32 years old and still remember this like it was yesterday...
Adrian (21 days ago)
At 3:37 he definitely said SHEEEEITTTT
Prime SC (19 days ago)
SXGXD TV (21 days ago)
That nigga was smooth I was lowkey mad when they beat him up
dandeentremont (21 days ago)
Pop culture has blessed with not one, but two rockin' funky boogie men in our lifetime.
Christine Woodland (1 month ago)
Krinki he actually said sure I a groovy way
braxien fire fox (1 month ago)
Wonder why buttercup took the alligator plushie
braxien fire fox (11 days ago)
+ILoveMedia x22 that makes sense
ILoveMedia x22 (15 days ago)
She's a tomboy, but she's still a little girl. The alligator fits her persoanlity
Troll Dedede (2 months ago)
Chill the frag out?
Mt. Theodore Alan (2 months ago)
I know. I kept replaying it. I said dude done cussed on the Power Puffs show. But he said it so smoothly, parents probably didnt pay it any attention.
Kirinki Sannin (2 months ago)
I know everyone heard the boogeyman say shit
Dre Loco (2 months ago)
For those who didn’t know The Boogeyman is Kevin Michael Richardson
BizzarreProductions (3 months ago)
Holy character design, Batman!
김판옥 (3 months ago)
Michael Frazier Jr (3 months ago)
0:38 Listen up, all you freaks and disasters! 😂😂😂😂
Joseph Easley (3 months ago)
MY CHILDHOOD! I think this is the only thing from Powerpuff girls I had on VHS lol or it just came on constantly, but it just popped in my head at 24 years of age and wanted to revisit lol nothing is lost
ALMIGHTY FU22 (2 days ago)
7-18-94 n I swear I just had the same flashback
epicodey 101010 (5 months ago)
He sounds like ravens father in ttg
Dre Loco (2 months ago)
Codey Graham it is lol Kevin Michael Richardson
Samuel Pile (5 months ago)
Dakota, im 44 :)
Samuel Pile (6 months ago)
We wouldve def been hangin out with the boogie man.
Samuel Pile (6 months ago)
Sounded like barry white to me, but im old af. Lol
Avocado Smash (1 month ago)
Oh no doubt that is Barry White inspired
Dakota Watson (5 months ago)
Samuel Pile you cant be that old
Samuel Pile (6 months ago)
Love the bass line lol
Samuel Pile (6 months ago)
Who voices boogieman?
Jordan Myles (17 days ago)
Gamut’s voice!
animeX kawaii (6 months ago)
Samuel Pile you don't recognize Kevin M Richardson's voice??
Emerald Wind (7 months ago)
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit-- I't ain't no step for a steppa!
ragedover (8 months ago)
Blame it on the boogie
David Dreyton (16 days ago)
+ArbyTV No it's definitely blame it on the boogie
ArbyTV (1 month ago)
ragedover it’s “leave it all to boogie“
Nicky Scott (8 months ago)
Should've have uploaded the "special version" we made ;)
Dakota Watson (8 months ago)
I could......... ;)

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