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10 Missing People Finally Discovered in Strange Places

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NoniOMG 02 (17 days ago)
Elisa was a big one for me. I really want to know what happened to her though... Im mean, someone said she was playing the elevator game which I dont believe that stuff
Jazmin Gaming (20 days ago)
AlreAdy knew about Elisa Lamb but I Havnt watched it yet I'm guessing she drowned in a water pump And all the residents complained about there being Wierd tasted water And Well I saw it in the Christmas issue of Lucky Break
forestsoceansmusic (1 month ago)
The two bodies posed with clenched fists on that Mexican mountain "55 years ago" was probably a KGB assassination.
KIM IL SUNG (1 month ago)
Dwqfjvsaf. Gasification aousx. K hutcgsdc sdhkc sdhgdgsbxanxsucnusahuc shqip
Carressa (1 month ago)
Imagine being the guy trying to break in the store and thinking “so this is how it ends..”
Kumokun Domo (1 month ago)
Get a dog and don't leave the house!!!
Shanna Rogers (2 months ago)
😓trust no one
stnjngl 31 (2 months ago)
watch the documentary about lam on buzzfeed. it’s hella creepy
Ali K. (2 months ago)
wowww alot of people went missing in 2013
AriSo Silly (3 months ago)
O M G! That's so sad! January 31 is my bday ! So she just went missing on my birthday
Maria Ryan (3 months ago)
The one who was found in the water tank she was playing the elevator game
stop life (3 months ago)
The girl in the elevator died from doing a 3am challenge.
stop life (3 months ago)
not really a 3am challenge, but after she died it was created a 3am challenge. Called the elevator game.
Sonja Cantey (3 months ago)
Kendrick’s (KJ) murder still has us all puzzled to this day. It was and still is hard on our community and I pray that one day justice will be served to whoever did that to him.
ayleen alvarez (3 months ago)
WOw I can't believe they found them that is a miracle 😨😨😨😊😊
kpop n animetrash (4 months ago)
Eliza Lam was playing the elevator game... search it up
The Possible GD (4 months ago)
How did the high school boy FIT in the mats with that body???
Mia Lascano (4 months ago)
They were showering drinking and washing their hands with a rotting body in their water
??? ??? (4 months ago)
They say lam used rhe elevator game
Oz (4 months ago)
Could you provide any less details?
Life or Reality (4 months ago)
This is the version of TheRichest I loved. Now, it's 💩
Bryson Brooks (4 months ago)
😱😱😱 WOW
Jeff Wong (4 months ago)
Elisa lam was playing the elevator game
Eyvonne Gail S.Walsh (4 months ago)
These videos arn't as scary
Diamonds Life (5 months ago)
Omg lam is the person who started the elevator game
Dayanara R.Zagada (5 months ago)
I think I know what happened to Elisa Lam she was playing the elevator game and I think I know because I thought Shane Channel
Jüdäs Röbbïñs (5 months ago)
Cheeky Nham (5 months ago)
But they haven't found Jimmy Hoffa!
801Milcah (5 months ago)
Police always say its suicide or an accident
Annelee Klein (5 months ago)
Kendrick Johnson was secret. I don't believe in the whole black lives matter shit. But he was hidden for sure
Cupcake time (5 months ago)
OMG who would do that to poor people
Amc Plays (5 months ago)
ok so elisa was found in a water tank right? she was in the elevator playing the elevator game
Jayda Ariya (6 months ago)
Omg I am so glad 2013 is over and I survived lol
Jayda Ariya (6 months ago)
The tree one is gross her dead body was stinking omg I need to gag excuse me lol
Sheikh Life (6 months ago)
Justin Reyez (6 months ago)
why was the first guy missing his stuff?
o8anobliildona8o (6 months ago)
I've been wondering about that lady in the elevator just this month I thought about her several times and I saw the YouTube videos several years ago... I thought maybe she was bipolar or having a psychotic break of some kind or maybe yelling at her kid that was just out of view it's strange to me how concerned I've been about this person that I've never known...
MzClementine (6 months ago)
Suicide up a tree? 🤨
aaliyah's life (6 months ago)
2013 was a dangerous year... 😰
Tittor Tot (6 months ago)
The one that took place in Cecil hotel, this can be more sinister than we realize, maybe she wasn’t murdered, maybe she didn’t commit suicide, *maybe she was playing the elevator game.*
Allyson Jrb (7 months ago)
Lam played the elavator game that's why she was acting so weird
KpopNiDontStop (7 months ago)
The Mountain one LOL please should of just talked about Mt everest where there are hundreds of mummified bodies from climbers some are even used as check points.
KpopNiDontStop (7 months ago)
The girl who was found in the tank ontop of the hotel... pretty obvious some Hotel staff put her there since you need an access key of some sort to get up there.
Kai Ekdahl (7 months ago)
Dietzel found in a tree. Large cats pull their dead victims up in a tree too come back later. scary anyway
OrcaBlackfishy F (7 months ago)
Some people can remember their past but it is really rare
Jojo H (7 months ago)
I love The Richest channel.. Very interesting video's..keep up the great work guys 😀😀💕👍
Lola Drake (7 months ago)
You should do more of these they’re my favorite! As a result of watching these videos on other channels quite often, I had heard of all these. If you do more you should do some more unknown ones! I’d watch the crap out of those for sure
Myromoanco 5 (8 months ago)
Creepy as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
Liza B (8 months ago)
what horrible deaths? people were always around to !?
Tausha Davis (8 months ago)
OMG missing people oh no I have to find those missing people
flaxminster (8 months ago)
The newspaper stuffing is incorrect! That did not happen!
Nozima Isakova (8 months ago)
These maybe good for kids to learn,I think.
Harumi Chan (8 months ago)
2013 and 2015 are illuminati years
Harumi Chan (8 months ago)
They said Elisa Lam might be playing the Elevator Game on the footage...
Raven Dalde (8 months ago)
Elissa lam was playing the elevator game
Qwerty000 U. (8 months ago)
Just to think that there was a dinosaur that hunted it’s own species. Humans are far worse...
Saint Barthélemy (8 months ago)
LMAO that Kendrick Johnson !
Mashes cute potatoxxo (9 months ago)
Well tommorow at school for camp we have ghost stories plus going on a scary ride at 12am plus this😵😵
Aneko Hendesu (9 months ago)
Lisa lam was playing the elevator game
Sophie Foster (9 months ago)
I have to say this. A lot of creepy things happened the year BTS debuted.... I'll leave.
Pix - 0507 (9 months ago)
If Walmart had a camera then why can’t they find who put her in there?
Marc/Ronalyn Gimena (9 months ago)
Elisa lam and the elevator game yeah watch the story in snarled channnel
Mayra Aguirre (9 months ago)
lam was playing the elevator game😐😐😐
Twix (9 months ago)
Is erin cruz the brother of nickolas cruz? (The florida school shooter)
Annette Melnychuk (9 months ago)
I heard about Kendrick Johnson
Tamara Denson (9 months ago)
Why was 2013 so strange and scary??????
Nilmika Shaneth (10 months ago)
I think she has a mentally problem
John Lansing (10 months ago)
elisa Lam...the video of her in the elevator is on Youtube, she is shown hitting a floor button no movement of elevator she hits many buttons and then looks out into the corridor no elevator movement.....her body was found in the water tank.....on the roof with a still locked door that had a alarm on it, in a tank that had a inspection hatch that was too small for her to pass through......this is truly a strange case.....
JPR69 (10 months ago)
Burger king foot lettuce
Kayla Lawz (10 months ago)
Kendrick Johnson was murdered wtf. He deserves JUSTICE!!!
Mircea Tady (10 months ago)
Maureen Njeri N. (10 months ago)
Newspapers in place of organs?😕😕
MAJOW STAR (10 months ago)
A tree surgeon??
Stella L (10 months ago)
Why is it all 2013 sirsly
vianne Brenner (10 months ago)
The 2nd one was playing elevater
Elisa Lam's story is kinda similar to season 1 of Hot to get away with murder right ?
KASia Swamp (11 months ago)
um that girl in the elivatore she was playing the elivator game ritual
Cammie Turner (11 months ago)
Kendrick Johnson was put the mat by two white boys and there parents are the police and covered up for them
Alex Kastano (11 months ago)
useless crap
Random Stacey (11 months ago)
2018 anyone
hockingham (11 months ago)
Do your research....... The mortuary had incinerated his organs and stuffed him with newspaper as preparation for the body.
hatednyc (11 months ago)
Awesome list
Fancy Alexie Gamer (11 months ago)
Grace Stevens (11 months ago)
Elisa lam she is the girl of Cecil hotel that's the la hotel they were on about . It shows how she died and she was stalked and raped because she was found naked in the water tank on the roof top.watch Cecil hotel its scary
Silver Toes (11 months ago)
My friend went missing bht then she found my school so she knew the way home
Christopher Thorkon (11 months ago)
This is freaky.
Michael Lee (11 months ago)
The richest are the killers and they know the killers
Emmie Ingham (11 months ago)
K V (11 months ago)
A. (11 months ago)
The Lisa lamb one people reported the water tasting horrible as well
TikoNCynthia Tam (11 months ago)
I know right lol
Hob Waterson (1 year ago)
January 31st is my birthday
chesse mchesse (1 year ago)
Me:Under a pillow for 1year
somjeen jantarasarn (1 year ago)
Omg so scary.i'm so scarred my last name is smith
blue Dazzle (1 year ago)
the elevator game
xLoser Haileyx (1 year ago)
Omg this girl is on strange mystery things that can’t be explained
Jazline ramos (1 year ago)
Can I get a shout out please please please please please you guys inspire me I love you guys 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😁😁😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😉😉😉😉😉😊😊😊😊😊😊
Edp's Ass crack (1 year ago)
Emilie Russell (1 year ago)
With Elisa Lamb people think she played the "Elevator Game." It's a game where you go from floor to floor and when you go to the 5th floor a woman will come in. But she is rumored that she is not human. You cannot speak or look at her. If you do something bad will happen. People think Elisa Lamb either looked or spoke to her. It was the Cecil Hotel, by the way, and those hotels are usually haunted.
Mayra Aguilar (1 year ago)
On the last one I cringed SO bad!!
Mayra Aguilar (1 year ago)
Wasn't Lam doing the elevator game.?.... Well that's what I heard!

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