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[Oracle SQL Performance Tuning: 1/4] Overview of SQL Processing

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The series of SQL tuning videos presents performance tuning tips for developers
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uday jampani (1 year ago)
Very useful!
uday jampani (1 year ago)
@22:35 do you mean if order by is there in the full query ; optimizer priorites sort merge join over hash join in the larger interest of query
anilkumar ghorakavi (1 year ago)
Logically yes. But in performance world things are mostly contextual. Depends on how optimizer sees your data or understands your data. Just to summarize: a) when the join condition is inequality or b) if sorting is anyways required (due to order by clause or any hint) sort-merge join is preferred to hash join when dealing with larger data sets.
Kiranjit Parida (2 years ago)
Hi Please can you share me the PPT used in this vedio.
KIRANJIT PARIDA (2 years ago)
Thank You very much Anil.
anilkumar ghorakavi (2 years ago)
Message me your email ID. Thanks.
Bharath Kumar (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for uploading such a informative video.
ashis mohanty (2 years ago)
Crystal clear understanding......share the ppt please....
anilkumar ghorakavi (2 years ago)
Thanks Ashis. Please send me an email or share your email for ppt.
Zareena Sikander (2 years ago)
Can you share ppt ?
anilkumar ghorakavi (2 years ago)
Please send me an email or share your email.
Zareena Sikander (2 years ago)
Please send the PPT used in video. Thanks
anilkumar ghorakavi (2 years ago)
+Zareena Sikander Sure
pratap kumar (2 years ago)
very nice explanation. Thank you!!

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