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Gymnasts VS Coach Gymnastics Competition| Rachel Marie

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Coach Rachel competes against some of her students in mini gymnastics challenges! Thank you for watching! Music Glude - Breathe [NCS Release] Fareoh - Cloud Ten [NCS Release]
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Text Comments (739)
مرحبا شلونج يا قناة
Vanesska F (23 days ago)
Sariah is best
Tru Smitley (1 month ago)
Is beam and bar hard?
Leonard Wong (1 month ago)
sometimes kids can be nasty.... I'll tell them.. when you get to my age... see if you can still do what I do.
Kylea Brown (1 month ago)
I wish people would stop hating on them saying that rachel let the gymnast win
Fernanda Reyes (3 months ago)
Sé que hablo español y realmente casi no entiendo el inglés, pero tú canal me gusta mucho, es un canal con contenido muy original sigue así 👌👌👌
Reagan Tube (3 months ago)
Reagan Tube (3 months ago)
Hi it’s a good day for me and I’ll let you know how much I will need to be done swimming
Sofia Lulla (4 months ago)
They all just cheated
Kylie Cebul (4 months ago)
Coach won
Get slimy NN (4 months ago)
You should do the abc gymnastics challenge with one of he girls
Isabella Young (4 months ago)
I feel like McKenzies gonna win
Gacha Playz (5 months ago)
Sairah is my fav
Elizabeth Lime K (5 months ago)
Love u Rachel Marie you're soooooo kind and good at gymnstics!!
julialovegym (5 months ago)
I Love You Rachel and ofcourse I love all you girl😍
Fluttershy mlp (5 months ago)
Wow! Go Kyra! Go Kyra!
Caila Lawson (5 months ago)
Check out polapino 1
Cool 🤗🤗
my bunnytainment (6 months ago)
Hello from germany😅😂❤😍
Semi Kim (6 months ago)
They were putting their chin on the bar and after you said chin of the bar 2 times she finally took hit of
L Daguio (6 months ago)
I'm so good at that I always win
Jackie R (6 months ago)
Not death shock
Adriana Heath (6 months ago)
On the first challenge Rachal let her win because she was holding it for a long time
Jessie Schillaci (6 months ago)
She must be a really fun coach!!
Izzy Reichard (6 months ago)
Even tho the gymnast won technically Rachel is the true winner because she gets 100 extra points for being their coach to teach them to be better than you. You are a inspiration( but so is Will)
Ariana (6 months ago)
3:45 Cheater at the front
unknown Still unknown (6 months ago)
Were is that place?
my life as saara (6 months ago)
art freak (7 months ago)
Is that kyra from sgg at the right 5:09
jamie wilson (7 months ago)
Coach you do an excellent job of teaching your girls the thing you teach them!!
dancer devina (7 months ago)
Ohh you're a coach i just knew it 🤣
Amy Westover (7 months ago)
I can run in my backbend 😂
Shaniah De Guzman (7 months ago)
Last one wasn’t fair they didn’t have space
Jalise Willis (7 months ago)
Coach no hard feeling but I think it's a little hard pressure on the kids when you say there cheating and there just like the age 4_8
Evelyn da gymnast!!! (7 months ago)
The gymnast didn’t listen when she said chin off the bar
Michael Claudio (7 months ago)
I love you you are the best I've been subscribing to you forever you are great
Ritu Gupta (7 months ago)
She let them win....
Taehyung is my bias (7 months ago)
How old is she
Alexandre Conti (7 months ago)
Adoro ginástica artística
Emma Herron (7 months ago)
3:42 put Sofie dossi in that race and she would definately win
Elizabeth Vanasse (10 months ago)
The coach let them win by the way
Xavier Mandujano (11 months ago)
You should do the been competition who can stay on the been without falling off bikes in a handstand position
Pugs AndKisses (11 months ago)
Lukas H08 (11 months ago)
Rachel you are such a good coach 😊
Alexandra Stoica (11 months ago)
karen _GIKA (11 months ago)
Hello the froom is colombia
Mary Katherine Mills (11 months ago)
How old is Rachel?
Bruna Like (11 months ago)
Não é amigo
Diamond Boy (11 months ago)
I am going to gymnastics
Cassy Adorable (11 months ago)
I don’t mean to diss anyone but some of the girls were cheating
Amanda Jamison (11 months ago)
Isnt that Kyra from sevengymnasticsgirls
Caroline Meza (11 months ago)
Only because they won is that rachel dint have s pace and she did
Leslie Campbell (11 months ago)
I need Rachel to teach me how to do a back hand spring
Nina H (11 months ago)
When your really into the video but your phone/ipad falls on your face😂😂😂😂😂
Shaundra Vienola (11 months ago)
Love her shirt
Cutiepiexx56xx (11 months ago)
But I still love you now:)
Cutiepiexx56xx (11 months ago)
butterfly10 I might join your group:D
Cutiepiexx56xx (11 months ago)
I love you when you was in ssg
Bierrafeu (11 months ago)
Tell them resting your chin on the bar is a very bad idea
Debbie Shackleton (11 months ago)
Do your gymnast allowed to wear earnings
Hi Kira
Quach Giang (11 months ago)
You are such a great coach until your students win a challenge!!
Ashton Paterson (11 months ago)
Gymnastics and More (11 months ago)
The gymnast cheated
Unicorns Mama (11 months ago)
2:02 I have the Leotard
one girl _ (11 months ago)
Im french
Roberto Garcia Vargas (11 months ago)
Rachel mary que belleza de niña...eres mi faborita gimnasta soy tu fan #1
Antonio Brkljacic (11 months ago)
Ova je glupa mala
New kids (11 months ago)
5:32 does anyone see that kid in the back who looks like he is died?
Tori Jones 08 (11 months ago)
I was go gonna get signed up for gymnastics but my mom cant find any where I can go because the place that is closer to were I love is Albany. But I love in Sweet Home. Does any body know any were atleast close to Sweet Home?
Canal da Malu Cury (11 months ago)
Evie Squeebie (11 months ago)
Did anyone notice that Kyra was there from SGG
Chiara Hermelijn (11 months ago)
So gread is the Coach
Kimberly Suak (1 year ago)
You are a great and a good coach rachel
Avie Sackor (1 year ago)
I bet u a 10000 dollars that sofie dossi could beat all of u in a bendback race
Breanna A (1 year ago)
K I'm glad ur feeling better I was worried that the school to his
Discover Lena (1 year ago)
I can’t believe your a coach good job Rachel
Luke gooley (1 year ago)
what a good coach (:
AngaSims (1 year ago)
for the chin ups, the girl who was last with Rachel, just rested her chin on the bar! RIP
Keira N-H (1 year ago)
I just noticed that at 5:12 Kyra from SGG is there! So Rachel who quit SGG is coaching Kyra who is on SGG!?!? What!?!?!?
Meida XOxoXO (1 year ago)
Rachel had her toes pointed the hole sesion
Stu Cameron (1 year ago)
I wish I knew how to do a backhandspring.
Angel DeLeon (1 year ago)
That was so cute make more but just gymnast against boys
Laila elbedeawi (1 year ago)
You're a COACH!!!! Well i didn't know that
Sydney Pike (1 year ago)
do you got to seven gymnstie grsndbnvv
Sydney Pike (1 year ago)
the rachel is the best
my life as a (1 year ago)
At 5:10 is the big girl from sgg
Gianella V (1 year ago)
That so good girls
Brian Kiman (1 year ago)
That was the gymnastics i went to.
shirley dravich (1 year ago)
That's Kyra from ssg
Susan Robinson (1 year ago)
Im a gymnast. And im in level 9.
nm nation (1 year ago)
Susan Robinson me to
Gymnast Emily (1 year ago)
All the gymnasts that did chin hang hand there chins on the bar😤😤😤
Margarita Garcia (1 year ago)
Pretty Homie (1 year ago)
Coach won
Zachary rich rules (1 year ago)
For your gymnasts they will beat me😒 lets have a competition! See you and your gymnasts beat me.
Wendy Buhite (1 year ago)
Why do I feel like the coach let them win on some of these 😂
Wendy Buhite (1 year ago)
Non of my coaches can even do a cartwheel
Christine Brent (1 year ago)
I like this video because I like the couch is treaning them
Judy Rodelo (1 year ago)
i wish she could have coached me
No the tie breaker 7 & 8 for
Gymnasts & 9 for Rachel
KimKim 1352xvz (1 year ago)
She is not 7but she is 8
Chierii (1 year ago)
Wow... "Yeah your imaginary friends" 😅

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