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Women Engineers On the Rampant Sexism of Silicon Valley | WIRED

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Five female engineers discuss the sexism of the tech industry and why greater diversity and inclusion makes better products for everyone. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 CONNECT WITH WIRED Web: http://wired.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/WIRED Facebook: https://facebook.com/WIRED Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/wired Google+: https://plus.google.com/+WIRED Instagram: http://instagram.com/WIRED Tumblr: http://WIRED.tumblr.com Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene: http://bit.ly/subthescene ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Women Engineers On the Rampant Sexism of Silicon Valley | WIRED
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carolinacasper C (21 days ago)
These people are crybabies.
They question woman bc woman usually aren’t in those fields that’s like seeing a guy with a group of babysitter of course you’d question the guy also men’s brains are better for engineering
Melaine White (2 months ago)
No, the default is that people with a deemed preferred identity are hired on the basis of said identity and not on engineering ability.
Europa Man (2 months ago)
Some of these women are catty. With #MeToo, the liability of hiring a woman exceeds her "diverse" voice.
Europa Man (2 months ago)
Google these women. They're not really software engineers, but they think they are.
Punita Karani (3 months ago)
David Echeverri (6 months ago)
Wired magazine again pushing this victimhood, left-wing neo communist mentality making this generalization of women being not respected. This is all BullS, pre-scripted talks, the best part is when they talk about "microaggressions" which is a sign of a snowflake generation who gets offended for anything, grow up.. and this is for both men and woman. Another piece of identity politics propaganda.
Mr Slate (7 months ago)
Women with this non stop bitching and complaining. Women are easy to hate.
Shakaama (7 months ago)
NOTHING the mentioned was sexism. having a conversation and explaining people's conception ISN'T SEXISM. sexism is "you're not hired, because you're a woman. stop confusing stupid people.
nintendo9231889 (7 months ago)
Why doesn't anyone compare their experience though?
Bike Vids (7 months ago)
Marissa Mayer destroyed Yahoo and billions in value. Name one major tech company started by women. If they want it so bad a few of them should just get together and create the next Apple. No one is stopping them.
77tubuck (8 months ago)
Most of these Dumb Bints have NEVER set foot in engineering school.
Emma Elizabeth (8 months ago)
I don’t understand why so many of the comments here are angry and saying these women’s anecdotal experiences are wrong. All the people saying these women are “complaining” are being ridiculous. They are not complaining, they are advocating that they be treated as fair as men. Stop being offended by that and accusing women of lying about it. I don’t even understand why these people are offended by it.
TheMANshow1000 (8 months ago)
These broads are going crazy, they need a strong man to buy them some qualuudes and tuck them into bed
PutBoy (8 months ago)
Female engineers... It's not "men engineers" and it's not "women engineers". It's "male engineeers" and it's "female engineers"
enemyof moron (8 months ago)
Women engineers. Lol
E1itetube (8 months ago)
Funny that "women engi's" just had a bridge collapse killing 6
MissAC (8 months ago)
I can relate on so many levels as a young, black ,female with a doctorate .I'm completely not what people are expecting most of the time.
Night Rider (8 months ago)
I actually have had first hand experiences with this. What they are saying is true......and I HATE pc culture.
Dan Chaput (9 months ago)
I have always worked in male dominated industries (securities, sales, finance) and been in male dominated activities and education (military university etc. ) In my experince, women who can do the job as well or better and are professional are given MORE respect than the men. The general feeling is "That girl is a badass". This is for the last 20 years. Thus, I find it difficult to believe that competent, smart hardworking women who do the job well are at a disadvantage. Do I believe that men flirt with them? Absolutely, Humans want to reproduce. The reason why There aren't as many women in STEM fields is because most women are interested in other things. Women's personalities are more oriented towards caring, nurturing, and helping humans. STEM fields tend to be more bland and less human. This is the difference between men and women, and it's ok. If I worked in a traditionally female profession, I would probably be treated differently as well.
Maxinfamily (9 months ago)
Everyone who downvotes this video is clearly VERY SEXIST because sadly women and men are not treated equal and this happens a lot and particularly more in this sector (I'm a SW engineer). I feel very sad for those of you who downvote this video and are not capable of seeing the awful truth behind all of this.
Melaine White (2 months ago)
An engineer who believes proof by assertion is proof, hmmm.
Aaron ray (9 months ago)
"What do you do?" Sounds like someone asking which field they specialize in.
Mike M (9 months ago)
Poor me! I'm such a victim!
Europa Man (9 months ago)
Most of the women in the video are Indian foreign nationals.   Do we see a problem here ?
Europa Man (9 months ago)
Black woman says "People assume I am not technical".   She knows how to use Microsoft Word.
Europa Man (9 months ago)
Pound Me too.   Women have become toxic in the workplace.   Make sure you are not forced to be a mentor to a woman or hold a meeting 1-on-1 with a closed door.
ManInTheBigHat (9 months ago)
Why do women not start a woman's only company? Seriously. Make the WOMAN'S software company. Call it that. And run it with everyone very conscious of avoiding microaggressions. Problem solved.
SepherStar (9 months ago)
Well first, in the U.S. it's illegal for a company intentionally not hire men, and second, companies need funding and women have a more difficult time getting funding as most investors are men and thus the problem continues.
Alex Smith (9 months ago)
It's the same reaction men get when they tell people they're a nurse or early childhood educator. Women make up a minority so people come to expect to encounter more male software engineers than female, Shockingly when patterns are observed human beings start to make assumptions/predictions. Like when you hear that a woman works in a coal mine or that a man works in the fashion/hair styling industry.
SepherStar (9 months ago)
This is true. I don't mind so much people being surprised that I'm in STEM. I mind how some men in STEM have treated me because I'm female.
Angry Emu (10 months ago)
Funny how its always the women bitching while the men are working
Martin Ninov (10 months ago)
Pretty sure they're misattributing a good chunk of perceived offences to sexism. People can dislike each other over so many things, but when all you have is a hammer...
Skeptical Mind (11 months ago)
How about the gender inequality in the amount of complaining.
I'm Evan - (11 months ago)
A lot of women working in silicon valley are rolling their eyes at these attention whores
Key Silver (1 year ago)
Question for those who disliked the vid: how many of you were rejected from engineering and are still salty about it? Couldn't get a job after your degree? Couldn't get into that COOP or that master's? How does it feel to know that these women managed to get in, graduate, and get jobs in the field despite being systematically disadvantaged, unlike you?
Steven Braggs (1 year ago)
This whole video seems to be nothing but complaining about people awkwardly trying to learn, understand and improve. When people don't understand something they ask more questions until they do understand, if someone almost never talks to women of course they are going to treat them different in today's climate in which you face severe repercussions if you make her feel an unpleasant emotion (fear of punishment + bad at talking to women = being careful around women). People seem to forget that a lot of male engineers are bad at social interactions which means that every time you meet one there will be awkwardness as they figure out how to properly communicate with you.
Keen Nickolas (1 year ago)
Ok, normal workplace environment for me (I am a guy): 1. I CANNOT BE MYSELF. Yeah, that's a problem! Why do they assume, only women have those issues? 2. People don't treat me the same as other male/female/ human co-workers. Seriously! Because every human person is a different human person. When you act out all female, you might get treated female! When you act out all male, you might get treated male. When you act out human and collegial, you might get treated human and collegial. 3. People eventially wanna know more about you, when they keep working with you. Asking you, where you are from ISN'T a microaggression. 4. People treat me like bullshit. They will get treated the same way by myself in reaction to their bullshit! --- Conclusion: I got treated like shit in toxic working environments as well! I got bullshit served to me, while I was working as a male nurse! While I was working as a sports trainer for children!! There IS inequality ... but it's not men against women and vice versa! It's ASSHOLES vs people, who try to do their jobs right. And people woh try to do their jobs right against cry-babies, who take every shit personally or as an offense to their gender, sexuality, skin-tone, hair-cut, etc. And those statistics shown in the video are totally pointless, because FAR LESS WOMEN than men actually study engineering or are interested in that field. Just as far more women are interested in GENDER STUDIES, which nowadays still rebukes, that it NEEDS to have close ties to biology as well. THERE ARE differences between men and women. Some of them are genetical, some of them educated.
lubu523 (1 year ago)
I came from a video that shows a man who worked for silicon valley saying that one of the reason that he quit his job because there was a report against him that he belittle a female engineer in the marketing department. That report stuck on him even though he made an appeal 3 times to 3 higher people put the report wasn't removed from his yearly evaluation. My guess on the one the first lady and the African one
Jerry dee (1 year ago)
If only 12% can be bothered to become engineers and nearly 30% are the bosses, I think the men are getting seriously screwed...  Women are just massively better whingers than men and massively worse at actually doing anything practical or useful..... As soon as I heard the term microaggression (and no other specifics) used I knew this was ideological propaganda.... If you are paranoid about your gender and race, your job is to keep your mouth shut and do such a good job that no one can doubt your ability.
yingany (1 year ago)
Inclusion will only work when people show up ready to include themselves instead of sitting around, bellyaching about their tender feelings and thinking that it is everyone else that has to do the work of including them. Everyone in life has their own Cross to bear. If you can't socially hack it in an industry, perhaps you should do something else instead of the entire Industry having to change cos you've arrived. Doing a job means being mentally and emotionally ready to do it. Stop dumbing down industries to accommodate you
Space Time (1 year ago)
A bunch of "bullshit engineers"
Gordon Freemason (1 year ago)
Men experience a lot of these too. When women experience them, they've just been taught to interpret it as sexism when it isn't. Pure confirmation bias.
Rômulo Costa (1 year ago)
I'm a skinny guy with glasses. When I tell people I'm a carpenter they always say they never expected it, that I look like a computer guy. I don't know what to do. I'm considering ending it all, it's just too much. May I at least have my victim badge?
Micah Vincent (1 year ago)
You're upset because you have to prove yourself? ... okay...
Muetzenclown (1 year ago)
Nobody believes the white male dancer until he shows that he can dance
Alex Bowman (1 year ago)
retard alert
Dogman690 (1 year ago)
Holy ratio batman
Dave M (1 year ago)
don't be accountable when you can blame sexism, or racism etc. Maybe you just suck compared to the next person. If you blame others than proven right. I would not hire any of these woman, not because they are woman, but because they spew garbage mentality blaming everyone else thinking the world revolves around their "{group} identity"
thedarkness97 (1 year ago)
This topic is like Athletes foot....After a while, VERY irritating!!!  Women want to be engineers, be engineers, human rights and all that.
Chuck Farley (1 year ago)
I made it through 90 secs of thieir microaggressions before I was triggered. Where can I find safe space?
Thunder Garcia (1 year ago)
Fuck you. Stop fucking bitching
So just because much more men are attracted to tech-educations, then "THIS IS RAMPANT SEXISM! LOOK AT THESE STATISTICS ON HOW FEW WOMAN-ENGINEERS THERE ARE". GTFO! Then compare it how many men there are as nurses...
Damn, WIRED panders to these retards... And I just noticed that I'm subscribed to WIRED! Disliked video and unsubbed PC-Marxist Cuck-WIRED...
Lewis T (1 year ago)
Shit like this just annoys people. If you wanna be an engineer go for it, just have thick skin and don't get offended by everything. Ugh some people just complain too much
Tino (1 year ago)
I'm in my 3rd year in my CS program at a state uni in California. I'd say it's 90% guys. However, liberal arts etc is like 60% female. My point is, less women care about this line of work. Aggressively forcing diversity won't get a company anywhere if those people don't give as much of a fuck.
Jojay (1 year ago)
They all probably suck
Max Gorden (1 year ago)
"I just want the industry to look more like me" ..... so you're racist and only care about peoples skin color?
She can just move back to her homeland since she want that.
Oh did someone huwt your feewings. Oh someone said its a male dominated field. Oh my how could they ( cite the statistics ), maybe we should burn them on a stake. You poor thing
Jung Kim (1 year ago)
I want you to Google "sexist" and point out a part of society that is not sexist.
HellDuke (1 year ago)
"If you want to walk into a room and do not look like an engineer you have to prove it" what does that have to do with being a woman? If I walked in and claimed to be a surgeon no one would believe me either. Most things have nothing to do with sexism... Many things would not have been possible without female engineers? Why are we ok with that statement, yet when "Many things would not be possible with male engineers" suddenly becomes sexist? You are engineers, you should use logic and reason. I know you can, you wouldn't be in such a field otherwise (as broad as the term is) if you couldn't. So why pretend?
Derpy TW (1 year ago)
Hey black woman. How about you treat everyone the same, and stop being a rascist fuck. Less engineers because fewer women would like to become an engineer. White chick saying she dosent know what to say to someone congratulating you. People dont take me for a welder. Because i dont look buff. But i can lift decently heavy stuff. And i weld quite well. After i tell them im a welder and they stop caring.
Konstruktivist Neo (1 year ago)
Such a RACIST video - bunch of WOMEN bitching about being NON-WHITE. "Someone that looks at you not the way you want him to look at you" - automatically means they are RACIST and SEXIST: typical feminist/Racist propaganda pushing for affirmative action. None of these women never held a soldering iron or a greasy wrench - real engineers have to physically interact with their design, but AFFIRMATIVE ACTION "engineers" do not.
The Mantis (1 year ago)
okay uh next video interview men see how that turns out
Mark Blackmore (1 year ago)
First of all if ur bringing ur identity into why u r failing u are already a bad engineer
Tom Saxman (1 year ago)
MassacMongo99 (1 year ago)
Interesting the support Silicon Valley gives Liberal causes and how they REALLY act
HyperDrive (1 year ago)
This is mean to be on gender.. but they mainly talk about race? Ok I now see why it gets a lot of down votes
Vegito_ Blue (1 year ago)
Whoa, the likes to dislikes ratio!
Jonathan (1 year ago)
My mom is an engineer, but I don't hear HER bitching about these so called 'microagressions'
SepherStar (9 months ago)
Why don't you ask her? I don't tell my male relatives about all of the sexism I've been subjected to. There's too much of it. It's not like every time I'm wronged by a man I pick up the phone, call my dad or my brother or my uncles and say "Listen to what your fellow man did to me!" If your mom hasn't said anything about it, it's probably not because she hasn't been subjected to it but because she's probably been subjected to it allot and she doesn't care to subject YOU to it. If we told our male relatives all of the sexism we are subjected to they would start to think we were man haters.
luke666808g (1 year ago)
What I'd like is one day to have both sides of these monologues, as it is I have to simply imagine them, I imagine the uh, condescending prick who doesn't think women can code, giving anecdotes about all the times he had to fix a woman's work and how she insisted she knew what she was doing when she didn't. I'm not saying these women are bad at their jobs or that discrimination doesn't happen, I'm saying negative stereotypes aren't just made up, I mean what are the women doing in the video if not painting a negative stereotype depiction of their co-workers? If I have to listen to anecdotal evidence from one side bagging on the other, I want to hear the other side bag on them right back, they probably both feel completely justified. Or maybe they don't think women are shit at coding, maybe they feel that they've been as welcoming as they possibly can be, fuckin who knows, I'm just sick of hearing grievances from the women and minorities and I don't hear what anyone else thinks, you're shoving an agenda down my throat.
Dallin Porter (1 year ago)
I have personally lived in Silicon Valley and I know that this video doesn't represent the politics of Silicon Valley. It is one of the most liberal places in the world.
Mads D (1 year ago)
It is really interesting this is getting so much hate. Why? I follow a tech-savvy girl here on YouTube, and it disgusts me that 90% of her comments are about how attractive she looks, and how much these 13-year-old boys want to fuck her (so evolved, right?!). If you don’t like this kind of video Wired has uploaded, maybe you should start thinking about what comes out of your mouths when you are commenting on a video.
Malibu Barbie (1 year ago)
I've heard that some women just aren't interested in working in deeper levels of the tech industry.
Chizzy Meka (1 year ago)
As a black African living in the UK, I can relate to these women because they drop some valid points but I will honestly be surprised if I run into a male nurse or a male ‘midwife’. There are also some other subtle examples, such as HR and Social Work. Having said that, there are arguments on both sides and like one of the women said, it is hard to make someone see things from your perspective when they are not living your experience.
devilfires12 (1 year ago)
when they askyou what do they due i bet the men are referring to your specialized fields in engineering because yes your an engineer but what kind? mechanical, nuclear chemical, electrical what do you do???? Edit: in most work environments involving engineers there's not going to be just one type of engineer companies tend to need several hence the need to know what field your in
Ulverup (1 year ago)
What a load of trivial first world non-problems.
Rico Chico (1 year ago)
those people don't grasp the essence of their jobs: technical problems. This means cold hard logic under tons of pressure. no emotions no sense of entitlement no bs.
babecolate (1 year ago)
Americans complain/ review/ critique everyday everything, but woman talking about their experience in tech is intolarable to so many in the comments.
Blokin (1 year ago)
Tip, stop whining and realise it was most likely a male who hired you in the first place.
You Tube (1 year ago)
It's disgusting seeing people hating on this and spouting sexist comments just because it's inconvenient for them to acknowledge there's a problem and dent their view of their own actions or society.
Gabriel Hunt (1 year ago)
You could sense the frustration in their voices. Frustration they've probably dealt with from the start of their careers.
Diogo Pereira (1 year ago)
i was going to sub but after seeing that this video exists, i am not since it might give them the idea to make this bullshit Since women are getting more and more jobs in science and tech just for being women and they just complain about how people judge them by their apearence, this is just annoying at this point, if your gona make videos like this then il sub after you make one about how men aren't getting jobs because companies "need" women
buttman aka vicky (1 year ago)
it is really funny that people are getting that feminist is just a fack buy putting dilike on this videos more that likes
Luka Mustafić (1 year ago)
I don`t want to sound harsh but humans will stay humans and when something is not "normal" it will trigger some reactions (good or bad). It is really a waste of time to worry about different reactions on your success, of course you will get many different responses correlating with shown statistics. Next question is should we do something about it? We could do something which could be advertising not that women should be "protected" but all should be allowed to chose their career freely no matter what. Why can`t a man be a stylist, hairdresser, masseur or other profession without stigma. We focus on feminism problems but we should actually focus on society acceptance problems and improve things from the root.
xproDJx (1 year ago)
This is kinda lame. It's obvious there is gonna be a difference males and females are not the same. Just accept the fact and stop making yourself a victim. Show them wrong and it is all you need.
Ethan Bright (1 year ago)
They are saying because they are a female engineer, they are looked down upon. The whole reason ( the main thing they were talking about) people go oh your an engineer is because their not many engineers, like the graph said only 13 percent. Most people don't really associate females with engineering. It is not a bad thing to be a female and engineer. It is just uncommon.
Stanley (1 year ago)
I encouraged my female classmates go be in the stem fields but most of them wanted to be in the arts fields or fields near that area. they are aware of the gender disparity in the stem fields, but I just couldn't seem to swing them to the stem fields.
VArsovski10 (1 year ago)
On one point of view it's good to improve things, people's lives, critical thinking, lifestyles, way of conversations, on the other hand this isn't the way to do so.. These "whiny" videos will just reassure the opposite effect and present women in their most "undervalued" form = by reassuring that are needy and in need of "negative ventilation" (frankly everyone does but still the opposite of what is trying to be achieved here and the world really doesn't have to know, does it ?) Literally nobody bothers to know what they may or may not have "endured" on work, it's not like they're underpaid or demoted due to their appearance or something (we ALL do endure/dislike something on work, do we not ?), and that is quite the opposite of what is required to be considered and/or treated to be grown-up/equal.. What prevents these individuals to respond back directly to those that "treat" them as non-professional enough provided that the original "mistreating individuals" are rude ? Here's another interesting "fact" = the very same video that shows a growth of 5% up to 13% in 5 years period (so in a relative scale we're speaking of a 160% increase), also again = just reassures the negative "perception" that hiddenly lurks in the "mysoginist" individuals that women are never satisfied of any progress at all (on a personal, not business level), so there's another "unwanted" problem revealed to just literally don't give a f about lol Thanks but no thanks, TRUE that we're 21st century and things should change/improve as time goes on but let time/study and life experiences change things rather than videos like this one though, the "promotion of problems" is just the literal reverse of what is needed to improve things, or in simpler words = examples and successful stories and personal progresses instead of "talking the problem", there's literally no need for promotion, just don't be an ass and that's quite literally not the first but all the steps needed to be done and frankly I doubt that that one hasn't been done IMO Women can be asses too, so it's not like this is much genuine to the truth, and frankly = not like these can't be solved instead of talked about overall
Alex Wilson (1 year ago)
Why are you doubting yourself because of some perceived notion that people don't believe that you are in the job in which you say you are? Just keep doing your job and create awesome things, I'm sure you guys are fantastic at your jobs, but you need tougher skin if you are bothered by the vague things you have described in the video. And for the statistics in the video, if more women want to work in that industry, they are perfectly free to pursue that as a career, there is nothing stopping anyone as long as they are smart enough and are driven enough. yes females have changed engineering, so have males, maybe we can stop focusing on a person's sex now and just get on with our jobs? That would be great!
Kadence (1 year ago)
The title is REALLY misleading. Really, "rampant sexism" is what you ascribe to these scenarios that these women are describing? Their criticisms are vague at best.
hm (1 year ago)
all these men are so pissed off hbhdb
ZombieRPGee (1 year ago)
Having to dress the part for a job, and censoring what you say and do in a workplace environment sounds reasonable to me. Plus if someone's asking what you do, even if they know everyone is an engineer, probably means that they'd like to know more about your day-to-day job, not just the vague title of engineer.
ammar dalati (1 year ago)
buzzfeed is that you?
Mike tastik (1 year ago)
"My life is so hard! I make shit tons of money as an engineer but these nonaggressions make things so difficult."
andyt2k (1 year ago)
You're assuming you can't be yourself in an office with white men. As for wondering where you're from if you're a person of colour, it's called getting to know a person, and it's not just skin colour, if I as a white straight male met another white straight male with an interesting accent, I'd ask them where they're from. It's a normal fucking conversation. Also, as an Indian woman (yes I'm assuming Indian, because of my indian friends in called Nidhi) you're telling me that people don't assume you're good with computer? Well that must mean that stereotype is coming to an end, which is a good thing
Chase Michels (1 year ago)
Silicon valley? I'm shocked...the most leftist community in America and the feminist don't "feel" equal? Shocked...I tell you. Maybe consider wearing a hijab and they won't know what you are...problem solved.
TheAmazingAyumi (1 year ago)
Might as well throw my 2 cents in here. As a black girl who wants to go into software development, people get surprised when I tell them my plans for the future. However, I don't get upset and call it sexism, I just let them react however they chose to react and move on. It doesn't affect me. I feel like these women should do the same and not get so upset just because people find out they're minorities working in a field that is predominantly white men.
SkullScience77 (1 year ago)
@5:27... in a subject as objective and skilled as engineering.. that is quite frankly a disgusting, self-serving, racist statement!!
jojo218 (1 year ago)
i dont understand how ppl that have brains can talk like this . i mean really how many woman want to be engineers in 1st place not many . stfu stop complaining im surprised they didn't use race card . they did in a round about way
Epic Slacker (1 year ago)
Wired has been affected by social justice and now it see the infection is terminal. *Unsubscribed*
Mate397 (1 year ago)
Stop crying about fake issues and do your job instead of just pointing fingers at those "evil racist white men" you supposedly work with.
Theo Dious (1 year ago)
LET'S HEAR IT FOR STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMEN... who cry when things get difficult.
Theo Dious (1 year ago)
Seriously this video is so insulting to women it's nauseating. It's also extremely racist.

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