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The X-MEN movies are not good, and it's time we as a culture got over that - for our own good. https://www.patreon.com/moviebob1 IN BOB WE TRUST: New episodes, new look, new topics. Subscribe to this channel for more each week! MUSIC: "Heroic Reception", "Night on the Docks - Trumpet", "Reformat","Zap Beat", "Eighties Action, Black Vortex, Full On" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Some Footage/FX by FOOTAGE ISLAND: www.youtube.com/user/footageisland
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Text Comments (2018)
Yeah (24 days ago)
X-men, X2, First Class, Wolverine, Days of Future Past, X-men Apocalypse and Logan were all good idc what anyone says. Sure they aren’t masterpieces, but they are good and enjoyable.
GentlemanDemon (28 days ago)
I don't think X2 is as dated or that First Class is a great as you say, but otherwise I'm on point with you
They're all so underwhelming
Inkal321 (1 month ago)
Hmh, strong points, but you said Sam Raimi's spider-man wrong, and you used clips from different movies, how come?
Ranky64 Entertainment (2 months ago)
The Deadpool movies are the only good ones because they have nothing to do with the others. The social commentary is stupidly dated, and Magneto is an unlikeable character. It's one of those movies that tries to remind you how much "humanity sucks" and how mutants are better than you.
Red Big'un (2 months ago)
Both you and ComicBookCast2 made reference to dying on a hill for the X-Men movies and yet I laugh because you both unironically defends Solo and The Last Jedi which are infinitely and undeniably worse than any X-Men movie.
Jack Daniel (2 months ago)
I couldn't agree more!
catsintexas (2 months ago)
when you talk fast, it is a turnoff. You might actually have a great video. but dude...I COULD NOT LISTEN TO YOUR VOICE TALKING FAST with its sardonic and overly condescending, sarcastic attitude. As I type this and leave your page, I survived up to the 1:52 point....!
catsintexas (2 months ago)
I am sorry, but I publicly announce that I am not ashamed to say that i NEVER liked the Xmen or at least, I never liked Bryan "pedophile gay" Singer's Xmen version of those movie.s I am sick and tired of the philosophical BULLSHIT spewed out by fans, directors and producers that say we can't have more color in our movie heroes. Really? because Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy seemed to work out great! NO more black and white robocop leather uniforms. I am also sick and tired of all the stupid people who think a movie that portrays an UNREALISTIC world, where all of humanity hates mutants and heroes that fight for good, is logical.. I NEVER liked the xmen comic and I don't care how many fans or trolls curse at me or post angry comments. THIS IS WHY I RETURNED TO THE DC comics 4 years ago. And I collect silver and bronze age DC comics, NOT MARVEL.
Talk and Reaction (3 months ago)
I actually enjoyed the series as a whole. hell, I even think origins wasn't that terrible. also I'd rather have xmen to fox, mainly cause disney is the fucking worse most times. look no further than star wars, also disney is terrible for the acquisition deal. have fun with the monopoly idiots
02 S L (3 months ago)
Talk and Reaction marvel and pixar disagrees with you
Ryan Thugest (3 months ago)
You have to admit Spiderman 3 is garbage tho no?
Kamau Mshale (4 months ago)
Empurress (5 months ago)
I'll say this again: I you are going to do a movie from a book do that. Meaning; Make that movie be that story. Don't change the story, characters, events or anything else just for the sake of, supposedly, viewers "Want" surprizes. no just no. To put this simply; I want to see a screen adaptation of a story i've read NOT a version of a story i've read. That story! Not some other story. That's how all movies based on books fail. (Imho) The same concept applies with movies based on superheroes losing their super. Don't just don't. I don't give a flying f*** why or how they've lost their powers, just don't. Super heroes are fun because they're super. I want to see them do their super things, not winge about being normal. Same goes for heroes with cool gadgets or high intelligence. Case in point: The Bond movies where Bond didn't use his gadgets bombed at the box office. Think about seeing a Sherlock Holmes movie where Sherlock lost his intelligence. Duh. There would be no point. Duh. Losing powers and changing story lines are basically one in the same. That's not why i want to see the movie. Let Supes super. Let Shirlock logic. Let Bats and Bond have (and especially use) their gadgets! Easy as that.
Alex ThePrizeFish (5 months ago)
Ugh, you actually think that the fast and the furious movies became "good"? They are all awful schlock.
Benjamin Gold (5 months ago)
Huh, came here looking for a legitimate reason to revisit my love for X-Men 2 (the one before the First Class series) but found absolutely no hard criticism except a general feeling of distaste for the aesthetic choices which, I admit, were pretty bad. And yeah, my love for DoFP and AoA is absolutely grounded in how enraged and violated I felt by the Last Stand, a movie that managed to be both bland and forgettable while also making me hate every character put on screen. It made me hate Kelsey Grammar for something other than his personal and political stances, and that is just something I cannot abide. Hoooh, okay; rant over. I come not to bury Bob but to praise him. He's absolutely my favorite movie critic and I love the way he makes me think more deeply about the movies I love and challenges me on questionable opinions and (other than A Cure for Wellness, which was good but not nearly the abominably entertaining squickfest I was hoping for per his review) he's been pretty absolutely spot on in his takes. So, I know you don't owe me anything and I know this is like your real job for which you've got to prioritize the stuff that will actually make you money and balance that against flippin everything else... but, in the words of the entitled millennial you've correctly pegged me as; can you tell me why X-Men 2 is so bad that it's actively a negative for the progress of translating comic book stories to the screen? (Ok, maybe that wasn't fair, you didn't quite say those words and I imagine you'd poo poo any kind pseudo-intellectual "march toward progress" in the realm of comic movies; (But, and sorry for all the buts!) You definitely seem to think there's a right way and a wrong way to do comic movies, and largely I'd agree, but I just don't see that present in (specifically) X-Men 2. If you want to, and if you find the time...
The Last_Saint (5 months ago)
No, you are totally right. As a kid during the Byrne/Claremont run, these movies hurt both my heart and my head...
Wolf of the West (5 months ago)
"Dying on this hill is like ordering minute rice as your final meal." LOLOLOLOLOLO I often like your videos, Bob, but rarely do they leave me choking for breath because I can't stop laughing. That line was brilliant, and you are entirely right. The X-Men movies aren't terrible enough to be amazing, and not good enough to care about. They are thoroughly "meh."
euphospug (5 months ago)
I"ve always hated all the X-Men movies - average at best movies that are overly lauded as amazing - never understood it!
Joe Yacketori (6 months ago)
I agree with all of this except for your disdain for X2 and your love of First Class. I think X2 is exceptional and First Class is pretty sloppy. Oh god, the scene where Jennifer Lawrence is talking to Beast about "mutant and proud" or whatnot. Cringe.
WITLESSMASS (6 months ago)
All the X films are boring to me. I don't think any of them are worth watching more than once and that includes Logan.
Sydney Stroud (6 months ago)
I would say they are about in the middle to high middle of Superhero/comic book movies. Because, when you compare the X-Men movies to previous comic book movies, like Superman/Superman II (1978/1980) , along with Batman/Batman Returns, the first two Blade movies, and then on the back end with the Spider Man movies, Nolan-Batman trilogy, the MCU movies (Iron Man, Avengers, Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy) throw in Man of Steel and Wonder Woman. The X-Men movies are kind of bland in comparison, because they are super serious without a dark premise, yet they lack color and seem generic in comparison to the source material and the other Superhero movies. The X-Men movies aren't great, but they aren't really awful, either, kind of like most modern day blockbusters . Just good enough.
LX (6 months ago)
As someone who who has not watched the movies... I always got the impression most people quite liked Days of Future Past
Richard Mantz (6 months ago)
Apocalypse trilogy or Phoenix trilogy. Directed by the dark knight from dunkirk
Richard Mantz (6 months ago)
Thank you for telling the truth about the genocide of the xmen. I hate there ideas. Retro xmen. . Apocalypse was like watching goku charge up only to never use a spirit bomb. Logan was good though. Phoenix was retarted.
Motif Satori (6 months ago)
The fucking truth . THANK YOU!
Nikolas Mokalis (6 months ago)
Finished the video. Citing the appeal of the X-Men as a strictly the millennial thing is a misguided criticism. Discourse between the marginalized allegorical groups and whether seeking the difficult road towards peaceful understanding or violent overthrowing of the established societies that marginalize difference is what x-men has ALWAYS been about. That same “because you’re different doesn’t make you any less” is what captivated readers decades ago, and it’s what got many audience members hooked in the new millennium until now. They’re not perfect movies, but they get what x-men is about and what makes them great and they introduced memorable characters. These are the things that are mostly absent in first class and decide to retcon the history to focus on a love triangle for a character that was fine without one. And the affection for blade I could pin as equally nostalgic for a bad movie as you can for the x-men movies, whose only merits as a film worth note are the lack of a love interest and a black lead.
AZI THE MLG PRO (6 months ago)
ArArArchStanton - (7 months ago)
Actually I still find X1 and X2 to hold up quite well. Would it have been better if it fit in more closely with the xmen mythos, yeah probably, but that doesn't mean they didnt hit what they went for, and I think they did. After that though, yeah I agree nothing really sticks and some is outright awful, and Ill have to disagree and say First Class is in the doesnt stick category. I honestly dont think its all that much better than X3, but keep in mind Im not one who thinks X3 is among the Batman and Robins either. Its not even Spiderman 3. But on the whole, the XMen series has been forgettable for a long time now and should have been completely rebooted with a dedicated direction, instead of this weird hybrid limp along half assed continuity.
somerandommonkeyful (7 months ago)
This is best thing I've seen all day...
Agamemnon2 (7 months ago)
I love your videos, Bob, but no, Blade is garbage. There is practically nothing in popular culture that's as done to death as vampires, and the films bring absolutely nothing meaningful to the table. But I guess... some motherfuckers always gotta ice skate uphill.
panda in a bambo (7 months ago)
Agamemnon2 blade is good but it is not seen as a comic book movie so that's why it is not given credit
Ray Quinzel (7 months ago)
The only two that were good was Deadpool and Logan
Katherine Alvarez (7 months ago)
Have you seen Legion on FX? I honestly think its a good show. Not sure if you would like it, but its definitely trippy. I think its made by the same guys who do the Fargo series.
Josiah Haynes (8 months ago)
I haven't even finished watching this video and I must say you're wrong, evil, and stupid, how much is Disney paying you to spread this propaganda?
Dilan Ross (8 months ago)
Days of Future Past was pretty neat
A H (8 months ago)
You're wrong and evil and stupid. How much is Disney paying you to spread this propaganda? Seriously, though I love the X-Men movies. They're so much smarter than the MCU crap.
A H (7 months ago)
panda in a bambo (7 months ago)
A Hn you are bad at your job
A H (7 months ago)
Not Enough
panda in a bambo (7 months ago)
A H lol how much is wb paying you 😂😂😂
Darmok (9 months ago)
I mean I did enjoy the first two. Quite a lot actually, well mostly because of Patrick Stewart as Professor - X and Ian Mckellen as Magneto. Oh and Wolverine.
StevenGaspard (9 months ago)
Well it's a year later, and yeah, you were a bit wrong
panda in a bambo (7 months ago)
StevenGaspard they made one more good movie does not change a lot
Steven Clark (9 months ago)
I don't get what makes people think Jupiter Ascending is bad, rather than just not for them. It not being the monomyth, and not even being Buffy or City of Bones is kinda the point. It's got a strange victorian girls novel story archetype combined with weird luxury sci-fi visuals. And yes the sci-fi premise is bad, but no worse than everything else that comes out of Hollywood.
Gene Tillman (9 months ago)
Even though you said "the comics at their worst" while showing my favorite version, I unfortunately cannot disagree with the rest of your assessment.
Jacob Thomas (9 months ago)
X men days of future past was awesome! But you're kinda right about the franchise.
Aaron Bennett (10 months ago)
Lol maybe we'll get good Xman and Fantasic 4 movies now that Disney/Marvel have them back.
Shai Hulud (10 months ago)
“But you know, god forbid we give the black guy any credit.” Fuck you, Bob. Not everything is about race. Maybe Blade just wasn’t that great of a movie.
cruizerdave (10 months ago)
Eh, they're fine. Not everything is going to be some groundbreaking, genre-defining masterpiece. Yeah, they're not top tier, but as something to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon, they're good enough. I mean, Marvel films are so full of the same sameness that I kinda don't care about Ant Man 2 or Black Panther. A lot of the complaints leveled at the franchise, and echoed by you, our Bob of all Bobs, is that it didn't embrace the comics enough. The problem is that people look back at those books not realizing how stupid, dumb and untranslatable to screen they are. You complained that when the did embrace the look of certain characters, it looked bad. Look at the original art and designs ... it's not going to translate well to the screen. The Dark Phoenix storyline, while fondly remembered by fans, was in fact kind of dumb involving space aliens and ending with her shooting herself in the face with a ray gun. It was like that really good episode of G.I. Joe you loved as a kid, but then you go back to it and you're like, "oh, this was made for a child." Same thing with those comics. They were written for 12- to 15-year-old boys; big budget superhero films have to appeal to a broader demographic than that. I'm not going to say they were great movies, but they were fine. Plus you completely dismissed Days of Future Past, The Wolverine and X2, all of which were better than a big chunk of Marvel's offerings.
ekahnoman (10 months ago)
I've felt the same way towards the good X-Men movies. Like they never lived up to the potential. They're always kinda lame and watered down.
John Freeze (10 months ago)
Minute rice!!!! Lol 😂
Shitstirrer (10 months ago)
It's like anime in the 90's: it wasn't widespread so you took whatever you could get and was happy with it.
alarin612 (10 months ago)
Hugh Jackman was a good Wolverine, but a bad casting choice. His screen presence overrode the other actors and his resulting popularity led to most of the movies being all about him. Like the video says, it was supposed to be an ensemble cast thing.
Sam Haime (10 months ago)
X 2 holds up ,
J- oker (10 months ago)
Movie Bob; what a guy, loved it.
alphach1mp (10 months ago)
You are 100 percent correct!
Kira The Renegade (11 months ago)
Well I liked X2. And DOFP. And First Class. And Deadpool. And Logan. So that's what 5/10. The Wolverine and X1 aren't terrible but aren't great either. So average. So that's another 2/5. 3 left. Origins Wolverine is trash, Apocalypse is trash and The Last Stand is just no. So I think this franchise is a tiny bit better than you give it credit for.
Red Big'un (2 months ago)
But, muh comick buuks! This dude unironically thinks the Fast and Furious franchise got better which is fine. But, I doubt he's looking at it through the same critical lense as he does with these movies.
Nick Moore (11 months ago)
Blade wasn't a superhero movie, it was a vampire movie. X men was the first straight up superhero movie and you wouldn't have your precious Spider Man without it. Have some respect where it's due.
ArkhmInmate0801 (11 months ago)
I enjoy the X-Men movies much more than the Spider-Man movies.
Leon Farrell (11 months ago)
Dofp being bad is news to me
mercurywoodrose (11 months ago)
SO WHAT can we do with the characters? i think you came up with a good way to integrate: mutants are a NEW thing in the MCU. but which characters to use? do we even need xavier right away? i say no. lets go with cyclops and havok, but make them (and ALL the rest), serious JD's, antiheros. jean gray, banshee, magneto, beast as their leader, skip iceman and angel cause i hate them. DONT start with wolverine. add him later, hes from canada, go figure. storm, nightcrawler, colossus, all later, or add during a search for mutants. add all the foreign xmen later. i really dont care about the others. but make them all young, and reduce magnetos powers. show how they are all abandoned by their families. maybe set dr doom as a recruiting agent, against the avengers.
mercurywoodrose (11 months ago)
i really liked some of the sequences in xmen days and xmen apocalypse. they were strange time trips. but i guess i agree that as films they sort of suck overall. just like i enjoyed someof the characters in suicide squad, but the plot was the WORST PLOT EVER
tornay131 (11 months ago)
Never realized how good a point he has until Marvel Avengers movies came out. Xmen felt like walking in quicksand. I waited forever for Apocalypse.
Allen White (11 months ago)
The wolverine,first class, X2, deadpool, and logan. Only GOOD Xmen films. The rest were ok or just, awful
Hylind (11 months ago)
DOFP is the best X-Men movie, who's with me!? ...Nobody? R-Really?
Darik Houseknecht (11 months ago)
I will never, in a million years, understand why the colorful costume thing is the one goddamn detail people just will not shut up about with the X-Men movies. The X-Men have NO REASON to dress in bright, colorful outfits. Their suits aren't SYMBOLIC or REPRESENTATIVE of anything-- the X-Men routinely rock the most generic outfits in the entire comic pantheon, most of whom sport random color schemes that were only chosen to distinguish them on a comic page loaded with dozens of other characters. And bright outfits would just make them easy targets in battle. There is absolutely NO LOGIC behind those stupid costumes. And don't give me the "they dress like superheroes to put people at ease!" excuse. The Fox films were set in a world with NO other superheroes, which would entirely remove the cultural context and justification for that kind of a choice. (Now in the MCU, that kind of a rationale would make sense... so we'll see how that shakes out in a few years.) Furthermore, the X-films have avoided garish costumes and masks because film doesn't REQUIRE those kinds of bombastic signifiers to distinguish characters in a scene. Instead, they focus on CLOSE-UPS, keying in on individual characters and reactions while avoiding big, dynamic-but-pointless group shots. You lose the theatricality of a comic book outfit, but you gain the expressiveness and human connection of the actor's face. (It's the same reason Sam Raimi always had Tobey Maguire lose the Spider-Man mask for the third act of every Spidey film.)
SymbiSpidey (10 months ago)
Darik Houseknecht No, my argument is that the colors and the "garish" costumes were specifically designed to reflect on who each character is as well as provide an opportunity for each character to visually express what makes them unique. After all, the X-Men ARE a group that's all about individualism and embracing what makes them different. This aspect is completely lost in the movies where everybody dresses exactly the same. Practicality also isn't an argument because as I mentioned before, the tight leather restricts freedom of movement more than spandex does. There's a reason why acrobats and runners wear spandex material.
Darik Houseknecht (10 months ago)
... So to be clear, your counter-argument boils down to "it's what they did in the comics, it's iconic, and it doesn't matter if it makes sense in-story." Gotcha.
SymbiSpidey (11 months ago)
You are absolutely wrong, sir. On many levels. "The X-Men have NO REASON to dress in bright, colorful outfits." Why do they need a reason? Color makes them more visually appealing. That's the only reason you really need. "Their suits aren't SYMBOLIC or REPRESENTATIVE of anything" Bullshit. Just from looking at the suits alone, you can learn a lot about the characters. Colossus' costume invokes the feel of a Russian wrestler, Storm's 90s outfit makes her look regal and godlike, Nightcrawler is just straight up wearing circus attire, Emma Frost's outfit is sexy and seductive, Cyclops' bright blue spandex with tactical gear makes him clearly stand out as the group's leader and Wolverine's inverse color scheme sets him up as Cyclops' foil within the team, etc., "And bright outfits would just make them easy targets in battle." They're easy targets regardless. Kinda hard to NOT be an easy target when you've got a guy that can turn into a 7-foot tall metallic man, or a guy that shoots giant beams out of his eyes. And it's silly to make an argument on the side of what's practical when everybody is wearing leather that totally hinders their movement (even the actors complained about how difficult it was to do action scenes in the black leather suits). The X-Men were never meant to be a covert stealth group. That's what X-Force is for. The X-Men simply charge into battle with whoever the big villain happens to be and fight as a large group. "Furthermore, the X-films have avoided garish costumes and masks because film doesn't REQUIRE those kinds of bombastic signifiers to distinguish characters in a scene." No, they avoided those "garish" costumes because they were scared of making a comic book movie that actually resembled the comic books and instead tried to adopt the Matrix/Blade aesthetic, ignoring that those movies had actual reasons for the characters dressing that way (outside of them trying to avoid being "too colorful"). "You lose the theatricality of a comic book outfit, but you gain the expressiveness and human connection of the actor's face." Why is this even being brought up in relation to the X-Men? The only major X-Men character to wear a mask is Wolverine and it's not even a full face mask. If you're asking why other heroes would wear a mask? Well, most of them have secret identities to conceal. Captain America and Iron-Man are wearing helmets. Why is Wolverine wearing a mask? I don't know to be honest. Does it matter? It's an iconic part of his design. You see the mask and instantly know what character it belongs to. It's so central to his character that even when he's NOT wearing a mask, his hair is styled to look like his mask.
Raptorous Rex (1 year ago)
Lucas Papadimitriou (1 year ago)
you are wrong and evil and stupid. Not because you secretly work for Disney, but because you have bad taste all the while considering yourself some kind of cinema expert. I am not a big comic book fan, but X-Men, X2, and The Wolverine were all decent, and First Class, DOPF, Deadpool and Logan were objectively great.
Nathan Evans (1 year ago)
I have always thought that the original x men movies were mediocre at best, I thought all three prequelboots were pretty good. Apocalypse maybe because it finally felt like x-men to me even though the plot was shit
I need to hear a breakdown of why X-Men and X2 aren't good. I agree that the franchise can only be considered great in a pre-MCU world where they only had things like Batman Forever and Ang Lee's Hulk to compare to, but the first two are not without merit, and while Last Stand and Wolverine Origins were garbage, I felt like all the others were middling to salvageable.
L. T C. (1 year ago)
They’re fine but dated and boring.
Padparadscha (1 year ago)
Could you do a How to Fix on the Xmen franchise?
Savage Henry Lee (1 year ago)
The only thing I disagree with, is that First Class is a good movie. I loathed First Class. But "good" is subjective, so y'know. That's fine.
Gil Rivera (1 year ago)
Here's an idea, get rid of Bryan Singer. An overrated director who's best film was his 1st, Usual Suspects. The X-Men deserve better.
Mike Cat (1 year ago)
Curious what you think about new mutants trailer
Steel Xcaliber (1 year ago)
1:01 What? What the actual fuck are you smoking?
Pirate Style Jutsu (1 year ago)
Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy are amazing as their versions of Wolverine and Charles Xavier. Patrick Stewart IS Charles Xavier.
Web-Linez (1 year ago)
So basically you don't like the X-Men movies because they aren't like the comics? Lol it's an adaption not everything has to be comic accurate. They told there own interesting stories yeah a couple of them were stinkers with 1 movie being truly awful. If anything the relationships between wolverine, magneto and prof x are what make up for any short comings the franchise has.
Lucas Denault (1 year ago)
We are Fox. Here are some characters you recognize without any character development. But that's ok because you know them better than we do. So give us your money.
DoctorHver (1 year ago)
You might if watching the X-men films just skip around for Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier and skip the rest.
jaymills85 (1 year ago)
I gave up on x men movies long ago, they fucked up every beloved character in favor of wolverine. And in my opinion they never gave us the wolverine fans wanted, instead we just excepted what they gave us because the other characters development was so bad. The x men I grew up with was a team not just wolverine. P.S don't get me started on the lazy wardrobe everyone warning the same shit, not one of them had anything close to original costume.
Neo-Xgray87 (1 year ago)
@moviebob: Confession time 3.0, Bob.....I still think X-Men Apocalypse is underrated. I mean, sure it's not great, I get it. But, to be honest...I didn't care. I just had fun legitimately had fun watching the movie at home. Would I have liked in the theatres?! No. But, at home....I think it's much better for me to experience it at a smaller screen. Now, I did managed to rewatch all of the X-Men movies before First Class, and well...I have to disagree with you about X2: X-Men United. I think it does hold up, story-wise, but it's only weakness is in the quality of its' production and the pacing at the end. Other than that, I thought X2 was a pretty good standalone movie sequel next to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Terminator 2, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and I guess that's it. Oh and the very first X-Men movie.....not that good. The Last Stand was just, "Meh!" In my opinion. But I hated Wolverine Origins. That movie sucked!!!
Bruce flashback (1 year ago)
If the first X-Men movie was good ,how is it not now?Did they re-film it since it came out?
TheWolverine1987 (1 year ago)
Bruce flashback It's called being retrospective. At the time, everyone thought Singer's X-Men would be the best we could realistically expect from comic book movies, so we were more lenient on its flaws and shortcomings. But now, after so many comic book movies that are arguably genuine masterpieces, you kinda look back on Singer's X-Men movies and realize that they actually weren't all that great.
MikeDiastavrone3 (1 year ago)
I'll take X-Men: Days of Future Past over any MCU film, and I say that as someone who generally likes the MCU and especially loves the first Iron Man and the first Avengers. People can complain about self-seriousness, but when you have a universe that is rooted on the fact that its superhero characters are relentlessly persecuted and feared because they are the "other" (which is something a lot of people in real life sadly still have to deal with on a daily basis), I'm perfectly okay with the films treating it as an actual issue instead of ending every scene with a joke because the stakes aren't much bigger than a villain-of-the-week for the characters to go through until the next time all of them are in the same movie.
TheWolverine1987 (1 year ago)
MikeDiastavrone3 Serious tone doesn't great movie make. DOFP has so many plot holes and contrivances that I can't call it a great movie with good conscience. To date, none of the MCU movies are as lazily written.
Cool Christian (1 year ago)
Okay but there is a saving grace from the previous 2 xmen movies... Quicksilver Okay hear me out the quicksilver scenes are by far the best scenes in the entire main xmen movies So a way to save this fox marvel franchise 1. Make it more Deadpool Focused (have him make more cameos a crossover movie whay have you) 2. MAKE A QUICKSILVER MOVIE 3. Do Something to Retcon Fant4stic so it'll be totally out of our hair I think i just saved a franchise
John David Tibbetts (1 year ago)
these episodes would be so much better without the "it's ok to admit that" part. When you add that part to the title, it sounds like bob regards anyone who likes these movies as drug addicts
Sean Damien Hill (1 year ago)
I'm giving you a like simply because you gave Blade the respect it deserved
Hidanidas (1 year ago)
Your little snide SJW jokes like "God forbid we give the black guy any credit" are so annoying. It had nothing to do with him being black, idiot. It's the fact that Blade just wasn't a well-known character. Your brainwashed New Englander liberalism gets really annoying after a while.
Hidanidas (1 year ago)
Also, most of the X-Men movies are great. Get over yourself.
RisingVictor (1 year ago)
I think Days of Future Past was great. It seemed they were slightly getting closer to the comics with that one. But only a little.
El John (1 year ago)
All terrible except first class and days of future past and Deadpool
dayzgone (1 year ago)
yes they are good you fool
N / A (1 year ago)
I always hated Bryan Singer's depiction of X-Men, only Ryan Reynolds as 2016 Deadpool was good.
soulhunter91 (1 year ago)
Is it just me or does Bob's Professor X voice sounds more like Sean Connery?
696190 (1 year ago)
As suboptimal as Fox is handling the X-Men franchise, handing it over to Marvel now, after the many failings of Apocalypse and the success of Logan, would kill it dead. Two reasons: 1.You have to account for why we havent heard anything about a (quite numerous) minority which by its nature would attract military and espionage interests, ie the interests most prominent in the MCU, on a wide scale. 2. The franchise currently has a following which took over a decade and a half to build up, moving it over to the MCU, with the inevitable irregularity which stems from the change in tone to suit the other Marvel properties, will splinter that following, and that is something the MCU cant risk without a strong enough foundation, which, as explained in point 1, is unlikely to be created. Anyone care to prove me wrong?
CAM8689 (1 year ago)
if marvel studios did the movies alot of people would still complain for different reasons.......for one the comic fandom for xmen is notoriously picky more so then other marvel properties and given the vast number of characters,spinoff teams etc there will always be critics its just that type of franchise I do think the complaints would be less then what fox has done thus far but its a picky fanbase...everybody has there characters or there era of xmen that is IT to them for me that is from the 70s to the mid 90s mostly the claremont years and a little bit after he left for others it might be house of M stuff or AvX or the Bendis years shudder to think....some like Grant Morrison or Josh Whedon. Its harder to adapt then I think people realize....compared to something like avengers which is more of a generic superhero team without as much iconic arcs or storylines that are basically a whose of who of marvel superheroes more or less.
GrobanWorld News (1 year ago)
i agree with the point that the X-Men movies focus too much on only a few characters--especially on Logan/Wolverine. They are supposed to be ensemble movies. Why did only Logan get his own standalone movies while none of the other X-Men did?
DC Fans United (1 year ago)
Aw poor X-Men. :(
John Slade (1 year ago)
Okay the Blade issue. A few years ago I saw a screening of the film "With Great Power" a documentary about Stan Lee and Marvel in New Orleans. The filmmaker was there and his name escapes me; I asked him why when the film got to the subject of the Marvel movies he didn't give Blade credit. His answer was that he just didn't see Blade as being as important as the XMen so he didn't cite it in his documentary. He knew that it was a Marvel character and he ignored Blade. Blade is more evocative of what Marvel is doing today. Why? Because Blade was a low level character and not a comic superstar. Now look at the Marvel Comic Cinematic Universe go to low level characters routinely like Antman or Guardians Of The Galaxy that the public just didn't know about. As far as race is concerned would the average White person have guessed that Blade was even a comic book character at all since how many Black famous comic book characters can ordinary White people rattle off? Again in a documentary about Stan Lee and Marvel made by a White guy, Blade wasn't credited. So Bob has a point. Want to do something about it? Just start giving Blade credit, okay?
Man Drake (1 year ago)
I still quite like the first two films in the series, though a lot of that is to do with Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellam and Patrick Stewart
Knightess (1 year ago)
Put X-men and The Avengers in the same room and I'm sorry but I don't see much difference. X-men is 00s superhero popcorn fodder that has overstayed its welcome, and The Avengers (and their tie-in movies) are our current popcorn fodder.
David V (1 year ago)
subtext: Bob is trying to change history and make Sam Reimi's Spiderman as the one who changed the business of superhero movies. But no, it were the first two xmen movies who did that: the first called all our attention, the second one told us that it can be actually good and watchable for all audiences. (And its ok to admit this).
TheWolverine1987 (1 year ago)
David V MCU movies are currently easily the most successful superhero movies both critically and financially. In terms of style and tone, they are clearly influenced by Raimi's Spider-Man. Meanwhile, only movies taking influence from Singer's X-Men movies are the two X-Men he made later.
Koba (1 year ago)
movie bob. My opinon is right. everyone elses is wrong. movies are objective to my viewpoint only. don't agree with me. your dumb. i knew i never would agree with this guy the moment he said he enjoyed transformers 4 and hated on interstellar.
0 1 (1 year ago)
And yet you don't say why they are bad. You just say they are. X3, Origins, and Apocalypse are the only onea that are bad. The rest are good or meh, with DOFP and Deadpool being pretty great.
BigGeekEmpire (1 year ago)
You and comicbookgirl19 would get along well
Jack Peters (1 year ago)
17 tears of wolverine , didn't wear the yellow cowl once...that's all i wanted
Kevin Alford (1 year ago)
You're wrong and evil and stupid, except that I generally agree with all of your opinions and I really like you.

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