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Here's What Investors Should Know About the Dow's Plummet

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It's been a madhouse in the market. On Wednesday, the Dow plummeted to the lowest levels since February, leaving the market in the deepest rut its seen in eight months. Yikes. TheStreet's London Bureau Chief, who was luckily in town for the market sell-off, sat down with Katherine Ross to talk about the market and the next steps for investors and traders. Baccardax discussed the Dow's sell-off and the way that the bond market was affecting big tech. He also said that he believes that the Dow will open down on Thursday morning. Baccardax also broke down the definition of a bear market for those who are worrying that the market is heading away from bull territory. If you're curious about the advice and what is left to be said about the market, check out what Baccardax has to say. SUBSCRIBE | http://t.st/TheStreetTV _ Want to Buy $1 Worth of Stock for 90 Cents or Less? You can with certain so-called “closed-end” mutual funds – an often overlooked investment class. Click here to register for a free online video in which TheStreet’s retirement expert Robert Powell and an all-star panel tell you all you need to know-- https://webinar.thestreet.com/2018091... ___ You can also find us on... ACTION ALERTS PLUS | https://buff.ly/2khDJhL FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/TheStreet/ TWITTER | http://twitter.com/thestreet PODCASTS | https://soundcloud.com/thestreetlive THESTREET.COM | https://www.thestreet.com/ LINKEDIN | http://linkedin.com/company/theStreet INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/thestreet/?... Sign up for ActionAlertsPlus.com today for exclusive insight into Jim Cramer’s charitable portfolio: https://buff.ly/2khDJhL
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Text Comments (10)
It’ll go back up
Daniel McCoy (2 months ago)
I think the guy with the purse is lost.
Everblue Freediving (2 months ago)
Made a bundle last week on Canadian pot stocks... Canada goes legal on the 17th.... basic market rules apply, no trade wars...
Kobey Joe (2 months ago)
It's going to continue. It showed no signs of turning around today. Don't think considering a "sale" is good thing to do yet
IRINA BULICI (2 months ago)
Huge buying opportunity. The US economy is strong. Not sure what to buy? Look into ETF's and Index Funds.
David Axelrod (2 months ago)
You guys should do a YouTube live segment everyday. Think Cramer's mad money but for the internet
Marek Kolenda (2 months ago)
Wall Street and China wants helps Democrats win November election .This could happen believe or not.
D Tango (2 months ago)
China been benefits globally off Trump. This not what China wants.
esplen2t (2 months ago)
China is working with trump, you just doing understand why. Russia, China and trump want to crash the economy. it's a pile of shit. no way to start rebuilding the world till be they collapse the pile of shit that has been made..
Marek Kolenda (2 months ago)
Spring this year 3 trillions $ was pull out from US stocks market then come back .Then now go out agien more or less then last time this year.

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