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my ring collection // silver, moonstone, vintage etc. //2016

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Hi everyone! Someone recently commented asking for a video on my ring collection, and I thought it was a really fun idea, so I decided to film this quick run through. Sorry if the filming style is kinda weird, I figures holding the camera up would be the easiest way to show you all everything My instagram: @nazzo_k Thank you!
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Alisa Këci (5 days ago)
love these
New User (1 month ago)
Sterling Silver and real Gemstones ONLY! Real Rutile ,clear,Quartz , Moonstone Opals etc Real Gemstones Only Kids.Never buy Steel Not a good Idea Junk. No Metaphysical Properties. You’ll Thank me Later.
Daniel Mottau (2 months ago)
Very nice ring collection. I like the colour of your nails
Tanea Bree (2 months ago)
I still keep my gross tarnished ones. But I love your collection , I see moonstone , I click lol
PeridotFlower 02 (3 months ago)
Tomorrow I'm going to a local swap meet to find some nice silver jewelry (Rings)* they are my favorite jewelry to collect
D- Mar (3 months ago)
Check out this ring https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253857434928
Cecia Damary (5 months ago)
If you want to find rings go to depop:)
Steven Clarke (5 months ago)
Amazon has really cool stainless steel claw rings.
Lux Collection85 (5 months ago)
Wow! Great video...your ring collection is so cool! 👍 I definitely love the big pearl ring, the light blue ring from your grandmother, the heart sparkly ring that matches your nails and the sparkly square ring! They’re all gorgeous! 😍 I love your nailpolish also. It’s so pretty! 👏 I’m hoping we can be friends and support each other’s channel. TFS. New subbie. 😀
Natalie Ann (6 months ago)
I love wearing weird rings to school because I go to a very professional school so it makes people notice and they ask about them lmaooo
Natalie Ann (6 months ago)
Do most record stores sell rings?
NotZo (6 months ago)
Natalie Ann Not that I know of! the record/music store near me also has a jewelry/piercing section, so a lot of rings come from there
Tara Rai (8 months ago)
Where we can buy this collection really awesome
Animelord 1953 (11 months ago)
Stainless Steel rings are 10/10 I'm terms of quality and the two rings near the beginning are steel and wrap around ring are at hot topic all the time
Sarah Ramirez (1 year ago)
I know it's a year later, but if your still looking for a tentacle ring, another YouTuber (Mortemer) just starting making silver jewelry this year & her 2nd collection came out yesterday & it's a very nautical themed line called The Depths & one of the rings is called the Ancient Monsters ring & it has tentacles in the shape of a knot. It's an absolutely gorgeous silver ring. I just ordered mine yesterday & I can't wait to get it. Anyways, if you're interested, her website is www.psychiccircleoddities.com
Kidd Isley (3 months ago)
+Sarah Ramirez well if you like it your money is well spent. But for me i can get 3 equal quality peter stone silver rings for one of her rings.
Sarah Ramirez (3 months ago)
I know. They’re a bit pricier, but I can tell you the quality of the ring is top notch. I’ve seen other tentacle rings, but I’ve still yet to see one that looks prettier. But that’s just my opinion. I love it & wear it every day :)
Kidd Isley (6 months ago)
Sarah Ramirez her rings are incredibly over priced lol
NotZo (1 year ago)
Sarah Ramirez omg!! thank you thank you! <3
Paloma Guajardo (1 year ago)
Try pawn shops sometimes you get lucky and find super cool cheap silver rings
Kelly Tran (1 year ago)
Where did you get the skull ring (second row)? (:
NotZo (1 year ago)
I picked it up at a local record store! I wish I knew where to get one similar online :(
Cinder Roxy (1 year ago)
"Real" silver tarnishes, I guess you know that :)
BabyLove1D (1 year ago)
Nirvana Jewelry has a bunch of silver rings if you want to find something similar. :)
IIDream CatcherII (1 year ago)
My nana had a spoon ring like that it was beautiful
I found a link were you can find a spoon ring https://www.etsy.com/listing/458251806/rose-quartz-spoon-ring?ref=market
NotZo (1 year ago)
Papi Shrek mister nice guy omg thank you!!
Sydney McElveen (1 year ago)
What nail polish do you happen to be wearing? It's absolutely to die for!
NotZo (1 year ago)
Sydney McElveen it's a gel nail polish! i had them done in a salon so i dont know :( it was originally a more clear polish with the holographic glitter, but after layering the gel a couple times, the glitter becomes more opaque lol
caolila181 (1 year ago)
An easy way to know if it is silver is actually to smell the jewellery. Silver doesn't have a smell. If you can smell a metal scent, you have something else.
NotZo (1 year ago)
caolila181 I'll keep that in mind! I've definitely smelled some metallic scents on a lot of my rings that for sure aren't silver. Thank you for the tip!
savannah sutton (1 year ago)
You have such a cool collection! I'm a ring lover as well!
carla pereira (1 year ago)
I fell in love with the octopus tentacle one !!
NotZo (1 year ago)
carla pereira I love it! I just need to get one like it in silver so it doesnt fall apart lmao
Gen'kalovesmakeup (1 year ago)
Also go to thrift stores some of them have a jewelry case with silver pieces much cheaper then retail
Gen'kalovesmakeup (1 year ago)
Etsy.com has shit ton of cool sterling silver unique rings
kima Boho (1 year ago)
i do love rings but i always try not to get metal or non silver ones cause you start to build a strong bond with the ring and it start to tarnish and you have to throw it away. i mostly buy silver ones now some of them are more than 15 years old. that's why real silver is the best . btw great collection you have
IIDream CatcherII (1 year ago)
Free Soul yasss! I only buy real metal or sterling silver because I hate when a gorgeous ring goes to waste
NotZo (1 year ago)
Free Soul yes! it's so tragic when they start to tarnish! I definitely plan on sticking to real silver. Thank you very much :)
jocelynisabelle (2 years ago)
Yes Etsy! You can get your heart's desire on there.
Hic et nunc (2 years ago)
Nice collection, don't get rid of those rings just put clear nail polish on them. That's what i learned and have been doing for while now, i have same costume rings for 7-8 years. That's the trick :)
NotZo (2 years ago)
Hic et nunc thank you! I tried that out for a while, but I found the nail polish would wear off too quickly :( I still use it for my rings that i want to keep as long as possible!
Eris Michelle (2 years ago)
you should check out James Avery rings!!
NotZo (2 years ago)
Eris Michelle thank you! I'll give them a look :)

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