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'Supergirl’s' New Star Nicole Maines Talks Growing Up Transgender

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In her first talk show appearance ever, “Supergirl” actress Nicole Maines talked with Ellen about being the first transgender superhero on TV, and the difficulties she had to overcome both at home and at school. #NicoleMaines #Supergirl #TheEllenShow
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TheAB416 (54 minutes ago)
She is so gorgeous. It would be awesome to meet her in person
James Gatsby (1 hour ago)
Michael Woodard (2 hours ago)
This is awesome.
Kairi Conti (2 hours ago)
Better then your ninja interview <3 Nicole inspires me alot
Adnan A (4 hours ago)
When did she start using hormones?
Kyaw (4 hours ago)
Her voice
andyroosky (4 hours ago)
I wonder if gender roles or ideas weren’t so strict people would feel more comfortable in their bodies? ie it is okay as a boy to like pink, dress, and all other stereotypical ‘ girl things’. I am not saying she isn’t valid in her choice but her mentioning ‘ this year I’ll wear pink’ or ‘ this year you’ll grow your hair our’ as if that is what makes a women a woman is an interesting topic to think about. I know it is more complex and either way I hope to raise my children without any strict gender ideas, and hope they can always feel comfortable with who they are. I will love them all the same regardless of anything!
MR. MUSTAMAL (4 hours ago)
Looking pretty bruh.
MyHeaven18 (5 hours ago)
V-marie Williams (7 hours ago)
he legit has XY chromosomes. XY=male. It's THAT simple.
k i r a (7 hours ago)
To all the people in the comment section hating on this woman and the LGBTQ+ community, to you I say.. LIVE AND LET LIVE✌
lupe556 (8 hours ago)
Dude is a beautiful woman.
Makenzie Lloyd (8 hours ago)
When you were just trying to get your nightly Ellen in, but due to YouTube being down, you had to wait forever too long to watch 😩
Thao Nguyen (9 hours ago)
She’s so frickin pretty I can’t
ItsJustMikee (11 hours ago)
What a shining light I love her
Allegra Tombolini (11 hours ago)
u go girl
Roseller Simbulan (13 hours ago)
If your religion is hating/harming on something, not is not a religion
Madison Gibson (14 hours ago)
She is so beautiful wow
k. arias (14 hours ago)
isn’t she beautiful?!
Stop This (14 hours ago)
She is so funny, so excited for her character on Supergirl
Lillyann Hughes (14 hours ago)
right so i’m in love with her :)
sandwich (14 hours ago)
Lovely lady, so happy for her casting!
Jay M (15 hours ago)
She was always a girl just listen to her voice and look at her. I'm glad she's being true to herself.
fa de (15 hours ago)
4:31 HAHAHAHAHA omg i love heeeer
Disney65Fan (16 hours ago)
You wouldn't think she was a guy.
Sissie Vynn (17 hours ago)
and the kids that called u it are now working at a dead end job and ur on super girl.cool
Iman Khan (18 hours ago)
My little cousin thought she was supposed to be a boy and not a girl as she was born. So we agreed when she gets older to get her start transitioning but later on she said she was wrong and she actually is a girl.
Livingstone Pumhu (18 hours ago)
Love her
An alias (18 hours ago)
Wow, I love her ! She looks a bit like Hailee Steinfeld. Ellen's right, she's so eloquent and calm despite everything that happened to her. And she's funny too ! As well as a badass ! A true gem.
Fionna Adeline (19 hours ago)
I love her voiceeeee!
irina guajardo (19 hours ago)
wow her voice is great
Jamie Ong (19 hours ago)
I have so much respect for her!!!!
Maya Holt (21 hours ago)
OMG she is so pretty!
Natalie Cruz (22 hours ago)
What I have a twin😀😀😀😀😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘
belucky sam (23 hours ago)
Is she gonna be the new love interest of Alex ???
Faith Ess (23 hours ago)
Not all Christians are like that. You aren't a true christian if you think you have the right to put someone else down and think its okay because thats what 'christians' believe. You're wrong. God created all of us to be just like each other (the spitting image of him). You're actions are your own. I am a christian and yes, i may not share the same values or understand other peoples lifestyle. Who am i to judge anyone when i myself am not even close to being 100% perfect. I leave the judgements to God. Only he can judge. Don't put down the name of 'christians' please
David Thomas (23 hours ago)
That’s not a girl.
Tom Male (1 day ago)
Wait i thought her character was the one whose trans not her.
Kurt Kinde (1 day ago)
The praise of a mental disorder shows how mentally disorder you are go get help
KG2018 (1 day ago)
She's amazing! I hope she stays in acting and has a long career.
Br0th3r7 (1 day ago)
She is very well spoken!
Wand Wijaya Kusuma (1 day ago)
Omg she is perfect
Michaela Suorsa (1 day ago)
Nicole had to go through a lot and it’s really inspiring to see her on tv, giving the trans community representative because it’s very important. I love Ellen for giving people like this voices for everyone to hear ❤️
Oscar Ramo (1 day ago)
She’s so beautifull
Christopher Diaz (1 day ago)
Beautiful Story!!! I'm watching super girl just because of this!!!
Gio Ten (1 day ago)
I have so much respect for her now. :) 👏🏼
Elpeque herrera (1 day ago)
She was a guy ? Like seriously. When I first saw her in supergirl I thought wow she’s hot . I never knew she was a he . Ohh God . God really knows what he does cuz she looks stunning gorgeous 😹🤷🏻‍♂️to me
Elida White (1 day ago)
Austin Henry (1 day ago)
She’s so gorgeous ❤️
Arm4g3dd0nX (1 day ago)
I am a biased person but Nicole seems so thoroughly legitimate I have no hesitation in believing she feels and is female. This is not something I can say for everyone who has come forward with this shift. And I love how naturally she ended up becoming an actress. This doesn't feel shoehorned at all and I heartily welcome her to the silver screen in the movies and television I watch.
Ashli B (1 day ago)
Omg I forgot they were doing this so when I saw her on the episode I thought she was just going to be an adorable mini-kara here for some episodes then gone...
mhan00 (1 day ago)
God bless this young woman and her family. I can’t imagine the adversity she and they faced and continue to face, but I am glad that she received love and support from her family and that her dad stepped up even if his daughter shook the world view he grew up with. I can’t wait to finish bingeing season 3 so I can see the character she plays on Supergirl.
fad23 (1 day ago)
The character's last name is Nal. This makes me suspect some connections...
Qunicy Holman (1 day ago)
Does anyone who seen this episode knows what music was playing when she entered
Aimee R. (1 day ago)
i didnt even know woahhhh...proud of her for representing on my favorite show <3 so happy for Nicole to appear on supergirl as someone as beautiful as her own self !!
Aubrielle Robinson (1 day ago)
She’s gorgeous💛
diamond perkins (1 day ago)
Wouldn't have none tbh she's beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
This is Me (1 day ago)
omg i literally had no idea i watched her on tv last night JUST WOWWW STUNNING
Heavenlymxss (1 day ago)
Aghhhhh, she’s so gorgeous oml just stop.
Kenshien Maine (1 day ago)
She's beautiful 😲 she looks like hailey steinfeld 😍
AnnaNikolai (1 day ago)
I spent way too much time staring at her and wondering how nice it would be to play with her hair. It looks so soft :o
Indianna Hudson (1 day ago)
Someone must be cutting onions😢 the bullying she went through is so wrong. If she wasn’t happy being a boy then let her be happy and be a girl, everyone deserves happiness any gender. She is stunning and wow I would have never guessed she is trans, just amazing
Arlene R.L. (1 day ago)
He is really pretty and looks and resemble a woman but he is not a woman.
Gabrielle Sagan (1 day ago)
Amen idk what wrong with these people
T.A. M. (1 day ago)
Great story
Courtney (1 day ago)
She’s beautiful!
Mia Mossman (1 day ago)
I can’t wait for this season of supergirl
Ryder Parker (1 day ago)
seriouslyy thats sooo disgusting, it takes your child being attacked for you to "get it"??????????????????? Misogynistic ignorant fool. He'd rather his child fit into some kind of norm, than be happy what a disgusting pig.
Rasheem Reid (1 day ago)
You may not look like your twin brother anymore but you look so much like your new twin sister haile steinfield
Pink Starlite (1 day ago)
She's very pretty and smart and charismatic. I hope she gets to be as famous as Laverne Cox and I think she can because is a really good actress (very good in Royal Pains) and just from this interviews, you can tell she has what it takes to be a star. So, Hollywood, stop casting men in trans women and give trans actresses like Nicole, Indya Moore, Alexandra Billings, Harmony Santana, Jamie Clayton, Trace Lysette, Rebecca Root and many more the change to play these roles and show it is.
Victoria Nguyen (1 day ago)
I honestly watched the supergirl season premiere before this and I had no idea indication or anything that she was transgender. I even commented while watching the episode that wow she is soo pretty.
Denise Sandoz (1 day ago)
Sadly now she has adult bullies to deal with.
youreale (1 day ago)
I think is not fair label her as "trans", even knowing she was not born biologically a woman. Everything in her figure looks so natural and feminine. I just can't imagine how deeply sad she may have felt while she was bullied and trapped to her former life. Maybe the science can explain cases like that in the future.
Palesa Makhetha (1 day ago)
Like how Laverne Cox has an identical twin brother. Really cool that her mom was cool & that her parents spoke to the school & made sure she was able to transition.
Claudia De Freitas (1 day ago)
‘’ ‘’ (2 days ago)
She seems amazing 👏🏽💗
Casey Anique (2 days ago)
I was 4 years old also when I realized I was supposed to be a girl. but I didn’t know how to tell anyone so now I’m finally coming out and have started transitioning
Zinalee Enemark (2 days ago)
Wow she is so awesome. Can’t wait to see her in Supergirl!!
Kevin McDougall (2 days ago)
Actually, trans girl and TLC star Jazz Jennings also has a twin brother. Nicole's "Supergirl" character and the Agent Liberty storyline will, I hope, break through to some closed minds in regards to LGBTQ+ rights and the current hostility towards "illegals" through this "comic book" family show.
Kevmaster2000 (2 days ago)
She reminds me of Hailee Steinfeld and Peyton List (the CW and Gotham one, not the Disney one).
Paula Cooper (2 days ago)
who is her character supposed to be in supergirl ?
Cal Trask (2 days ago)
The miracle of makeup! Look up 'celebrities no makeup', ayeee
Joshua Pokai (2 days ago)
Is it just me or does she have big ears!?! Anywho??? I can tell she's gonna be a huge star!!!
Cal Trask (2 days ago)
Are you kidding? Ellen is already hugely famous
Sha Money (2 days ago)
Yo i didn't even click or read the title and I knew it was a transgender person sitting there
Sha Money (1 day ago)
Did i say that???? I think I said I knew she was trans before I even clicked. Idk if you can read? I didn't say nothing about her build
Pink Starlite (1 day ago)
You do know there are female models who have the same build as Nicole. Look up Brigitte Nielsen. Not every woman is meant to be tiny and petite.
JustJess (2 days ago)
I thought this was haliee steinfield...
anoj aj (2 days ago)
I watched her today.
Jay Tender (2 days ago)
No offence, but do you really expect me to believe that this beautiful, young and talented woman was actually a boy??? Shut up!
Ethan Twink (2 days ago)
Gotta watch Supergirl now
Geo Hernandez (2 days ago)
The more people hate the more famous she will get so just keep doing you
Natasha Little (2 days ago)
She is so strong and just beautiful! Looking forward to new episodes of Super girl!
The Unidentified (2 days ago)
Hold on I'm confused. How did she become transgender?
Veronica Leyton (2 days ago)
She is so pretty!
Education (2 days ago)
He (Nicole) was born with an X and Y chromosome, and that still hasn't changed. It's simple, really. I can have as much plastic surgery to look like "batman", but it doesn't change the reality of who I actually am.
Education (17 hours ago)
Pink Starlite Unfortunately sometimes the truth can hurt. Sometimes it's better to hurt the person a little bit now so that the wounded person does not hurt for 30 more years of his/her life. It depends how you treat the wounded individual, however. Would you allow an alcoholic to continue being abusive towards his family for fear of being "mean" to the alcoholic? While it's not wise to be straight up and confront him/her for his behavior, it might be better to lovingly explain to him some consequences of his actions.
Pink Starlite (1 day ago)
No, she isn't. You're being mean.
Gabrielle Sagan (1 day ago)
+Pink Starlite people find all kind of excuses to justify wrong he is a man and that cannot change.
Pink Starlite (1 day ago)
That's why SHE is referred to as "Trans woman", not just woman, Einstein. Like, what do you hope to accomplish? Gender dysphoria is not a choice, mind you.
Nancy Ramirez (2 days ago)
It’s those “Christians” that commit such hateful acts and speak so savage to those of the LGBTQ community , which is why Christians get a bad rep, no we are not all the same. They twist the bible and use it to justify their actions. I’m so sorry to those of the LGBTQ community if a “Christian” did such terrible things, that is not what a Christlike Christian should do. We are to love one another and be kind to everyone we come across with.
ChillinW TheTs (5 hours ago)
Nancy Ramirez Not all Christians, I’m a Christian but I don’t think its anyone’s place to judge. DONT SAY “Christians” Your literally referring to me as well.
Larry Bob (8 hours ago)
Nancy Ramirez I’m a Christian and I have my own beliefs. Me and my family believe in certain things, others do not agree with. But even if we think someone is doing something we don’t agree with, doesn’t mean we sit and judge them. And no we don’t try to change them or anything. I’m sick and tired of people assuming Christians are stuck up, good for nothing, people. Because half of us are not. Especially my family. So don’t judge me before you know me.
Sophie Elsmore (8 hours ago)
Nancy Ramirez I fully agree. I am a Christian and in no way shape or form would I ever make fun of or condemn people for being who they are. Sure I may question whether they’re sure about what they want but you’re right - we are called to love others, no matter what and to love everyone the same. I have plenty of friends who are part of the LGBTQ+ community and respect and love them the same!
Hey I'm Kaye (8 hours ago)
I'm a Christian and I fully support the LGBTQ+ community and I'm very confused onto how to act about that.
Erew C (9 hours ago)
More like Muslims...
Paige Outrage (2 days ago)
On ellen already? Shes killin it
Crais Reid (2 days ago)
she's so gorgeous.
Aung Hpone Moe (2 days ago)
now I'm gonna watch supergirl from now on but wait.....i haven't watched the previous seasons...never mind...
BigBrotherW (2 days ago)
I cannot wait to see her in action tonight, and slowly becoming The Dreamer.
Destiny Nicholls (2 days ago)
I am would have never known she was trans wow she is beautiful
Saška P. (2 days ago)
She is sooo beautiful, Gosh marry me

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