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What's the Difference Between Table Salt and Sea Salt? | The New York Times

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Ask Well: The differences between table salt and sea salt explained, both in nutrition and taste. Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n NYT on Google Plus: http://bit.ly/WnAshF Watch more videos at: http://nytimes.com/video Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nytvideo
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Ian (21 days ago)
There is basically no difference.
Comments (2 months ago)
Sea salt likely contains elements from modern day human produced pollution, while the rock salt formed from millions of years ago does not.
theguyisinthailand (5 months ago)
2015-MSG is mainline & Table Salt the Alternative... 1980-Table Salt mainline & MSG the Alternative... 1945- Sea Salt mainline & Table Salt the Alternative... Before 1910- Sea Salt mainline & Death/Disease the Alternative... So at what point did mainline for thousands of years become obsolete & Mainline become great even if harmful? I'll stay with Sea Salt.
drew2 fast (5 months ago)
Okay, there's a huge difference between table salt and sea salt. Table salt raises blood pressure. Sea salt improves blood pressure. Table salt has no nutritional value. Sea salt has over 80 ionic trace minerals. It also enables your body to optimize other minerals.
Michael Mathers (1 month ago)
explain to me optimizing minerals. i'm trying to be more healthy
Dogma (5 months ago)
I hope they fired whoever edited this video.
Lido Lani (5 months ago)
All the sodium and other things that a human body needs to live and thrive are provided in a whole food, plant based diet, and the body will extract whatever it needs in the exact amount it needs. Eat the diet we evolved to eat - fruits and vegetables. You do not need to buy salt of any sort. If you eat sea vegetables you can easily get enough iodine.
trew linson (6 months ago)
Rampant Monkey (7 months ago)
too many salty eater lol
James Sergent (8 months ago)
"These small differences" wow just wow
Georgina Gibson (8 months ago)
Bay of Fundy Sea Salt...the highest tides in the world! https://www.facebook.com/East-Coast-Sea-Salt-Co-366362713817283/
John Johnson (10 months ago)
It's processed vitamins and minerals out of foods and lifestyle that are the main causes of poor nutrition and disease, etc. in humans. Not so much what they eat,but what they do not eat!
꿀honnietea (11 months ago)
So many salts!
Sperker (1 year ago)
how do u know the sea salt is not from poisoned or radioactive seawater i mean lots of sea animals are dying dude XD getting into an arguement on which is healthier is just dumb. Theres just no any "healthy" thing on this planet anymore and yall have to accept that. anytime you eat something your organism just gets sicker and sicker, just like a drug, when you are hungry you will eat so you feel relieved but it will bring some kind of desease haha.SO AT THE END OF THE DAY IT DOESNT REALLY MATTER WHICH SALT YOU CHOOSE , YOU WILL DIE ANYWAY , WELCOME XD
Lucahmaster (1 year ago)
What about bath salts?
DarthMuse (1 year ago)
coarse sea salt is my choice of salt, table salt is horrible taste a lot different.
jquest43 (1 year ago)
experts? nope there're not experts more b.s
Michael Mathers (1 month ago)
Heron Myer (1 year ago)
so artisanal salt is real? $25 a tiny bottle
UrboiJaz (2 years ago)
Sea salt is healthy Table salt is not. BOOOOOOM
Ab C. Def (10 days ago)
John Johnson (10 months ago)
TechLab101 But salt, whether it's got minerals or not, is not a main source of minerals in the consumption of food.
CalibEaTzTV1 (2 years ago)
Doesn't table salt have glass in it!!??
John Juster (2 years ago)
A couple of spots in the video where they could've mentioned processed table salt includes sand, glass, even talc!!, all described as "anti-caking agents". Why didn't this "report" cover these facts, besides how there exists chocolate salt?! Oh....I know why.
TheBaRolExperience (14 days ago)
i think table salt without anything added still exists
Paul Smith (2 years ago)
dr josh axe says sea salt or rock salt.
anak msia (3 years ago)
There is a HUGE difference between table salt vs sea salt. Table salt = mined (dig out from earth) contains micro glass, these micro glass could enter your blood stream and hurt your blood arteries when it passed through the veins, and hence causes cholesterol to form. Table salt is normally used on icy roads to prevent slippery ice road. Sea salt is the most natural salt there is for human body, but try not to get those salt produced near Fukushima's nuclear plant. Good health to you.
gabannaania174 (7 months ago)
PacRat you clearly didn’t watch the video 😒
Kenny Evans (1 year ago)
@pacRat you must of not watched the video lol
PacRat (2 years ago)
yeah that's what they said in the video so your comment wasn't really necessary
Daniel Collier (3 years ago)
What about bath salts
Jlo (1 year ago)
Daniel Collier ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
bob78145 (4 years ago)
No difference between the too ?? Realy ??
tony corona (4 years ago)
What i tell people is if youre getting all your salt from processed food cut out the processed food, you need salt to function your brain wouldnt work w/o it. Thats why we have so many dummies all they get is that junk salt and their brains cells start to shut off 1 by 1.
tony corona (5 years ago)
Table salt is made from 1/3 glass, 1/3 sand, and 1/3 salt.This is why people get diabetes, because the glass and sand cut up your arteries.Its not about cholesterol at all. Look up Dr.Leonard Coldwells work .And take food grade hydrogen peroxide dilluted to cure almost every disease, but what would I know im only a hollistic healer.
Ab C. Def (10 days ago)
+Nathan Abraham But if you're going to trust a 'hollistic [sic] healer' over someone who is scientifically literate, you might as well go all in and trust one who misspells 'holistic.'
Nathan Abraham (2 years ago)
+tony corona "hollistic healer" is synonymous with individual who has no clue how anything scientific or medicinal works.
tony corona (4 years ago)
+bob78145 Well it can be grinded down small enough to where you dont notice it.
tony corona (4 years ago)
+bob78145 All the videos ive found skip the 2 main steps, cooking the salt and the chemical treatment.
Randal Oulton (5 years ago)
This video got right that sodium is sodium is sodium, and salt is salt is salt. It is in most first-world countries, anyway, where you have to have a certainly amount of pure sodium in the product before you can even label it salt. Besides that, so much wrong and weird. Any salt you put on a table is table salt. They mean, the difference between sea salt, and salt that is mined from the earth. Iodine in salt labelled as "table salt" is only legally required in the US and Canada; that "fact" doesn't apply to the rest of the globe. Himalayan Sea Salt -- really? I mean, really??? Is it harvested by the Himalayan fishing fleet? What they really want to talk about is the difference between iodized and non iodized salt.. but anyway, best to stop there I suppose....
hugo pires (5 years ago)
There is a difference between sea salt and table salt, it has been said by experts that table salt can cause cancer.
Chazbot (5 years ago)
And don't forget to eat a whole lot less of all of it, or your blood pressure will go through the roof and you will stroke out.
drew2 fast (5 months ago)
Chazbot That's only true for table salt.
MsShellie2U (5 years ago)
"man-made anti-clumping agents..." and that part of table salt is ignored?!! Give me a break! Stop ignoring the obvious people
dendraver (5 years ago)
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Afsana Akter (5 years ago)
Carl Parish (5 years ago)
Our bodies need sodium, but not too much.
FPS America (2 years ago)
Our bodies don't need too much of anything. Drink too much, smoke too much, eat too much.Too much of anything is bad for us.
Mirrorfucker (5 years ago)
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Carl Parish (5 years ago)
I love salt in my food.
saifai (5 years ago)
Aside from the flavor? Probably not a lot.
saifai (5 years ago)
Aside from the flavor? Probably not a lot.
CebuLightsandMusic (5 years ago)
Waleed (5 years ago)
Himalayan sea salt?  Do the himalayas have a sea nearby?  I think not.. Himalayan salt is a marketing term for halite (commonly known as rock salt) from Pakistan, which began being sold by various companies in Europe, North America, and Australia in the early 21st century. It is mined in the Khewra Salt Mines, the second largest salt mine in the world, located in Khewra, Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan, about 300 km from the Himalayas, about 160 kilometres from Islamabad, and 260 kilometres from Lahore, and in the foothills of the Salt Range. 
JDvorak2009 (4 months ago)
Waleed it comes down from Mount Everest. Seashells have been found on Mount Everest proving the mountain used to be under the sea
Avalon+ (5 months ago)
Himalayan sea salt comes from dried up ancient seas that had been under sedimentary rock deposits for centuries. On top of geography, please look into geology and history too.
Sojourn R&R (10 months ago)
mark dietrich salt & water conducts electricity when mixed. Our bodies are electric, so any unrefined sea salt will do.
mark dietrich (11 months ago)
You don't have to be near the sea to get sea or rock salt. Don't you realise that the planet is 70% water. I mean seriously, are you trying to be stupid?
Waleed you do know that India was an Island and was not part of Asia right?

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