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Are More African American Men Incarcerated Than All Women Are Imprisoned Globally?

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Attorney Antonio Moore talks about the astronomical Black Male incarceration rate, and he contrast it to the female incarceration rate globally. Moore shows that there are more Black Men Incarcerated in America, then the number of women incarcerated on the entire planet.
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mikejp2008 (7 months ago)
It's a simple explaination, it's called a loophole. You cant have slaves unless they are criminals. It never ended it just was moved from public view.
Jay Woods (1 year ago)
Sounds like the American women has become an agent. They coming foe white en too.
Janice Michelle (1 year ago)
I'm glad someone is talking about this, I knew some of these facts but have no idea what to do to help. Should we write letters to our representatives or what? IDK I thought they are still using prisoners for free or practically free labor.
Jah Boogie (1 year ago)
Thanks Tone...keep up the good work!
wonderful1ism (1 year ago)
How is it that none of our elected officials are strongly advocating for attention to this issue. Is it that we're all in denial or just accepted that this is our lot in life? Thank you for the wake-up call.
conve5 (1 year ago)
Oh yes and as for the video ...of course they want to make the best the throwaway class ! They want to throw away black men in such a way to villainize them and desecrate them and their manhood inoculate their dignity. Yet they will go to all lengths to emulate him in any way to the point of stealing his melanin and just is too much for me to even stomach sometimes!
conve5 (1 year ago)
Hey Tone I am in L.A. in the Alhambra District but I'm on my way to Atlanta. I am very inspired by you and your channel. I have listened to you on Breaking Brown. I enjoy the way you deliver your message and it is conciseness fat free! I'll group the two shows Tone Talks and Breaking Brown together you often come together to help us all. I just wanted to know is there anywhere that I can go that you may be speaking this week? I leave for Atlanta on Friday June 1st and I wanted to get some information. I'm a travel nurse by Trade who can't really afford insurance or any type of investment so I picked up the book The Color of Law and I just wanted to get some insight as to any books that I can read that would help as far as my financial planning and just kind of getting rid of my financial burden so I'm very interested in all the topics that you speak on .I'm sorry use this platform I don't know how else to get in touch with you. I hope you have a good day . Peace and blessings to you and yours
Black Pride 1st (1 year ago)
White superiority is a byproduct of black inferiority. White supremacy is the root cause for the symptoms of black oppression. The 13th Amendment is the mass incarceration Amendment! Modern day slavery is the private prison industrial complex Corporation. We are the resources that fuel the economy of white supremacy. Black people we are in Jim crow 2.0 it's now or never!
LadyCie (1 year ago)
There is no equity in the system of white supremacy and in 1858 Lincoln said he was opposed to racial equality and supported white supremacy. Nothing has really changed today and the only way to overcome that is to separate. Anything else will not be beneficial to native black DOS as a whole (as we have seen and currently living).
Maximus Parthas (1 year ago)
Glad you are making this a priority. I had been wondering for months why you weren't.
Hot Snacks (1 year ago)
separate from the white devil
onestunningdude (1 year ago)
That's not hard to believe at all
it wiill continue (1 year ago)
Black men have not built anything thing as a collective of men around the goble. When you rely on other men to fulfill your needs, job, housing, healthcare, you are putting your life into the hands of these men and then you are surprised and angered when they decide to use you for their benefit? I have often heard black men on social media say that they would never build anything for black women and their "bastard children." But, What I don't understand is this: if you refuse build for BLACK women and children then why not build for YOURSELF and the black MEN any BOYS who look like you. Do you know how many black men probably could have avoided prison if their had been some sort of black network that he could have used to get a job.and don't tell me that this not the case. During the Jim crow era when blacks where not allowed to into areas of white society blacks had more businesses and companies than they do now. This should have remained the focus of integration.
eoo8 (1 year ago)
That is what scares me Nobody seems to Care,but if you write something on Face Book they dont Like everbody jump all over you,your so Call friends and Family.
When you dont know..you don't know..
Sherri Solomon (1 year ago)
Trust, those White people tries their best to get Jodi Arias executed simply because she was mixed race(Mexican and White) but she got a miracle. A Black women would have a got a miracle to the 10th power.
Matthew Ahearn (1 year ago)
Prison Industrial Complex needs to come to an end.  Legalization of Marijuana is a good start.
Blue Fig (1 year ago)
I posed this question to a very conservative friend of mine who had no answer. The question was "How does incarcerating a father for being unable to pay his child support help support the child financially?" The father is imprisoned unable to contribute financially, after release he has to get reintegrated into the job market, all the while contending with the fact that he now has a record. Please explain to me how this is helping anything.
Mark R (1 year ago)
Brief but powerful!
justin winfree (1 year ago)
My brother Tone everything is going according to plan . Obvious you do not see there is a war against black males. Question is what are we going to do about it
Keith Kitchen (1 year ago)
You gotta see a problem a d understand it first. I have no idea how to stop mass incarceration
mike & Ike (1 year ago)
No one is gonna care about Black men but Black men specifically. Hard to raise productive men and organized enough to fend off legalities when all the boys are raised by their mothers. We literally present no pressure against changing laws.
bluesneakers (1 year ago)
Level3 Healer im not one of those people who place sole blame on one half of parents though...so...
bluesneakers (1 year ago)
why do bm allow their sons to be raised by mothers?
Eric Housley (1 year ago)
Tone for President!!!
J P (1 year ago)
Tee Jay (1 year ago)
My sir (Tone) u r definitely needed as a voice for black males...I thank you
riccccccardo (1 year ago)
My short answer we getting attacked #GLOBALLY systematically and institutionally.
Bee Golston (1 year ago)
riccccccardo 😒
riccccccardo (1 year ago)
Bee Golston ok I’m going to start 400 years of white slavery just after I’ve finished watching #blacklightning on #netflix first. 👊🏾
Bee Golston (1 year ago)
riccccccardo We are not fighting back properly or intelligently. We can't keep up with " The Jones's" and not do something similar to what they are doing.
Tribe213 (1 year ago)
There is a voting petition going around for people to sign in L.A. requesting a vote that 100s of misdemeanors be turned into FELONIES. Effecting people currently serving time. There trying to get it on the California state ballot. Beware of what your signing outside the grocery store.
godofthisshit (1 year ago)
M Dot (1 year ago)
As a black woman, I’m devastated by mass incarceration and I don’t know why more black people are outraged, I have my child’s father serving 25 years for conspiracy drug charges and they never found drugs on him
Sam Goodwin (1 year ago)
Wow numbers don’t lie
MALContent (1 year ago)
Tone I would loooove to get your take on the Michael Eric Dyson vs. Jordan Peterson debate. Watching your channel i was able to filter through the conservative propaganda. They love to speak about individually but they enslaved us as a group, jim crow/ domestic terrorism was against a group, we were shut out as a group so we have to made whole as one.
S. Williams (1 year ago)
BLACK AMERICA at large should be outraged. It's nothing more than modern day slavery plain and simple. Black People are complacent. IF YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR HISTORY,(and it's sad to say many young Blacks know very little if any) YOU'RE BOUND TO REPEAT IT. It's what you're witnessing right now. The repeat of another form of Slavery.
Quentin Campbell (1 year ago)
The Child Support game is a justice system hustle. You get being and your drive license is suspended. So when you get pull over the routine driving while black you will go to jail for driving under suspension and the jail time doesn't clear your back pay.
Quentin Campbell (1 year ago)
Bee Golston It's not for the best interest of the children. It's a for profit government system with court fees and support fees.
Bee Golston (1 year ago)
Quentin Campbell True! That system also helps to embarrass us, devide our families and community and help us hate eachother.
Beast mode sykes (1 year ago)
Facts!!! My brother
The Paradox (1 year ago)
Its almost as if the feminist narrative is bs and has, in-fact, allowed injustices towards black males thrive. Also interesting how black woman are known to be a devout group of feminist supporters.
The Paradox (1 year ago)
+Sherri Solomon Apologies. I‘m having difficulty discerning what point it is your block of copy is trying to make. _“…From my research BW ran into the feminist movement due to Black males… seeing them as a lesser class citizen because they were women…”_ —From your “research?” I suspect “research” from feminist sources. That would be like asking a priest if God exists. The claim is that “black men saw black women as second class citizens because they were women” and that makes sense to you? How, when, why? Wheres the evidence of such a phenomenon. I‘ve never read a history book, witnessed a march or protest, heard of a male-female battle or seen propaganda of any sort in support of such a time in history. When were black men as a group in any such position in the West to "see” any other group as second class? Antonio Moore provided a timeline in this video. Place how, why and when black men decided to suddenly “see black women as second class citizens” within that timeline and with supporting evidence please.
Sherri Solomon (1 year ago)
The Paradox Many From my research BW ran into the feminist movement due to Black males allegedly seeing them as a lesser class citizen because they were women when BOTH genders were in the Black Liberation Movements and BOTH were financially finding it.
yumikumi2 (1 year ago)
What about the families that are torn apart when black men go to jail, most black men don't go to jail because of child support, most go to jail for bogus set up drug crimes, false murder allegations.
Bee Golston (1 year ago)
yumikumi2 Ive learnd that it is crucial to know our true history, not just the history taught in school. We know that we dont make or have access to the guns and drugs that get put in front of us, so we need to look at the true suppliers and the people profiting off of us getting caught with them. IT'S ALL A SETUP. Our desparation takes away from our creativity to turn away from the risk.
yumikumi2 (1 year ago)
Women? There are more African American men in US prisons than all the MEN in the world also, the unfairness is the system is against Black people and Black Men is the No.1 target of them all.
yumikumi2 (1 year ago)
tonetalks I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just going to say this again, black men are the No.1 target, it's the truth. I'm not overlooking the women in this situation, but people in the comment section is misconstruing what you're saying in this and making it seem like black women is the cause of why black men in jail when most of it is due to racial profiling, giving black men far more time for the same crimes than other races, and police shooting unarmed black civilians. Don't make it seem like I'm sitting around bashing black men and not checking my own position in society. I'm not drinking the white supremacy kool aid and turn on my own people, I wasn't raised like that.
tonetalks (1 year ago)
There aren’t when you compare men across race, your reply is ignorant and wrong.
Choctaw Warrior (1 year ago)
This is very true i live in Mississippi and the only way a black man can make money is to sell dope which will eventually leads to prison.
Bee Golston (1 year ago)
Lucifer flame I've watched that activity for decades. I've also watched many minorities stand behind a white figure head and call the shots just because they needed a white face to get closer to their goals. Then the white face gets more empowerment claiming that they wouldn't have gotten anywhere without him, meanwhile taking the lions share.
Choctaw Warrior (1 year ago)
Bee Golston i myself don't believe in excuses i started a business as a government contractor so i know first hand how this system is stacked against us. I know who gets the contract for how much and for how long. Black businesses might get a 40k-70k contract every now and then. Meanwhile white companies with only 10 employees get multi million dollar contracts. A white guy got a 1 billion dollar contract and only had 10 employees but a black woman got a 40k contract. So dont tell me how business and government works in this country when ive seen it for myself
Bee Golston (1 year ago)
Lucifer flame OH it's NOT simple. Its so complex that most of us can't wrap our brains around it. I went down the wrong path and got chewed UP by the/these systems. I realized that no one can stop me from having a trade or owning my own tools to have a better more respectable quality of life. I provide services within my scopes. I got tired and depressed after being turned down for jobs so I created a position for myself. Its still hard but not harder than doing time or constantly hiding from the cops. I had to stop being brainwashed by the illusion of hope and expectation. There are things that no one can stop us from doing and we have to find or create those opportunities.
Choctaw Warrior (1 year ago)
Bee Golston if it was that simple then everyone would do it. Major corporations already have contracts locked down so anyone trying to start a new business is already locked out especially if your a black business owner. I don't do drugs or sell them but i see alot of ppl around me stuck in this perpetual cycle of destruction that eventually leads to death or prison.
Hulk Smash 24/7 (1 year ago)
There is no justice system as it pertains to Black men, there is only a conveyor belt into prison.
Bee Golston (1 year ago)
Hulk Smash 24/7 -personal experience talking. If a white person has drugs and wants to hang with blacks/mexicans, there is a high probability that they are a Vice cop or a snitch. Beware! Thats one method of how they keep the conveyor belt oiled and moving.
Caren Akunwanne (1 year ago)
Now. Its not black women. Black are locked out. They Jim crow sentence? Or color of law it. Tack on time to industlize men so others can live. Old men are making young women take a number and leaveing her with a baby. No man to marry.
african patriot (1 year ago)
Come on men this is white amerikkka RBG
'88dBm (1 year ago)
Once again Tone talks with that heat!
Keiamber Litaker (1 year ago)
This is a major problem
MissCali (1 year ago)
Great content but too many commercials for a short segment.
p sanders (1 year ago)
The truth hurts... appreciate your videos Antonio and giving us the real picture I think we are so distracted by things that don't matter materialism, drugs, sex, music, countless other things. These facts are depressing
Rio Facts (1 year ago)
Juslike EyeCit2 FACTS bro
Rio Facts (1 year ago)
p sanders Yeap, and I keep telling people u all are focused on the wrong things things that truly don't matter!
Black Cherubim (1 year ago)
If black men were so criminally minded, black African countries except for South Africa would have more prisons than trees.I live in DC, and I have never met one African that has mentioned vast imprisonment being an issue in their countries. Most of them never even seen a prison until they came to America.
Rasheed Barnes (1 year ago)
If it were just black men, rich black men and gay black men here would be committing crimes at the same rate.
Rex Ruger (1 year ago)
I've never met or even heard of, a white male that was incarnated due to non-payment of child support....it just doesn't happen. The system of Racism just doesn't allow for mass incarceration of white males, no matter what.
Kay C (1 year ago)
There is an article of a white dude that got a year for secretly slipping his girlfriend abortion inducing pills for a child he did not want. Sacrificed one year of work for 18 years of child support payments.
Kuronetwork (1 year ago)
They get hit and hit hard. Chick leave when the kid is 13. Anf wants 170k in back child support.
Slim Charles (1 year ago)
Are there any studies that look at the link between incarceration and immigration? The wave of mass incarceration in the 80s and 90s combined with the surge of immigration from Latin America in the 90s and 2000s has been devastating for Native Blacks. Cities like Compton & East Palo Alto that had large black population are being replaced by Hispanics. They don't need us as a labor force anymore so when they lock up black men it destabilizes the family structure and continues the cycle of dysfunction.
Felicia Gray (1 year ago)
We care but way to many more of us are sleep.
jim z (1 year ago)
Black American males were chosen to be the bottom group in a caste as property/currency but no longer labeled as slave on a plantation but as criminal prison plantation. Tone brings the #data
Felicia Gray (1 year ago)
First 💪🏾
Black Wallstreet (1 year ago)
Not first but second
Black Wallstreet (1 year ago)

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