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Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

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If you like this video, please support these film preservation charities: The British Film Institute, https://goo.gl/iwTkD7 The George Eastman Museum, http://eastman.org/donate The Film Foundation, http://www.film-foundation.org/donation My inspiration came from What's the Mashup? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmnSm_d2ll4) but I didn't manage 100! The idea was to do the same for movies from the Golden Age – meaning no title later than 1953 (although there is one at the end.) Oh, and none of these clips was sped up or slowed down. If you like the clips, go buy the movies on DVD! And the song on Google Play or iTunes! And thanks also to IMDB, clipconverter.cc and Nero Video. Turn on subtitles to find out the film names. PS. I write books as well. Here's two very reasonably priced ones about movies: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Light-Affliction-History-Preservation-Restoration-ebook/dp/B00PDTJCZM/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1445792900&sr=8-1 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Halliwells-Horizon-Leslie-Halliwell-Guides-ebook/dp/B005CYFWKW/ref=sr_1_1_twi_kin_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1445792934&sr=8-1&keywords=halliwell%27s+horizon
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Text Comments (11407)
Eleanor D (2 years ago)
This video stops my baby from crying every time. He LOVES it!! Very cool
Saba De (5 days ago)
Ur baby is a legend
C A Campbell (5 days ago)
David Goldin YA!!!!
David Goldin (9 days ago)
Great job Nerd Fest. And it is wonderful to read a thread in YouTube this positive. +possums1010
possums1010 (13 days ago)
who could NOT get happy from watching this??? ;-)
Paul allum (15 days ago)
Eleanor D ?
jeanne allegret (17 minutes ago)
Merci. Beau travail 2019
Hot damn! 2019, gimme some love ❤️❤️❤️
Arch Stanton (3 hours ago)
This is the best! It really is!
Pia Hansen (10 hours ago)
Brilliant editing ! I feel certain any dancer today, would be amazed at this ......I sure was as a young child, watching all these Hollywood greats, tripping the light fantastic....:).....Thank you !
Barbara D Sutton (12 hours ago)
Fantastically done!!! Luv it!!!!
Chad Cassano (13 hours ago)
Marita Bird (21 hours ago)
Did you also make a similar clip, to the song "Born To be Alive"?? It uses clips of old musicals and mashes them up together, very similar to this one! I LOVE that one too!! :D
Marita Bird (21 hours ago)
This clip is BRILLIANT!!! I LOVE it!! Thank you so much for making and sharing it!! <3
Mona Lisa Jones (1 day ago)
This is As Creative and as much a work of Art as the Song is! Bravo...thanks for the show!
W A M (1 day ago)
OMG thank you so much I just love the song and specially the old movie stars, god bless them all.
Dave Glover (1 day ago)
Where do you think Uptown Funk came from?
Sal Vice (1 day ago)
This put me in a good mood!
Ellen Rupard (1 day ago)
Uh yeah....this is mastercraft.
Rien Stuijfzand (1 day ago)
This is brilliant, it's perfectly edited!!! Love it!!!
BostonLiveMusic (1 day ago)
I am down to only 15 views a day. My addiction counselor said I am making good progress.
Juana Perez (1 day ago)
The Blues Brothers movie
Mortthemoose (2 days ago)
Wow!!!! Couldn't take my eyes off of that!!! Fantastic song, amazing dancers and incredible editing!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Philip Snegirov (2 days ago)
Loved Freddy Astaire here😀
sauropod (2 days ago)
You sir are a genius. I loved the bit where you inserted Laurel and Hardy.
Ian M (2 days ago)
I could watch this over and over. So cool
Carol Garbiano (2 days ago)
Jeffrey Driscoll (2 days ago)
grosbeak (3 days ago)
Wow those Caucasian types really know how to move and could dance.
InMy Opinion (3 days ago)
I hate that song but man oh man your editing was excellent!
Joseph Risner (3 days ago)
Now that's Entertainment.
Maureen Rees (3 days ago)
Oh thank you so very much. How absolutely brilliant. My Country is in turmoil and we are uncertain of what the future holds. This video uplifted me. Can I come to live in the US please? You don’t happen to have a Prince who may be interested by any chance?
Michael Chesny (3 days ago)
This is magic. Thank you.
Lucy. (3 days ago)
Paulina Cares Araneda (3 days ago)
Fabulosa selección...... espectacular edición!!!!!!! Gracias amigos.....comparto!!!!
See it or Flick it. (3 days ago)
4:29 Okay guys I have a new dance move, we are going to jump down two stories and land on a hard surface right on our testicles.
tonyincltn (4 days ago)
music and dancing, universal and timeless
Bill T (4 days ago)
At less than 5 minutes, this video should be included in both USC and UCLA film school as an example of film editing. Best "amateur" editing I've ever seen.
Zero 2 Hiroki (4 days ago)
This just proves that old dances are better than today’s dancing. Seriously... dabbing and twerking isn’t dancing!!!! It’s tasteless!!
dani2906ify (4 days ago)
Just awesome! Can't Stop watching! GREAT!!
Douglas Ison (5 days ago)
Man would I love to hear the original music score for these videos...
David K (5 days ago)
I think I was born out of time!
Robert Rowlands (5 days ago)
Perfect! thanks!
Sandra Garcia (5 days ago)
incredible editing!!
ETC (5 days ago)
An amazing 5 minutes...
Elliott Bradley (5 days ago)
""Love It ✨💖🙌🙌😉🙌🙌!!!!"
Clay Campbell (5 days ago)
I wonder if Bruno Mars has seen this, and if so what he thinks of it?
smiler (5 days ago)
When I see Shirley Temple I get so sad for her. Though the clips with her tapping with the black dude are absolutely fine. He was respectful of her boundaries and respectful to her as a professional little person. Other colleagues I hope are burning in hell.
Janice M (5 days ago)
You have created a masterpiece here. Thank you!
tulipsonuranus (5 days ago)
At 4:31, I called my orthopedic doctor for advisement...
tulipsonuranus (5 days ago)
This is just genius. !!!
george acker (5 days ago)
maybe the best entertainment vid i have ever seen just fabulous
Great - check out Sonja Henie https://youtu.be/ZJB4cjPhbvg
cheryll hamilton (6 days ago)
So fun. Thanks for doing this video.
Steve Hall (6 days ago)
Excellent editing, thanks!
Marie Ropitini (6 days ago)
S.L. S.L. (6 days ago)
Genius! Great job
Mongo L (6 days ago)
2:10 It would appear that certain things were missed by the censors. I'm filing a complaint
Well done!!! Some really good dancing here. 😊😊😊😊😊👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Donnalee Anon (6 days ago)
That was absolutely awesome I am an oldies movie fan and I loved every minute of it
Fantastic 👏👏👏👏
Maria Kelly (6 days ago)
#67. George Murphy. In 1969, my 5 siblings and I were trapped in a nightmare Irish orphanage. My mom had to come back to the US so she wouldn't lose her green card (we were US birthright citizens). She didn't have the money to bring us back with her. Her relatives wouldn't help, so we were placed in Goldenbridge, one of the worse Irish orphanages. By 1969, George Murphy had become an US Senator from California. My mom contacted him, and basically he got all 6 of us out of that hellhole. Thank you, Senator Murphy, RIP.
kent jordan (6 days ago)
3:41 💃💃
Mollie Su (6 days ago)
This is one of THE BEST compilations ever!!!
Jerry Finger (6 days ago)
REALLY????? 4.5 thousand DON'T Like this?????? What's not to like? Bruno Mars.....Great Song..Even GREATER Dancing.....It's everything you could want and 45 hundred don't like it. It is truly the end of civilization as we know it......sad
jere lee (7 days ago)
Hats off to ya!
Gabrielle Tollerson (7 days ago)
This is so cool 😶
RatLover7 (7 days ago)
I would kiss you if you were in front of me! Thank You! Absolutely Amazing!
Stevi Michael (7 days ago)
How could anyone give this a thumbs down..and so many..best dancers, period!
AudioMaverick.com (7 days ago)
Absolutely awesome! I need to buy this and similar videos for my DJ! Just heard about this and ams heading to the suggested links, right now (:>)
Judy Dykstra-Brown (7 days ago)
Whoever put this together is a genius. They deserve to be acknowledged. Does anyone know who did?
Karen Ritter (8 days ago)
The circle of life past and present it all comes back
Paul Sharp (8 days ago)
This is brilliant. And I’m sure it wasn’t easy to do but what a great job😎
Cassidy Beckstrand (8 days ago)
what movies or the clips from?
Emma Hoggard (8 days ago)
Im supposed to be working on homework, but watching this is worth so much more than an A on my assignment.
Ironie Knokke (8 days ago)
Superb !
Fred C. Wilson III (8 days ago)
Wow! Talkin' about BAD ASSSSSSS; this video is IT!!
Sheri Fitzgerald (8 days ago)
This vid is saved in my favourites. It's juicy with talent. It always cheers me up. 😎💖
peterbstrong (8 days ago)
Serendipity..."The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. As in "a fortunate stroke of serendipity". As in finding this video on YT by pure accident. I cannot erase the smile from my face. Like they used to say (paraphrasing), "I been out East and I been out West, but this is some of the stuff I like the best !" Kudos
James Helring (8 days ago)
Agree best editing ever and so perfect. Those stars of old could do it all
TheMadScotsman mckay (8 days ago)
The music sucks but very well put together👍👏
Carskinify (8 days ago)
Man, you did a good job.
soopi (8 days ago)
Not much has changed really. Just reinvented. Lol
1operamom (9 days ago)
Very impressive film editing.
Susan Ryan (9 days ago)
The best was Laurel and Hardy!
Charles Price (9 days ago)
Fred Astaire always loved new ways to update his dance routines. He would have loved this.
Charles Price (9 days ago)
This always makes me feel better.
Akira Senpai (9 days ago)
why am i watching this at 1:38 AM
lucy bond (9 days ago)
Wow. I mean WOW !!!!! Whoever put this video together THANKS !!! Puts a different perspective on "old timey" dancers. This was fantastic !!!
Missy Garrett (10 days ago)
Whoever put this video together. It's phenomenal. My mom use to teach that style of dancing. ☺. I'm going to share this with her & she's going to absolutely love it.
Judy Sims (10 days ago)
Great mix of the old and new...well put together
Walter Shumate (10 days ago)
Lol! they really were America's greatest generation.. great production.
Rebekah Logue (10 days ago)
I’m just here for Gene Kelly
Mrs MadMoggy (10 days ago)
This is awesome..great complication of old time classics...thank you👍
James Hicks (10 days ago)
💘 it
alwright (10 days ago)
This was so clever! Well done.
Joyce E (10 days ago)
Genius. So much fun to watch!
Rainy Day (10 days ago)
this is significantly better than la la land
Ros Narun L 'O Connell (10 days ago)
Genius video.
Robert Hutchison (10 days ago)
Brilliant..everything was spot on..Well done
loverlips7771 (10 days ago)
Wow spot on!
Fantastic edition. Everything matches at last detail.
drumcorps0junkie (11 days ago)
Rob Z (11 days ago)
hahaha, very weird..

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