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InfoWars | Men Wear Pink, Women Wear The Pants | Metrosexual Inc.

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Is mainstream media a good or bad influence on male and female relations? Are men being made more femenine by design? Or is it just a product of our evolution into a more open & liberal society? The feminizing of the modern man has reached epidemic levels. It seems impossible to pick up a magazine, or watch a movie or TV show, without being told how terrible men are, or how a man needs to act like a goofy comedian, or an overly sensitive wimp if he wants to attract women. The feminized, or "metrosexual males" take on the role of being soft, passive, femeinine men, who pluck their eyebrows, wear skin tight clothing, and posess many other feminine qualities. In contrast, they present their version of the masculine male as an overly aggressive, irresponsible, beer drinking, sports obsessed chauvinist. I think the problem is obvious... As the globalist-financed femenist movement took root, and women continued to gain more positions of power and influence, our society has continuously promoted the idea of men and women being in conflict with one another. The message is clear: women are good, & men are horrible women oppressors who need to act more like women. Women on the other hand are being oppressed, and need to live more like men to be worthwhile or happy. I remember a while back I used to look at guys who tried really hard to be masculine and think they were confused. You know, the guys in the big monster trucks and the cut off sleeves, or the guys wearing big baggy "G-Unit" clothes and trying extra hard to look mean. Looking back, I completely understand why they were doing this & why they don't want to be like those other guys. Unfortunately, it seems like women are often stuck between two opposite extremes, neither of which are genuine, and neither of which is an accurate representation of what a healthy, well-situated male should represent. The biggest tool used to promote these stereotypes is the media. An article on AskMen. coM DEPICTS AN all-too familiar sitcom story. On Everybody Loves Raymond , the overly submissive Ray Barone is expected to endure his wife Debra's bitchiness, lack of sexual desire and anti-male insults as she obsessively controls every aspect of his behavior. When he wants to play golf, he's "not taking care of his family"; when he wants to relax in front of the TV after work, he "never shares his feelings;" and when he wants to have sex, he's "constantly annoying her." On the other hand, you have media-prostitutes like Madonna, Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian being presented as positive role models and what young women should aspire to be. what message does this send? Become a sex object, go against everything pure, and you will become rich, famous and powerful.I believe this is being done by design. In Aaron Russo's film, he avidly talks about his conversations with a Rockefeller and how he explained to him that the globalist financed femenist movement was not about helping women, but about getting women into the workforce, and thus being able to collect more tax money and having a better chance at indoctrinating our children early on. This is evil masking itself as Liberty, no different then when they decided women should smoke so they created "Liberty Smokes" and put out images of happy, liberated women smoking on toxic cigarettes as a sign of freedom. Studies across the board show women are less happy then ever, divorce rates are higher then ever, and more children are growing up without a solid family foundation. The media constantly tells us how having a creer is more important then being a caring mother, and even promotes abortion as a women's right, when in fact it only damages our sacred role as wives, mothers & caretakers. All of this goes against the laws of nature, which is what the globalists love to do. They love to play god, and so their whole plan of taking what's pure and poisoning it doesn't end with male female relations.. The family, our health, our children & even our very identity is being sabotaged by people like the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, and other population control cheerleaders. Unless we can learn to help each other, we're always going to be victimized and used as puppets by the globalists. If you support me in this idea, please share this video and let everybody know that real men and women stand as one... Special Thanks: http://infowars.com http://prisoplanet.com http://miloboz.com If you like my video check Milo Boz's InfoWars report @ http://youtube.com/MiloBoz as well.
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jennifur zoe (3 years ago)
the reporter is a Hottie & i would 💘 to serve & service Her if She'd like a sub c.d.,i'd 💘 to be Her bitch
Maniac221 (3 years ago)
you looks beautiful
groupsaredumb (6 years ago)
well what about all of the women that we men would like to see being more feminine? I dont want a girl to be one of the guys. If I wanted that, id go and date one of the guys. go get your nails and hair done, put on a pretty dress or mini skirt, make men think you want to avoid mud not roll around in it.
Terry MaC (6 years ago)
This is silly. I agree that men are presented foolishly in movies and TV, but fashion trends change all the time. At least men don't wear powdered wigs anymore. What about Scottish kilts? Tell a Scot they're not manly!
sadplateofbacon (6 years ago)
I'm sorry, but I just can't help but notice how incredibly huge this reports boobs are lol *troll face*
kingofqwerty (6 years ago)
Can't stand the dumb background music.
drue48lawz (6 years ago)
If our great-grandads saw most of us now, they'd be laughing at us.
FUN144 (7 years ago)
Great info :) Check out this daily mail article that will blow ur mind about supporting transgender boys in primary schools: dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2161585/Sir-Michael-stop-schools-bulldozed-minority-rights-lobby-groups.html
Glenn Zarmanov (7 years ago)
wow. just wow. my sentiments exactly. I noticed this ever since I was a little boy, that there are double standards when it comes to the genders and women are now held up on a pedestal--especially legally.
Photobot (7 years ago)
Good job girl!! Dobro! Spasibo!
NATIONALCOMMUNISM666 (7 years ago)
also i'm very smart though the coment i left where kind of stupid. peace love 666
NATIONALCOMMUNISM666 (7 years ago)
you hear of women right activist well I'm kind of A men right activist... my problem with this vedio is I see the right of one to dress an act as A big part of not only man right but humen right... basicaly i want to empower men though get rid of the concept of A real man an replace with compleate inderviduality an androgyny.
NATIONALCOMMUNISM666 (7 years ago)
I was not in A functioning state of mind when i wrote that... the reason i said was I was half way int o it any yo said somthing about the wife on every body love ramond be a bitch an made a refrence to it is feminist... I alway though that but did not know orther pepole had the same opinion... i can see you where not making fun of men now to be honest I sort of thought you where A feminist parodying alex jone yes i regret writing that. continue.
NATIONALCOMMUNISM666 (7 years ago)
it no worst then super baggy jeam like some guy wear that like constantly fal off there ass an they can't relly run from th epolice or any thing cause of it an though I don't think it cool i relize that it there right to wear cause that what what freedom an librity is About inderviduality an ability to do as one want... also not the subject but some pepole relly do have depression it hard to tell why some act one way or anorther an I like gothic or dark expression though yes emo is stupid.
NATIONALCOMMUNISM666 (7 years ago)
ok I'm not talking about emo actuly i don't like emo i'm like gothic culture an in my opiniom emo are this A marketed rip off of goth... i'm talking about androgyny as in combing feminine an masculine charecteritics women already have androgyny in Away an that one reason female fashion culture an so on is clearly superior to male... also though I agree some men over do tight jean women wear them an some women like tight jean an some don't...
Steve Canon (7 years ago)
I think the illuminate what to start drafting women.
Steve Canon (7 years ago)
Leykis 101 !
Steve Canon (7 years ago)
Stop smoking that stuff . . .
Wize Minsc (7 years ago)
Ron paul sucks
J8cobsL8dder (7 years ago)
Be yourself! "Gay" is popular in mainstream media right now but understand that women and men are making connections everyday and not on what they're being spoon-fed to them. If you're a man, then be one! Be obnoxious, fart in public, scratch yourself. If you really understood women then you'd understand that a nice hairdo and skinny jeans aren't going to get you laid anytime soon. Be a man first and then a woman will come to you. Don't go out of your way to impress. Grow a pair!
NATIONALCOMMUNISM666 (7 years ago)
you display androgynous charecteritics but refuse to extend those same right to men.
NATIONALCOMMUNISM666 (7 years ago)
it also hosre shit that this chick sit there with her pant on an talk about what guy are doing wrong why not put on you fucking skirt an dress an listion to A man genraly A women can wear or she want but A man can't right.
NATIONALCOMMUNISM666 (7 years ago)
this is sarcasem I think she making fun of men she relly A feminist this thought I let you men who voted this up in on that.
Clint Flournoy (7 years ago)
Ever wonder how guys get back child support that's 60-70-80K? That means that when they split up, she went and got welfare and every dime they gave her, he'll pay back when she gets a CSO on him! It's also a way to put some particular men in financial ruin so they'll never be able to acquire anything and I think this is wrong, simply because he's divorced. Because of these courts, I think in the future, we'll begin to see more violent, bloody conflicts between men and women in this country!
Clint Flournoy (7 years ago)
I think if the government and court systems stayed the hell out of people's marriages and made divorce not so easy an option for women, they'd work harder at making their marriages work. I pity any man going thru a divorce w/children. That so-called family court will shown him that no good deed goes unpunished!
Clint Flournoy (7 years ago)
Yep, you're correct and there's much more to it than most may think! Divorce is more popular than marriage is and it seems to be all the rave for women these days! Children growing up without fathers for African American families back in the 60's & 70's however, it seems to be much more prevalent among many other races now. We now live in a society that's hell-bent on destroying strong men and it seems that whenever they take a stand, everyone's against them, the family courts are proof of it
HornSpeakersSuk (7 years ago)
WoW! How nice 2 C some1 besides me W/a keen grasp of the obvious =D
bammbamm12 (7 years ago)
Divorce has a lot to do with it. Mothers usually get custody, so boys grow up without a role model. Mothers take their kids to get their hair styled.
Clint Flournoy (7 years ago)
You figured this out partner, I'm proud of you, reach 'em and teach 'em!
Clint Flournoy (7 years ago)
Nothing, absolutely nothing! Women who only want be housewives and mothers, can get just about any man to work 2 jobs because he knows his woman will take care of his home and children. He'll beat his chest and do whatever he has to do to make sure they're taken care of and whoa to the man that messes with his woman, hell is coming his way if he does! These women make any man proud, strong and confident.
Clint Flournoy (7 years ago)
Good topic. The women who have the most success with men and relationships, are the ones who don't fight or intimidate them. The ones who only want to be WOMEN! Relationships that happen from physical attraction, don't seem to last long, look at Kim Kardashian, nice looking woman, can't keep a man to save her underwear! Teach men to fall in love with your spirit and you'll always have one. I've met women 130 lbs, couldn't stand them, met woman 200 lbs, love them and why? It's their spirit!
Astral geared (7 years ago)
I heard it was from car plastic = vapor it changes the hormons,
qnaydz (7 years ago)
To me, if i think of a healthy natural well situated male, I'm going to think of a man who mostly relies off of instinct, and is most likely going to be very old fashioned. It's obvious that men have become more feminine, but how is bringing that up going to change anything? Better yet, how is it going to better humans? It's not, and it really doesn't matter. People need to do what they feel
qnaydz (7 years ago)
Obviously you've just woken up to the feminizing of men; it's been happening longer than you think, even since before "guys wore baggy pants and shirts without sleeves". Ever heard of the 80's glam metal scene? I'm sure you have actually... But anyway, you say "none of these are the actual representation of a healthy well situated male"... but where's your reference? Where's your idea of a "perfect man"? Didn't that come from the globalists in the FIRST PLACE?
E.Cornel Centeno (7 years ago)
wow u are smart sharp awake and a cute canadian. marry me
offtwik23 (7 years ago)
I'm not really sure whats wrong with feminine men, I prefer them :/
Blake Williams (7 years ago)
Cool video Ajda. I invite you to join the Toronto Infowarriors group on Planet Infowars.
TheFoxfeather (7 years ago)
Thank you,your the first who doesn't just bash out someone because they are a feminist but I feel that women have enough opportunities, YET, they do many mistakes... idk i see this in my community and i get angered by the way they act. Also, the media portrays them in a way that is very inappropriate, same for men which is sadly catching up to them :/
Tame Impala (7 years ago)
Great upload, thanks heaps for sharing! I have been looking for a video covering the feminization of men for ages now. I couldn't agree with you more, totally programmed through the media. Luckily I have not succumb to this bullshit as I take little interest in mainstream media. Long hair, baggy jeans and band shirts ftw!
Jesus Christ (7 years ago)
why is there a few frames of a static old tv at around 3:20?
RJSoftware2000 (7 years ago)
I was wondering what the level 3 was gonna look like... Maybe he gets a pair of He hooters. But that is what Bisphenol-A does to men because the liver fails to process the excess estrogen that Bpa creates.
Deathrape2001 (7 years ago)
No, not 'globalists' or 'nwo' or 'bilderbargers' or bla bla bla - it's the bankster JEWS behind it, followed by the rest of the jews, etc. Sure, some corrupt, suicidal whites facilitate it 2, but if jews were out of the picture, corruption would B slashed about 80% & everybody on Earth knows it, including YOU =D Please stop using bull$hit smoke screen krap code words 4 'jews'. Say JEWS! Alex Jones is married 2 1, so of course never admits it.
Deathrape2001 (7 years ago)
A land whale pretending that masculinity = hideous weak scumbag with a handlebar mustache, & fag = aryan with muscles, but has light pants (oh the horror). Hey cow, how about U stop shoving an endless pile of cheeseburgers into your face, & stop bleaching your hair as if 2 pretend U give a fuk about your loox. Then maybe a real man will want U, instead of the low-rent garage mechanic pot bellied garbage in the animation. You're insane. Oh let me guess, U fuk Africans? Lard is a magnet 4 blax.
Teressa Brewer (7 years ago)
EXCELLENT and I'm so glad that you have brought this to everyone's awareness. I've been thinking and feeling the very same. Well done!
Teressa Brewer (7 years ago)
Did you mean "soil" or soul? If you meant "soil," then you are just part of the problem!
deepthinker80 (7 years ago)
Great report! This is something that upsets me more than anything else being done by the globalists. Women are absolutely being turned against us men! Men are being encouraged to live up to the bad stereotypes and we are all suffering. Most of all children are suffering from not having good families.
TheSlenderman (7 years ago)
you probably dident hear a word she said. because if you did you would have something better to say.
TheSlenderman (7 years ago)
women are being used by the illuminati as weapons of control over males. and the females think that its proper. and at the same time women are under control by magazines and comercials and media showing what is expected of them. this world is fucked. to know the truth as a whole would cause one to do drastic things.
V X Victory (7 years ago)
Female Hormones in the food too + Media Brainwash
argent2020 (7 years ago)
I don't think that Men is being femenized, just victimized by the system. We are bad and women are good.
Chad Roberts (7 years ago)
What planet are you on? I think just the opposite. And the spat about Everybody loves Raymond is a lie.
Sam Hamelin (7 years ago)
Nice to see bigorty is alive and well in america. There is no such thing as a 'normal' man or woman. I know some of you have a problem believing that people can be born different to you, but sorry, it happens. Nothing but thinly veiled homophobia here.
Brian The Science Show (7 years ago)
Bravo! Nicely done video!
Vladimir Voystofsky (7 years ago)
Silly nonsense. Men are no more feminized than women are being given hormones to be more masculine. Figures, it's Infowars.com and Alex Jones.
Glitter (7 years ago)
this lady in the video is a hottie! she never has to worry about a liberal man flirting with her!
Glitter (7 years ago)
YEH! especially white liberal 'men' the main reason white women become lesbians is their 'men' are sissies!
TheFoxfeather (7 years ago)
I'm confused about being a feminist because it seems that it just generates more hate but I just want to fight for the wrongdoings of modern woman being portrayed in society.
chrissup19 (7 years ago)
I've told so many people, it's got a lot to do with the BPA in our plastic, the day when plastic baby bottles became the norm was the day we saw the begining of the decline of gender/masculinity/purity, everything, but that is just one aspect among sooooo many, and people are so blind to it. I've tried to explain it to people, they are too stupid to understand, Thank God there are not only smart guys but girls too, you should feel proud, there is a little hope.
Travis Chandler (7 years ago)
There IS a war between men and women. I worked at a McDonalds, started my sophmore year of high school, and it was run by women, 7 years later I was totally experienced, knew the place like the back of my hand, but again it was about female power, they were needing a new manager and they promoted an 18 year old girl who has only been there for a year, where i was there for 7, so I walked out, didnt even give a notice, just walked out, THATS SEXISM AND JUST ABOUT ANY WOMAN I TALKED TO DISAGREED
13 WhiteKnights (7 years ago)
This is just so true. For example when I'm in the mall to buy something (I can't stay longer than an hour and after 30 minutes I already get tired) I see the so called "modern youth" and their strange behavior. When I think about all the problems we're in, I say to myself, my god, if that's the future for this country, you have a MAJOR problem if you cannot defend/protect yourself (with the 3 G's, advice I took from Mr Celente).
Monica23 (7 years ago)
Get me to a decompression chamber to ease me down from the intellectual heights you inhabit these days Alex!...And what a heady panel of rocket scientists you've got to express it. Dig this...Libertarianism means you have the right to do+behave in any manner you choose because it's who you are+to be in any type of relationship(s) you like because you are FREE + don't need the nanny state gender police asking for your papers.Some people are traditional, some not, some both. This is LIBERTY.
Zathora Serina (7 years ago)
yes Agreed but it starts with kids TV shows like Disney stuff and Tree house....
Vermino (7 years ago)
whoa whoa, men being feminine? because it's not like back in 1776 men from England wore wigs and make-up. Even in today, you see our justice system still use the trend of court dress which a judge has to wear a gown. No it's not that feminine is becoming a trend, it's that it's finally reaching the surface. Good explain is the sex scandals for "rockefellers" usually into some weird fetish. Technology brought the world to open up and it is.

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