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GIANT Maze Labyrinth for Cat Kittens. Can they EXIT?

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In this video I show you how to make Giant Cardboard Maze Game for your cat or kittens. It's a fun project for you and your pets. If you like the video, share it, like it and subscribe for more. My kittens laugh at me when I try to solve maze puzzle, so I decided to build them a giant labyrinth and check their skills. To make the Labyrinth, all you need is some cardboard and free time. First use your imagination to create the route. Then fold the sheets and make your maze. Similar maze can be made for hamster or a rat. Help your pets develop their spatial coordination. Music: "Outfoxing the Fox" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (27639)
It is so CUTE!
I am from Russia
song dancer (1 hour ago)
this maze look likes maze runner
Martam Dwi (6 hours ago)
Jago banget aku jadi suka kamu 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Hermione Barrow (7 hours ago)
And the blue collar at the end was GAYyyYYyY
Hermione Barrow (7 hours ago)
The red collar cat was a good boy
:3 alejandro (8 hours ago)
tubericky (13 hours ago)
Congratulations Red Cat, you're awesome
Tomas J Martinez (20 hours ago)
I Love kitties!
lutv dwank (21 hours ago)
Natacha Bonilla Pérez (22 hours ago)
Q linbos
Asli Dalka (1 day ago)
Asli Dalka (1 day ago)
laid benarab (1 day ago)
هذ القط شجاع و ذكي
Giuseppe nicula (1 day ago)
I love cat
Oyunlar Diyari (1 day ago)
Mary Alice E (1 day ago)
that is So Cool how Do i Do that😯😃😊☺😇💞💝💐🏩💌💖🌠👑🗻
Jasmine Jordan (1 day ago)
Maze thing was cool the blue cat was a scary cat red cat cool AWESOME
My Hot Family Slime (1 day ago)
LOVE ♥️ love you video 🧡💛💛. Come to my channel 😁👍😘
Я весьма люблю кошек,🐱🐈😻
Efi Andrakakou (1 day ago)
Τι γλυκουλικα μικρα γατακια μπραβο στο κοκκινο
Mohammed Bouazza (1 day ago)
واو واوا ان القط دکيا😉👍👌
Duvan Meza (1 day ago)
ADLANI TV (1 day ago)
cute 🐅🐆🐧😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😾🐨🐺🐱
장냥하냥 (1 day ago)
냥이 장난감을 만들어 주신거군요 와 ~~너희들은 좋은집사님 만나서 좋겠당~행복해라👉🎁👈선물내려놓구갑니다~~
HOÀI VIỆT (1 day ago)
Wow! This cat really came out of the labyrinth
Cherine Ifrah (1 day ago)
Cute !❤️❤️❤️
سنفو رة (2 days ago)
Cute, kawaii, mignon
Kijara Gak (2 days ago)
limissss (2 days ago)
Alejandra Pinzon (2 days ago)
Super chebre😄👑👑💜💙💞💖😸
Patrick McMullin (2 days ago)
Not surprising!Cats are groovy!
Raven dark (2 days ago)
My cat would love this I'm going to make one right now
Nikolay Gubanov (2 days ago)
Its so funny этак мило😍😍😍😍😍
Christian Capers (2 days ago)
Tell me that isn't the smartest cat in the world🌏 👍🏻=😻
Eva Morrison (2 days ago)
I think it is cute at the end because the cat loves on the other one
joão Carlos Tenório (2 days ago)
lindo parabéns ganhou tô batendo até P Palma
Débora Cristina (4 hours ago)
eu também comemorei kkkkkkkkkkk
James Looby (2 days ago)
2:01 He beat the system
Kelly Wolfe (3 days ago)
Lol...... jumped straight out 💜💚💟💛💙
Bilal Yuksel (1 day ago)
Kelly Wolfe cat
Awesomecat2011 (3 days ago)
My Favorite Animal Are Cat Flamingo And Shiraffe
Vinay G (3 days ago)
The blue ringed cat is just appreciating the red ribbon cat Lol 🐈😻😻😻😻😻😼😽😹😸😹😹😸😺
Наталия В (3 days ago)
Michał Kuba (2 days ago)
Jessie Chen (3 days ago)
2:46 AWW! Are they sisters or brothers?
Молодец красныи
Hema Osama (3 days ago)
Yandere_ Otaku (3 days ago)
Soooooooo cutie!
123 321 (3 days ago)
Rayven Harris (3 days ago)
That cat is smart that one is smart so m Smart to find the exit
Shaayankiller -dab- (3 days ago)
If my cat or kitten was here he would jump over every thing
Any Lara (3 days ago)
Que bonito
BRANDON SCOTT (3 days ago)
dat cat thou. he jumped out like ' nope not doin this'
CREATION TUBE (3 days ago)
Almost CLOSE! 999k Subscribers! I am with you! Please shoutout my name when you give 1M special video or Unboxing the GOLD PLAY BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amaarra Coffee (4 days ago)
Wow so fast how
Familia Phonr (4 days ago)
Hebat ya kucing nya
Teh Botol (4 days ago)
Paula Sandoval (4 days ago)
Que hermosos
Dinesh Singkh (4 days ago)
when the blue cat jumped over temaze it was hilaurious i was dieing of laughter and i just kept rwining it
nguyệt ánh (4 days ago)
Trơi ơi qua gioi😍😘😗😄
cindy b (4 days ago)
Either they will or they will not
Sara Pereyra (4 days ago)
Que buen laberinto 😁
Canal da Emanuelle (4 days ago)
Jahaira Horna (4 days ago)
Alejandro 302 jaja (4 days ago)
Pro total 👌
Ali Hdez (4 days ago)
Do you know? : you wanna do this
Ashley gray (4 days ago)
i love the red cat
Natasha Oshovska (4 days ago)
Super 😃😃
Gabriely Majolo (4 days ago)
CREATION TUBE (4 days ago)
Caution! Dont try to jump! THE blue was eliminated for cheating
offi_ eva (5 days ago)
Ink!Yuno 1357 (5 days ago)
The Blue cat is a hacker??!!!😑😑😑
Mom Lay (5 days ago)
Soe Good
Jerime Pilapil (5 days ago)
Stefania Perez (5 days ago)
Tendran un sexto sentido?
The red is clever he imagine he is in a fish mart and he imagine that tje fish is in the finish line
vinícius iran (5 days ago)
Quem gostou da 👍
vinícius iran (5 days ago)
Ari Suseno (5 days ago)
Kitten yuo like
Neon Creep (5 days ago)
The Awesome Balora (5 days ago)
Lol so cute
Que feo
Clara Quintana (5 days ago)
Cuando te vas a demorar dos horas una hora tres horas 24 horas yo sé que no
Clara Quintana (5 days ago)
Tú eres genial la otra fue peor pues claro que ella era muy chiquita no podría hacer lo que hizo la otra gata pues no entra otra torpe tú es que ella ni siquiera tuvo esa medalla así que podría ganar la medalla esa otra gata pero no teléfono inteligentegatita otra
Кто любит кошек и котов --лайк.
christian gerena (5 days ago)
Lley cul
Emo Kanlica (5 days ago)
Minh Sử Hồ (5 days ago)
ố la la
Jayden Ammeraal (5 days ago)
Woooooooow rood katje win🤗😪😃❤️👈🐞🦋
김성진 (5 days ago)
Eden Prado (5 days ago)
Dorota Tyra (6 days ago)
Krish Thapa (6 days ago)
8 6 lol
Lan Phung (6 days ago)
Meo vua gioi vua ngoan
Chusnul chotimah (6 days ago)
Liony Hernandez (6 days ago)
Raihan New Jr (6 days ago)

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