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Arcade Mode Redux! - Episode 42 - Let's Play Secrets of Grindea Arcade Mode

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With the release of the brand new talent system, arcade mode should be a cakewalk.... not at all. Join me as I bumble my way through arcade mode trying out various builds. Feel free to comment with any builds you'd like me to try out! :D Ever wanted to play Zelda Online? While developing your own character with unique skills? With a very robust/fluid combat system? And having a side roguelike mode for longevity and challenge? If any of this interests you, Secrets of Grindea is the game for you. Secrets of Grindea is an online ARPG with many hints of zeldas tossed in there. The combat system is very combo-able and rewards skillfully timed actions. A room-by-room Roguelike mode is currently being developed by the Secrets of Grindea development team (Pixel Ferrets) Secrets of Grindea main website: http://www.secretsofgrindea.com/ Secrets of Grindea is currently in Closed Beta with the beta sign up here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/secrets-of-grindea/forum/thread/register-here1 Follow Secrets of Grindea Here: @PixelFerrets Developer Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/fred_pixelferrets/profile ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Check out my channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/IHeartPieGaming Add me on Skype (iheartcakez) if you want to meet/talk to/play with some cool people! Music from outro is from MiTiS Find him here: https://soundcloud.com/mitis Intro music: Happy Lullaby (Song 17) - Cynicmusic Find it here: http://opengameart.org/content/happy-lullaby-song17 Follow me on Twitter @IHeartPieGaming for updates + gaming stoofs :3! Recommend me games by email at [email protected]! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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Text Comments (12)
deirox (4 years ago)
ok, pretty sure he is dead by now
Nesan Furtado (4 years ago)
dead at 1HP
da guy (4 years ago)
why a long wait?
deirox (4 years ago)
moar pls
Gaming Assassins FTW (4 years ago)
magic build
Avery Zhou (4 years ago)
Pleas do more... It's been a long time... I need more vids form you because they are awesome...
da guy (4 years ago)
attack and block and
da guy (4 years ago)
go for chese cake and the bugs
da guy (4 years ago)
its AWSOME to be back!!!
IHeartPieGaming (4 years ago)
wikkywikkynat (4 years ago)
Ahhh after a nice birthday it's good to come back and relax to some pie....and some league of legends of course*hint*hint*nudge*nudge*
IHeartPieGaming (4 years ago)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D And fo sho :3. Shoot me an invite anytime you see me online =P.

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