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5 Year Old Girl Transgenders To Boy - Too Young?

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Jacob Lemay was born as a girl named Mia. Her parents noticed that at an early age, 2, Mia didn't seem to identify herself as a girl. She wasn't just a tomboy, so they allowed her to transgender to a boy at age 5, now known as Jacob. He goes to school as a boy. But many questions arise...feel free to ask them in the comment section. Those who have experienced this please answer. Comment with thoughts overall. COMMENTARY SOURCES: Jacob's Journey: Life as a Transgender 5-Year-Old NBC NEWS http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/transgender-kids/jacobs-journey-life-transgender-5-year-old-n345131 'It was his choice': Parents of five-year-old transgender boy share their son's transition story with the world to inspire other people to embrace their children's true identity THE DAILY MAIL http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3049056/Parents-five-year-old-transgender-boy-share-son-s-transition-story-world-order-inspire-people-embrace-child-s-true-identity.html#ixzz3XzTxNPH9 Parents Decide To Raise Transgender 5-Year-Old Jacob Lemay As A Boy INQUISITR http://www.inquisitr.com/2031046/parents-decide-to-raise-transgender-5-year-old-jacob-lemay-as-a-boy/#BHcZqXkZ9cVijXqp.99
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Text Comments (86)
aludeke (1 month ago)
It should be illegal to make your kids be transgender.
Timo Sarens (2 months ago)
He's sooo cuteeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Benjamin Yates (7 months ago)
Yea it’s way too young anyone under 18 is way too young to even consider this
Vic Arthropoda (1 year ago)
Transgenders to boy? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA Sorry i find this title funny. Transgender isn't a verb. Idk what it is but i do know its not a verb.
Brooke On Film (1 year ago)
I honestly believe that 20-30 years from now, there will be a political movement for more legislation regarding giving children hormone treatments and some grassroots organizations hailing this as abusive. I'm saying it will be 20-30 years because that is when the very young children (let's say 12 and under) will be adults and at that point in time many of them will begin to feel taken advantage of and realize their bodies have been  irreversibly mutilated WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. They will become the activists for change.
Sydnie Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
They did the right thing by letting her transition at a young age. I mean when you were 4 did you know if you were a boy or a girl. Also, there's nothing permanent about the situation until or if he decides to have surgery. Let him be who he want to be it doesn't effect you know does it?
Jakub Wrona (1 year ago)
I think this is not your case, you should not be discussing a topic that you never did. Every young person knows whether he is a boy or a girl, because he feels it is the same with transgender children. These children are normal and healthy, only in fetal life in 9 months, in one week the brain is brainstormed, and in one of the days this week the brain gender. Depending on which hormone predominates (male / female) such is the sex of the brain. These children do not choose for themselves. They were just born. It's a shame to move around such a topic as if it was something abnormal. Such parents and children need to be sympathetic to what they are going through and help them, not to hit them.
Raymond Armatino (1 year ago)
Its much too young. I wanted to be Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell my parents didnt let me transition into Zack Morris. Its a little child. I saw another bideo where the two lesbian trans parents were forcing there child that was born a boy to be a girl a 2 years old. I never thought child abuse would go mainstream
crusher420 1 (1 year ago)
that is very inappropriate for a little kid. people in California are a bunch of panzies in the first place my kids will know better than to be gay or straight thats why you teach them it is not right to be gay while there young but if they have feelings for a different gender when they get older thats ok its there choice because there older just dont come around my family
Chris Rembert (1 year ago)
The problem is, at 4 years old, kids brains are still underdeveloped. They change their minds all the time.
Jaimie LeClaire (2 years ago)
in my opinon, 5 is way too young for a child to make this decision. I think its ridiculous!!1
_x_._ash_._x_ (1 year ago)
Jaimie LeClaire nothing medical has happened he can still de transition which only happens to 5% of trans kids
Mary Viola (2 years ago)
i was a tomboy when i was younger thank god my parents NEVER wanted to call me bob or tom,,,,,dumb ass parents today....how do u let a 5 yrs old manipnulte you?......there is NO SUCH THINGS AS BEING IN THE WRONG BODY... they FEEL they r in the wrong body god doesnt make mistakes.....its tooooo much out there for kids to see, watch and be part of its child abuse to assisit in it..period.....
_x_._ash_._x_ (1 year ago)
Mary Viola nothing medical has happened and HE can still de transition if needed but only 5% of trans kids do
Jen Marott (2 years ago)
Definitely too young.
_x_._ash_._x_ (1 year ago)
Jen Marott nothing medical has happened and HE can still de transition if needed but only 5% of trans kids do
Siriuslygeeky -Batman (2 years ago)
also, *HE
Siriuslygeeky -Batman (2 years ago)
I'm glad that He's happy now:) I'm a Transboy too...
_x_._ash_._x_ (1 year ago)
Siriuslygeeky -Cas same here
aj gibson (2 years ago)
Ok first off to understand this he/she is too young to do that if and when he grows up and he said it was a phase she/he will blame the parents for initially changing him/her .If he does decide that he doesn't regret changing (the reason is kids are very indececisive) then as a transgender he/she should notify the circumstances and explain it to the person he/she has a relation ship with
_x_._ash_._x_ (1 year ago)
aj gibson nothing medical has happened and HE can still de transition if needed but only 5% of trans kids do
Der Kaiser (2 years ago)
3 year olds say a ton of shit. And if you live in a world were it's girls toys ONLY for girls and boy toys ONLY for boys then a kid who enjoys boys toys and comfortable clothes will go "I WANNA BE A GUY"
_x_._ash_._x_ (1 year ago)
Der Kaiser nothing medical has happened and HE can still de transition if needed but only 5% of trans kids do
Charleen Lance (2 years ago)
girl turn into a boy
Captain Tyler (2 years ago)
He's a very cute little boy, I'd be proud if he were my son.
Twiggy090984 (2 years ago)
Right know picking a bathroom is not an issue, he is only 5. He can go to any of the 2 accompanied by a parent or sibilant. No, the parents and students to his new school shouldn't be notified. Kids are very accepting and will probably be confused about the situation at first, just save the trouble and let them meet they new classmate as the gender he looks like and identifies. Other parents dont need to know since its likely that a religious nut will go out of thier way to make this families life impossible. These parents did what was in their child best interest.
Jamie Mara (2 years ago)
"he" is soooo cute
Daxton Rhead (2 years ago)
I knew I was a boy at five, I just didn't have to words to describe what I was feeling. I have known I was a boy my entire life, and having people call you a girl feels wrong. Also, for future reference, please use the pronouns that the transgender person currently uses even when talking about them in the past, i.e. only use he, him and his for Jacob as that is how he identifies).
o-ptimus prime (2 years ago)
"she wanted" but she didn't know it was a no no but the stupid parents went along with it. I was watching a video where a trans woman is dating a trans men. The young generation is being brought up confused thanks to the pervert parents with political or "celebrity" status power in this country. They're raising our kids to their pervert ways
Quintyra Wiley (2 years ago)
I'm surprised because i always see boys want to be girl's but this is different
Daxton Rhead (2 years ago)
+Quintyra Wiley Transgender girls are more common but us transgender guys do exist. Also there is nothing about this that is a choice. Trust me, being trans is not easy.
Cool Kid (2 years ago)
Awesome parents 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Ayama-Ann Yamamoto (2 years ago)
I'm proud of those parents. They knew the right thing to do, because I knew I wanted to be a girl since I was 3. If I hadn't have moved with my grandparents I would have probably ended my life out of hatred of my own body.
Christopher Jones (3 years ago)
if he decides that he acherly didnt want to 🐝 a boy he can stop acting like one
Radu Elf (3 years ago)
One think that's really traditional and stupid is that girls must play with girls' toys and boys with boys' toys. I doubt that this is such a good way to see if a boy or a girls is less or more masculine. This is not the most correct standard. Boys can be still masculine and play with dolls and girls can still be feminine and play with tanks.
Betsy Faircloth (3 years ago)
no..I do not think5years of age is too young &I have no issue with trans people at all;never have never will
LYPTIS (3 years ago)
He he he , he is a he not a she
LYPTIS (3 years ago)
Lord Spoda (3 years ago)
+awesomedirt3 I gets confusing, lol.
TheOneTrueJRW (3 years ago)
It's impossible to determine whether or not this transition came to early, because it's impossible to determine what exactly causes gender dysphoria (sp?).  However I say regardless the age, if the kid wants to be identified as the opposite gender, then you should support that.  Maybe it'll turn out to be a phase, maybe it won't.  I feel there's still too little information about this to make any call that can't be scrutinized and criticized.
EPA18 (3 years ago)
Mia does NOT know she's "in the wrong body."  She's w-a-a-y too young for what the parents are doing.  The parents truly are idiots, they should have first tried therapy to get Mia to identify with being a female.
iclassyfilms (3 years ago)
I'm like that
Vicki Lawrence (3 years ago)
I think that if he wants to be a boy for now let him.. They didn't change anything physical so when he is older if he wants to be a girl again he can... Its his life his choice
dawfurby (3 years ago)
There are so many problematic things with this video, this man, and several of your comments. Firstly, this was the boy's decision, not the parents. I commend the parents for doing what would make the child happiest in his life. Secondly, who the fuck cares what age the boy decides to do this? His life is not ruined if he is smiling and having the time of his life as a boy.
Chris Rembert (1 year ago)
dawfurby Because, children change their minds all the time.
ElAteoMexicano (2 years ago)
+Lord Spoda At that age "transitioning" simply consists of a haircut and wearing boys cloths. Puberty blockers wouldn't be in the picture till about age 11. I think that if the kid wants to be dressed like a boy and be called Jacob, there's not much harm. If by age 11 (s)he is still adamant that (s)he wants to be a boy, it's probably not going to change.
Lord Spoda (3 years ago)
+dawfurby No, there's nothing problematic with my video. There is a lot problematic with your comment, however. I'm on the side of the LGBT community. I'm all for someone transitioning to a different sex when they've reached an age where they're mature mentally, emotionally and physically. 5 years old ain't it.
Toni Stark (3 years ago)
Seriously what the fuck ? In what way do Jacobs genitals concern other parents ? Everyone should seriously calm down. Nothing is permanent here, if he decides to life as a girl later on, he may do so. But until then, those parents have my deepest respect for supporting their child in the most loving way possible.
Ellie Troup (3 years ago)
i say good for the parents.. jacob knew what he wanted and was unhappy being a girl and it wasnt going to change. for the people who are talking shit about thism tell me would u rather have a depressed child and a child that could grow up thinking their a freak for the way they think? a 5 year old knows what sex and gender are if the right info was given. parents today are scared to talk about that stuff when their kid asks but its worse to wait til later. children are not dumb and its better to give them the right info before they get the wrong info later on.. i knew what sex and all that was when i was 5 and if my boy asks me questions im not going to tell him hes to young or whatever cause i turned out just fine and so has others i know.. but just cause jacob is 5 doesnt mean he doesnt know what he wants.. so stop treating kids like their stupid and dont know anything.. its jacobs life so what does it matter to u..
Rakin Mendez (3 years ago)
I'm not at all ok with this. Way too early...this should be a personal decision at a responsible age.
Kat Ackerman (3 years ago)
when I was 5 I wanted to be a "movie star". Then a "dog". My sister wanted to be a man like my dad (so she could drink beer). Neither of us had any idea what any of that meant. Glad my parents didn't take me seriously and transpecies me into a dog. Sure I would have been happy. The attention alone would have been great. Drinking out of a bowl on the floor...yeah! ...but instead I grew up and realized that, while I loved dogs, and appreciated movie stars, I really wanted to be me. And my sister, as it turns out, never did like beer and never wanted to really be a man. ...I sure hope these parents aren't pushing adult interpretations of sexuality on a toddler. That's just wrong.
Rachel Kelly (3 years ago)
All these comments are suggesting that what the parents did is wrong, unfair, and permanent. Okay, so Jacob wants to be a boy at the age of 5. He is wearing boy clothes and has a short haircut and he is happy. Then maybe one day in the future he will want to be a girl. That's okay too! Seriously it's NOT a big deal. He can wear girl clothes and have short hair. (Yes girls can have short hair.) His parents did not ruin his life. He's 5 years old for god sake. Everything is temporary. There are many people of all ages that change their gender on a day to day basis. The parents are doing whatever makes Jacob happy. Now THAT is parenting done right.
Tammy Barham (3 years ago)
Guess daddy wanted a boy!
2stokesf (3 years ago)
The parents have done the right thing by there son. Anyone that comments that he is too young, no nothing about being part of the LGBTQ community. Most know at a very young age that something is not right. Jacob as mentioned in the video he is a happy healthy boy. As a parent is that all you can ask for? AS for your questions 1) Toilets, every male toilet block has a cubicle in it. Jacob can use this and not have to worry about what others say. 2) Do other parents need to know? Short answer? No. What business is it of theirs how somebody lives their lives? Is this going to affect them in anyway? No.However by sharing their story it will show that we live in a progressive society, no child should be ashamed, or hate who or what they are. Nor should they have to deal with other peoples prejudices of what is right or wrong. Just because 'you' wouldn't do it doesn't mean that others need to live by that.
ColorfulShadows (10 months ago)
I'm trans and ive known since I was really young, and I wish my parents would have let me transition sooner. Of course, kids change their minds and surgery shouldn't be considered at such a young age but hormone blockers don't do anything but stop your biological sex's puberty.
Travel Fast (1 year ago)
This child should be removed these idiots. This child is trying to find her way and the parents who have no moral direction in their own lives are misleading her.
Jennifer Dao (1 year ago)
At age 3, I cut my hair because I wanted to be a boy, because I watched Pokemon...because it seemed like it was so much better to be a boy. I'm 21 years old, and I've since realized that was just a stage in life I went through... -_- I know a lot of people who feel the same.
Chris Rembert (1 year ago)
2stokesf Kids change their minds all the time. There's even trans adults who have gotten thier surgery reversed.
Jason James Johnson (3 years ago)
I definitely agree. Most parents actually want their child happy and these parents did the right thing for their child to transition female to male
Paulette Wainwright (3 years ago)
You do what you think is right .. He looks happy!! You shouldn't be living your life based on what other people think about you and your choices for him or his choices ... Doesn't matter the age
Adam Rosenberg (3 years ago)
yeah he/she is too young....If i were the parents i would wait it out for a while..The good thing is that they did not do anything hormonal or surgical so if Jacob decides later on that he wanted to go back to a girl all he has to do is grow out his hair....But he is waaaaaaaaaaay to young to know what he truly wants....
akaMyThought (3 years ago)
This is fuhcked up.
Valkyrie 887 (3 years ago)
Man. 5? Jesus. That's too young. I'm not really sure how to respond to that. I hope his life isn't ruined by it.
Lewis Cypher (3 years ago)
Read some comments about other parents doing the same thing. It's hard to believe so many people are cool with this. How many other major life decisions are you gonna let a 4 yr. old make for themselves. Why make babies if your not going to do any parenting, and no I don't mean beating. Sure it'll be no time before someone calls me ignorant or not open minded, so f off in advance.
Nitro Solrac (3 years ago)
I wonder how HIS voice is, like a boy or a girl
_x_._ash_._x_ (1 year ago)
Nitro Solrac doesn't make a difference at his age
Grace (3 years ago)
His voice isn't high pitched or girly, so you can't tell by that, that he wasn't originally a boy 😊
Nitro Solrac (3 years ago)
Michele M (3 years ago)
Solrac, I'm sorry. I.think I was more responding to revucumber. The statement that the parents are teaching him to talk like a guy is a little ignorant.
Ellie Troup (3 years ago)
+RevucumberTechUSA wrong, the parents said he always called himself a boy and was unhappy dressing and being treated like a girl.. it would have left him depressed and possibly wanting to die if they didnt listen to their childs wants.. a 5 year old knows what sex/gender is as long as they r talked to when they get curious.. i knew at that age what all of it was.. stop judging just cause u dont like it.. jacob is a boy not a girl..
Nitro Solrac (3 years ago)
Ja, strange indeed.
RevucumberTechUSA (3 years ago)
This is disgusting. Those parents just ruined his life by allowing this. I am shocked by the stupidity in today's society.
Miya Shaw (3 years ago)
At least u used the right gender pronouns , who decides what defines gender ?
Rosie Stevens (3 years ago)
+RevucumberTechUSA​​ they are telling their parents they are different, not the other way around. For years I tried to suppress myself feeling like a female. My parents didn't try to encourage me to be female whatsoever. But I still wanted to transition as an adult as I felt exactly the same about my gender identity as I did when I was a baby. No parental encouragement at all. It's down to nature. Not nurture. I'm proof of that. 
RevucumberTechUSA (3 years ago)
^ An undeveloped mind being told that they are different on the outside than in the inside is brainwashing.... And questions of identity are never good for children. I can't believe people don't see ANYTHING wrong with this. I don't know why I have to explain this to you people, BUT YOUR MIND IS NOT INDEPENDENT FROM YOUR BODY. You are a boy if you're a boy and a girl if you're a girl.
Rosie Stevens (3 years ago)
Excuse me, but how have they ruined the child's life exactly?
Pajama Llama (3 years ago)
+RevucumberTechUSA Go drown in a lake moron.

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