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FOLLOW UP! Young Girl setups her 13 Year old Boyfriend to see if he'll cheat!| To catch a cheater

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FOLLOW UP! Young Girl setups her 13 Year old Boyfriend to see if he'll cheat!| To catch a cheater #ToCatchACheater #testing #girlreactions #Boyfriendcaughtcheating #boy reactions How do you feel if your lover betrays you? To catch a cheater is video series for test your lover with unexpected results. Does she(he) is a cheater?????? Watch now to see results. Like and subscribe, share channel for more video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvid_5cegsW7_9b7iPTzawA To Catch a Cheater released new episode
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Text Comments (426)
Abdul Ali (20 hours ago)
That black boy looks about 7
iiRedFox _Gaming (1 day ago)
People are somehow racist to black people and this shows them how they really are
Sonia Raullerson (2 days ago)
She was acting fake
Sonia Raullerson (2 days ago)
Was this girl for real
Isiaha Evangelista (7 days ago)
Is that a black girl with a shaved head?
Nicolas Gomez (7 days ago)
Why is she dating a black boy when's she's white😂😂🖕
Beauty_Blondes (13 days ago)
I think she’s tougher now and has more confidence Im happy for her
John Joseph (13 days ago)
She dresses like a whore at 13 years old. And gets another boyfriend that fast. Yeah she has some future!
Grizzly TheGreat (9 days ago)
John Joseph 😂🤙🏼
Robert Raghav (16 days ago)
WTF is this who the fuck is that girl
Part 3 her new boyfriend rapes her never stay with a rapist
ItzHaley (18 days ago)
How come her "boyfriend" looks so much younger then her??
Valt Aoi (21 days ago)
The Boy Is a big BITCH and a fucking idoto
Alex Acoose (23 days ago)
somewhataddicted (23 days ago)
This has to be fake lmfao she is dating a 10 year old looking african kid with a deformed head
BoarderBoy774 hip (23 days ago)
This boy souns like a fuckin fag
Lapis Lazuli (24 days ago)
Tell that girl “blink 3 times and say what kind of bf I have”
Jan Dom (25 days ago)
What was the essay writtingWebsite called? Looking for it
Julian Lopez (25 days ago)
Nigga bi
Abbi Kawatsky (25 days ago)
Omg what 😂 I’m dying💀
Manos XD (26 days ago)
What a such a cheater
Amel!a1o3 (26 days ago)
I cringed real hard at this.
cuteness overload (26 days ago)
Shes one of those people who thinks she needs a bf all the time
shmashin Hobo (28 days ago)
I'm sure that kid was forced to do that
walter white (30 days ago)
What is she wearing?
Siebe Hesters (1 month ago)
Puberty is hitting hard
Support (1 month ago)
Fakest shit I’ve ever seen 😂 That kids like he’s 8 and by his voice don’t you think he sounds gay and possibly is? (No offense to anyone that’s gay)
Lala land (1 month ago)
Wtf is that outfit she wearing
Morgen Jensen (1 month ago)
....omfg IM DED💀 At least she got someone better. Plus how is she a hoe? She was cheated on and found someone who she likes, and who will treat her right. I don’t understand how you are a hoe if you find someone way better in 1.5 weeks. And calling someone a hoe is bullying, which can destroy confidence, and self respect.
Funneh Fan :3 (1 month ago)
so he dating a 12 years old so ima date a 6yr old
i buck (1 month ago)
She found the BBC
Miranda Kenner (1 month ago)
This is super 100% percent
Juli Lab Cat (1 month ago)
at the end tho, "dont give up on love cuz u will always find somthing better ;) *looks at the boi like shes bout to kill him* * looks scared .-.*
roxy (1 month ago)
'I know a good thing when I see it' Looks at the camera 'Nice'
Xuilia Juicebox (1 month ago)
This is too weird
Troy Bryan (1 month ago)
meet the 12 year old ass
Golden Liar (1 month ago)
This has to be a joke
SaraVLOGS 321 (1 month ago)
This is so cheesy Tbh
Landon Kyle (1 month ago)
the_kitty_show (1 month ago)
Ooff they look awakward as hell {her new boyfriend}
Kelly Jewett (1 month ago)
She looks like a evil person.... this must be fake ........ there so wierd " you'll always find some one better "
Kiwi :D (1 month ago)
No offense but i think she has big cheeks
Khoi L (1 month ago)
I know a good thing when I see it WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SEE bro 😂 😂 😂 😂
Khoi L (1 month ago)
If he even asked how I was in lunch I would have been like BITCH PLEASE I SAW YOU WITH THAT GIRL AT THE PARK *pours milk on him*
Drawn Swords (2 months ago)
In this video she talks like she just plotted something sinister...
Percity L (2 months ago)
Haley lashay Riddell (2 months ago)
Wait a minute she like 12 and he says I like younger women oh well 2 can play at that game u date a 12 year old I gonna go find me a 6 year old like ...what day like baby’s man these players gonna start young
Joaly Cruz (2 months ago)
‘’I know a good thing when I see it” 😂😂😂Lmao
KirztenGaming (2 months ago)
MythicalJadyn (2 months ago)
The Nameless King (2 months ago)
She lowkey has a good body
Destiny Lockett (2 months ago)
Is this fake 😂😂😅🤣🤣
Dylan DeSimone123456789 (2 months ago)
That kid is like 7
Brynn Smith (2 months ago)
She's looks like a fucking hoe
Brynn Smith (2 months ago)
She's like 13 and he's like 6
Brynn Smith (2 months ago)
"he knows how to treat a lady" 😂😂
Hi &R (2 months ago)
Bruh wtfoerfect example of thottery now a days😂 drop a white dick for some black dick. Make home jealous that’ll show him🤣 nigga already bought her some shit too and they ain’t even been together yet really like tf💯
Aish Tea (2 months ago)
Her "boyfriend" is too young for her....he looks like his 6 years old or somethin
The Anime Hut (2 months ago)
Lil dude looks 6 and she looks hella evil
Noah_V123 (3 months ago)
I feel bad for the new boy
Nisani Thomas (3 months ago)
Wtf she wearing? 😂
Who's Eli? (3 months ago)
Bruhhhh they always realize they should've went with the daquan when the Tyler starts fucking up 😂😂😂😂😂
Brooklyn Campbell (3 months ago)
Omg the guy is so close the laughing you can tell
Kate V (3 months ago)
This makes me cringe hahahaha
Maybethelion (3 months ago)
"your always gunna find something better" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
slim thicc
Ivan Carrillo (3 months ago)
Wtf she looks Crazy
Angel H (3 months ago)
VGOD MADNESS (3 months ago)
Bruhh they too young
chewy Suarez (3 months ago)
He looks about 8 years old
Juwairiyyah Austin (3 months ago)
she is so annoying..... that's why she got cheated on
- Lõst - (4 months ago)
That reminds me of the Cleveland show of that one episode when reberta had a pre school kid as her boyfriend
Thedark12016 (4 months ago)
If this is real then ur a bell end mate
fatrat 2017 (4 months ago)
lmao 😂
Tati (4 months ago)
When you like ur own comment bc no one else would
Tati (4 months ago)
"I feel like I'm in a serious relationship already, uh, he shares his lunch with me" Bruh! I'm dead😂😂😂 WTF?! He shared his lunch with you. What?, your going to get married now?! Also, no offense, but he lookd like he is 9 or 10. Last but not least, she look evil asf!😈😬😂
Alanna Harris (4 months ago)
He is such a cheater and kinda cute
Jerry Vah (4 months ago)
She need a BBC but that nigga talk like he have a SBC
SuperSababoy (5 months ago)
im pretty sure she's the one thats to be giving him lunch. plz dont hate only joke
Saniyah Douglass (5 months ago)
the end tho
Anonimous BlooGamer (5 months ago)
That girl is just desperate!
JustAkward Life (5 months ago)
Huyuki Tadokoro_o (5 months ago)
Ugandan knuckles (4 months ago)
•*The Galaxy Pandicorn*• Same here i have Philophobia 🤗
Taiye MotikiStephens (5 months ago)
dat nigga's UGGLLYYY
Ben_SnipesYT (5 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Her boyfriend looks like an egg roll 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
pounder forgot (5 months ago)
Miracle Boi (5 months ago)
Her new boyfriend is f**king terrific
Jake and Nick (5 months ago)
I bet that girl doesn't even know his favorite color, animal, or his middle name 😂
Jake and Nick (5 months ago)
She is one of those girls who is desperate for a boy and is the school creep
Zach Lachapelle (5 months ago)
I hate middle school dating it is so dramatic and cringey
rachie paez vlogs (6 months ago)
girl why yo face look swollen lmao
Aaron Ostach (6 months ago)
Odds that marquise is gay
Alex Mahmoud (6 months ago)
This is super awkward that 13 year Olds are holding hands and talking like that
Kumie (6 months ago)
Saniyah Douglass (6 months ago)
Squishy Kawai (6 months ago)
Omg haha
Juan Melendez (6 months ago)
Who else cringed to death watching the original video?
Miracle Aboagye (6 months ago)
he's like 6 years old and she's like 14
jacob seed (6 months ago)
Peenaut head
youtube__ vid (7 months ago)
SDd D (7 months ago)
Once you go black you never go back

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