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The Mototrippin TRAIL OF DEATH | ++AB

1980 ratings | 91953 views
7 Things Every Motovlogger Needs : http://bit.ly/1d8eqlM ...................................................................................... Feel like inspiring more 30 min viddys? All support will go towards better gear, resources, and production! Much love! http://bit.ly/1eUx467 Subscribe to Buddahead808 : http://www.youtube.com/buddahead808 Thanks for watching! Kalani
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Text Comments (309)
ThonotosassaBoy (7 months ago)
Damn in so glad i found this again haha
Resto (2 years ago)
You remind me of Snafu from "The Pacific"
SIX (2 years ago)
part 2 A Helmet Saved His Life
Chris Taylor (2 years ago)
levi reminds me of how I think I would be out there.
Shashank Suresh (3 years ago)
Is this what Guy Pearce does during his free time :D
brickson98moto (3 years ago)
Holy fuck those plastics on that red Honda are sexy as hell!!!!!! I WANTTTT
rynzler117 (3 years ago)
In this video you were using the ATR3350?
kishan pattni (3 years ago)
song 18.17 ??
ITzRangaa (3 years ago)
1800 Leroy
Sans (3 years ago)
Song at the end:Riding On My Dirt Bike:Kevin Varney
BRAPP ADDICTS (3 years ago)
Nice vid bro subscribe to mine trying to build page thanks keep up the good vids
amplify Physco (3 years ago)
Love the sound of your bike bro
Salud Contreras (3 years ago)
This was amazing! keep up the great work bros!
LonelyGamerMan (4 years ago)
Who ditched the cops? XD
Joaquin Lerner (4 years ago)
The candy crush joke was funny as hell
joycelyn beralas (4 years ago)
Where's second part
joycelyn beralas (4 years ago)
Post more videos! I love this video plz make more im a big fan of u and dirtbikes love it!
Mr.Motarded Mike (4 years ago)
Where's part 2. The tribe must know what happened.
Original Sin (4 years ago)
Great Video, damn i miss Trail riding!
TheDevilDogGame (4 years ago)
Hey get your girl to make a youtube account and make videos.
decomposing1 (4 years ago)
Where is part 2?
haribomaxi1 (4 years ago)
This quality :D love it i laughed so hard about mr buddhahead haha
Daniel Maddn (4 years ago)
what song is that 
Bob Siemens (4 years ago)
Machetes and hatchets my friend will do wonders!
Brosephstalin (4 years ago)
Was mr mike using an ecig or a vape (for weed) im curious 11:03
Nathan Mori (4 years ago)
music credits at thee end bruddaaaa
Devin Gomish (4 years ago)
What bike does Mr Mike Ride??
Andrew Manjarrez (4 years ago)
Did he post the continuation yet I can't find it anywhere
HARD ENDURO (4 years ago)
This trail was too tech for Levi. Hope he was ok. Nothing worse then ruff trail and worrying about safety too.
MrBrotato (4 years ago)
Where is the continuation? It's been months.
Kevin Foster (4 years ago)
How the hell did you guys get out of this trail?!
Fargo (4 years ago)
Buddahead is my hero. That guy is a trooper.
Slate Williford (4 years ago)
*********the next video is called " A Helmet Saved His Life************
Chunk gang (5 years ago)
where r the trails
Steve Meeks (5 years ago)
is mr mike and mr mendo same person
guy (5 years ago)
The video and the trails etc are really good, but AB-s fake acting ruins it all. I am no hater, I loved your old videos, but your newer videos seem so fake.
TheFAKFAKGUYS (5 years ago)
Aye know dat Aybee gai, so da fake actah!
Nate jarvis (5 years ago)
What happened😳 to him
Cameron Ratcliff (5 years ago)
I would love to ride this trail it looks great!!!!
Ylex (5 years ago)
26:10 Chris was chased by the cops? Got it on vid? :o
Jim Burke (5 years ago)
What settings do you use to use the Sony rx100? for this  adventure ,are you simply using "auto" setting or do you set it to another setting? Is a GO PRO just as effective for the adventure filming you do? 
ThunderWolf39 (5 years ago)
heck that place looks awesome id love to ride there
Virtue (5 years ago)
 it alot harder for not trying to be rude fat people cause i want to get into trail riding but im pretty big
Colton B (5 years ago)
I worked at Kiser Motorcycles 4yrs ago. Only lived in Kona for 1yr and really miss it. Wish i had the opportunity to do a bunch of trail riding. Keep ridin hard guys!
AR Studios (5 years ago)
How many GoPro batteries do you usually ride with?
Colin Hill (5 years ago)
When you go up that slow stuff like at 13:00 do you just work the clutch? How do you keep your bike from stalling out?
mark dixon (5 years ago)
amazing vid cant wait for 2nd part
Jake Martinez (5 years ago)
Hey man what's the name of that song
Hamid Sinatra III (5 years ago)
whats the camera?
motordadcle (5 years ago)
Nothing worse then realizing you've dropped into the wrong gulch. Another AMAZING video, Kalani. Thanks for doing what you do, man.
pizzaonaninja (5 years ago)
Which Kawi is the Kawi? that was light!
2000nissansilvia (5 years ago)
So much win!
John Grammaticus (5 years ago)
Fucking hell, a motorcycle war movie. This is the best AB movie since a long time.
Matthew T. Hale (5 years ago)
leerrrroooooyyyy jeeeeeennnkins!
Dean Ablett (5 years ago)
Kalani, we need a ++AB movie! 
Banan Paprika (5 years ago)
Whats the song at 18.15?
Kevin Vickerman (5 years ago)
Good video. Trail will get there just keep at it
MrDuhfactor (5 years ago)
Why do you guys have to live so far away??? Dang, I loved that one, adventuring at it's finest!! Great work boys!
GeddyMX (5 years ago)
Wow.. this vid was sick man! Awesome awesome work! :D
Mattᴼᴳ (5 years ago)
1-800-LEROY !!
Dominic Grimard (5 years ago)
25:00 lol
Troy Russell (5 years ago)
Better than any movie I've seen! 
412media (5 years ago)
what song is that at the end haha
FaTi PaVv (5 years ago)
At 17th minute when Leroy fell of his bike, I accidentally fell of my chair ahahahaha
Jorijn Smit (5 years ago)
Did you even bring a bike to the woods? All I see is you walking around with your face in the camera!
Nerb1 (5 years ago)
Awesome... AB++ gold
bigvsd52 (5 years ago)
Two throttles XD
Konnor Kuebler (5 years ago)
What's the end song
Chris Babcock (5 years ago)
best vid yet . levi!!!
DeusExMachina (5 years ago)
Hey, Kalani. Love the long videos. Keep them comming, man.
Hunter Green (5 years ago)
Why was there so much motorcycle riding in this hiking video? ;) 
mauidirtbikerin808 (5 years ago)
So does mike turn green atleast once a day
zZAmmoZz (5 years ago)
You should try gncc racing look it up :)
martin gunnarsson (5 years ago)
love ur videos man! looked at about 30 of them yesterday. keep up the awsome work and hit the dirt!
WhiteWidowHerb (5 years ago)
LMFAO love the channel man got my sub
turgsh01 (5 years ago)
mine too!
Samurai H (5 years ago)
Yes yes Deff @mototrippin Kind of Trail :) Dammm that is a Nasty nasty trail, Love Mr Mike shirt lol Hopew Levi is good all best wishes for him Very good video Thumbs up
Jordan Kalous (5 years ago)
Might have been the best ++AB video ever! 
Michael Zalewski (5 years ago)
This video whas just awesome. No words to describe. I can barely wait to watch part 2. hahaha
Frejborg (5 years ago)
That outro.. haha hilarious. Great video, what a pilgrimage.
Dan Trials (5 years ago)
How did I miss this upload?! Man that is some good looking trail! Can't wait for part 2!
Corey (5 years ago)
Mr Mike gives ZERO fucks!
Kyle Hinrichs (5 years ago)
More 30 min vids
jack nimble (5 years ago)
Tell us who sings that song you play at the end. Looks like the makings of a sweet trail.
madmanpotato (5 years ago)
The circumcision of Mototrippin trail?
Jim V (5 years ago)
this is your best vid yet !, is your friend Levi ok ?
zach keifer (5 years ago)
Please make more long videos like this
cactusman (5 years ago)
13BnikAs (5 years ago)
oooo levi!! you gotta get case covers those pegs on drz400  are sharp.. great video Kalani cant wait to see next one
ZXSwift (5 years ago)
You guys should probably stop breaking buddahead808
Shago 2448 (5 years ago)
great workout
mototrippin (5 years ago)
ohhhhhh shiiiiittttt!!!!! cant wait for this!
Grant1282 (5 years ago)
you going moto?
TheAuzzieSniper (5 years ago)
mototrippin could of done this with a kitchen knife
Del Rainford (5 years ago)
what's the ending song i want it
series333 (5 years ago)
hope hes ok
chacal3001 (5 years ago)
very good video, keep them coming!
thebrooklynprepper (5 years ago)
crazy stuff brother
skinnypanda1 (5 years ago)
Kalani! You could have name a future video, DEATH BY TRAIL, get it? Hahaha. 
Italian Staillion (5 years ago)
I might actually kill a man if I do not see part 2. But really man, great video! Loved every second (except Levi at the end. In that moment, it just kinda sucks to be buddhahead.)
Samuel Stark (5 years ago)
Holy moly! That looked crazy, can't wait for the rest
Mikesmotorbike (5 years ago)
Brilliant video Kalani, hope Levi is ok. Cant wait for the next one.
Taylor A. (5 years ago)
We need part 2!!

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