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The Powerpuff Girls Get Arrested | Lele Pons

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Text Comments (8123)
Keerti Panwar (5 hours ago)
Omgg the starting was liittt
Kathryn Mew (16 hours ago)
*Did she just snatch my sh•t!?* *Buttercup had a bomb
Valeria Cuellar (16 hours ago)
RainbowCornGamer Zana (20 hours ago)
Buttercup is like me
jojoloveskpop :3 (23 hours ago)
1:12 leles face tho
Pastel Equestrian (1 day ago)
My fave parts 1:07 1:16 1:41 1:55 😂😂😂😂😂
Modding Urmom (1 day ago)
2:12 lele's face 😅
Pastel Equestrian (1 day ago)
Butter cup looks like the math teacher 😂😂
Dinosaur Squad (1 day ago)
I'm bubbles I used to watch this show a long time ago
octavia_ Blue (1 day ago)
Emma Vega (1 day ago)
Buttercup is innocent I think
Mardin Anwer (2 days ago)
1:17 *She cares about the gun more than her xD*
How is mah Glock doing? You be my motherfucker I'll be your motherfucker I fucked it up now I didn't throw it I just threw it
Peguin Gaming (3 days ago)
Battle Kobe's the best
CandyDonutz YT (4 days ago)
Han Nguyen (4 days ago)
Good Video
Rocio Marin (4 days ago)
Bloosom is funny 😂
Kakashi3946 Roblox (5 days ago)
XD 1:12
Olivia Schuldheisz (6 days ago)
buttercup is inoccent
red rylan (6 days ago)
1:42 when you see that booty
Marquez Jones (6 days ago)
Butter cup my fav
bravebanana (6 days ago)
Bubbles: Im not telling you anything! Police:Who did that? Bubbles:Blossom. Me: lol
Andres A Armenta (6 days ago)
Lele head das stuck. Bit the it das not
Monster Ganna (7 days ago)
*I didnt just throw it, I threw it*
Rolling In my grave (7 days ago)
The only funny One is the girl in green.
Fullmetal Shenron (7 days ago)
Bubbles is always innocent
Isaiah Anthony (7 days ago)
Butter cup was innocent
---Turn Buttercup:- You fuking turn 😂😂😂😂
:cop turn :buttercup you fuckin turn
Irene Miranda (11 days ago)
my tummy hurts hahahahahahahahaha
Kai Soul (11 days ago)
Nice tits
Kassey villegas (11 days ago)
Butter cup is so funny
Rosa Arzate (12 days ago)
I love lele pons
Mr Punisher (12 days ago)
You are idiots that was not a Glock it was a freaking colt and Glock’s are not 9 mm there 45 ACP idiots God dang learn your crap before you make a video
Geekly Gamer (10 days ago)
Mr Punisher it is a comedy skit about cartoon characters. Calm down, there is not suppose to be realistic
Hello_Livia Playz (12 days ago)
Buttercup Savage
4185walter (13 days ago)
Bubbles is the best 😂
I LOVE ROBLOX (13 days ago)
Buttercup is innocent shes more awesome than those idoits
Carla del Rosario (13 days ago)
Gin Williams (14 days ago)
My favourite person buttercup she’s cool and funny and the aggressive one 😂😂😂
The Upside (14 days ago)
Chloe 1373 (14 days ago)
I think buttercup and bubbles are innocent
jazzy love (14 days ago)
At 1:12 it's funny how bubbles (lele pons) looks At buttercup (Lourdes Gonzalez)
Jessica Callahan (14 days ago)
i love your vids lele keep making more!!!
lixiang zhu (14 days ago)
Jesse Johnson (14 days ago)
Omg I love buttercup she’s my favorite
Ariana Poma (14 days ago)
Basically Buttercup and Bubbles are innocent and Blossom Not Innocent because she helped a freaking Robert
Fabianne Spiteri (14 days ago)
Buttercup makes me laugh Bubble is inicit and cute Blossom is beutiful
Hacker 9292939939393 (15 days ago)
You had one job blossom ONE JOB
Roman & Dylan (15 days ago)
Subscribe to me if u love dogs bc I have a dog and this is his Channel so feel free to subscribe thank you ❤️🌸💕 xxxxx
Bubbles is my spirit animal 😂
0fficial Universe (16 days ago)
Buttercup = Savage,Spirit animal,Swears,Cool,Has glock. XD
0fficial Universe (7 days ago)
Are u trying to be rude?
Blerman97 Blerman97 (7 days ago)
Cause she black
the ending one the police just fall down for nothing buttercup didn’t do anything lol
Brittany Arcila (17 days ago)
I need more of these videos in my life XD
kennedi Forever peace (18 days ago)
1:11 look at that savage face!
sandy vanzovica (18 days ago)
I watched paper puffs xd
ROD (18 days ago)
Blossom's the guilty one.
Desiree Mitchell (19 days ago)
September 2018????
Tiffany Tay (19 days ago)
1:45 bubbles speaks Spanish?!?
Mohammad Shahbaz (19 days ago)
buttercup is so dumb and bad because she says the f word
Gacha Alexis (19 days ago)
Butter cup is innocent mkay?
Turn you freaken turn 😂
Edith Sanchez (19 days ago)
layla walton (20 days ago)
turn you fudging turn
Avni Bytyqi (20 days ago)
Buttercup is my favourite
Amber Triplett (20 days ago)
Mabel Pines (20 days ago)
Buttercups the innocent one
Ibrahim Ronna (20 days ago)
all dose bitches are dead lol
Cole Veitenheimer (20 days ago)
Shadow The wolf (21 days ago)
Wolfie79cx 54 (22 days ago)
0:07 I have the same brush lol
Floriza Roumie (21 days ago)
I love buttercup and I think bubbles blew up the bank
lunnyred 07 (22 days ago)
Buttercup is innocent
Irish Yo you cool bruh (23 days ago)
i love buttercup shes like me i❤ buttercup
q and z sisters (23 days ago)
I like buttercup
David Franco (23 days ago)
1:13 o God that face I can't breathe it's just to funny but buttercup for the win!
Wajd Said (23 days ago)
I didn’t throw I just threw it😂😂
Pat Long (24 days ago)
Buttercup is my fav.
Goran Jekic (24 days ago)
I Always See Lele Commenting If We Enjoyed Her Videos, And They End Up Having 22K Likes Or Whatever. Sooo... *_THANK YOU FOR WATCHING_*
KristianDa Goat (24 days ago)
So funny I laughed my ass of great video make sure to subscribe to me
Akash Yadav (25 days ago)
Please add the English subtitles on video
Katy xoxo (25 days ago)
1:44 she is so cute omg cutie😘
Deyjah Mancuso (25 days ago)
Ahhh she the devil 🤣🤣
maya okamoto (26 days ago)
Is the police the real one?
Wxlfyx (26 days ago)
Buttercup is the best lmao
Mathilde Hamel (27 days ago)
Bubbles is my fav and lele play her 😁😍
Project_slay (27 days ago)
Plus buttercup curse too muchhhhh who peeped that
Jasminecrafty309 (27 days ago)
Bubbles and butter cup are innocent
Santanu Chowdhury (27 days ago)
I love you very much ,you are my idol , you are very inspiring and influential. I appreciate you very much . I really want to meet you but I am on the other side of the country , that's right I live India , I might come next year but you should visit too INDIA is a popular country its beautiful we have different spices and tastes and people are very religious our country tries to use plastic very less our INDIA uses plastic in making roads 11% of our COUNTRY uses plastic in making roads . INDIA is popular for many things , such as Taj Mahal and a place called vanarasi specifically known for spices inpecibal style and colour Gul nature xxpreety boring and lame i know xx you could also get a star as a model
Phoenix is Awesome (28 days ago)
...dunno who's actually guilty...
Jimin bae (28 days ago)
Jonathan Casey (28 days ago)
SAVAGE level: 100%=buttercup
Jonathan Casey (28 days ago)
Butter cup!!!!! Yassss
Xxx productions (28 days ago)
I can't stop watching this
Valeria Velázquez (28 days ago)
Lele as vídeos en español porfa
Sanyia Ford-Kimble (29 days ago)
Blossom:give me your glock Buttercup:takes it out*be careful with i.. Blossom:snaches Buttercup:did she just snatch my...... I died XD 1:09-1:12
Shekhinah Pate (29 days ago)
Isaac Caceres (29 days ago)
2:39 Neymar is that you???
Saniyah Smith (29 days ago)
This is so funny

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