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Is This Why Women Have No Respect For Men Anymore?

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I found the original video. Since I don't want to break copyright I've only kept an intro - you can see the rest here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juR74OYiegY Is This Why Women Have No Respect For Men Anymore? Why is it that feminists say they need so little and yet demand so much? N.B. I kept this video from 2011 and I can't find the channel anymore, so I've re-posted it for new people to enjoy.
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Text Comments (74)
timothy lines (1 month ago)
pussy whiped satans love this type of woman.
Miter Ball (2 months ago)
I hate my own gender. I wish we could all love and respect all genders and peoples
Pedro Adriano (4 months ago)
F*** you you gold digger
Devon Jenkins (5 months ago)
She sees the hypocrisy in reality. ..
Lotus Consultations (7 months ago)
If women would stop allowing male children to live past the age of 2 months old, we wouldn't need to be protected from them. This girl is young. I have a degree in sociology. 80% of women work for min wage. Racism takes presidence over gender discrimination. You can have a hit CD talking about bitches and hos but don't you ever say the n word. Black men had voting rights before white (or any color) women and are currently beating and selling slaves for sex but we are still focusing on racism rather than women's rights. This girl is not old enough. she hasn't seen enough yet. She'll figure it out like the rest of us do and when she's screwed over from all directions, she'll probably get pregnant and take someone for a child support ride when there's nothing else but prostitution as an option. Oh... look... its a woman feeling sorry for something. What else is new. Its not in line with the truth.
kuunami (8 months ago)
You forgot, "when i get into a relationship with a man, i demand to have no restrictions on what I can do or behave, no standards to follow, I will demand loyalty, emotional support, financial pampering, to have all of my physical needs met and to be entertained at all times. But I will bring none of this to the table myself and ignore the needs of my partner but when the relationship falls apart, IT'S HIS FAULT!!!!!!"
That Guy (8 months ago)
No offense when I say this but women because of there personality are not attractive to us men anymore. Feminism has destroyed you. Your to Masculine!! We want feminine women who are caring and nurturing. Not this man shaming gold digger, deceitful narcissistic attitude like your better then everyone. To a guy Giant turn off!! Sex doesn’t make us happy a connection does. So Women if your reading this, PLEASE start acting like women!
john doe (10 months ago)
Good job. But I still think men should not get married anymore. And stop having baby’s.
pokemon expert (1 year ago)
aaron hinz (1 year ago)
Nailed it
How many retards here don't understand that she means that sarcastic omg...
nel nat (2 years ago)
Men need to start acting like men again and not women. This the reason why women take advantage of men, we have put them above us giving them power.
Kya Lucero (1 year ago)
+Nelson Natal​​​ I suppose, but humans hold the same powers as each other despite gender, race, sexuality etc. (unless I've misunderstood what you mean) You can look for what you want in anyone, but don't expect it from everyone because people will never be what you want them to be. They're humans after all. I'm not talking about that anyway, I'm talking about how many men see women in a sexist way, and how they see sex. Sex is an art form when you think about it, yet many don't respect it and treat it like some quick drug while hypocritically making it the centre of their lives. If people felt it, they'd already feel happier and realise how great actually connecting to others is. Other than that I agree that too many women out here are fake and manipulative.
nel nat (1 year ago)
Women expect men to be a certain way and that's the truth but men can't expect certain things from women? Lol I live with two daughters and my wife at home I know what women power is. I get it.
Kya Lucero (1 year ago)
Nelson Natal Maybe many do, I'm not gonna lie because too many of these women are fake and due to that I have few friends, but I feel like for a lot of them it's a result of being forced into "gender roles" as they call them. Yeah maybe you're gonna scoff and say "that's biology" but we're humans before we're genders. We humans are too intelligent to follow nature's illogical course, and so of course roles do not suit us unlike animals. But nature has us confused so we carry on these roles as it's hard to find the truth, which is hard to seek, so we make assumptions out of fear. I feel like it'll be 100 years before those that are behind catch up.
nel nat (1 year ago)
Women only want material things and fake love any man they can get it from now a days what do men get from women besides a little sex and headache.
Kya Lucero (1 year ago)
ju ju (2 years ago)
she's doesn't need a man cause she can get a man lmao
Mlg Doge (2 years ago)
Wooow what you just said is very offensive to men you say feminists need more rights and you guy right now have way more rights than men. Your messed up.
ruben svensson (2 years ago)
and btw you need a man to get pregnant so you can exploit the system bitch
Mikahel (2 years ago)
ruben svensson exactly
ruben svensson (2 years ago)
you are an idiot
Ian Moore (2 years ago)
Thank you... a breath of air for men. beautiful men are being utterly destroyed by feminism....
Artur Weinstein (2 years ago)
Thank you for exposing the double standards that this hateful movement has created.
Ron Ryan (2 years ago)
This is the recruiting commercial for MGTOW.
Random (2 years ago)
what are you talking about misandry ? i dont see it , how is it an epidemic? what are you suggesting will solve the problem ?
CSC (2 years ago)
Yes and misandry isn't an epidemic not a problem
Random (2 years ago)
man this is such a messed up world people need to respect each other, women don't have it easy either , and women contributed to a lot of thing also even when women couldn't vote and things like that
GawtuS (2 years ago)
Daføkk is your problem?!
C_ K (3 years ago)
I have so much respect for women like you standing up against men! We're all human nobody is better than anyone else, women are not toys and for men who think this should go jump off a bridge that's what I personally think, I respect all women
Sarah Taylor (3 years ago)
a true christian will strive to try to be more and more like jesus and will try as hard as possible to avoid any sins,and be loving and kind to everyone.
Sarah Taylor (3 years ago)
the road to heaven is a narrow road,very few pass the test cause they still have people they havent forgiven,they dont believe,they have not repented of there sins,they have not been saved,they prefer worldly pleasures,there avoiding god cause they want to continue in self pride,arrogance,and etc,forinacation and adultery and all types of sins.
Sarah Taylor (3 years ago)
the devil has deffinitly tried to over run our society in the 21st century ,many people are proud and boastfull about there sins and chasing after temporary dreams instead of jesus christ who died for each and every one of us so the world and all of us could be saved through him,and so one day we can walk into his kingdom,all the money,fame,materials,electronics,fancy clothes or makeup, status quote,etc. wont mean anything when were dead
Sarah Taylor (3 years ago)
in the 21st century the bible is not allowed at school,are u kidding me ,back in the 1800'S children were taught the bible at school
Re David (2 years ago)
If u wanna learn the bible GO TO CHURCH. Schools MUST teach science not fairytales!
Sarah Taylor (3 years ago)
in the 1960's kids were raised in a more stable inviroment where they had to go to school and do chores and there parents prepared them to go into the working world .but now instead its like the tv raises them.
Sarah Taylor (3 years ago)
today society is really screwed up and i think some of the reasons are a.kids grow up in unhealthy families or inviroments cause they grow up without a mother and or father,there parents are addicted to alchohol or drugs or sex ,they dont take the time to raise the kids properly,they were abused as a child physically or sexually or mentally,they had a mother or father who abused there mother or father when they were growing up and now they think its normal,they grew up raised as a potato couch and were raised by tv and video games instead of getting a real education and learning the real meaning of life and reality because there parents didnt raise them properly and dont take the time to watch there child and let them do what ever they want so they dont have to watch them,and cause the things children are growing up watching,seeing,listening to on tv,music ,internet and parents are not taking enough precautions to make sure there not watching bad stuff or listening to bad stuff.
Sarah Taylor (3 years ago)
men can also be untrustworthy,have no respect for a woman,treat us like were all just a item you sleep with and then abandon us
Sarah Taylor (3 years ago)
but men can also be abusive,materialistic and with cars,deny love towards there own children and neglect them which women do that to when they go out and choose to get drunk etc. instead of properly taking care of there child.
Sarah Taylor (3 years ago)
i think the problem comes from both men and women,women can be abusive,minipulative,untrustworthy,gold diggers,materialistic,too easy,dress inapropretly in front of everyone around them and cause men to commit adultery and forinacation.or to do stupid stuff.
Dafydd Chandler (3 years ago)
i respect you and i respect yours needs
Critic To (3 years ago)
Men die more soon because when divorced their wife they need to support a woman, and have no rights to see their kids, even doh their getting abused by their wife. When a man says that, nobody will believe him ,or help him. Even doh he loses his house and starts using drugs or becomes an alcoholic. That's Why men die faster, and by the way, souls have no gender.
Exkalibur15 (3 years ago)
They kinda do...in their personalities but your 100% right on everything else. Why do you think we call God the father?
Antonio (3 years ago)
Well she clearly doesn't have an intrest in men so ladies hit her up !! lol
Antonio (2 years ago)
+Re David nah fuck that g
Re David (2 years ago)
Just rewatch the video. Have a nice day!
Antonio (2 years ago)
+Re David she isn't quoting shit she is a fuckin Hilary clinton supporter
Re David (2 years ago)
+Antonio I don't get it.
Antonio (2 years ago)
+Re David wtf
Antonio (3 years ago)
Well she clearly doesn't have an intrest in men so ladies hit her up !! lol
Antonio (3 years ago)
Well she clearly doesn't have an intrest in men so ladies hit her up !! lol
Antonio (3 years ago)
Well she clearly doesn't have an intrest in men so ladies hit her up !! lol
Cyber Punk (3 years ago)
you dont need a man that dont make you more special then anyone elae
Thatfloydrose42guy (3 years ago)
shieldwife. That's her username or youtube channel.
brucenatelee (3 years ago)
She's actually quoting something else or satire. I doubt she's being legit. Can't remember her channel name.
Alki Malk (3 years ago)
This actually was very nice and absolutely true. This woman is her worth in gold, wonderful! This video shows the perverted condition the genders are in. On one hand women say that they "do not need a man", but demand benefits and support of men _as if_ they would need a man. It shows how men are under great pressure and legalized abuse and harassment. I am really happy to see that women are getting aware of the wicked and oppressive situation men are trapped in. I really hate being born as a man for I am useless and irrelevant in the eyes of women and society. I never date at all and always say that I have a girlfriend as early as possible to escape chats quickly and to avoid emotional attachment of any kind. I never give out my number or give out a fake number. I try to never look at women, always looking away or to the ground, avoiding eye contact of any kind, even if I talk to them. I try to not interact with women if I can for I do not want to be seen around them for too long. I would never hold a door open if there was a woman behind me, but I would do so for a man, because I fear that the woman might think that I would want something from her and charge me with sexual harassment. I am serious about that for a woman can literally charge you with anything she wants if she does not like you. Example, at a bus station, if a woman comes to the bus station and she sees a man she simply does not like, she can demand that this man won't be allowed to use the bus with her and he will be done without any question. I deeply believe in God, Jesus is my God, and I made God Jesus my girlfriend now. For 3 years now I have not talked to a single woman. Believe it or not but it is true. I do not miss women. I masturbate regularly and I am not ashamed of it, even cherish it, for I believe that this is the best way to get rid of my urges which I consider to be an annoying burden. The masturbation helps me to become "cold and numb" towards women, which is what I want and need to stay safe and guarded against them.
Violet Tippet (3 years ago)
I don't need a man but if I get pregnant I am going to make sure that the man pays for the child he has no legal rights to.. bullshit, he has legal rights. All of this is BS. lmao. "I don[t need a man, but I demand maternity leave from my employer.. Men can take paternity too. "I don't need a man, but I demand equal pay even if I am a worse employee" -Is that why single women make more money than men? lmao. This is such bs. THis woman is an idiot. "I don't need a man but I need men protecting me in the military..." Yes from other men. The modern world is credited to both men and women. Please don't leave women out of it. I am a woman, and I need men but no I don't need a man. I do just fine without one without the government supporting me. Thanks.
33Crazydude (3 years ago)
I respect this intelligent young lady for standing up for men and understanding that today’s gynocentric society is unhealthful and falling apart.
saganist (1 year ago)
Society and human species has always been gynocentric and unfortunately probably always will be. Today it is however extreme, to the point where boys are systematically abused and men are either walking away or killing themselves.
Is she a feminist?
CSC (2 years ago)
+Random women have more benefits than men in modern society
Random (2 years ago)
women don't have it easy either you know
CSC (3 years ago)
+VyacheslaV IgnatenkO makes no sense but okay
+CSC Still believe in a nawalt who's loving you
CSC (3 years ago)
Stupid question
Ragedon (4 years ago)
We'll see what they do when usa collapses and there is no money. .. then they will say I need a man lol.. tell them to go f off!
Lotus Consultations (7 months ago)
If the economy collapses 80% of women already work for min wage... so the men they already aren't relying on will simply have less money to sexually exploit the strippers and hookers supplementing their income. Why would an economic collapse have women crawling to the men? It doesn't ad up. I'd like to hear more of your logic incase I'm missing something here.

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