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Jean Paul Gaultier: Fashion's Favorite Bad Boy | Minidoc | M2M

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Despite having no formal training, French designer Jean Paul Gaultier's passionate vision and love of the avant-garde jumpstarted his decades long career. Revisit Gaultier's iconic Madonna costumes and find out how he became the "bad boy of fashion." Watch Madonna: The Queen of Pop Here: ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Pr7YoBv1Os&index=42&list=PLaT9mKYgyGNZI0Qq-oQrn9dQ_n7jmNEOh&t=0s Meet the new faces of digital art, and design: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmODn9h2Sbs&index=5&t=0s&list=PLaT9mKYgyGNbchS1ejlFl3CO24GE5Oh4_ Subscribe to Made To Measure! ► https://www.youtube.com/c/MadeToMeasure?sub_confirmation=1 -------------------------- Get even more M2M: Visit: ► http://www.m2m.tv Watch on Apple TV, Roku and more: ► http://m2m.tv/where-to-watch Download our iOS app: ► http://bit.ly/M2MApp Like us on Facebook: ► https://www.facebook.com/m2m Follow us on Instagram: ► http://instagram.com/m2m Follow us on Twitter: ► http://www.twitter.com/m2m -------------------------- FASHION NOW STREAMING Made to Measure (M2M) is a new fashion video network. M2M covers the world of fashion and style - past, present and future - through fresh and culturally relevant storytelling. M2M features original programming, classic fashion films and runway shows from the world’s top designers. M2M’s original series and documentaries highlight the people, issues, trends, and events that have defined and transformed the fashion landscape. Subscribe to Made To Measure! ► https://www.youtube.com/c/MadeToMeasure?sub_confirmation=1
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SusieLa1 (20 days ago)
I don't follow many fashion designers, but I just love his perfume adverts with the sailors. So stylish and sexy. He's an example of why the French are well known for style and sexy
Fabrice Chichin (1 month ago)
"OPPORTUNISTS" should be called their perfume that stinks hypocritical society ... Jean-Paul Gaultier, Nicola Sirkis and Catherine Ringer are the emblematic trio of fashion week at will. With what I know, they have no integrity. Look for the intruder in the show "Jean Paul Gaultier makes his show" broadcast on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 21 hours on France2. Who was fooled by his fashion designer? (because in this environment everyone is being, even Mylène we love !!!) ALERT !!! Mylène Farmer, I will not be surrounded by people you hate :-( These dishonest people can meditate on the lyrics of your beautiful song "HISTORY OF BESS"!: "I curse opportunists like Sirkis cheats Damage Collateral Ratchet glue I curse The rich chick as Catherine who snob misery at every fashion Week I like Stories of Stories of Stories ... buttocks It's a con It's a case I confess "PS: Jean -Paul Gautier and his friend Fredo are "The Scandal" of their own perfume of conscience !!! & do not tell me that you love my brother Frédéric Chichin, because you are indeed hypocrites like Catherine Ringer and Nicola Sirkis. TO YOU !!! MYLENE FARMER WE LOVE YOU VERY STRONG !!! "OPPORTUNISTES" devrait s'appeller leur parfum qui pue l'hypocrisie mondaine... Jean-Paul Gaultier, Nicola Sirkis et Catherine Ringer sont le trio emblématique des fashion week à volonté. Avec ce que je sais, il n'ont pas d'intégrité. Cherchez l'intru dans l'émission "Jean Paul Gaultier fait son show"diffusée le samedi 13 octobre 2018 à 21 heures sur France2. Qui s'est fait dupé hélàs par son couturier ? (car dans ce milieu tout le monde se fait avoir, même Mylène qu'on aime !!!) ALERTE !!! Mylène, je ne taierai pas tu es entouré par les gens que tu détestes:-( Ces personnes malhonnêtes peuvent méditer sur les paroles de ta superbe chanson "HISTOIRE DE FESSES" ! : "Je maudis Les opportunistes comme Sirkis À grands coups de triche Se fichent des dommages Collatéraux Colle à ratiches Je maudis Les riches chiches comme Catherine qui snob la misère a chaque fashion Week J’aime Histoires de Histoires de Histoires de… fesses C’est un con C’est un cas Je le confesse" PS : Jean-Paul Gautier et son ami Fredo sont "Le Scandal" de leur propre parfum de conscience !!! & ne me dites pas que vous aimez mon frère Frédéric Chichin, car vous êtes bel et bien des hypocrites comme Catherine Ringer et Nicola Sirkis. HONTE A VOUS !!! MYLENE ON T'AIME TRES FORT !!! Fabrice Chichin / Zel
vi ener (1 month ago)
Are you ok?

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