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Norway Massacre Survivor, How to Get the Girl Young and Old) - "Black Ops 2"

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Text Comments (1492)
nitr0games11 (4 years ago)
I miss these :(
Jack Case (4 years ago)
i was in sweden when this happened for vacation
wahab.omar (4 years ago)
Lol crackin let it go jokes before frozen came out
Walter Cranston (5 years ago)
The link didn't open in a new tab. That's freaking annoying!
BLUREXx (4 years ago)
same thing happened to me.
seth Meyer (5 years ago)
Thank you so much :) and one thing i wanted to say was try not to judge people for there actions or characteristics, because you might be the only person they look up to , therefore with them thinking u betrayed them will result to things tht nobody would want and I don't want tht on your shoulders , I think you know this cause your a pro , but we love and have your back woody :)
eX Calm (5 years ago)
Im from norway and my neighbour died at Utøya.. R.I.P I respect this guy and everybody at Utøya more than anything else and i cant think how horrible it was.
MrBlodhund (2 years ago)
Snart 5 år siden nå, så sykt at det skjedde. Gøy å finne nordmenn på slike steder som dette:)
Den Kule (5 years ago)
abb is crazy Norwegian FTW <3
Stian Legernes (5 years ago)
Im norwgian, norwegian culture and American culture is alot similar!
One average boi (4 years ago)
+Salmonriver 7 yrs Elemntery School, 3 yrs Middle school, 3 more years in High School and than it depends on your carrer choise of how many years in college  and the climate, eeeee it depends on were you live in Norway.
Stian Legernes (5 years ago)
Climate in norway is very similar to minnesota. School is alot similar, in norway we go 7 years in "barneskolen" wich is the same as middleschool i think! Then 6 years of high school
Salmonriver (5 years ago)
Say whaat... ? Give me some examples please.. :)
nich (5 years ago)
i love it when you say here we go
Mario HD (5 years ago)
Norway FTW ! <3
IAmTheOne (5 years ago)
The ones with fpsrussia are funny. Do some with him
Riley Haas (5 years ago)
The last one is not fat.
Holden Kaplan (5 years ago)
Woody I have a bad situation there's this girl that has a crush on my best freind but he doesn't even like her could you tell me if it's bad to like my friends admirer
Holden Kaplan (5 years ago)
Woody I have a really bad situation. I'm in eighth grade and my best
MagicMiller (5 years ago)
stop advertising
Vicky Ji (5 years ago)
Right. I'm irritated. My friend sleeps above me. I'm bothered because he lately grew really good at getting girls. He discovered the Master Attraction site by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). Now I hear him bringing ladies back. He's always pulling ladies back and I can't help but hear it, which is nasty and I wish he had not found that site. My buddy is getting laid now too coz of that site.
BBQsource SEO (5 years ago)
man i really feel for the first guy. The worst thing that i can imagine is properly surpassed by at least the double he experienced.
Shuj (5 years ago)
Go to his profile, click About, and near the bottom it will say Send Message.
Anthony Green (5 years ago)
im almost 13 and i weigh around 45 kg
UniversalGamingUK (5 years ago)
Inbox him, go to his youtube, click 'about', click 'send message'.
RandomMan681 (5 years ago)
I was once like the overweight guy I was in risk of dieting from obesity I also felt the same way as him I was afraid of what people would said of me but my mom told me one think that will always stay in my mind that people only want to get the best of you and those are the people you want to avoid. be around people that will push you to your goal and that will support you.
TheAvoxe (5 years ago)
Damn I love you Woody
Samuil Dichev (5 years ago)
1:12 Does NOT open in new tab...
Carlos Shimshon (5 years ago)
Nice one dude, I know how you feel.
max wagner (5 years ago)
I like how he says: "Not so much about the gameplay" when nothing he does is about the gameplay.
Rishav Singh (5 years ago)
I was bullied about my name. so I stepped up hit dem bullies in da face
Daniel Montgomery (5 years ago)
To the guy with low self-esteem... I can understand of why you feel the way you do. I was at the gym today and there was a large guy at the gym. I saw him lifting weights and I know that I can do 10x more then him, but I was proud of the guy for doing something about it. Would you rather be called fat while eating chips playing xbox or called fat at a gym lifting weights, people will respect you because your trying to fix your imperfections.
Richie (5 years ago)
Fuck off lefty
Richie (5 years ago)
Woody is racist #PKA
RapperMerch (5 years ago)
Wow man I love your videos
cathal159159 (5 years ago)
U copied brosifstalianx
Mseeck (5 years ago)
You send him a message on YouTube. :]
Jerrick (5 years ago)
I got a Gamefly ad with Blake Griffin =D
Ian Stover (5 years ago)
no i wont go out with you because im black lefty
pooterdog2549 (5 years ago)
i dont mean to be mean but shit 165 you would be average at our school i can only get 145 but im on track there at least 8 guys in our school who can lift more
govindathakur123 (5 years ago)
I've scanned all the replies on here but I think that that's a great youtube video. My older brother wants to get extraordinary with women of all ages. He gleaned a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The advice concerned with how to get chicks in night clubs from Master Attraction got him his first fucks in about a couple of years. I'm displeased though given that I heard them all.
Caleb Jaco (5 years ago)
Hey stupid question but if somebody needed some help and wanted to talk to woody how would one do that? Like send something in for mail Monday. The idiot we're talking about is btw lol
FunMotion7 (5 years ago)
I'm the EXACT same type of person. As a small kid, (I'm talking about my height. Pervert.) it was SO bad. The "bullying" that is. I wasn't even 5 feet... I'm now 15. All my life, until this year, I was picked on. Then, somehow I became stronger than most people I know, and became a taller person. (5'11) And it's all over with. Hell, people are SCARED of me now. But, as it's been said a bijillion times,it gets better. Trust me on this dude.
FunMotion7 (5 years ago)
How to send a message to Woody's Gamertag: Step 1: Go to the Private Message thingy. Step 2: Put Woody's name in the To: box. Step 3: Write message. Step 4: Press the send button. GG life.
Ryan Ward (5 years ago)
I was just about to comment that, ahaha!
Runic (5 years ago)
"You're white and I'm racist" hahaha, great example woody ;).
JJ (5 years ago)
To all the fatasses - Log out, shut down and go run. And preferably in the dark, when you have that huge ego-like self-esteem. I mean, one thing is to be fat and being happy about it - if you are okay with yourself, then there shouldn't be any problems from it to others too. Their happiness is not yours. But when you are unhappy about it and do nothing then don't go blaming your "self-esteem" on it, fatso. Blame the lack of will and heart.
Godin The Killer (5 years ago)
If I see a fat guy jogging, I feel fat myself, and go jogging. Or at least work out or something.....
HMHalfTrack (5 years ago)
IDK... It wont let me do it now though... but it came up in the quality slot thing...
MrJanoski (5 years ago)
I could sit here all day watching mail monday's freaking helpful and wise keep it
Chris Oyewole (5 years ago)
DonMagnifico (5 years ago)
I think this episode is amazing cos I remember how at the time of the shooting, cod was criticised for giving the shooter training, but now, the same game is being used to help the victims. You're doing a great job woody. Keep up the good work :)
HMHalfTrack (5 years ago)
Im watching this in 2x faster and woody sounds soooo funny! everyone do it!!!
Raven valdez (5 years ago)
Chandler Caudill (5 years ago)
i feel srry for the guy with weight issues i know how it is i weighed 260lbs as an 8th grader! at 5'8! its hard and i know its like a deep dark whole of words and loathing of your body and SO many insecurities. i know how that is, and what i did was target what hurt me most for me it was xbox that took me and made me obese. so i sold it, and started working out. i now am down 70 lbs, and i can bench 215 as a freshman, you just need to go out there and be yourself! make yourself noticed and smile
Anthony Boener (5 years ago)
The problem with some of your advice is you ask people to change too much. You mentioned in the last guy's question that you want him to be like "Murkadirka?" and be socially active and capable. You want him to exhibit qualities like your friend who is a great talker and is funny. Well, what if he isn't? What if the guy from Australia just isn't that great of a talker or is like me and is mostly quiet. I'm not shy at all in any way shape or form, I just don't like talking a lot. What then?
Edgar Tavarez (5 years ago)
woody to the guy thats 5 11 and 210 from being the same just about 20lb lighter i completely felt you gave the perfect advice
Ollie Elmgren (5 years ago)
I can't believe how many of these I've seen. Woody you are a great man. You have actually changed my life. Keep up the good work. Like this so he will see.
Christopher Lawson (5 years ago)
Inbox to what? Can you tell me how to access it? YT, Facebook or what? Thank you
cousins62 (5 years ago)
No he aint dumb fuck
cousins62 (5 years ago)
Ur 21 and 5'11 and 210 im 13 5'9 210lbs too youre not that overweight
Michael Robnett (5 years ago)
oh ok ty
Bryan Schwaba (5 years ago)
It was a joke. Your story is extremely inspiring!
Triangles (5 years ago)
I know I should feel like shit for this but on the first one when he said 69 people died I usually dont laugh at the 69 shit but I had to crack a small grin
Cheebz (5 years ago)
69 people died srry but i had to point that out
monkeyman55580 (5 years ago)
We always remember the things we want to forget...
Ruben J. (5 years ago)
Excuse me, 7th, 8th and 9th grade*
Ruben J. (5 years ago)
Everyone is a winner as long as they see themselves as a winner.
Ruben J. (5 years ago)
Uhu. I've exactly experienced the same ''pain''. I've been bullied until 5th grade, then my teacher there helped me and I was safe for 2 years. Then in 6th, 7th and 8th grade shit began again. Now I've been to the psychologist and now I'm doing alright. I'm being way more open than I was before and now I'm busy with training to lose some weight. Also, I'm playing guitar which I am enjoying fucking much. Remember to do the things you most enjoy in life (:
infinitive blur (5 years ago)
i get alot of hate ...... i dont give a fuck
Michael Robnett (5 years ago)
how do i send a message to woody
Michael Robnett (5 years ago)
J T (5 years ago)
Can you cheat to be a winner because being a loser suck:/
Kyle Every (5 years ago)
Hey woody, I am in 8th grade and I am depressed and have low self confidence. I really hate myself and I have no clue what to do. I think I am overweight and I
Øystein A. (5 years ago)
all healthcare is free here, his problem must be non-financial.
Samuel Adams (5 years ago)
"his boobs flapping" L FREAKIN O FREAKIN L
TheFiestyDwarf (5 years ago)
Just send him a message on the youtube account if you dont know the email
legoninja2468 (5 years ago)
How do u send letters to woody
DE7N (5 years ago)
R.I.P to the ones comitted in the Utøya massacre. Most devastating massacre yet.
David V (5 years ago)
it doesn't open a new tab
Jay González (5 years ago)
Where do you send mail to woody? Like which email?
StudiosJJay (5 years ago)
i love how he's talking about a massacre while killing people on blackops
tjhalo4 (5 years ago)
i have never got bullied but ya being strong helps selfesteam
GEARSB3AST (5 years ago)
6 flags is my hunting ground
Mcquiz95 (5 years ago)
Well doing this has been his job for a year or so.
Captain Henderson (5 years ago)
I watch these videos for some crazy sex questions to make me lol at what people can come up with, not advice for girls. I just usually skip over those questions in the video.
Tom V. (5 years ago)
Bro, do you even know how to read?
SliceFTW (5 years ago)
I'm Norwegian and Norways culture is pretty mostly like the USAs
Corey Young (5 years ago)
Its not as easy is that anyway if you don't approve of this don't watch these videos
Nick Shant (5 years ago)
Haha your like " i dont give a fuck!" Lol
Bryan Schwaba (5 years ago)
Bro, do you even lift?
byrnesy924 (5 years ago)
Dude Chill (5 years ago)
11:00 woody goes all out
Dilan Parks (5 years ago)
Don't be afraid of being yourself. Those other people bully you because they are jealous of you and lack something or someone in their life. Please stop cutting yourself to deal with the pain. You are perfect and beautiful and others see you that way and are jealous. My advice to you would be to confide in someone you know and trust. Maybe your mom or dad as scary as that sounds. They will help you get through this time. Your boyfriend is a deadbeat who doesn't deserve someone amazing like you.
Rachel xBaby (5 years ago)
Someone help me? :'(
Rachel xBaby (5 years ago)
What about another self harm video? How to get over self harm without needing to see someone about it... Like I self harm over the breakup of my boyfriend which was yesterday and I also get bullied.... I cut majority of the time and my friends worry about me.... My ex as of yesterday was high on drugs and he decided to laugh at the fact I self harm... I don't know If he meant it but I feel like shit.... I live in fear of going to school and being my self.... I don't know how to get over it :(
Ethan .Williams (5 years ago)
5:47 #LeftysBlackTwin
sillyman00000 (5 years ago)
"create super-offspring with him"
Worst Scenarios (5 years ago)
Is it a coincidence that 69 people died?
Dennis Morlaes (5 years ago)
no friend gives a shit what you look like i could understand girls but go out make some guy friends have a beer and spit game woody is right i do the same thing ill ask out anygirl in a lecture then find out if they are really girlfriend material good luck and to everyone that responded to him you are good people
MisterTouchyFeely (5 years ago)
Mike Turdo (5 years ago)
Like my comment so he can see my previous comment everybody please
Mike Turdo (5 years ago)
Guy with the low self-esteem, a good workout is mountain biking and longboarding, I was in the same boat as you bro. With these activities you lose weight quickly, look cool doing it, and it will boost your self esteem. If those are not accessible to your geographic location due to snow or something, try snowboarding or skiing. Again you'll look good and feel good about yourself. By doing this I went from 210 pounds at the beginning of last summer to 165 now and still losing man. Keep at it man.
Tom V. (5 years ago)
to the guy with low selfesteam (please like so that he can see it): I now am a senior and i am known in my school as the strongest guy of the school, i am able to bench 165 pounds at least 20 times. I weight 230 pounds but i look really buffed and i'm not shy anymore. But 3 years ago is was bullied many times, shy and weak. Now nobody wants to do that. So hell yeah, start running (as a chubby guy i know it is hard) and gain some musles. Because your confidence will begin get higher! life=fun now
oJD23o (5 years ago)
I'm WoodysGamertag and I don't give a fuck!

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