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Go Cart on the HIGHWAY! | ++Accidental Broadcast

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FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/accidentalbro... MAIN CHANNEL : http://www.youtube.com/accidentalbroa... I miss Athena, still waiting on parts.. I hope she's back on the road soon. Updates via facebook. Links in outtro : 1.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38l2uuFxpDU 2.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0aUFFieXRg 3.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ4t0r5hrTY Hula Girl Approved! : http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com More vids to come.f
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Text Comments (321)
Arneh Flumm (3 years ago)
Wtf man, was all ready to see what was at the L and watching full screen and all and then it just end :(
XD (4 years ago)
This was the first motovlog i ever saw :)
Erik_with_k (4 years ago)
Dem hand signals
turbooomann (4 years ago)
Yea he does...this is the last of his videos I'm watching, he should pipe down a little. Just like people who play music over there videos, it just kills it!
kurtis nelson (4 years ago)
Anyone else think he talks too Damn much?
Arneh Flumm (3 years ago)
@kurtis nelson Why watch a Vlog if you dont like talking? that was kind funny to read. there are many clips with bikes and no vloging.
kurtis nelson (4 years ago)
DoughboyD16 (4 years ago)
@kurtis nelson its a motovlog thats the point hes supposed to tell us about shit and entertain us
Long Beard (4 years ago)
Can we get a Mr Mike channel, or do we already have one
david McCormack (5 years ago)
Jodi Lynn McCann (5 years ago)
i plan on getting a dirt bike iam 6 ft 180 pd and got about 1000-1200 hoping for honda or yamaha any ones i should go for?
Manny Pullen (4 years ago)
if you want more of a dirt bike feel in a dual sport go with the yamaha wr250r to learn or if you want a less peppy 50/50   "50% road,50% off road"  dual sport go with a Honda crf250l
crazzee10 (5 years ago)
If you have no previous experience and since you are a big person you can go for a honda 250 crf f but if you already know your way around motorcycles you could get a 450 no problem
TItroopersgt hfx (5 years ago)
why no regplates can you ride in maui with no registration is it legal to go on the trails with out a regplate 
Xavier Armstrong (5 years ago)
Xavier Armstrong (5 years ago)
J.A.Ratt85 (5 years ago)
a long almost flat straight concrete unused highway.... DRAGSTRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!
DustyStreetTruck (5 years ago)
you sound like mayhem miller
Sharlan Cináed (5 years ago)
6:06 best part!
Clay (5 years ago)
this makes me want to get stoned and go ride dirtbikes.
AdvRider (5 years ago)
Wheres the rest of the footage from this adventure?
Johnathonplots (5 years ago)
where is this?
Squat251 (5 years ago)
Every video I see of yours makes this look like the ultimate orv dreamland.
seth jackson (5 years ago)
can u do a wheelie tutorial??
Michael Cook (5 years ago)
dustin goodwin (5 years ago)
hey you make good videos and when im having a bad day I look for you on youtube sents im only 14 and loss my mom when I was 3 your videos make me happy and everything you do on the videos are cool and make me want to ride
Emil Eriksson (5 years ago)
Damn thats a long wheelie
PaedoBear (5 years ago)
kmjn12 (5 years ago)
what the song on 5:27
Nir Miron (5 years ago)
valamere101 (5 years ago)
wow NICE wheelie!
sam dashfield (5 years ago)
I have the same shirt as you :)
O.D.Rides (5 years ago)
My brother went to that high school. I was born in maui but moved to oklahoma when I was 3. I've heard some crazy stories about huge parties out at that big L on graduation night!
Mrjoecreeper (5 years ago)
I thought it was the F.B.I. Weird.
EditingTrickshots (5 years ago)
im the 1,000 Like :D
RC Enduros (5 years ago)
Who gets to ride on closed roads like this!? This is like a dream I had except suddenly I was at that weird rave where everyone had on those V for Vendetta masks on and there was the naked woman with the wolf tattoo. Watch out for her. Sorry it's late over here heh..
Sebbe kalsong (5 years ago)
You could really tell that go-cart guy that he ruled ;)
ZipKickGo (5 years ago)
Robert Ogilvie (5 years ago)
haha so true ur a cool dude man, btw i think in your movie you show do a part with the story about how the 2 million dollar man got his name that story was hella funny kinda like ur hangover
alonleyPCgamer (5 years ago)
Should i get a drz 400 or a yamaha wr250r? I have a ktm sx-f 450.... Since i have a 450 ditbike should i go with a drz or would i be happy with a wr250r?
flimluvr (5 years ago)
What the "L"? Wheres the el? Ello!
anthony kennison (5 years ago)
12 seconds
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
it's infiltrated by the C.I.A?
Kevin Peryea (5 years ago)
what wrong with facebook??!?!?
_0MPH (5 years ago)
Dude your really funny .. cant stop laughing
Thomas Solli (5 years ago)
Haydn mate (5 years ago)
that mono sounded sweet!
lampard8soccer (5 years ago)
thank you! :D
Filip Harrysson (5 years ago)
Dude you're one of a kind bro!!! Just freeking do what u do and keep it up. U will grow big man ;)
AutoMotoVlogger (5 years ago)
Dude closed highway... how epic is that?!
seth cote (5 years ago)
Keep up the good work dude!! I want to start moto clogging and you definatly gave me the inspiration
JBMeZi (5 years ago)
:O... ;)
BC FLO (5 years ago)
This looks so fun!
Chris Brocato (6 years ago)
hey tho is defiantly not 25 mph
TheWirelessGod (6 years ago)
What's the song at 5:30?
Rotorcraft Driver (6 years ago)
Why is the road closed?
txvtoxic (6 years ago)
After watching a few of your videos,I gotta say,you're one happy dude.Keep it up bro!
Motonosity (6 years ago)
Comin out to the islands in just a few weeks. So stoked! Really hoping I'll get to ride while I'm out there.
Deslo13 (6 years ago)
That my friend is a freedom Highway drive what you want, drive when you want, drive how you want :)
nanahc (6 years ago)
This is pure happiness right here :) nothing makes me happier right now than ++AB videos :D
dubstepandbassbeats (6 years ago)
oh well im fucking sorry didnt know that it was a big deal.
Slackerx420x (6 years ago)
He's talking about you saying f*ck man. Chill out with the language.
dubstepandbassbeats (6 years ago)
what the fuck does asking if mr. mike is a US Marine have to do with keeping it clean? He said oorah that's some thing US Marines say.
j_mosk (6 years ago)
That was great. What a roadway. Take advantage of that gem while you can.
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
he just started adventuresofmrmike but only has a few diving viddys up : ) Check back, I hope he adds more gopro footage to it! Mr.Mike is a busy man though : )
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
language baby : ) Accidental Broadcast likes to keep it clean. Hope you can respect that.. Owwww (stubbs toe)... I'm Michael Jackson!! *moonwalks back into the jungle*
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
Athena is not fixed. Still in the garage : ) older viddy footage
LeonsLifeOnWheels (6 years ago)
believe it's.. Kart hahaha
miracell1992 (6 years ago)
Wow, so the video is about 1.1 GB, man I am about to start making moto videos as soon as I get a job, and then it would be really awesome if you help me with the settings in the program You render in :) My UP speed is 20mbps because its optic cable connection :)))
rebelyell22 (6 years ago)
Can you gett me a dirt shirt? i out grew mine :(
Chris Issac (6 years ago)
Hey Kalani, do you do tours around the island? What are your rates mannnnn?
Chris Issac (6 years ago)
Pretty Sick Wheelies mannnnnn!
nery salguero (6 years ago)
Just saying Mr. MIke looks sexy as hell. No homo though
eric searle (6 years ago)
i like how mike doesnt have a license plate
Chimpton (6 years ago)
dubstepandbassbeats (6 years ago)
oorah what the fuck are you a Marine?
kody mackenzie (6 years ago)
And how long has athena been fixed?
kody mackenzie (6 years ago)
ur amazing maaaaan!!!!
jdesens1 (6 years ago)
I love the cuts between Mr. Mikes cam and yours. Its adds a lot!
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
Thank you sire!
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
throttle and balance and practice. I'll make a how-to vid once I feel good enough.
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
; )
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
haha, right!
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
; )
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
hahahhahaaha, he totally does! That's what Curt calls him.
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
nice path!
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
Icon Variant for me, Arai sumn' for Mr.Mike
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
plate is under the wheel well : ) insured to the teeth too..
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
; ) *blushes*
AccidentalBroadcast (6 years ago)
Can do. TRIBE!
TheHealexHD (6 years ago)
Amazing channel, subscribed!
emeg tha man (6 years ago)
ha, guy on the bleu motor rocks man, with your shark tail helmet doeing wheelys. have you got tips for wheelys, i alwase go up and then go down real quiq.
fe1138lix (6 years ago)
ja zumindest Deutsch sprechend, komme aus Ö :)
Eli Peoples (6 years ago)
mauidirtbikerin808 (6 years ago)
that go cart was a whole new level of badass
Shattered Breeze (6 years ago)
mini German Tribe ! ^^
lampard8soccer (6 years ago)
I love wheelies :) it's my birthday today!!! Wooo!!!
streetpowner (6 years ago)
I don't know why but Mr. Mike kinda reminds me of Matt LeBlanc oh and nice viddy by the way
vaironxxrd (6 years ago)
Yeaup, recently joined the Tribe and I'm glad I did. I went through M13 -> TheGardenSnake -> AccidentalBroadcast Love all 3
blueskies613 (6 years ago)
"Nothing like being impaled" ...that's what she said.
Shane Douglass (6 years ago)
Miiiikkkkkkkeeee!! we gotttaaaa doooo wheeeeliesssss! comeeee baccckkkk!

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