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School strike for climate - save the world by changing the rules | Greta Thunberg | TEDxStockholm

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Greta Thunberg realized at a young age the lapse in what several climate experts were saying and in the actions that were being taken in society. The difference was so drastic in her opinion that she decided to take matters into her own hands. Greta is a 15-year-old Stockholm native who lives at home with her parents and sister Beata. She’s a 9th grader in Stockholm who enjoys spending her spare time riding Icelandic horses, spending time with her families two dogs, Moses and Roxy. She love animals and has a passion for books and science. At a young age, she became interested in the environment and convinced her family to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Sebastian Ferrari (4 hours ago)
Great girl 💪🏻💪🏻
ananya vhavle (5 hours ago)
Brilliantly said!
hon ser ut som stryk, alternatively she looks like dogshit
PurpleGhost (11 hours ago)
Climate Change is already happening. The truth is the sooner we act the less devastation, as it is disasters have already killed people. How many died in the Hurricanes/Typhoons? Meanwhile California, BC, and Oregon were all were ON FIRE last summer, because the droughts are worse and the storms more frequent. Ghost forests are now occurring along coasts where the ocean is rising and flooding in killing the trees. Florida is flooding, and the Netherlands. Desertification in Mexico, China, Mali, the Sudan, ect. These things are getting worse. We Must Act!
TheMudCreation (18 hours ago)
I have never seen someone think they are so high above everyone else. Sickening, get her to a terapist
Bárbara Silva (18 hours ago)
Adoro o ambiente!! Não o destruam :(
Yogen Mootooveeren (19 hours ago)
Make the world GRETA!!!
Trapzoid Gaming (19 hours ago)
My science teacher led me hear
Erwin Rommel (22 hours ago)
English isnt her first language, yet she speaks freely this much in front of the global audience, grooving all those words to level of Elite english speakers, probably rivaling students from International schools. Truly incredible kid
Natália Kropáčková (22 hours ago)
Poor girl she had an autism
Dear Greta, thank you for a politically correct talk. A good teacher will teach you were to look, not what to learn. I believe that most of what you talked about are the consequences of the cannabis prohibition, and the raise of acceptance of plastic. I believe it’s wrong of people to eat the cows’ food. I’m looking forward to once more receive wine from Wineland, this will take the small ice age to leave in full for this to happen; And raise the average temperature by 20C for the northern hemisphere, Greenland will once again be green. I doubt the vikings were color blind. I see this comment as a sober comment on what people have taught you. What you call 30 years of pep talking is probably your sentence that sounds the better to me; We have had 30 years of political pyramid gaming, what it takes to change the world for the better is not to break the rules. What it takes is a set of new rules. I know those rules mean finding a way to replace fosile fuels. I believe those new rules may or may not enable Thorium; through a technology like LFTR. In this short comment I have quote freely Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Bruce Lee, and Buckminster Fuller. I must admit I put alot of trust in Boyan Slat and The Ocean Cleanup project.
I look forward to the day when governments worldwide no longer bow to oil companies and conglomerates that pollute the world with oil and plastic. Until then, I will do all I can to educate myself, others and act to make the voice of the planet heard.
Chloe Warburton (1 day ago)
She still missed the most obvious problem, overpopulation, humans are a virus on this planet. We need less humans! that means cutting down the amount of births. Each child is equal to 8000 tons of carbon footprint. We have 450k of unwanted kids in the foster system, when are we going to see the bigger picture?
Pia (1 day ago)
Great Greta !!! <3<3<3
DADDY (1 day ago)
is it gonna help tho?
Te hace gracia?
Holyfox (1 day ago)
How would we react if they demonstrated against migration 🤔
tol majak ali (1 day ago)
e e ee e e ee. eeeee eeeee e e eeee ee e ee
Max Williams (1 day ago)
She Greta Thunberg is just a puppet. There are Adults behind control her. Obviously, a 16 years old girl speak too much political language. She is just a tool.
Misuzu Kamio (1 day ago)
I was kind of like her when I was 16 and I wasn't instrumentalized. She's just clever
Talyta Barcelos (1 day ago)
Matilta the musical !!!
sarah vand (2 days ago)
Ahhh when your parents let you strike as a child.. lol
Lucky Me (2 days ago)
For all of you who think she's wonderful, learn the truth behind climate change.She speaks good english but that's about all. Take a look at Dr Sircus's video on climate change , then you'll really understand what's behind Greta's talk.It's just words folks, there's no truth.She's just good at talking and manipulating you.It's like everthing in life, if your knowledge is missing one can be easily manipulated by such talks and the way they're formulated. Think about it.
Anneliese Braun (2 days ago)
Action speaks louder than words! Right said, Greta!
Manubibi Walsh (2 days ago)
Girls are literally changing the world. Thank you Greta, thank you Malala, thank you Emma Gonzáles. We have so much to learn from you.
Mark Patton (2 days ago)
Cerise Jones (2 days ago)
How many years did greta study climate or go to university to learn about climate? Anyone?
Tube Channel (2 days ago)
* 200 Extinct Species Per Day on the Planet ! * What Future ? ** One sure thing we can have. The so-called "civilization" as we are born, grow, and live is reaching THE END. No scientist can tell when and how it will happen ( At most between 50 and 100 years ? Obvious ) , but we can safely say that a New Age is yet to come. Fact !
Giancarlo F (2 days ago)
Save the planet: kill yourself
mulugeta issack (2 days ago)
The creater is always in control, so no worries!
Paloma Arnold (2 days ago)
This speech is everything!! More people need to hear this and take action!! Literally life changing!
Christina Stone (2 days ago)
It doesn't add up, because it isn't true. I hope she continues her "That doesn't add up," questioning to then come to the truth about climate change.
Christina Stone (7 hours ago)
+PurpleGhost The planet is in definite in dismal condition. But there are so many things wrong with the media controlled climate narrative that it boggles my mind. We have governments using HARP devices to cause major storms(to further the idea of climate change) companies and people polluting our planet with unsustainable harvesting of resources, 5G, smart meters and even just wifi killing plants, trees, and humans, real scientists saying that fossil fuels has nothing to do with the climate narrative that is being spun by imbeciles like Al Gore, and you tell me that giving the UN more taxes to build an army to enforce their version of climate change is the answer? Fossil Fuels are the big lie. Look here, don't look here where industry and our own governments are destroying our planet. I want people to see the truth and then we can do something, until people see the truth, its just a government narrative designed for more control over us.
PurpleGhost (11 hours ago)
How many people after getting bad news, like the death of the loved one go "This can't be true! I won't accept it"? We are in the grief process for our way of living, for the planet. Our lack of action is because of grief, it is natural to feel resistance to an idea that is horrendous. But, at some point we must move on past denial and sadness, into acceptance, and then to action. Our lives will be altered but if we act soon, they will go on.
bronut gamer (2 days ago)
Diesel is da best
Mihail Teodorescu (2 days ago)
Well, just wanted to tell that this Swedish young miss is somehow missing that Sweden and Finland and Norway most and Russia less contributed most at changing of the climate in Europe. They cut the massive coniferous forests from their countries. Last year, when the forest was burning in Sweden, Swedish authorities have not done anything to address that problem. It was Germany and Poland that put out that fire.
Sonia L. Russi (2 days ago)
what an amazing girl!
akanksha shelke (3 days ago)
"Even most climate scientists or green politicians keep on flying around eating MEAT AND DAIRY ."
-*Kevin Yeoh*- (3 days ago)
Why do people protest knowing they're not going to be heard by people in power? Because they like to feel like they've done something not knowing they're achieving nothing.
Anish Tom (3 days ago)
Very well spoken though she is only a child..
Northflower (3 days ago)
Greta is so inspiring. Definitely deserves the Nobel prize in my opinion. But it's also really sad that it's the kids who need to lead the change.
Maya Kotiwale (3 days ago)
We need to remember that we have not inherited the nature from our ancestors but we have borrowed it from our children.......better we return their EARTH in a better condition if not in beautiful one...
Island Trust India (3 days ago)
A very convincing talk by Greta Thunberg. We need children, the future generation of this sort. Simple and valid questions the countries have to answer.
Jing-ching Chen (3 days ago)
Kids are sensitive, and the idea at her age is totally rational to think about climate change and need to concerning it little more and serious than us, however, we as adults right now in 2019 DON"T have a practical and methodical way to changing our hobbies and civil systems!!! so that what can we do?? for instance, I'm from Taiwan that Taiwanese couldn't live without plastic bags when we go daily market and if the government prohibited it that going to cause lots of criticism blam for the inconvenient. Another example, Nuclear energy which causes low-carbon emission is good for the climate, however, the only thing we consider is that where is the nuclear west go???? keep that nuclear west into the moon and Mars ???
Surrey Vegan (3 days ago)
She is the most inspirational young person right now - we need people to listen to her and for more to speak up and act! Keep sharing to wake up the world.
Maeve McCann (3 days ago)
7:47 wow that made me tear up coz that could be me too
Chiara (3 days ago)
Such a good speech! 💓💓 Amazing 💓 wishing you all the best 💚
Laura Smith (3 days ago)
What she was saying almost sounded a bit contradictory initially. At first when giving examples of how the world politicians etc do nothing about climate change if it’s that important to our existence why are they not talking about it all the time and enforcing change. I thought her talk was going to go down the route of how climate change is perhaps not as real as they have made out well especially in relation to how us humans impact it. There are some scientists who believe our climate is cyclical and not based on our habits. Yes the earth is warming but over periods of thousands of years this has happened naturally periods of warming ice ages etc. You can’t look at it over a few hundred years. It is considered that the powers that be just go on about climate change as a means of control by the elite and to bring about a carbon tax. Those that rule the world will know the truth and I believe if it really was a crisis that could be averted by how we live then they would have enforced change long ago. I’m 43 I remember this supposed crisis being talked about when I was 16 yet we still have oil etc. Makes you think about what is the real truth and agenda!
Turfy (3 days ago)
They probably all drove home in petrol cars
rushikesh gupte (3 days ago)
Capitalism can be beat only by capitalism
Mark Patton (3 days ago)
Ashish kumar (3 days ago)
CurlyChrizz (3 days ago)
She has a point there...
Kutlymuratova Bakyt (3 days ago)
She is absolutely right. I agree with her We should act . We have only one planet to live. We shouldn't make our mother nature angry . Then it'l be late.
Stefan (3 days ago)
Congrats coorporate controlled media and leftist globalists, you've messed up this girl.
Vinay Lohar (3 days ago)
Politicians and Industrialists have destroyed life on this planet. Its time Anonymous acts against these pests.
Rajan Vohra (3 days ago)
Thank you for mentioning the two words 'meat and 'dairy' which is destroying our planet. You are an angel for all of us. Go Green Go VEGAN. God bless Greta Thunberg
human person (3 days ago)
Brilliant, inspiring. Her spirit resonates that fight for what is right the same way Rosa Parks' did.
Grim Reaper (3 days ago)
Climate change hhmmmmmmm
Blessing Marie (3 days ago)
She is incredible! This is clearly so important to her that she’s able to put discomfort aside to speak up! Truly an inspiration and helping to continuing to demonstrate how wisdom has nothing to do with age. Incredible 🌎🌞💧
giorgio tortellini (3 days ago)
adriano marchi ,below my reply
giorgio tortellini (3 days ago)
are you telling me we should Raise prices for,meat and food ,houses,energy,flying ,cars,parkings step by step so we target one low income class after the other by salamitactics,achieving in this way that the working classes are excluded from ressources while never have to fight a majority because we take them out by divide and concur.
giorgio tortellini (3 days ago)
Are you telling me that because of climate that is always changing ,we should expropriate the people that bought legally theyr stuff because we can now tighten regulations from one day to another again bottom to top.Are you telling me we should tax the companys with co2 and other green taxes who the companys then will add to theyre production cost and the worker will pay again at the end.Are you telling me we should concentrate the people in to mass surveillance green cities of the future,while making a museum out of nature where we can only look but not touch and have to be permitted to collect a mushroom or walk beside the path.
giorgio tortellini (3 days ago)
Go look in france what the reality of your green U.N agenda is. People who earn 700 euros a month and paying 150 to 200euros on gas prices to go to work all of a sudden should pay up to 30% more,cars older than 20 years expropiated,make technical control more difficult so your 10 years old want pass(expropiation)Forbidd gas heating which is predominant in rural areas and saved the lives of your and my ancestors for generations,,installing of more and more military tech radars with multiple functions against drivers.Why do think the yellow vest got on to the streets in the first place.
giorgio tortellini (3 days ago)
Not even themselves know that they are fighting the U.N.agenda ,thats how accurate the propaganda works-globally and locally .U.n agenda is designed to avoid democratic process and if applyed in countrys with more direct democracy-with massive propagnda campaigns like now. Climate change politics is a trickle up asocial antihumanist plan to expropriate ,concentrate and surveille the masses.
giorgio tortellini (3 days ago)
Did you never look at hystory and human nature?? Its always been a war for ressources,and theres the kings and the slaves,but never ever,NEVEREVER there has been a so totaly fooled population ,which is highly overrepresented in these comment sections of u.n.propaganda vids,That was willingly ready to hand theyre behinds to the masters.
giorgio tortellini (3 days ago)
You have 2 options in your green digital future. You get rich and be free You don,t and you will eat your own medicine that consist of urban concentration,disenfranchisement,total surveillance and lack of means.
giorgio tortellini (3 days ago)
E mo p.fav.vada a svegliare le altre pecore (eccetto lei ricco,allora se ne puo fregare no?) E scusi le parole forti and by the way they are holding back my comments
DontStep OnMeKicks (3 days ago)
I'm not gunna listen to some other teen. People need to stop taking advice from people who dont know what countries interests are
giorgio tortellini (3 days ago)
to adriano marchi,my reply to your comment is not made visible to the viewers despite using clean language
victoria munoz (3 days ago)
I love this so much!!!
Fantastic Coder (3 days ago)
Plz Care.... please
giorgio tortellini (3 days ago)
i feel honored that this site seems to censor my comments
Karianne Miller (3 days ago)
I love the way her mind works. I love that she will be the face of this next generation of environmental activists. I love that she will lead those who seek to save our planet.
Leo Culleny (3 days ago)
She admits she has Asperger's and has no idea what she's talking about, yet you people praise her?
kpaxian (3 days ago)
I don't think you have a clue about ASDs.
Ultan Murtagh (3 days ago)
Its amazing how one little Swedish girl knows more about the world then anyone else, and we should just all listen to her because of all her experience in climate science and study geography. I taught you had to have evidence, logic, and experience for people to take you serious, but I guess a cute face and a cool accent will do in today's world. I think we should make her president of the world, no reason for it. When you act smart you can do anything.
FILM KANALEN (4 days ago)
She is the most strongest Girl!! 😭💪
Spoild kid. She skips school. I say this as a swedish parent.
TG32 LordFrancy04008 (4 days ago)
Ma vaffanculo
juozas k. (4 days ago)
populism rocks
Drago Varsas (4 days ago)
Using kids for propaganda. Shame on you!
CA G (4 days ago)
Greta: If you want to change the trend, you should be promoting the removal of ALL technology!!! That what makes our lives "easier" is removing what it means to be human. Technology will not advance to a point where it reverses anything, it will only ADVANCE. Good luck.
Ladislav Výsmek (4 days ago)
She should study economics.
CA G (4 days ago)
A very disturbed and sad little girl. An admittedly mentally ill/handicapped girl is held up as a Leader???? The world has gone mad.
Smoan (4 days ago)
Unfortunate, good speech.. Any yet we all know.. That our ship isn't changing course.. I feel sorry for people growing up in 150 years from now. Best of luck.
Asterio Amora (4 days ago)
I can relate to her depression
Asmera Ertra (4 days ago)
That is why I love Sweden and swedish!
Giang Tran (4 days ago)
Are there anywhere i can find her speech to read? I only clearly hear half of what she said.
Jo (4 days ago)
She is so incredibly well spoken and is so inspiring. The world leaders need to listen to her and all of us protesters all around the world.
Gromold (4 days ago)
Girl doesn't know she is being used.
Damin Daling (4 days ago)
This is child abuse.
Shannon Wells (4 days ago)
Wow ❤
CHET HUNT (4 days ago)
Greta is our modern day Joan of Arc, the Maid of Stockholm.
Adriano Marchi (4 days ago)
She slams the system telling what politicians need to hear, but they still don't listen
Adriano Marchi (4 days ago)
+giorgio tortellini so you are telling me we should leave it as it is and don't mind because the only thing we should care about is money. And the point is that if we use ecology in the right way the economic growth won't fall but increase. But fossil fuels' lovers can't understand that they see only one way to make money.
giorgio tortellini (4 days ago)
The system is laughin because she and millions of missled fools are the useful idjets that help expropriate ,tax,surveille and concentrate the ragtag and bobtail .
Adriano Marchi (4 days ago)
Incredible girl, the most of young people support her! She moved us, the proof, 1 million young europeans manifesting
Juliana Soares (1 day ago)
I believe so much things will improve after seeing the young people manifesting and schoostriking. Go kiddos!
Juliana Soares (1 day ago)
Yes, what a strength, what a soul to touch others, to make us believe in ourselves and that the future is possible, and the solution is so easy a 5yo can understand, as Greta herself says.
maju (4 days ago)
can someone translate this video to portuguese so i can show it to everyone i know
maju (21 hours ago)
+Juliana Soares ikr i would do it myself too but i dont have time :/
Juliana Soares (1 day ago)
Yes, I thought of that, then I thought I should do it myself but the time to do it..
rawstarmusic (4 days ago)
Absolutely awful. You have children as scientists and you believe it all. Horrible.
cool, but... why is it needed that a 16 year old girl says something we all know for decades to mobilize people? Really? scientists screaming, figuratively speaking, for decades, but a weird little girls perspective is what ya'll needed? are ya'll just irrationality wrapped in skin letting it's emotions run wild? and how weird are your emotions? now she's nominated for a Nobel prize? what for? good public speaking for her age?
kajsa larsson (4 days ago)
Hers english is so good!
Joel Bento (4 days ago)
why are they using children to push for a political agenda and no one seems to care? regardless of opinions , children with ten years old should be studing not lecturing adults .
Joel Bento (4 days ago)
+Vilmster j ah 16 , that is completly diferent , i guess that with 16 you can be an expert, wait what? No She is still a kid who should be in school ,and not beign used to spread political views, She sounded like a Ten year old when She Said adults were to scare to commit to catastrophic Change (She just called it Change) and that is a Ten year old retoric for how the world works. If you end fóssil fuels in the west , even if the alarms were real and sound ,the rest of the world Will full the vacum . So the problem Will Carry on anyway , the diference beign that those other country's Will not be concerned at all with that or human rigths or any other kind of human values that the west have and others don't.
Vilmster j (4 days ago)
Joel Bento she is not ten. She is 16 and in sweden it’s optional to enter ”high school” by then.
giulstrip p (4 days ago)
Her dad writes her speeches
Cke Iannsone (5 days ago)
"Animals among other animals" I worry for people that take PEDx talks seriously
kpaxian (3 days ago)
How is that wrong? We are animals. Among other animals. And we are the only species destroying the planet. Oh: were you trying to make a point that we are superior? XD

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