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Porsche 911 POV Onboard C4S Turbo Acceleration Autobahn Sound

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PORSCHE 911 Autobahn Drive onboard Carrera 4S Turbo BMW M5 E39 V8 Sound : https://goo.gl/NDY8Sl AUDI RS7 0-325 : https://youtu.be/xVTse_XF2mM
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Text Comments (40)
Nasser al-ofi (1 year ago)
بورش 911 BMW 840👍👍
CarReviews EU (1 year ago)
Nice driving and also nice sound :))
Rouf Abdul (1 year ago)
That's Germany???
turbo964 (1 year ago)
Was ein Biest!
Ouch (1 year ago)
if all you want to do is go fast why not just get a 1000cc motorcycle? take the limiter off go 320 easy u wont even need to be hindered by traffic
Vince H22 (1 year ago)
When you drive for u it's not a car it's a toy
Šâhanšâhiye Irân (2 years ago)
Finally a new video :D
Black Magic (2 years ago)
Kto z polski ? :D
Savaage mode (2 years ago)
hey! was the cars you have tried before were all unbridled cars, or normal with factory options???
Jordan L (2 years ago)
Every man's dream car 🏎💨
DriveSkull (1 year ago)
Johannes Entrepreneur (1 year ago)
Jordan L GT3?
Keks Hunter (2 years ago)
GTR :V ?
szymsonnn Haze (2 years ago)
Tomek zbiera sie czy nie ?
Exceed (2 years ago)
Top Video 👍
kimleng oeur (2 years ago)
i would like you to make the video with M5 and M6 so i can enjoy with your video
hasifaiman (2 years ago)
Always the goddamn Prius holding us back... Great video as always!
Adam Vulture (2 years ago)
Ofcourse it is prius in the left lane :-)
Mr VC (2 years ago)
probably making a 'point' about excessive speeds and fuel consumption on autobahns by driving slow in the fast lane.
Paweł J (2 years ago)
zazdroszczę stary :)
Venom (2 years ago)
i love the sound when it goes over 6500rpm!!
Sodium Chloride (2 years ago)
orgasmic sound!
Huseyin Kar (2 years ago)
Bro where are the berlin pov videos? We mis it!!
Henning (2 years ago)
Ein POV zum C63 W205 wäre perfekt :)
Ümit Özbay (2 years ago)
Çol güzel bir video olmuş 👌🏻👌🏻
Twój Stary Dupa (2 years ago)
cześć znasz polski czy nie?
Jazzy Into Cars (2 years ago)
Schönes Video. Welche POV Halterung benutzt Du?
BerlinTomek (2 years ago)
"selfmade" ,-)
bmwdreiermax (2 years ago)
Super Gutes Video und Autobahnfahrt 👍👍👍
bear grylls (2 years ago)
he back and going faster than ever
ooooh! you returned
Keks Hunter (2 years ago)
Maybe Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS :> ?
BerlinTomek (2 years ago)
chiva (2 years ago)
BerlinTomek is that germany ?
BerlinTomek , nice dude!
BerlinTomek (2 years ago)
Yes... more videos coming soon!
Piechu 7 (2 years ago)
Very nice Porsche, and I would like to see more video with m5 e39, those are amazing :D
Francisco Penteado (2 years ago)
Porsche... é Porsche.. Dispensa Comentários.!!!
youtube hūgø (2 years ago)
Y love you
soufian r70 (2 years ago)

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