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Honestech VHStoDVD test video?

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This is Footage of my Wii i captured using the Honestech VHStoDVD 7.0 plus software i got today. I would also like to sometimes record my voice but IDK how. Also I don't know why it looks like a VHS rip even though i used 720x480 resolution. Maybe i have to tinker around some more. So drop comments to give me more ideas or anything!
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Text Comments (7)
snakes A.I failed so hard on that sudden death.
Ink Well (2 years ago)
You used the EasyCap ?
Dakota Watson (2 years ago)
Yeah I don't know why it looks like that
Ink Well (2 years ago)
No need, it was really just that ...
Dakota Watson (2 years ago)
it's okay! You can email me any questions. You can type in brazilian and i can translate it.
Ink Well (2 years ago)
I was wondering the same quality . Sorry for any error 'm Brazilian typing. By : Google Translate
Dakota Watson (2 years ago)
No, I used a Vidbox that came with the software

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