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KF5OBS #7: Jackson Labs Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC)

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Quick look at the Jackson Labs Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) including a very brief jitter analysis using the LeCroy WaveRunner 640 Zi 4 GHz, 40 GS/s oscilloscope.
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James Koralewski (4 months ago)
What a true geek is this guy. Instead of cayrry ing around a watch designed to fkulnction like an atomic clock, he actlkuallllly carries along an atomic clocik.
awd34 (10 months ago)
it locks on in your house because all "SAT SIGNALS" come from cell towers ...moron
dtiydr (10 months ago)
Jackson would put together a sample like this for anyone.. yea dont think so. Special contacts and much others as well will be needed to get a sample like this.
KC5CQW (1 year ago)
How does this compare to a rubidium standard and the ubiquitous OCXO GPSDO? Also, what is the frequency compared (1hz, 10kHz etc.) between the GPS and the clock? What about the Alan deviation?
KC5CQW (1 year ago)
But... Does it Djent?
Tim Lipinski (1 year ago)
Coming New Year's Eve 2016/2017 is   Leap Second...  Are you going to do a video of the  Leap Second.  tjl
Joe Russo (2 years ago)
Will the chip come with a board that allows it to be put on an Ethernet network?
Enrico Manfredini (2 years ago)
+KF5OBS First, great review! I have some doubts here: if I was crazy enough and bought one of those, I would receive just the chip right? Is there a "plug and play" board like yours available so I can use it as a clock or a GPS? My project is actually building a reference clock, so any hardware recommendation?
douro20 (4 years ago)
The physics package itself costs about $1500.  It is currently manufactured by Microsemi.
namajkatiufputkata (4 years ago)
ok.cool.so what time it is?
Edwardcurrentclamps (5 years ago)
Very nice :-) Well, I was talking about the Zi! That I have to tell you is indeed a very impressive piece of kit! Have a good day!
Connor Wolf (5 years ago)
I'm pretty sure they have a PLL locked to some part of the GPS signal, internally. I know it uses a PLL and a TCXO, but I don't know if it's locked to the 1PPS or to a higher-frequency component of the GPS signal. Remember, this is built into the GPS module, so they could possibly hook into the RF chain somewhere to get a higher frequency GPS-correlated clock.
jwestmo (5 years ago)
What is the algorithm of synthesizing the 10MHz output? Syncing a clock every ten-million cycles to the leading edge of the 1PPS?
jwestmo (5 years ago)
How much is the CSAC?
KF5OBS (5 years ago)
Actually I have two LeCroys and didn't have to give up any parts of my sol or it. ;-)
Nermash (5 years ago)
Nice scope :)
Edwardcurrentclamps (5 years ago)
Wow is that LeCroy actually yours or did you just got the Devil to give you one in exchange for your soul :-)
Connor Wolf (5 years ago)
Those uBlox GPS Receivers are amazing. I've been working on a device that uses them at work, and I get ~6 sattelites in view with the antenna hanging off 75 feet of ratty BNC coax. The LEA-6T GPS on that board can internally synthesize a 0-10 Mhz arbitrary output frequency locked to the GPS timebase using it's internal TCXO.

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