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Girl rides Mercedes C63 AMG vs Challenger SRT8 Drag Race

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Mercedes C63 AMG Full Ipe Exhaust System with headers 550 Ps / 655 Nm VS Dodge Challenger Srt8 600 Ps / 700 Nm. Roling start.
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Text Comments (251)
Markus135 (24 days ago)
I love this girl!
Mike K (4 months ago)
Easy victory good job, as usual ton of haters on YouTube.
Класс супер девченка
Nathan White (6 months ago)
Buddy Reyes (6 months ago)
G G shit
JOHNNY WAFFLES (6 months ago)
Goood shit!! Need more ladies out there racing....
mommypounder (6 months ago)
Crusty face on that bee yotch
Jose Jose (7 months ago)
The best German car hands down
aam voor (9 months ago)
Dutch girls drive like max verstappen. Cool and relaxed!!
Injustice Striker (11 months ago)
Theres still the scatpack and the hellcat beyond the srt8 lol forget about the demon that's a whole different story
Quasi Umbra (11 months ago)
It might be perspective, but her hands on the wheel look scary strong!
MrXtremeEditing (11 months ago)
ahaha these pathetic comments
Emanuele Russano (1 year ago)
Senza parole.../
Red Beard's Racing (1 year ago)
Am I the only one, or one of the only ones here that is more interested in the quarter mile time verses what the driver looks like?
Jimmy Braden (1 year ago)
shes got a GRIP on that wheel.. lol .. what you doin later babe?
Tsar (1 year ago)
You an easily hear the Russian guy say "OPA!!!"
eeehmm what (1 year ago)
bitch thinks she's a pro. i can floor an automatic too
MR1000101 (1 year ago)
Get em girl! Oopa!
jp (1 year ago)
lovely girl
wipout1 (1 year ago)
those big block o-rings in the ear look cool
alamri alamri (1 year ago)
thank you
alamri alamri (1 year ago)
her account not in instagram (@miss__benz_) do you know other
DataVanKult (1 year ago)
hahaha what a joke. racing with auto mode .
MAR. MAR (1 year ago)
كولك ضوقا
Kristy L (1 year ago)
Butterface, but I bet she gettin the long D tho!
kamel NY (1 year ago)
The srt won
J.D W (1 year ago)
If you dont like it simple!!!!! Close your eyes or fuck off.
14RubixcubeWorld57 (1 year ago)
She's using paddle shifters
MANsA MUSA! (1 year ago)
Toby Arguello (1 year ago)
seo anchordist (1 year ago)
BS editing to make it look like the Challenger lost... the Challenger WON! Look at 2:30 in the video... right behind her head... the Challenger is roaring by and they cut the scene and go to a different camera angle. Nice try.
monsterize (1 year ago)
Fuck Challenger
Omar Barmo (2 years ago)
اسم الاغنية اللي بآآخر المقطع 🍻😂
Faycal WAHRAN (2 years ago)
vien voir avec laGTR
Artin a.i (2 years ago)
only muscle cars
Timo van Akooij (2 years ago)
Ferry hoezo rijd syritha en jij niet
Ahmed Cevik (2 years ago)
Miss Bleifuß :-D
TASER020 (2 years ago)
I want to see more beautiful girls in a fast car !! 😂
Simonjiid (2 years ago)
i fell in love :)
ShawnManh (2 years ago)
Thanks God. This one is much better with the different camera angle that i don't have to look directly at her face. God bless me.
RoadRash (2 years ago)
IetsAnders2 She is unattractive.
IetsAnders2 (2 years ago)
ShawnManh ?
jaybravo1000 (2 years ago)
Why is she a bitch? Because she's driving something you cannot afford? Fucking dumb-asses. You haters can suck it thou.
Jonathan. S Chivaura (1 year ago)
jaybravo1000 This place (Youtube) is full of haters. I keep telling them its about the car. But what do you expect from people who wear sandals and socks and eat yoghurt day and night everyday all year round they only know one thing hate.
jaybravo1000 (1 year ago)
arber Muqaj I totally agree with you on affordability. But the fact is these guys are just hating. You and I can afford it. Maybe not them.
Prishtina S63 (1 year ago)
jaybravo1000 it's not like it's that of an expensive car. i don't know how much you pay in yout country for these types. But the one she has costs about 25.000 -30.000. Those versions. Pretty affordable if you ask me
Romar Nijsten (1 year ago)
jaybravo1000 sooo trueee hahahab
momo 69 (2 years ago)
stupide bitch
Devrie Jefferson (2 years ago)
I love her life😊
csammy123 (2 years ago)
It looks like the Challenger won this race. You can see at just after 2:25 (inside view) where the Challenger was passing her but the camera conveniently cuts away.
Jash Modi (1 year ago)
Somewhere between 2:30 and 2:31
Lenin Sambhudat (2 years ago)
If you start at 2:25 you can see the shadow of the Challenger creeping in the side view mirror. Then you see the front of the Challenger actually coming to pass the AMG, but the camera conveniently cuts away.
dris yachou (2 years ago)
Lenin Sambhudat No it doesnt you can't conclude from the video who won...
Lenin Sambhudat (2 years ago)
Video shows otherwise, just sayin
dris yachou (2 years ago)
Lenin Sambhudat she won they said it in dutch stop trying to prove your right because you aren't. .
Rodolfo Munoz (2 years ago)
she can be my bitch we can ride 2gether 😂
Troy Skinner (2 years ago)
not a drag race...roll racing is not drag racing.
Km.j (2 years ago)
this is the only girl that can drive this good
stektirade (9 months ago)
mk1driver haha and an auto
mk1driver (11 months ago)
We all can drive fast on a straight road.
Gabriell Salas (2 years ago)
try against a GTR lol 👋
TASER020 (2 years ago)
Which GTR ? R35 ?😑😑
Fatih Serilmez (2 years ago)
fnish end song ? anca bu kadar ingilizce yazin iste :)
HOP 5 (2 years ago)
wish I had dem digits.
ModernMuscleCar (2 years ago)
Most people that drive manuals are average at best and will lose everytime to an auto.
Alexis Gomez (2 years ago)
love the way she killed the race by hitting 4th and making the car fall on is face lmaooooo good job kinda sorta
Xaff C63 (2 years ago)
die auto is van haar samen met haar vriend. ze komen ook regelmatig naar cars en coffee in dort :). kben zelf een groot fan van deze c63 AMG
TASER020 (2 years ago)
When and where is the next Car and Coffee in Holland ?
The driver is hot and a bitch but the car is of course faster than the srt compare the new one with the new c63 2017 the srt will get fucked by the new one
TASER020 (2 years ago)
German car = the best than the other one !!😂
Andrew Andrew (2 years ago)
Does she advertise for crayola? 😂😂😂😂
Dixie (2 years ago)
Great race, I loved it, the Merc c63 is a beast that looks like an everyday day, in racing a win is a win, people will remember the car that won, not the transmission, or the gender of the driver, more woman racing is very healthy for the sport. If there is a manufacturer who can appeal to women into racing is Mercedes Benz. Power to her.
Eduardo Hernandez (2 years ago)
It lost to a stock gt350
Sebastiaan x (2 years ago)
I find it very funy how 90% of the ones leaving a comment are either jealous or say' she looks like bitch... and I'm jealous' Nice car man ;) (and no the Mustang on my profile picture is not my car... for all you jealous fucks wondering)
sgt peppers (2 years ago)
wtf is this, its not even stick, like all she's doing is pressing the gas pedal :/
Schnitzel (1 year ago)
sgt peppers Well, if you'd want to shift this car "yourself" you'd really need to buy quite a trick tune for the transmission. Which can get quite expensive. AMG has never build cars with manuals and never will.
Capricornarr (1 year ago)
I think she was only shifting down manually which was at the end of the race, during the race it was automatic all the way.
Antimatter (2 years ago)
Nice! good kill! , nice car ! I learned the hard way too back in the day with mustang vs grand nationals , Autos with the not missing shifts and fast shifts are the way to go,but to each his own , bottom line is I like winning races
Rick2010100 (2 years ago)
She is shifting manualy and also did not use the race start feature. At 2:12 she also waits for the Challenger as the rev counter shows.
MigSu pue ram (2 years ago)
+niek holweg Yes
Autosport & More (2 years ago)
Ey. Waar ligt die sprinkhaan ergens. Zie umh vaker maar weet niet waar die sprintbaan te vinden is 😡
William Harvey (2 years ago)
Lol she has a death grip on that steering wheel
Oh Adams (2 years ago)
She looks like a cat who had all the milk and now sitting and licking her whiskers.
Austin Stout (2 years ago)
The Transporter (2 years ago)
And show how we wikings do it.'
The Transporter (2 years ago)
I have to travel to germany.
6thewolf (2 years ago)
Is this supposed to be impressive? A kid could drive an automatic like that..... LOL
Drink That (10 months ago)
Did everyone miss the key word here? DRAG. Stop being so jealous of a woman who has a car and can murder a dumbass in a Chevy. A kid cannot drive an automatic, I highly doubt they can even reach the gas pedal.
Learning2Smile (2 years ago)
+Oh Adams lol with loose puss lips
Oh Adams (2 years ago)
Im not sure if she is a kid. She looks like somebody who has weathered a few storms and now over the hill
Kay Ma Lai (2 years ago)
Where is her pimp? And why let he drive her his car?
ria rea (2 years ago)
the song at 4:10 ???????
Aleksandar Mijatovic (2 years ago)
Kevin Le (2 years ago)
pussy whooped
Believe Inyourself (2 years ago)
lol ppl,ok this doesnt require any type of driving skill but who the fuck cares?The c63 amg is a bad ass car,its just not a drivers car like a corvette or a viper.
swansmeister (2 years ago)
Darren Seeneevassen (2 years ago)
beautiful gurl 😍
Harold E (9 months ago)
Gurl means girl. Gurl is a street word for girl
off on (1 year ago)
Darren Seeneevassen gurl? What mean with "gurl" what is gurl hahahahaha emigrition english ?
Mike Higby (2 years ago)
modern day DOHC v8 vs outdated pushrod v8
moderador88 888 (2 years ago)
which is your work girl?
WeekEnd133 (2 years ago)
Straight up automatic mode haha
Daniel San! (2 years ago)
I wish women raced more.
Daniel San! (2 years ago)
Letty! :)
That persian dude (2 years ago)
try that with manual car
Nicholas Matthews (2 years ago)
Yessss!! LOOL
you cant even call that shit a victory what the fuck ever
Bo Chaban (2 years ago)
At 1:45 this drag queen wipes the dirty sweat off her right hand on her pant leg. Gross shemale with gross hands... driving an old ass AMG.
Hux Y (2 years ago)
Dirty ugly bitch. He is a drag queen indeed!
Kel Raphiel (2 years ago)
fuck you guys saying shit about this girls car she won the race..........and she somehow won my heart lol
xRiinn- R6s (2 years ago)
Ik maak haar af met mijn c63
alias-ssadek-amg 54 (3 years ago)
watts is à musica please
f0revery0ung101 (2 years ago)
Rihanna - cheers Tenko remix
random gamer (3 years ago)
VAL (3 years ago)
Challenger Hellcat will give an answer on that!
stektirade (9 months ago)
TheDrumMajor not, it weighs 1500 pounds more it's slow as fuck. Power to weight ratio is still garbage
spooky shark (1 year ago)
Fuck outta here with that a weak hellcat could woop that ass any day even a dodge demon. Then again I will use my tesla Roadster in 2020 to wipe that smerk off her face.
Priscilla Mendoza (1 year ago)
VALERIY HUTYRYAK and moded c63 fucks hell cat in ass....rrrraaawwwrrr
Tanner Jordan (1 year ago)
VALERIY HUTYRYAK shiet the demon will beat the fuck outta that cat
Shiningshadowreflects (2 years ago)
depending on driver
mosfetnitrous (3 years ago)
That girl did beat the shit out of that yanky crap mussle car -> yeah fuck yeah
Pharao Mystik (3 years ago)
Horny pussy Is that
Salim Binebil (3 years ago)
Eine Frau + im Einklang mit nem AMG = Traumfrau!
Lucky Luke (3 years ago)
Die hält das Lenkrad wie nen Kerl haha die macht nen AMG auch nicht schöner die alte
spanky mcnugget (3 years ago)
who's the girl driving?
GETSBI GETSBI (2 years ago)
Facebook girl?
Floris Hendriks (2 years ago)
RealCapo88 (2 years ago)
+supercooled hahahaha
Learning2Smile (2 years ago)
some random bitch
Getahun Girma (2 years ago)
+spanky mcnugget send her a request
James Morfison (3 years ago)
you wouldn't know a good car or a good woman but I bet she could put you in your place just like she did that Dodge you can talk about and down grade Mercedes-Benz all day but when it comes to which is Better And FASTER well it sure as hell wasn't a Dodge was it? oh ya that hell fire thing you keep talking about I'm sure she could wax there ass too with an automatic of course
James Morfison (3 years ago)
he was asking for a ass wooping and he got it
James Morfison (3 years ago)
Better than ANY AMERICAN PIECE of SHIT put an ass wooping on that Dodge
James Morfison (3 years ago)
good job girl wooped his ass but good and it's even an AUTOMATIC ha ha
Pedal Pumping Lover (3 years ago)
She drive in heels in this video?
Daniel Sadjadian (3 years ago)
A hot woman in 6.2 V8 C63!!!! Just like women + guns, so hot!
qwertz33 (3 years ago)
+Daniel Sadjadian yawn. If you can drive a car, you are hot. Only if you REALLY can. you may sit in a monster, but if you can't handle you are done. Next tree is waiting for you.
ra1kon (3 years ago)
Its funny to see ur driver skills :D
GoogleView (3 years ago)
I have never seen an ugly Girl like this before :O
Yousaf Ali (3 years ago)
quick but race a c63 1500 bhp

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