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Powerpuff Girls | Bliss Possessed by HIM | Cartoon Network

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The Powerpuff Girls need to save their sister Bliss from HIM. ► Subscribe to The Powerpuff Girls: http://bit.ly/2fzD7DB Follow us for all the latest Powerpuff Girls news! ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePowerpuffGirls/ ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/ppg_powerpuffg Sugar, spice, and everything nice, these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredients to the concoction- Chemical X Thus, The Powerpuff Girls were born using their ultra-super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil The city of Townsville is a beautiful, bustling metropolis, but don’t be fooled! Evil is always afoot. Only Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup — three little girls with extraordinary super powers — can keep the bad guys at bay. The Powerpuff Girls are three super-powered little girls out to save the world. Created by Professor Utonium when he mixed Chemical X with some sugar and spice, the Powerpuff Girls protect the city of Townsville from bad guys and villains like Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Him, Princess, the Gangreen Gang and others. Blossom is the organised leader. Together, they show the citizens of Townsville what it really means to save the world before bedtime. The girls live with Professor Utonium in a suburban home outside Townsville where they match wits and muscles with an array or monsters and villains. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are The Powerpuff Girls. They are three little girls with a mission: saving the world before bedtime. The girls live with Professor Utonium in a suburban home outside Townsville where they match wits and muscles with an array or monsters and villains. Bubbles is the joy and laughter. Buttercup is the toughest fighter. And together, the Powerpuff Girls save the day! Juggling school, bedtimes and beating up giant monsters may be daunting but together, they prove they are up to the task. She is the innocent, sweet heart that keeps the Powerpuff Girls beating...literally! She is sensitive, artistic, and at times a bit naïve, she can find the good in anyone even if they are a 50 foot-tall fire-breathing monster! But don't underestimate her: she can take down that same monster with one adorable punch. Blossom is the glue that holds the Powerpuff Girls together! She is courageous, smart, and positive with a strong moral compass. These are just a few of the reasons why Blossom is the leader of the Powerpuff Girls, even if she can be a bit too bossy sometimes! She will never miss an opportunity to kick loose…and kick monster butt! Buttercup is the girl you don't want to mess with... She is the Powerpuff Girls’ muscle, who marches to the beat of her own giant, rebel drum. A tough, tomboy renegade, she punches first and asks questions later. This occasionally gets her into trouble. Luckily, "trouble" is Buttercup's favourite word! ► Click to watch New Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx8JHubmxgM9C1TYIQdOhCc3nGiMSBsaQ ► Click to watch more of the Powerpuff Girls: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx8JHubmxgM_4iCzJpVQWJaQpUm3cxaMO ► Click to watch the best of the Powerpuff Girls: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx8JHubmxgM91b75WWe92F2lOMGgvBqwm
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Text Comments (659)
Gacha Pepsi (2 days ago)
Bliss is now gae
Glitter (5 days ago)
Black/Brown and English accent. Wonder how many new viewers the new character attracted.
Buttercup PPGZ (9 days ago)
whos the real hero in this? Mojo bc hes the one who thought hitting HIM with a spiked ball
Buttercup PPGZ (9 days ago)
Deadlie Hellings (10 days ago)
I like it when HIM appears and the girls say, "Oh no! It's HIM!". Like it's confusing but I get it XD
Amy Rose The Hedgehog (13 days ago)
Make bliss the new leader! shes the oldest one after all!
Ivy hobby (21 days ago)
TEN YEARS!?!?!? IT WAS LIKE A SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!
Makis Kassianos (27 days ago)
Is HIM the clown grab?🧐
james rai (1 month ago)
this look Bliss
Detravion Stewart (1 month ago)
Shedevil aka him uugh
Colonar Ice (1 month ago)
We need Jesus
Richie Duck (1 month ago)
I thought this looked good until 3:26.
Izzy Plays (1 month ago)
If you like this click this #Wonderparktrailer
Latrina Murray (1 month ago)
kiana west (1 month ago)
0:16 discord?
Baby lily Sigala (2 months ago)
3:03 when bubbles said ugh it kinda sounded like buttercup
princess _darkblee (2 months ago)
1:19 buttercup:ribbon head😂😂😂
koechiaki777 (2 months ago)
This show...is dying.
Alice Jem (2 months ago)
Great, much better
Attack more like A CAT!
Regular Invader (2 months ago)
Is that HIM’s original voice actor?
Alison BB (2 months ago)
Bruh this show was so much better in the 90’s ( Why the Heck would they make another power puff girl?! )
Alice Jem (2 months ago)
Bcoz of money
billy gunner (2 months ago)
Thing,ballons and animals , foods and drinks 😎
Sander Hockey (3 months ago)
In my country. The mewtilator is called the catastrofe
gentblue (3 months ago)
They should have used Dynamo.
Alice Jem (2 months ago)
Could've said better
Sanya Hikari (3 months ago)
The stop sign agrees. It's a havoc for CN to introduce Bliss.
Alice Jem (2 months ago)
ryliegh Smith (3 months ago)
Why is there tnethical difficulties!?! I still liked the vedio
Gacha Luke/Catty (3 months ago)
Blossom:we’re gonna do what we always do save the day Legend of Everfree Rainbow Dash:we’re gonna do what we always do save the day Hmmmmmmm
New fusion of dragon ball
ThatJakeKid (3 months ago)
Thought HIM was female.. Im confused
Biancamaria Valenti (3 months ago)
He serious uses Saturn as a lawnmower? Lol. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😧
salvatore graziano (3 months ago)
salvatore graziano (3 months ago)
Collin Reynolds (4 months ago)
Saturn is coming
Collin Reynolds (4 months ago)
Mother Saturn got dizzy and mother Saturn turn into a Saturn chainsaw
Menjiwe Kluis (4 months ago)
i love bliss😍
Is Ro (4 months ago)
2:21 ☢
Führer des Benutzers (4 months ago)
1:50 Surprising how they didn't get any flak for using General Lee's Confederate horn.
Raziuddin Shaikh (4 months ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
grace baldwin (4 months ago)
It will work😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Lewis Frías (4 months ago)
I love bliss😍😍😍
Chocolate Luv Anime (5 months ago)
speedyhedgie450 (5 months ago)
4:50 rush hour 3 reference
Blossom:Me was Him!! Buttercup:and him was you Bubbles:if me was him then who is me? buttercup:me was him Blossom:wait him is you? Bliss:and Im confusedm..
Canny Weng (5 months ago)
4:34 Bubbles is twerking...
Dylan Geltzeiler (6 months ago)
2:08 Ok, So not only the same voice talent of Professor Utonium & Him returned. But the other voice talent of Mojo Jojo is back as well.
daisy jones (6 months ago)
safety first everyone, safety first lol!
plop weirdo (6 months ago)
What happened to Me
My Own Real Stories (6 months ago)
who's HIM?
francesiriarte (6 months ago)
At 1:16 bubbles pony tail fell off
TheNever1ever (6 months ago)
I love the powerpuff girl and bliss
Kamilla Playz (6 months ago)
Lol ribbon head 🎀
francesiriarte (6 months ago)
How did bubbles eyes and her ponytail fall off
nouf albarrak (6 months ago)
OMG I look the part where bubbles loses her hair and shoes
3:55 sooo cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Great Juice (6 months ago)
What even is His name?
Oofie (6 months ago)
I like how they're trying to make it not so violent by making Buttercup softly thrown down to the ground by HIM :')
Mitzi Dabkins (6 months ago)
BATIM final boss looking dope.
angelica maceren (7 months ago)
angelica maceren (7 months ago)
Cristian Herrera (7 months ago)
This show got canceled right ?
Luke Roman Reigns (7 months ago)
Chrystal Willis (7 months ago)
Best Scene Ever!!! 4:50-4:56 🤗
tash (7 months ago)
looks more like hello kitty rather than power puff girls -_- .
_ ocean _ (7 months ago)
*sQuACk SqUaCk SqUaCk*
Cypress Hakaraia (7 months ago)
Squaaawk squawk SKWAARK!
-;; (7 months ago)
Oh no now im turned into kittydog by bliss to him
DarkWolves 809 (7 months ago)
Nani Suliawati (7 months ago)
The bliss
Audrey ÒwÒ (7 months ago)
BigGiddyZ (7 months ago)
Bliss looking a little thick 😈😈
emotional hugs (7 months ago)
I like this Him but the old Him was better
Rona Jane Canizares (7 months ago)
He turn into toy
Rona Jane Canizares (7 months ago)
BLISS oh no noooooo
Rona Jane Canizares (7 months ago)
Rona Jane Canizares (7 months ago)
A baby pickle
Dalia Leyvas (7 months ago)
When Bubbles was using the tail it looked like she was slapping her was against something
Oh jesus
HADIYA (7 months ago)
Love your VIDEO'S
Wait bliss don’t sound Normal is that a different voice actor?
Feri :v (7 months ago)
stilted rumpskin (7 months ago)
Old PPG: HIM takes over the earth, brings everything to rubble and controls the maimed bodies of the city folk to phycologicaly truamatise the girls until they break down emotionally. He continues to laugh maniacally as he's hit by the Powerpuff girls and grows in power throughout the fight New PPG: HIM turns people into toys and gets beaten by one hit to the face. Also there's significantly less of HIM acting sexually riskay. Why'd the new CN have to ruin your character you beautiful flamboyant Satan.
Spiggle (2 months ago)
The original PPG did have some questionable scenes tbh, guess that's why it's rated PG. Too bad they don't turn cartoons more mature when they bring them back, like as a 12/PG-13 show for adults who watched the originals.. PPG, EEnE and Cow & Chicken would have been hilarious to see with a bunch of adult jokes and aimed at more mature audiences.
IamKingOfHearts (3 months ago)
I see nothing ppg in here. Doesn't have that feel
Mr Rainbow (7 months ago)
Lol it’s HIM and ME
SupportivePotato (7 months ago)
Bubbles used to be nice But now she seems like a homicidal maniac posing as a sweet girl
Julian Giovannotto (8 months ago)
Ok why call him what's his name
Immaculene Brizeus (8 months ago)
floopy pie (8 months ago)
I like bllis
1minLupita Molina (8 months ago)
Zukka 88 (8 months ago)
They kept his voice.
ItzMaryMary Rblx (8 months ago)
Squak, squak, SQUAK!!!
Princess Jacquie Sintat (8 months ago)
3:26 Man Blossom Has Muscles And Sounds Like A Tough Muscles Guy 🚺
Princess Jacquie Sintat (8 months ago)
1:05 Why Does Bliss Sounds Weird💝
Kittycat321 (8 months ago)
Why is bliss British? Not that I’m complaining
JD Thomas (8 months ago)
Action Dad
Lucy Babydoll (8 months ago)
But they didn’t stop Saturn from destroying earth..... I’m *lost*
Big Ben (8 months ago)
What did they do to prevent saturn from attacking earth?!
No Name (8 months ago)
Man they screwed up this series, it seems really different, still love Him though. Also it looks like they screwed up Buttercup a lot, same with Bubbles. Buttercup’s voice sounds like Ben 10 also.
karla caceres (8 months ago)
Bubs hair when it falled off well it looked like a troll

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