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Juicy New Year | ++Accidental Broadcast

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Text Comments (90)
Venpex (5 years ago)
I make homemade Kambucha
disneylandfreak98 (5 years ago)
Awesome video. Where did you mount the camera? Gopro?
Tk Nation (5 years ago)
Mine would be to meet you it has not came true bbbboooohhhhoooo
destroyall24 (5 years ago)
New Years resolution... Begin training and dieting for motocross. Eating healthier for it, enderance training, and weight training fall under that catagory. Wish me luck ++Mr. Kalaani!
Andrew Fallon (5 years ago)
New years resolution for me is to get the M endorsement on my drivers license :)
Seb Ross (5 years ago)
Uh your chain needs changing!!
Loopo (5 years ago)
if a wheelie would damage the engine, climbing hill would also
streetpowner (5 years ago)
happy (late) newyear :)
REOM ONE (5 years ago)
What's a juice fast? Let me google it lol
HEGGA (5 years ago)
ey please fix your mic :)
Silvie Fox (5 years ago)
new years res is to move... our house is falling apart and slowly killing us (black mold of death) my res last year was to do more rideing wif my hubby and we did till i had to sell my bike to pay the rent... thank you taxman
Whammy! (5 years ago)
I hate whoever told Kalani that wheelies are bad for his bike.
DarkVortex97 (5 years ago)
Wheeling is not going to harm the motor, think about it, what is the difference (as far as the engine is concerned) between pulling a wheelie and going up a steep hill?
KlemzeTV (5 years ago)
I'm gonna get sleep before school, study longer periods of times before tests and party more. Also I'm gonna ride my bike more often and I have to get my license for my road bike.
mototrippin (5 years ago)
I have never been on a juice fast, been on a beer fast a time or two though!
Tsquared Moto Vlogs (5 years ago)
Great vid Kalani! I love seeing you back doing wheelies on Athena, who cares if the oil doesn't make it up, give it hell haha
crazyboyfloyd44 (5 years ago)
My new year's resolution is to get out to see you guys soon!!
joshua rugg (5 years ago)
quit smoking :)
Alessandro Manica (5 years ago)
Would love to start taking nice photos but i can't afford a nice camera.
DirtBikeCrazyy101 (5 years ago)
Mine is to start motovlogging and do the best I can at boxing :D
Sage Witty (5 years ago)
ITS BAD IF YOU HAVE A CARBURATOR fuel ijection is fine
cadalate (5 years ago)
0:57 - 1:00 Nice stop Kalani!!!?
MotoShaman (5 years ago)
Look at it this way. Dirt bikes are made to be flipped, thrown, slammed, etc they know people are going to wheelie them and abuse them. Their made to take it, so I don't think you popping wheelies is an issue..
zedex93 (5 years ago)
To fix wheelie problem fit a Dry sump 
Motard Matt (5 years ago)
As long as your not wheelieing upside down I think you are fine!
j_mosk (5 years ago)
Happy New Day!
Liam Olding (5 years ago)
New years resolution - Get to Hawaii and book a ride with Maui Moto Adventures for my 18th
Stephen Hamshaw (5 years ago)
I would think that doing wheelies and climbing a hill shouldn't be a whole lot different on the "oil" thing...  So I'd would keep on wheelieing brah................
My New Years resolution is to get back on a bike
BSMotoVlogs (5 years ago)
then do stopies instead of wheelies
DonTHEhandsome1 (5 years ago)
Most supersports and I am sure all dirtbikes (atleast good ones) have semi-dry or dry slumps. Like drifter cars and supercars cars the oil from the pan goes to a remote canister to supply the oil pump. This defeats the oil pump being starved from conventional oil pans that store the oil after the oil drops from the cyclinders. So no it should not hurt it. I am not too sure if Athena has a dry slump or not but I know my Ninja does.
MrXorozz (5 years ago)
TheBigOne (5 years ago)
i don't think wheeling harms the motor :) because when you accelerate hard the oil pushes hard ageist the back wall and that is when you need the most lubrication :P
Pesky Rat (5 years ago)
NYR, complete my big bike test + get a new bike! :-)
Bjorn Norgaard (5 years ago)
Most bikes are dry sump so it's all good wheels are probably hardiest on the gear box and drive train
Burner719 (5 years ago)
Happy New Year, Kalani! Always enjoy watching the vids for the scenery and your ever optimistic and fun posts. This...is going to be a great year, as I have all of 11 months till I pop smoke and forever leave Afghanistan...mission complete. Top it off: In December, planning on popping over to Maui to ride w/ the tribe...
mrsparkyaprilia (5 years ago)
Need to trim up, Eat cleaner after Christmas in the US! Reckon I gains 10lbs in 2 weeks!
Dracati Ducati (5 years ago)
Just discussing the exact same topic re: Wheelies v. Engine oil 'issue' with the AZ Motovlogger crew @ tonight's meetup...and consensus was that it has effected engines in the past.....Some manufacturers had warrantied the replacement, and some not. Congrats on the Dual Bike biz, again, too.
BigDVidS (5 years ago)
i plan on getting in better shape and i plan on going on a trip to maui and going to maui adventures thats a promise.
David Snee (5 years ago)
I take lots of pictures for the fact of my memory is crap and when im old and unable to move i will have the memorys in picture form
spacep0d (5 years ago)
Great to see you back on Athena and vlogging normally. Amazing how you can just pop over rocks and parking stops. Wewt! New Year's resolutions...keep working and grow my little businesses! Your imitation of the green-eyed girl was funny. 'Really?' heh. The juice-fast is not something I'd do but I can understand the fun of starting fresh with your diet and having a clear delineation between old and new diet. Interesting about the juice fast changing your thinking too. Being hungry seems like it would take center-stage in the brain! :D I cannot imagine doing that for 52 days!
Kenneth Jackson Games (5 years ago)
i like ur gloves
eveRide ADV (5 years ago)
Lol that was the best super gross weird awkward dive of all time :-)
M750 (5 years ago)
My resolution: Get off the mainland and back home.
Samurai H (5 years ago)
New years Resolution for me ............ Watch more videos from ++ TRIBE and check out more of those great shots on your page :) Nice video "Need to go back practicing some wheelies " Thumbs up
terran698 (5 years ago)
i used to make new years resolutions until i reasized that every year i failed them and that made me depressed so i made a resolution to never make another resolution and since then i've fulfilled every resolution so now i'm less depressed. this year also feels shity already. my younger sister (age 23) is in leg imobilizing braces (yeah plural) so she cant do anything by herself, my grandfather is in the hospital with pnuemonia, my grandmother is starting to show signs of alzheimers, my mother is in the process of figuring out whether she needs leg surgery, and i have blood pressure so high i'm a stroke/heart attack waiting to happen (180/110). so yeah i'm not thrilled that its a new year
Safe Vsk (5 years ago)
I'm on a seaweed diet, if I see weed I smoke it.
Mongo (5 years ago)
Haha Kalani you saw the thread about that on thumpertalk, right? (About the oil)
Jeremy Murphy (5 years ago)
I'm pretty sure the oil starving when wheelie'ing is BS. For all the more angle of the bike when doing one isn't much more than when climbing extended steep hills.  So BRAAAAAAAPPPPPPP away!!
AkDeluxeRider (5 years ago)
My goal is to keep trying to be kinder and more understanding.
Zac Nilsson (5 years ago)
Sounds good Mate :)
Lewis Mclean (5 years ago)
My New Years resolution is to do good in exams and study hard, which probably won't happen but I'll give it a go..
Hoosier Throttle (5 years ago)
If I go on a juice fast, that means I can still drink screwdrivers and cranberry martinis, right? 
Hoosier Throttle (5 years ago)
@Sean Ok, I guess I can stick with just whiskey for a week or two.  These juice fasts are brutal!! 
Dr Gonzo (5 years ago)
No strictly whiskey!
maltlickher (5 years ago)
My new years resolutions - #1 Save up for a Suzuki DRZ 400. #2 Work out at least once a day. #3 Live clean healthy & happy and watch every AccidentalBroadcast video. :P
Brendan Cunningham (5 years ago)
2 stroke engines will work in whatever orientation you put it in.. wheelies are fine. if your engine is a 4 stroke it "isn't great" for your engine but who cares, wheelies are fun
MrOutdoors007 (5 years ago)
What kind of tires would you recommend For Riding on sand and hard clay?
mistery79 (5 years ago)
i Figure that, as long as the oil light doesn't come on, the engine is getting enough oil pressure.
bren masl (5 years ago)
heard it happened on the old XT's but that's just a crappy pump without picking up the front wheel you don't get oil to the head and fry the cams and what not but, on the newer bikes like yours your pump is working no matter what position your in, its just a matter of making sure your pump still functioning every now and again    
MrCr250f (5 years ago)
need.....more.......videos......... of...............ATHENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pan Man (5 years ago)
Cool video man :)
J.A.Ratt85 (5 years ago)
juice fasts cannot be good for someone as skinny as you Kalani
SuttonSlides (5 years ago)
I don't make resolutions because I never do them
SuttonSlides (5 years ago)
Awesome video as always! Lovin it :) also I hope you got my message!
CrAzzYDeViL (5 years ago)
one of the first to like ur FB page :)  Nice Pics brouh!!
Mike Will (5 years ago)
only if your oil pump is in the rear of the engine if its in the front then your killing your motor
Bergster (5 years ago)
awesome vid as always
Cameron ZY (5 years ago)
My new years resolution: Get a new skateboard deck (2), parts, Bones Reds bearings (2; wanted super reds) and stay myself.
Touge Season (5 years ago)
@Cameron ZY agreed
Cameron ZY (5 years ago)
@fbmaniac27 Not competitive (unless you want it to be). You have options, for sure freedom and when you have skater friends its even more fun.
Touge Season (5 years ago)
@Cameron ZY skating is awesome. lots of support and freedom
Cameron ZY (5 years ago)
@DJKaySwift ._. Santa doesn't exist, plus I just want to start skating again sooo I ordered the parts and skate shoes. so yes it was something I wanted XD but in the process I told myself to start skating again.
Muddy Treadz (5 years ago)
that's not a resolution lol that's a wish u should've asked Santa for.see if only there was a time machine pmsl
Dorian Hellas (5 years ago)
i juice fasted for 30 days after watching the movie 'fat, sick, and nearly dead.' pretty good documentary, I havent tried one yet but def going to!
David Daavettila (5 years ago)
awesome vid as usual, sorry no new year resolutions.  
Reece Mo (5 years ago)
I meant it don't muck up the engine
Reece Mo (5 years ago)
That's not right it muck up the engine
Lars-kristian lilleng (5 years ago)
'S not bad for the engine :) if it have layd down for som minuts then it wont gire up becaus it isent geting oil (only on 4 stroke) So just weelie so mutch you want :) Sorry for my POOR POOR English!
0TIMPaL0 (5 years ago)
Great video man ! But what is this juicy fest you are talking about ? I have no idea what it is or if i spelled it right. Greetings from Germany :-)
Jobobagginz (5 years ago)
my new years thing is to get a dual sport!
MotoBound (5 years ago)
I wish I was in Maui, there's like 5 inches of snow outside : (
jman1400 (5 years ago)
Always a good video!
chipchip (5 years ago)
Windows mobile and windows 8 are different remember :) I rate windows mobile. If it had the apps I think it would be the best phone os, closely tied with android.
Battle Born Supermoto (5 years ago)
Its Japanese. I ran my drz400 around a corner oil leaking on the tire then an mile down the freeway. No problems.
Jake's Adventures (5 years ago)
Love your viddy's yo!
Ryan Amps (5 years ago)
Same for second. Cheers
Zook500 (5 years ago)
Another great video man :) keep em coming!
FakeReviewer (5 years ago)
For being first it would be an honor for you to respond to my message. Thanks. -Steve

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