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Why Are Young African Girls Marrying Old White Men : Part 1 Kafui Danku Case Study

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Please watch: "Five Laughable Advice From Sarkodie to Shatta Wale" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4UzqmcqSxE --~-- Most african (Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya) girls are now showing off their old white husbands and even having kids with them. These girls use to hide them because we all knew they dated them for my money but nowadays they put them on their social media and parade these old grandpas as if it is something to be proud of. The african girl has lost their mind and Kafui Danku who is a Ghanaian actress is leading the charge.
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Big Tex (10 days ago)
We wuz Kangz n shit !
Mateo Johnson (12 days ago)
Many are a victim to circumstance .... If you are raise with morals and values you will marry such no matter what country you are from...
Brian Mcdew (21 days ago)
I know a girl like this in America. Married an older white man, he died she got nothing. His kids took her to court, threw her out of the house. You don’t inherit his wealth when he dies.’, and his family really know why your with him.
crzyrdr (1 month ago)
Andto the guy voicing this video if he came abroad he'd be these black men who start to date white or mixed women only. He feels somehow bcos I bet he is in Africa.
crzyrdr (1 month ago)
They want to secure their stay in Europe, US, Aus etc and money plays a role. And some they want a mixed kid. Love from an African woman
Pawel Rosiecki (1 month ago)
Fine some thing to do ok. And stop fooling ok thank you will u merry her. Stupidity
Rocky Alvarez (1 month ago)
It's not the old vs young that you have a problem with. It's the black vs white that annoys you! Black men especially in Ghana dont know how to treat their woman. Most are to poor and lack the motivation to provide for a women. Hell most cant take care of themselves. It's interesting that none of your photos are if old black men with black women. Why is this? Because it would be much easier to find a unicorn lol
Rocky Alvarez (1 month ago)
Oh bullshit!!! your not fooling anyone. yeah your bullshit title is clear about what you want us to think your issue is. I don't think for a second that the issue here is age. The issue is you don;t like white men coming to your country and taking your black women...that is and always has been the problem with black African men. If you all got off your asses and learn how to take care of your women then they wouldn't be looking else where. I.m seeing a women from Ghana now who can't stand black men. Her words.."they treat us like shit and are lazy asses who have no motivation to work. They are disloyal and will fuck anything that moves" Stop making excuses for your bullshit. Age is nothing but a damn number. Men having been marrying younger women since the beginning of time...there is nothing new here and it will always be this way. Women want older men because most of them have outgrown their bullshit and know how to take care of them. Younger men usually don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves. Older men want younger women for their youth and ability to have children There is nothing wrong with this as long as both parties are happy and fulfilled. So who the fuck are you to say there is anything wrong with this. If you don't like it then leave the world because it isn't changing
LAGOS ACCRA (1 month ago)
Let me get this straight...after reading the title u r still confused about what this was about? u couldn't see the young african women and white old men in there? If it was about colour then it wouldn't matter what age the male is would it? Is funny that u claim most men in ghana r poor and can't take care of their men but wants 2 talk unicorn. You like those ppl that turn up in a church then moan about the preacher talking about Jesus. I repeat the title was very clear, the description even clearer THEREFORE take ur unrelated arguments sumwhere else.
Alisha Dennis (2 months ago)
Plenty of people marry with an age difference. Read the bible it happened all the time God approve & ordained like God having Joseph marriage to Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. What we want as woman is not for you to decide so stop. She wants a husband love respect & financial security & to be valued & adore.. She's getting that from him not. YOU so step back. Stop pretending you know her heart. Mind. & reasons for who she married. You sound jealous & foolish. Go figure out your life not black women's your no good at. I have desired older men * men my age. Men my daughters age have desired me. We don't all have a set age group we must marry into to please your silly ideas. Much happiness & blessings to the couple. Black woman aren't sitting around waiting for some black Boys or Mans approval or date or marriage any more. We are desired by all races It's very active & in society, get over it. Leave them alone & get a life young one.
James Earl Cash (5 days ago)
Nice job with citing the Bible. Beat me to it. Also most likely is jealous.
Tez Tez (2 months ago)
African girls just prostitutes and hate they sell because most of them just some dum ASS shit smelling women that think there better than their own race
Coulette Andrews (3 months ago)
He is going to treat her better, love, respect and give her first place in his life.
barry graham (3 months ago)
$$$$$$$$$$$ wrong
SuperHkang (3 months ago)
money mate !
Vetondouua Tjamuaha (4 months ago)
I rather go for my older white man than being with these motherfuckers black small boys and not always for money. Can be because of maturity,respect,encouraging me how to better my life older men knows the difference but still respect that. Young black boys are only into sex,drinking every weekend . Closed minded person like you will think negatively always.
TREVELL'S CHANNEL (2 months ago)
Vetondouua Tjamuaha ok
Vetondouua Tjamuaha (2 months ago)
It's happening everywhere not only with African ladies. You should travel around
TREVELL'S CHANNEL (2 months ago)
Vetondouua Tjamuaha in are ancestors homeland, this is happening...
Vetondouua Tjamuaha (2 months ago)
Women wants men and girls wants boys😊☺there is a different
TREVELL'S CHANNEL (3 months ago)
Vetondouua Tjamuaha I can't believe this happening in Africa..
Sarah Anthony (5 months ago)
Just shut the fuck up, you know nothing about feelings. What is this money money, she is happy and it's her life, go and huge transformer.
James Earl Cash (5 days ago)
He is probably jealous.
MizCherry A (5 months ago)
Stfu mind your business idiot
budfr (5 months ago)
Let them be happy.....older white men treat them like queens and Some of them are happy with them, father figure/ lover or whatever but it´s OK....
oladapo akeredolu (4 months ago)
budfr like the Nigerian singer.
Paul Bolin (5 months ago)
If a woman is in her 20s/30s and the man is in his 40s/50s, no big deal. But these guys look like they are in their 60s/70s, that’s pushing it a little to far.
Taneisha Thompson (5 months ago)
Abibatou Diop (6 months ago)
how about talking your life
Susan B (6 months ago)
You want to know what I think? Let me say you are a fool and sound so stupid with that annoying voice of yours.
Cious Silver (6 months ago)
what are u even saying?alot of black young girls are married to black old men,age is a number.marry whoever you comfortable with old or young.there are people who married young men whose marriages does not last 10 yrs even 5yrs.marry a man that will give you peace and happiness old or young ,people are saying kafui danku's husband is old enough to be her father.is the man in anyway related to her? at least the man is not her father.i am happy for her
Cious Silver (6 months ago)
what are u even saying?alot of black young girls are married to black old men,age is a number.marry whoever you comfortable with old or young.there are people who married young men whose marriages does not last 10 yrs even 5yrs.marry a man that will give you peace and happiness old or young ,people are saying kafui danku's husband is old enough to be her father.is the man in anyway related to her? at least the man is not her father.i am happy for her
mind your own business... man
Ashly Cleye (7 months ago)
The underlying issue here is your jealousy. I can't believe you put so much effort into this. And you say you don't think we should allow this? That is crazy, what do you mean "allow"? What they do is none of your business or concern.....question is, what is wrong with you?........dude, get your own life and don't worry about what they are doing. It's their life, not yours. White men love black women.......especially African women. I wish I had married one, not just for sex.........they are attractive, funny, strong, just lovable. And not just the young ones......I want one over fifty. Funny you said peace at the end when you are preaching division and creating disharmony.
Paul theSheik (7 months ago)
I think things have just changed. Formerly things were hidden. Now it's no longer hidden. The ladies are bolder, brasher, and don't give a f***. If the marriages work, I am all for it. Ultimately it's about happiness and it can be found in the strangest corners. Of course understand that most women however successful still like stability i.e emotionally financially etc and older men are more stable. I am more stable than the 24 year old version of myself financially, emotionally, spiritually etc. I do not think it is the best if the age difference is too large, BUT whatever works for them I have come to accept. I used to be rigid and very conservative, I still am however I have mellowed. What I still do not like however is going after other people's husbands, that is a no no!
David B Peterson (7 months ago)
This guy is stupid, talking shit
mark dinaba (8 months ago)
Nigerian women look like bobrisky hahhahhahaha look at their heavy make up hehe
chris Favorite (8 months ago)
i am white 43 yrs old and from america and i will agree with you. The woman are crazy and the old white american men are lost and been divorced a lot. Old white american men are just as crazy.
Pandora Zeitschrift (8 months ago)
I have my own money, and I'm in a relationship with a white male... please don't assume that we (black women) have to have an excuse for why we get involved with white men. Most of us just WANT them... it has nothing to do with you. I was looking for a recipe when I saw your video "was not looking for it."
Tina (8 months ago)
No different than Asian women or WW. Many women marry older men and it has been done for centuries so why is it a problem when African women do it. If African men had more to offer and were not so abusive then this would not be happing
Danny Pool (9 months ago)
Iam poor but rich in love I would like to marry a nice African women I like black women
kutita kerida (10 months ago)
I would never marry a man for money, that’s why I work so hard everyday to make my own money... yet alone marry my grandpa, that’s just disgusting... I’m sorry to say this but I see more African girls doing this. I come from a latin country that is poor, the black girls there’s look ten times better, natural long hair, beautiful body, wife material. Some white man travel to hook up or try to marry our girls. But the girls in my country refuse, even though these white man got money. My husband is NIGERIAN he said women in his country love money too much.
Susana Annor (11 months ago)
Money can not buy love dey love dem and sugar daddy's have patience not like de young man who play gentle with u but still dump u sis Kafui Danku pls leave ur life de way u want don't listen to what people say do wat will make u happy .
Mr. J (11 months ago)
It's just a fetish trend. Old dude wants yummy black chick, black chick wants vacations and a nice car.
ben vad (11 months ago)
Look buddy I’ve already fertilized Easy Asian women and I have 5 Grown European children. Now my goal is to fool and connive the Nigerian upper classes and impregnate their daughters with Nordic semen. That’s what’s going to happen and their families will thank me.
I need one! Lol
Chinenye Udengwu (1 year ago)
You are in no place to say what is right or not when it has to do with matters of the Heart!!! Don't be a hater...so now go and kill France president for having an older wife!!! We have a lot of younger girls marrying older black men in Nigeria and all over the place...Truth is young guys of nowadays lack the maturity , respect and care to give ladies a happy life and marriage....People are different and have the the right to make their choice and you Mr youtuber only have the right to shut up and not castigate them....pardon me but you dnt have a point!!!
Chinenye Udengwu (1 year ago)
You are un no place to say what is right or not when it has to do with matters of the Heart!!! Don't be a hater...so now go and kill France president for having an older wife!!! People are different and have the the right to make their choice and you Mr youtuber only have the right to shutuo and not castigate them....pardon me but you dnt have a point!!!
Maggie Bukenya (1 year ago)
You died in your own movie, get a life and learn to respect black women.
Victor Osoba (10 months ago)
Margaret Bukenya or you woman learn to respect your self !
love nhzwill (1 year ago)
Why does it matter? African men..my husband included is now rude controlling lie about the time of day. I would marry a parrot with contacts and boots on before I ever marry another african man. Age means nothing but what about love and respect
Tsitsi Shoniwa (1 year ago)
My mother once told me that there are pple out there who wake up to make thier objective of destroying yr life..... who is this jealous niggah.... i assuming u are also as broke as hell....
Tsitsi Shoniwa (1 year ago)
I see jealousy .
snguafac nguafac (1 year ago)
who said is rong, keep it to your selfe
mai mukundi (1 year ago)
young african guys come to the diaspora and start chasing white women and they leave us .so why not if as an African woman i find my white grandpa .Most of these older guys there are stable don't usually cheat and they treat you well .
none of ur busniss (1 year ago)
Oh can u explain please why africain guys marry old rich white woman? ????
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
key thing is in the word used to qualify the women ie "rich". Check out this documentary and what the Rastas do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFp7FTD30nw
Blesroy (1 year ago)
{{-A LARGE LIST OF RULES BELOW BLACK-WOMEN GIVE To GIRLS AT EARLY AGE-}}. * 01.} “mom said If you got it flaunt it”..... 02.} “my mom said Take these men for every penny they got”..... 03.} “Don't let them in you without a jacket eg,("CONDOM") till you see the Cash”. 04.} “If you do not give me that you do not get this”..... 05.} “mom said to Dad No Money no Honey”..... 06.} “my mum said Do not be friends with any boy unless he brings you a present”..... 07.} “You have to bring Money to the “MONEY-BOX”,...  ”MONEY-CAN”,...  "HAIRY-BANK”.... 08.} “my mummy said Never give it up for nothing”..... 09.} “mummy said At least the Prostitute gets pays for it”..... 10.} “mum said with what you have between your legs you can get anything you want”..... 11.} “Mum said, I need no skill I can always get Money because I have a Pu$$y”..... 12.} “my mother said I can’t go hungry as long as I have a Pu$$y”..... 13.} “I was told Something between Legs that bring delight to man for God sake use it”. 14.} “she said to me child You are sitting on a gold mine” 15.} “she said You have to fake it to make it” or “Fake it till you make it girl”..... 16.} “I was told, You have to test the bull”..... 17.} “My nan said to me You have to kiss a lot of Frogs before you find your Prince”..... 18.} "Mom said you have to suck the Juice of a lot of fruit before you find the one you like”. 19.} “she said I needed more trash with your Mash”..... 20.} “you would not get a House like that (“in -EDUCATION-“) just find a man and breed”. 21.} “she said to my dad What are you looking at, you do not touch this till you buy me something”..... 22.} “After they finished fighting mum told me in front of dad do not F**k with broke men”. 23.} “I touch a lot of Prick in life and it’s time I get more pay for it. (“I do give a F**k”) ”. 24.} “with my mummy she said It's better to be a WHITE-MAN’s WHORE than to be a piece of gum on a BLACK-MAN's Shoe" or "to be a BLACK-MAN’s wife”..... 25.} “mine said You have to try the shoes on before you buy them”........ 26.} “my aunty said to me Men are like Busses you can jump on or off at any time my Dear because there will be another one coming in a minute”.... 27.} “I can’t wait to grow up and get a check like my Mama”........ 28.} “A Woman needs a Man like a Fish needs Bicycle”. 29.} "My mum said I do not need no man, I can do bad all by myself"......... 30.} “If you breed note all the men you F**K and chose the best one with the Father figure, The COURTS will back you up”. 31.} “We was watching MAURY on TV and she said “If I didn’t know who my baby daddy was, I would just blame it on the man with most money and take the secret to my grave.”” 32.} “She said Remember, Mommies’ Baby is Daddies Maybe” 33.} “my older sister was told its time you should know Pu$$y For Sell Its Not For FREE”. 34.} “I don’t need a man but if I get pregnant I demand that the government make sure the man I had sex with supports the child that he has no legal rights to. 35.} ”You are a little girl just Fu*king around but I see no money so where is the cash.?.”. THE END....... * --- (new and edited) -----THE BLACK-WOMEN SAID TO THEIR DAUGHTERS LIST: ----- I an older than a lot of you out there and I am in my 50’s now and this is what I have picked up during this short life, I will pass this on so that you men out there can understand why the Black-Women are the way they are Today, Black-Women truly believe a man with a house and disposable income, is just Waiting for her now that she's done F**king all the Drug dealers weed-heads in the nabour-hood, for one joint of marijuana, wake up in a different mans bed in the morning, She's overweight, used up, has more kids than money. Suddenly she has high standards. Looking for a AlPHER Mail to rescue her from a jail bird, For some of you out there who do not know why these young BLACK teenage girls having Babies at a young age here is a list of the things BLACK-WOMEN tells their daughters back since they were in nursery or infant schools for some of them, and these girls live with these principles all of their lives, Do not be upset with me this is what the BLACK-WOMEN and young PRE-TEEN girls themselves said in school during sex lessons, the whole class had to stand and after they said what they was told by their mothers they sat-down one by one, so all the Boys, BLACK, WHITE, ASHIAN plus WHITE and ASHIAN-GIRLS had to sit down, this leave the BLACK-GIRLS in class standing and they said they heard and were told by their mothers........ * P.s. most of These quotes on this list are subject to on-going changes since these young BLACK-GIRLS still say the same thing in SCHOOLS during sex lessons and in different ways up to this date such as (No: 07,15 and 24 above) and more of these quotes will come as the teachers gives out their notes.....  Funny thing I have notice, it’s rear for me to find a woman on the internet above 40-years Condemning and teaching these women anything different, why is that.? Someone out there please tell me if these BLACK-GIRLS are not trained at an early age to be whores.. This is what these Pre-teen girls said in class of a mixed school, they where told or was said to them by their Mothers. So the next time you hear on the radio or TV of Eastern Emigrants do not want their children having sex lessons in school now you know why...... Compiled edit and updated --------- 08/08/20017..
Blesroy (1 year ago)
-- The price of BLACK-WOMEN Pu$$y is at an all time low and set to fall even further -- I was cleaning my front garden while putting the rubbish in the bin she walked in through my gates walk up the steps and want into my front door and stood in my passage way and tell me what she wanted to do anyway I had to go in behind her to get her out because I did not want her to steal anything,  I could not believe it I think she was both homeless and on drugs, the trouble is she smell so bad she must have been homeless as well and so young, ever since Donald Trump gets in the price of pu$$y has been falling so low she wanted to do her business with me for 10., I hear there is a bill they are trying to pass to test people for drugs before they can get benefits from the government, I tell you this will sure to drive down the price of BLACK-WOMEN Pu$$y in hurry, I will tell you that, you will soon see a lot of BLACK-WOMEN looking around for men to get married to them because they will need the extra income, those BLACK-WOMEN that was saying they do not need no man will soon be doing more fighting over one when they stop that E.B.T. and money for a while because she was tested positive for drugs in her system what will they do then.?.........
Blesroy (1 year ago)
--------------- THE old DAYS ---------------  I remember when the MEN would come home after work on Friday night’s and open his pay packet take out what’s he need for the next week for example, travel expenses, food at work, and pocket change for other expenses and hand over his PAY-PACKET to his wife, she would go out next week pay the bills like for example Electric, Gas, Water, Telephone, buy Food for the house, pay insurance, Rent or Mortgage and if money left over she would put the money on the bank not only the husband money but her Son’s money as well into his bank account, I worked in an Electronics factory in the late 70’s during College in the evenings my First Pay-Packet Friday only at 1pm, when we finished work, of over a hundred of workers about 30 new recruits rush the foreman to get their pay-packet in order to hurry to the bank to open their first account with their relative the women that is waiting outside, Mothers, Wife, or even Darters who was waiting outside the Factory Gates at the time or even outside the bank somewhere they chose to open the account with closer to home, If they would fail to get to the bank to open the account in that 2-hour gap they would have to leave it till the next week Friday and try to be early next week to get to the bank and fill in the forms or take a valuable day off work to open the account, we had to be at the Bank before 3:30pm that’s when the Banks closed in those days every weekday afternoon to open a new bank-account to put our money in, those days office or banking hours was from 9am-3:30pm years later it extend to 5:00pm, my point is most men work from 8am-5pm so the only people who can do the banking and pay the bills when the men was at work was women, my old bank account from the 70’s still has my mother’s Name on it and she is able to make a deposit’s or with-drawl from my account, I still have some of my old maths book from school and College when I was studying and in the maths books on sale there was always sections there on “HOME FINANCE” and “HOME BUDGETING” and “CHECK BOOK BALANCEING” and it’s the older girls in the girls School who had to study these subjects just before they left school because they was expected to be getting married and running a home........ I would like all of you out there to know that in the 70’s most of the women did love that kind of life, It was only a few women in the women lib that did not, I still meet older women today that say in those days that was the life to live because they spend their own money if they were working part-time they spend their husband money and they spends their son’s money, I remember my mother told me back in the 70’s when I was quite young, women today she said do not like to invest too much time and money into girls she said because it does not worth it and as soon as the girl left school or college she is looking to get married and joined another family but son’s tends to stay with their mother’s and father’s for much longer and less drain on resources, also when the mother and father need more money to run the house she could easily ask one of the son’s to go out and do full-time work and study part-time college in the evening instead then give the mother money for food and board they did not called it rent because tax will come into it and the mother will have to pay tax on it, as it was called in the old days and help with other household spending and so the mother will have 2,3,4, pay-packet’s coming in the house at the same time depending on the amount of son’s she has but as soon as the girl leave school the kind of job’s she can get was limited and the men of the family have to constantly lookout for her and her well being ((because the men in the house was responsible for the women in the house)) so as soon as she leave school or college the mother starts looking around in the churches to find a man to marry her own Daughter, I remember this was also done in white families and even more so in Asian families................ I also would like to see a BLACK-MAN today give his pay or a credit card for that matter to his wife these days as well, just to see how it turns out. I remember once in that factory the management wanted replace the overalls and other worn items on the shop floor so they asked the floor workers over the factory floor speakers as they worked for their corporation in handing out their info. measurements, chest, waste, boots or shoes, in order to put the data in the computer to get average sizes so they would know what to order for next week Monday and how much, well the women in the factory new their sizes but the men did not and the figures that a few of the men gave to the woman who noted down the figures had doubts, when looking at the men standing in front of her, (( remember in those days a woman could just look at a man and tell his chest size, his neck and waste size or his inside leg.)). she had to go back up to the management office and return with a tape measure and measure the whole factory floor workers, chest, waste, height or length, boots size, of over 750 people in one afternoon before they leave the Factory gates. Ok so what’s my point.?..... well in the 70’s not many of us men that was working in that Factory new the sizes of the close we wore because us men did not buy the cloth we whore this was done by the women we live with at home, I have never being married so my mother and my sisters still buys my close today and of course I do give them the money back, I remember in the 70’s on TV when they advertised cloths and suits for men, the advert was directed to women with instructions of where to take their men she live in the house with where to get them the best suites he need......  BLACK-Women  where loyal trusting, they more submissive, they where our right hand, they where proud of us BLACK-MEN and we was proud of BLACK-WOMEN.....   ((MORE LATER)) , 05/05/17. I remember one day the church minister came to our house in the old days and told my mother he had to warning the young wives and mothers about what they where doing because it seems as some of those women coming to church just to show off their husbands and son to others women who had none........
Blesroy (1 year ago)
-                                                           --------------- When  MEN was IN THE HOUSE --------------- How it was in the 70’s, it was the men in the house that was responsible for the women and children in the house, so when the women was told in order to get certain benefits you can’t have the men in the house it did not meant just husband it also meant sons that was at the age of consent according to law this had also happened to me, so the young men had to leave the house to give the mother and younger children a better chance weather he was matured and ready to leave or not otherwise the benefits for the wife or the mother would be cut,  do not think there was much weeping and wailing by the women who was left in the house at that time because they saw the advantage on no man in the house, you must remember in the 50’s and 60’s the men would come home on Friday nights and hand over his pay-packet to his wife and the wife would then take it and return to him an allowance, in the 70’s older man was still living like that but the younger men would take out what he would need from his pay-packet and hand the pay-packet to the wife or his mother and wife or mother would spend it on the house, for example, ((“Rent or Mortgage, Gas, water, Electric, Food, Telephone, Insurance and other items that the house may need” and then bank the rest)) In the case of the son’s pay packet the mother would take out what she would need for his “Food and Board” as it was called in those days and bank the rest in his account as I said on other post I have an old bank account I still use today from the 1970’s, I have never being marred so my account still has my mother’s name on it and she can go there and put deposit or make a with-drawl if she wish but she is not bother about money at her age, besides she has her own money, so it was the wife that spend most of the money but in those days it was the men in the house that would set the priority in the house where or what the money was spent on first and most important, for example, you cannot have the Telephone-Bill paid off and have no Water, you cannot have new Dresses and Shoes and no rent paid, new furniture and new equipment have to wait till all the bill have been cleared, and so on and so fourth, if not, the woman would have to answer to the man in the house even if the man was her own grown up Son, so if something was not done as it should she may be worried about what to say to her Son when he comes in later from work for example, now in the 70’s when the men was put out of the house the women can now spend the money given to her by the Government on anything she likes and there was no man for her to answer to she can buy new cloth instead of making her own or mend and make do with what she has, shoes, and the latest handbag and Hats as they where once make by members in the churches to sell to other members in the churches, and sometimes they would have them specially made hats and bags with the same material to match the dresses that other member had made for them, I remember as a boy I had to go in the Back-Yard of the House with my Brothers and set up a Work-Bench with a Hack-Saw and San-Paper and Wood and Wood-Varnish to make about 50 pairs of hand-bag handles in the shape of Fish for my Sister’s in one day because she had a large order to fill quickly.((BUT I DIGRESS FROM TOPIC)), Any way they now give the kids fast food instead good and healthy cook food, the mother and children can go out and come in at any old time and so on as once they could not because the man in the house had strict curfew for children and the women, even for a young woman to go out on a date she would have to asked her Father or her own Brother if she can go out on a date and with whom and if the man was given permission to take the female out or the sister as the case may be he would have to bring her back at the appointed time giver or the father or the brother will be out looking for them, when I came back to this country as a little boy we lived in a block third floor up overlooking a night club across the road and it was not unusual to hair shouting and screaming of young women feeling the wrath of their fathers belt, some of these girls was 16,17, because when the age of consent came down to 18-years women was still treated by men as if the age of consent was still 21-years even in those days of the early to mid 1970’s, because people was slow to change to some laws, you had young men running down the road with young women in tow to get the last bus home, if her father was still a working man he would instruct the oldest son to stay up instead to let the last person in the house before the front door is locked and bolted at the bottom every night by a man as part of his security job in the house, I remember as a boy my Father would walk around the house up-stairs and downstairs and check every doors and windows in the also the kitchen, toilet and even the bath-rooms to make sure they closed and bolted every night before he goes to bed, when I hear a bunch of keys rockle I know he is getting ready for bed, As my father became older in his 80’s and weak in the legs he had to move his bedroom down stairs with my Mother at nights he would call the oldest son and that’s me to do the rounds for him upstairs while he stood at the foot at the stairs then I would go into every room including the girls and boys bedrooms close all the doors and windows bolt them and report back to him “its secure up here” then he will go to lock and bolt the front door as usual before he goes to bed and all my friends, Black, White and Asian had the same thing done in their homes, Any way So he would come to me and ask me if there is any one still out tonight and if I say no he would lock and bolt the Front-Door, If I say yes for example Mother or Sisters has gone to prier meeting he would then say I am too tired to stay up I want you to stay up and let them in before you bolt the door, If that person has not return at a given time big Brother cannot wake the Father up out of a warm bed so the son had to go out and comb the streets till he finds that lost sheep, I have heard women talk about fathers waiting at bus stops waiting for the doters as soon as the door open the man rush on the bus and pull the woman off the bus and pull her all the way home and older women still talk about this till this day, young girls out on dates forget what time it was in the west rant the father or big brother walk in the west errant pull the doter or sister out of the chair and leave the man still sitting there at to table, of course we know that man cannot go to the Father or Brother to asked for permission to take that girl out again, so any way  then we would hear the clicking and clacking of high-heel shoes and a woman screams about her ankles while he has her hand in tow trying to get her home in a hurry because he also want to go to bed yes big-brother had to leave the house and go out looking for that lost sheep e.g. a younger brother a sister or even his mother, at times it was not unusual to just happen to pass by a church in the late nights there would be so many young men standing outside the door to take the women home after late night service,  surrey for being so long winded again but as I read some of these postings on YOU-TUBE it seems like some people still do not know what’s a man’s role was in the house in the early to mid 1970’s. It’s best to speak to the older people to find out more about this....... 08/08/2017......... ((WILL ADD MORE LATELY)).............
Blesroy (1 year ago)
---------- BLACK WOMEM BEATINGS ---------- It happened to me when I was living and studying in the London, two young girls I was trying to help when their mother pleaded with me to put them up for a couple of month because they was homeless beat me up one day in my own house and when I fight back they call the police, I almost get myself arrested if it was not for the two white FEMALE-OFFICERS who stepped in on my behalf because they did not want me to be arrested those MALE-OFFICERS would have put me behind bars just to save their time and go on to other cases else ware, funny thing, when they went outside on my walk-way to talk privately I heard one of them talking to the station on the Police-Radio and he said that I was in the right since they ( THE GIRLS 21 and 37) were the ones who assaulted me first and done it twice and spat in my face as soon as I enter the house that day for no reason before I open my mouth to say good evening, then the OFFICERS start arguing again for well over One-hour back and forth all this time I was listening from inside the house behind the window, The FEMALE-OFFICERS just would not give in a while later one of the MALE-OFFICERS came back in the house alone and said “COME WITH ME” I then followed him into another room of my house ( “the KITCHEN“ ) he then closed the door behind me, At that moment I knew he would say something that could cause him trouble in the future if anyone else where to hear what’s about to be said, he said to me in a very corm whisper he told me (“we were just talking outside”) he said (“ Look we think it would be a very good I-dear if you would just stay away from those kind of Women. “), that’s when I felt the floor moved from under my feet, I then look up into his face and he nodded his head yes, I then said to him (“thank you very much you have done me a great favour”) he want back outside, He stood on my door-step I notice he nod his head a few times with his back turn to my door talking to the 6 or 7 officers he nod his head to them then immediately one of the FEMALE-OFFICER came in and asked me (“Do you wish to take this matter any further? ”) I said to her (“not unless they do”) she went out and that’s the last I have heard from the police about that matter. I am a black man and this was what a WHITE-MALE-OFFICER told me in my house, when someone talk about those type of women or those kind or those of people they are talking about another race when I was living in London, I also realised then that the police must know them well from their records and other cases and addresses, Their mother is still a friend of mine and one day she came to visit and I told her I have done nothing to her darters and she said (“I know”) she told me all her two Daughters keep saying to her when she do asked what has he done they keep saying (“he is a cunt” or “he is a Pu**y”) and she told me her two darters have been moving around in London for years from one address to the next and behind them they have left a trail of men behind them with prison and police records that's when I realised that what the other young men or friends I listen to in the pass or recent years was saying was so true they said the police do warned BLACK-MEN about BLACK-WOMEN, I would bet my last Dollar if the POLICE warned me a BLACK-MAN about these BLACK-WOMEN they would also warned these WHITE-BOYS also about them all so ....... I now know why the two FEMAIL-OFFICERS were sticking up for me, when they were questioning me about what went on they asked me a lot of questions, e.g. Have you ever being trouble with the police before, What job do you do, My age, How long living at this address, Have you any medical problems, Where were you born, How long have you been back in this country, e.g  All of the usual questions, One of the FEMALE-OFFICERS asked me a question and I could remember saying (‘O’ no I could not do that because I am from the 1970’s that’s when I came of age”), they could not understand so I had to explain to the officers, In the 1970’s before all these modern changes children was thought by Gran-Ma and Gran-Dad boys must not beat up on young girls because later in life that boy may want to start a relationship with one of them or their relative or one of their best friends and when the Girl or a member of her family starts making enquires in the nabour-hood about the boy or his family she may find out ether he the boy himself or his Grandfather, Father, Brother, uncle or even a close cozen has a history battering women and the boy who wanted the start the relationship may not even know why he was rejected by the girl or her family as a future husband that how things was in the 70’s ....... If you out there could have seen the faces of the FEMALE-OFFICERS just lit up they could not believe what I was saying, They must have heard before men must not beat women but it was not explain to them like that before they completely gob smack ...... MY-FRIEND: One of my friend I know even had to divose his wife in order to get all the serious charges his wife and the police had against him drop by the police secretly and the x-wife do not even know till this day why he had to divorce her, I only heard about the secret agreement between he and the police when he was on the phone talking to his relative weeks later, These BLACK-WOMEN these days are very dangerous, I once saw this same man went into another man’s house, It went like this, he call me one afternoon after work and told me to come with him for a ride I asked where are you taking me (“you will see”) he said to me, we drove all the way to a man’s house he park the car and said wait here, he went and knock on the Front door as soon as the door was open he then rush in the man’s house, then next thing I know he was coming back out of the man’s house with his own wife in tow pulling his wife down the man’s drive way out the gate push his wife in the back seat of the car and drove off, all this took a couple of seconds, I could not believe my eyes, he told me some weeks later (“the amount of times I had to go around after work and pull this woman out of other mans houses you do not know”) he said to me, that’s when I realised he wanted me to go with him that day as a witness in case of trouble ............. 06/06/17.. READ THIS BELOW-06/06/17 ....... One day he was talking me to work to help him to modify some phones to work from the French to English system, as we was on our way in the car I said to him when you and your wife do the thing in your bedroom since we share the same Barth-room and kitchen in this house “put your condom in plastic bag or tissue paper before you put it in the little bin in the Barth-room because I do not like when I open the bin I see used condom and raping on top the rubbish and I just do not want to keep covering it with paper each time”,  he look at me and said “what are you talking about ” I said the condom in the bin” he said to me “I have seen them at times when I came in after work and thought they were yours”, I told him do not used those ones I used the large ones I can collect only from the hospital they are called “KING-SIZE” and I can show you the box at home” I said to him ....... he then looked at me and said “I do not use condom I have never use condom with my wife”, I looked at him our two eyes meet the next thing came out my mouth I remember saying was “Oooo-SHIT”.    P.s. (“I am surrey for been so long winded again, I post this before and someone said that they wanted more about it”) ..........
Linda Foaah (1 year ago)
Ghanaians talk too much.what the fuck is wrong with an old man marrying a young girl?.what if the girl was the oldest?,
Wasi S (1 year ago)
I was married to black USA woman and had a good life. We are not together and I love talking to Accra ladies. You want someone looking for money talk to white and black USA younger girls. Relax my good man there are plenty of beautiful ladies around the world. And love has no color. Just my thoughts.
Glamorous Taee (1 year ago)
They're probably treated much much better, taken care of and respected. But, what's it to you? Why do you care? These women are living their lives. And enjoying it.
Victoria Adeyemi (7 months ago)
visit naughtynomad.com white men are talking about how easy african women are.
Almistress McDonald (1 year ago)
why not money. shit u cant pay bills on love. cheat and lies. the struggle is real.shit i like them one foot in the grave and one foot on earth. who we fooling at the end of the day all its about is men wants sex and women wants money period. you can fuck who you want to fuck. trust and believe the fucking will be better if you had some fucking money.
ksilas78 (1 year ago)
White men know how to love period!
mai mukundi (1 year ago)
ksilas78 and they have money to spice that love .we women love that
adolf hitler (1 year ago)
those old men will look so cute because of having that black warm pussy lolhahah nice to them anyway !!!
one way (1 year ago)
Bedwenching gold diggers. Nothing new.
imaslowlerner (1 year ago)
I'm a black American in Africa and don't have a chance getting a young beautiful wife, the old white guys got that sewed up.
Nuuur! (1 year ago)
From 7:00 to 7:30, you already have provided your own answer, saying that Black Ghanaian married men mess around and have sex with these Black women, then leave them and won't marry them, however these old White men are more than willing to marry these beautiful women. Are you suggesting that they should be mistresses to Black men instead? Anyways, your video was very informative as to how continental African men view interracial marriage.
mai mukundi (1 year ago)
Nuuur! yah black men do all sorts of things with women of any colour age .kafui is happy and these guys are jealous
Nuuur! (1 year ago)
Ruth Moira Musevenzi , many were under the impression that this disease of mistreating Black women was one of diasporan Blacks only! This is chattering the ideal of Africa.
mai mukundi (1 year ago)
Nurus-Sawdaah yes that's what they want for these women to be useless mistresses whom.they can use and dump like junk.they should give them.a break
Bmore_soul410 (1 year ago)
Africans LOVE white people. You all can not be shocked over this. The females will not date  anything but white guys. LOL.
Claribel Nana (1 year ago)
Get a life ! Women are into real men not boys.
Shurrpa (11 months ago)
I like dating black girls, do you have a sister?
tommy literature (1 year ago)
not that old though. Black women will accept white men who are 30 years older than them. She can be 20 and he can be 55.
Mike King (1 year ago)
you are a self Hating swirler fuck you.
Lea Bouchard (1 year ago)
If the white man is older and he is rich. Those women are winning :)
Torh Bakalit (9 months ago)
i hope they gonna have the same nothing like hugh heffner bitches in the end :DDD
lisangel Black (1 year ago)
To get away from you useless conquered violent black males.
Chichi Okolo (1 year ago)
African women are so much about money? I think that describes women in generally dude. Please learn about women. Women are to money as men are to beauty. If you berate women for chasing after money, turn around and make a video about men who marry women for only their looks.
Torh Bakalit (7 months ago)
if that would be true alll the marriages would end for all the ladies after 35-40
aleki Vic (10 months ago)
Chichi Okolo true
none of ur busniss (1 year ago)
Chichi Okolo now we talking
callalilly1988 (1 year ago)
I Don't know how I ended up here, but I will add my two cents. I am an African woman. I prefer men 10-12 years older than me. I am not a gold digger. I have my own house ,car etc... In my home country I have seen some very young women with some much, much older white men. A long time ago, yes they would hide them and use them. But now I am seeing them getting married and having children. This is what I believe has happened. Black women have realised how well the white men treat them. Both young and old white men seem to treat these women well. At first I was suspicious of the age gap but seeing how happy these women are, I am happy for them too. Marrying older men is not unheard of in our African cultures. Why should we cry scandal just because the man is white? If these women are happy, loved and respected and giving the same in return, then why should we not be happy for them?
budfr (5 months ago)
This is the best comment...
Shaunta Williams (1 year ago)
Smart girl. Black men treat black women like shit. Move on
mai mukundi (1 year ago)
Mike King you shut up broke ass .you people are used to abusing women and draining them don't be jealous go and work so you can be like that guy he is having a hot girl to himself and you are jealous.
Mike King (1 year ago)
Shut up you fucking swirler.
mai mukundi (1 year ago)
Tay Diva yes oh they treat us like trash badmouth us and all sorts of things .give us a break we are not gold digger s
mai mukundi (1 year ago)
Tay Diva yes oh they treat us like trash badmouth us and all sorts of things .give us a break we are not gold digger s
Annabel Bruce (1 year ago)
That's actually none of your business. If people get married to people 4 times your age, it's not your problem! Is it? What makes you think they are all about the money... for instance someone like kafui danku isn't from a poor background so what's your point here????? You don't expect us to go after our mates right? Smh
Mateo Johnson (12 days ago)
True ....Would you marry a guy such as my self if you was treated like a queen? If so put thumbs up. That means its not about age and race. Its about love and respecting each other.
Adhin thuch (1 year ago)
they need love and most of African boy know how to talk only and promise but they dont how to do it .if you learn to respect her and love her as she is (black and with natural hair ).she will not look for old white man
x y (1 year ago)
if u want to know my truth,i tell u.Can u immagine that many old men are capable to make love more than young white?
Destiny Millerand (1 year ago)
Just fuck off, bcos the young once cheat and beat their wife.
Tawi T (1 year ago)
+ Camille Hendricks I like the "by the way I'm black part". The fact that you are afrodescent or not is not the issue here. You are entitled to your own opinion. I don't deal with opinions but facts. You said that I was a racist, this can't be true. The definition of a racist is someone or a group of people who own the ressources and mean of production and deprive others ethnical groups of them or put them in the worst conditions. Who has a history of doing that ? Pale people. Then you said that we all are est human and equal. This can't be true either. The definition of an human is someone who has melanin or colour. Hue means colour and hue-man means man of colour. As of equality, it's known that pale people don't have same bone structures, genetics, psychological and physical abilities as afro people. By their genetics, pale people have sicknesses that we don't have. This is due to a lack of melanin from them. Melanin works as an energy enhancer. Mixing with them make the children to have less protection to these sicknesses by hybridation. Whe are not the same people...
May Nubz (1 year ago)
So you mean if he was Ghanaian, she wouldn't have been parading him around ???? Ummm wasn't Hajia 4 Real parading Kenpong ?? And the age thing you people make a study case out of, should cease... It's not just with Africans and Whites ....Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart!!! Mr and Mrs Trump !!! Dominic Purcell a.k.a Linc The Sync (From Prison Break) and Annalynne. Jon Lovitz is 30+ years older than his partner as well... Johnny Depp... etc.... Or it's only okay when it's coming from the Western World ??
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
She was just the baseline dear, that is why I used other pics. The point wasn't to get everybody to agree with me but to start a conversation. Let meput it this way, read the comments and u will see that most of the comments are on how bad african men r in the way we treat our women (I don't believe so). Now if that is true is the answer to jump ship? these r ur brothers, cousins and ur friends and most women will say their brothers, cousins and friends are not like that so who is then? As I said so far as we have the conversation and ppl atleast made an informed decision then I guess my goal was accomplished. PS...open ur channel now u seem 2 have strong opinions share am
May Nubz (1 year ago)
No. I did not say that is what it is in all cases but for starters, this Kafui's case study you did was uncalled for.... Yeah the man may have changed her life but she had her own thing going on. It's normal unno ?? Once a woman is married, even if the man is poor, he still goes a little out of his comfort zone to do stuff for his wife. If it happens that your hubby is super rich, then those extra things just become a luxury for you! This case study in particular is not what you're portraying it to be ! It's all I'm saying and that was why I added to the fact that, with some, it's just about preference and not the usual stereotype!!
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
I already admitted that it isn't 100% true and even gave u examples of that using the germans and jews. You r saying I am steroetyping and most stereotypes are not based on the minority but actually the majority. If i didn't repsct ur views i wouldn't engage, anyway lets agree 2 disagree. If u think most young African girls are hooking up with old white men for their love of old men then fine but I don't believe so.
May Nubz (1 year ago)
Why do you keep insisting I "missed your point" ? when clearly it's the other way round ??? You're stereotyping situations where age is a factor, to money when I'm telling you it's not in all cases as people are made to believe ... I guess it's just hard for you to respect other people's preference! Take care
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
Again u missed the point...go check out how Kafui's life has changed since she hooked up with him. And she might not have been but do you know how old Amanda Acquah was when she hooked up with Kenpong? Granted some people like old guys/women but we are not talking about minorities here. That is like trying to say well the germans didn't hate the jews simply bcuz u can provide some evidence to show that some jews were hidden by germans or saying well white ppl didn't enslave blacks bcuz not all white ppl owed or condoned slavery. That is neither here nor there. The point still remains that money talks and for most of these ppl "whats love got to do with it" nothing that is what is all about the money money money
Akeem TheGreat (1 year ago)
These women need to be Stoned seriously 😒 distroying our lineage , Also this is why men need to be FATHERS if her father was in her life this wouldn't be tolerated these plp are murderers , thieves , manipulators , cancers and y'all wanna lay up with them you plp are a disgrace to the ANCESTORS brothers it's about money secure your finances and the women will Come
Shurrpa (11 months ago)
You black men are what makes it so easy for us to take your women,,, Thanks for being you
lisangel Black (1 year ago)
Kai TV right...especially as so many of them would walk over their mothers to get with a white woman.
Kai TV (1 year ago)
but u said women need to be stoned...how are you any better...
Lilian Chinwendu (1 year ago)
you are jobless seriously
Mike King (8 months ago)
Fuck nasty bitch i hate you.
Lilian Chinwendu (1 year ago)
George nobody
Sweet Lips (1 year ago)
who cares what people say according to the word of God marriage is honorable
Sweet Lips (1 year ago)
if the guy was black it will not happen I myself would run from a African man why my man is white and older u lover him bad
Sweet Lips (1 year ago)
OK this is serious I love honest my brother I am a new sub but understand it's not down in their luck they look for and opportunity to get out if the state they are in and they decide this us the only way they see as out I don't blame them one bit
Sweet Lips (1 year ago)
LAGOS ACCRA yes some African women do bash the African men but they can only because if their personal experiences moreover African men are heavy cheaters I wouldn't want one if I was blind deaf and dumb gave me a fish I would do better lol they are sex crazy yea
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
That is all ask for honestly. If they don't want 2 talk about it that is fine as well but if they start with the one sided I love him nonsense and some of them even go ahead and bash African men as shown in the comments below then we have 2 show them the truth
Renee Londja (1 year ago)
master and slave!
Donald Haggerty (1 year ago)
moneymoneymoneymoney 😍😍😍😍😍😍MONEY
mark dinaba (1 year ago)
serious question how comes all these white men i see black women with all look like father christmas and captain birdseye??
mark dinaba (1 year ago)
age is nothing but a number when the mans account has big numbers lol
mark dinaba (1 year ago)
its actually sad but funny at the same time reading the comments and seeing african women insulting black men in order to big up old white father christmas lol but i am not surprised self hatred is rampant among women of african decent that explains the lengths these women go to to look european CONTACT LENSES BLEACHING SKIN AND HAIR WEAVE
mark dinaba (1 year ago)
have you got a weave?? so you say black men dont want black women but you hope black women get with white men? im confused lol let me ask you this is your husband white and do you wear a weave??
mark dinaba (1 year ago)
white men have been doing this for years they used to go thiland and the philliphenes nigeria is no different nigerian girls love money and these white men like to flash the cash
mark dinaba (1 year ago)
its funny how none of these men are good looking but very rich its no coincidence that none of these men look like brat pit or david beckhaam but are very rich lol
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
My guy, the very thing I have been trying to say. Just wish these women would at least stop with the BS of I love him
jay hoops (1 year ago)
Get your facts right racist! We all have our choices...just as no one can make decisions for you so do you have no right to decide for people and judge them. If you think you are matured enough to know what is right then shut up and do it and not worry about someone else. Envious judgemental black men....
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
So the facts are not right but you couldn't disprove them. Isn't it funny calling some1 racist without backing it up with evidence meanwhile u here talking about facts. Again u've shown u r a walking contraction and a waste of oxygen by saying I should shut and do what I think is right but u r here doing the opposite.
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
Here is Part 2 to this video addressing some of the comments here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1FdWScK0x4
Tina (1 year ago)
Trophy wives.
Tina (1 year ago)
Wow African women will marry a WM or Asian in a minute . I have heard that African men are very abusive
mai mukundi (1 year ago)
Tina there are some of them very disrespectful and they expect to get away with it. they want all the women to themselves and they are broke on top of that.
BIG EAGLE (1 year ago)
And so what? What about old men marrying young ladies? let the young African men start growing balls to be a real man. Happiness is the key here and age has nothing to do with marriage. There are more pressing issues for you to talk about and leave others to live their lives. Time is coming no woman will marry any black man in Africa due to their attitude towards women.Why can't you talk about young black boys getting married to older white women.So what do you have to say about young black girls getting married to black old men as well . Or is it because these ones you are shown here are all married to whites? and you have no right to abuse any woman by saying the young men will FUCK with these ladies! Is any if your sister also fucking around with black young men after they get married? this is how you Africans drags other Africans down and later you call the white people racist. We kill ourselves more to the eyes of the world so Pls look for a more benefitting topic to discuss about cos your opinion don't counts peace out.
mark dinaba (1 year ago)
but if your husband is black like you claim then this post is not about you so why are you getting emotional??
mark dinaba (1 year ago)
if you saw a young black handsome man in africa or carribean with a old white women theres no way you will say he is not with her for money that he is with her because black women are not women and are useless its all about the money.theres a reason why these white men african women are with are old and not very good looking lets keep it real
mark dinaba (1 year ago)
but those women are marrying old rich white men that is a fact look at this picture is this video how could you not see there is something wrong with it! believe it or not most black women get with black men more black men are with white women than black women with white men..i wouldnt care if the guys was younger good looking white guys but the fact that these white men all look like this and happen to be rich looks like a relationship business arrangement than true love i am sure you can see that! i have been around the world i like to travel! i recently came back from jamaica and when i was there you saw soooo many young handsome black men in their early 20s with old overweight unattractive white women and the women send them loads of money and eventually take them to uk or us thats why alot of old hagard white women go to these places for young men they even go to kenya and gambia for the same thing research it if you think im bullshitting. now how is these black women in nigeria marrying white man any different from these young black men in jamaica gambia and kenya who marry old fat white women????
BIG EAGLE (1 year ago)
mark dinaba our black sisters are already being pulled down by this post..
mark dinaba (1 year ago)
you have a black husband but you put down your fellow african men in order to jump to the rescue of old white men?
Mary Love (1 year ago)
My fellow African brother. I salute you again. am back also with this fact point of view. In Africa or from an African perspective before a man marries he checks certain criterias in a woman/lady if she is a marriage material by some of this list to be classified as a marriage material. ( 1. She must be able to cook and be able to keep a tidy clean neat home.) and the list goes on and on to be qualified as a wife material. Now let me tell you about us ladies, while you African guys are checking on us ladies, if we are wife materials, Don't forget at all that we also are checking you guys out if you also are husband materials or something else, we don't kust marry on the penis that aan is a husband material because of his manhood, just like you guys don't say we are wife materials in the basis of our vaginas. its got to be more than that on the wife/ husband material. Now let me also say some of the list we women have to define a man has a real husband material 1. He must have manhood or is not. 2. He must be financially stable. ( or maybe if he doesn't have money), He must have a real job that brings financial income in the table to take care of his wife kids and other responsibilities that count on him. 3. A husband material cannot be a womanizer. ( Sweetie here in Accra, and another sweetie in Kumasi and another sweetie in Tokoradi and sweetie on Facebook and another one hidden on WhatsApp, sweetie left to right non-stop stupidity and madness ( mentally sick). what am simply meaning: A husband material is a man if one girlfriend/fiancee or wife. period 4. A husband material cannot be a wife beater ( abuser, domestic violence and assaulting his wife). Beating his wife like a thief) feeling they have to beat on their wives because the woman is weaker than them. This is called: Misuse of authority, abusing your authourity as a husband or the man, male figure of the house. 5. He must be able to pamper his wife physically, emotionally, romantically and all sorts to give his wife attention, and not leave it on his own parents to pamper and love on his wife for him unless he's a boy material and not husband. The real definition of a husband is what to you??? wife beater, womanizer, destroying or defaming your wife/wives cgaracter, Talking wrong of women and their weaknesses, as if men don't have flaws, weaknesses or some. calling a woman old when she is 50yrs and a 50yrs old man a young man, please don't get your brains twisted. always trying to think that you guys are better than usm did not the same God who loved and created Adam, also put Adam to sleep and created a woman out of the man, to be a helpmate not a punching box mate, to be a help mate not somebody to abuse, but somebody to help you be the man that you should by God's help and your wife's help as a suitable helpmate. Anything you do not know its purpose in your life, you will abuse its purpose. many men do not know the purpose of a woman, wife in their lives, so they have abused, misused, mishandled and mis-managed their wives, home. marriage or relationship. Many white boys or men are taking over our African men because they have failed and keep failing in their marriage game. The white boys/men are replacing you guys and teaching you guys how to really love, treat and manage your lovers, girlfriends, fiancé' or wives. This ought to be shameful to our African men failing to manage relationships well. I will not be suprised in the next 20 yrs to come to see if white boys will be owning 50% of our African women walking with them in the streets of Africa. Its coming, you watch it. its coming full swing ready or not, whether you like it or not its on its ways, unless you guys straighten yourselves up. its coming and it will happen and no one will stop us, because we also want to be happy in this life like you guys. we want to be fulfilled and feel sweet like you guys. we are human beings like you guys, we also want to laugh like you guys. 6/7. He must be a good father, taking care of his children and not leaving every thing about the children to your wife and your parents or your in-laws. that shows irresponsible man, father ( not husband material but just a sperm donor). This shows a man who doesn't take responsibility for his actions ( sex actions causing a baby and not there for the baby). When does an African man really take time to play with his wife after the honeymoon? Now when some men their wives wants to play with them,they dodge them to get time to sweetie another one on social media or get in the trotro to go meet another sweetie in the corner. very pathetic. Time wasters. Hmmmmmm asemooooo asemoooo paaaaaa, asem, girls pack your suitcases let's go get our white husbands/ boyfriends and fiance's. And another thing an African man can marry more than one woman, ( bringing headache, high blood pressure, std's stress their women) talking about I have paid another bridal price, dowry. so you guys call the other side chick a wife because you knocked ten times. You only knock a door twice or more if the door was not opened, but some go to knock every door to marry as if they are Jehovah witness. stop Jehovah witness to womanize women talking about I did the knocking over there too, are you Jehovah witness. and Jehovah witness don't bring shame to their religion. you African men you are ashaming our continent with being too greedy for women. Greediness is a sin. Adam ( one man ) for Eve ( one woman/wife) . Like the white boys/men. one woman unless your divorced, widower or single. Men should stop being so greedy for women. one per go please to avoid Std's please. Disciplining the manhood. 7/8. Another piece of husband material will come next. Maybe I should start blogging about you and your video or blog views soon.
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
It would have been more interesting if you were in the UK. Anywhoo maybe one day we would do a skype version. You should get ur Youtube page up. I have been slacking, been aiming for 2 videos a week. Your part 2 is coming 2moro watch out for it.
Mary Love (1 year ago)
+LAGOS ACCRA Am eagerly waiting for part two seriously, because I want to follow ur blogs very well esp concerning this topic and it could be to open a blog to begin to address your views. or some YouTube channel to start addressing you concerning this ladies issues. so pls let's do it. let me know when you start and I come in to reply you in my channel. Thanks for considering to go part two.
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
hahaha this is the most pathetic thing I have read today but as usual I will address them. Not here but as a part 2 to this video specially for you my sister. look out for it.
Mary Love (1 year ago)
Pls am African woman. let me say it's not about the money, because if it's about the money she would avoid being pregnant in the first place. because as an African lady who lives in US with my parents but I have an African mind set. no african woman would be pregnant with a man she does not really love or adore or she could have even used birth control to avoid her being pregnant. be a good man stop defaming this woman's character. it shows you have a wrong spirit yourself. she can marry and love anybody she wants. She is not marrying for you, nor is she marrying for Africa. she is marrying for herself. pls help yourself and stop being a busybody in other ppl's affairs
Mary Love (1 year ago)
+LAGOS ACCRA Awwww dear one. good day to you. I hope your doing fine. Are you really for my answers???
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
What is the main reason for young women to follow sugar dadies? don't lie. Sugar dadies are just using their money to buy the things that makes them feel young and alive. They just want excitement which they have lost with their wives. Don't make it look like sugar dadies r lonely men who want companions bcuz most of them have wives. They are all about excitement and like brand new cars, young women excite old men. I believe in staying in ur lane and old ppl should play with old ppl and the youth likewise.
Mary Love (1 year ago)
+LAGOS ACCRA And on top of that every human being has four basic needs.( To be loved, to be accepted, and to be appreciated, To be recognized) all through or by a lover or someone who loves you. So sugar daddies need love as much as young men. who said when you get old. you cease a need of being loved, appreciated, celebrated, recognised by somebody very close to you. who said when your old, your not suppose to have a wife( a woman who loves you. and takes care of you. appreciates and celebrates you) . Being old is not the end of life. but rather its the beginning of another chapter season in life. so sugar daddies still blood is running super hot and they need to keep pumping for releave. let them marry so they don't die before their time because they are lonely in the bed with nobody to pamper them. they are also and still human beings as well and still have hot feelings even more than some of our young brothers. sex is become a vacation only thing to some young brothers. keep talking to me, I don't mind talking to you as well. Have a good day or night ( sweet dreams).
Mary Love (1 year ago)
+LAGOS ACCRA Awwww sir. Good evening to you. hope your having a great day or had a great day. nice hearing you once again. thanks for your reply. Now let me say your not lying concerning many ladies attracted to sugar daddies. But please some of them are attracted to them not only for their money, but you know they have gone through much in life and experiences and pain, and they make very sweet, kind, humble, caring, very loving and even faithful loyal partners. I know women who have married older men who treat them better than their former young husbands or boyfriends. Many of the old men are serious in relationship and don't have the time or energy to be cheating on their wives. because they are older and know well what they want in life, more than our young brothers who think that if we have married them, then we have done ourselves a favor. too much pride. And the older and mature a woman gets, the more we hate prideful, arrogant and abusive men. we get tired of all this nonsense, we just want peace. and if I can get a piece of mind from an older men more than a younger men, then I will marry the older men. unless I want to be full of white/ grey hair before my time or wrinkles. so many young men are very prideful, arrogant and disrespectful to their wives or girlfriends. I told you i myself recently I am reconsidering to change my mind from men of my age group and go for some very matured older men. I like peace very much than marrying a young disrespectful, abusive, prideful, unfaithful and un-loyal never there for you man. Life is too short to live un-happy, stressed, we deserve also to be happy, and have loyal faithful, kindhearted humble men in return of our faithfulness, loyalty, kindness, generousity and humility. we are human beings, we need the same good treatments we give in return. that's why some of our younger women are going for the older men. older men also are very good providers and father figures more than majority of the younger men. they really help in raising their own kids more than leaving most of the responsibility to the women as if all they did is to donate sperms ( child/ children) inside of their women and walk away free of charge and not take responsibility for their sperms ( seed) they deposit in the woman for an upcoming baby. Our young men need to take responsibility, literally full responsibility of their sperms ( seed) deposit. or why then not marry an older man who will do it and be a father figure ( provider, protector) and also one who really loves his seed. That is why a woman will take seed of an older man because the child will be well protected, provided for and loved ( which requires to be a present father helping to raise your children as well not only the woman. so I don't blame young woman marrying a well financially stable man who will be a good husband (lover. provider and protector) for his wife and children. Haaaaa. everyone knows what works and will work best on their interest. will you apply for a job that can't pay you, or pay your bills, buy food for your stomach. get you soap to bath. and get you some clothes to wear. Why would a woman marry a broke unstable financially guy. what will the children eat. no schools fees, no food in the table for her and the children, esp when she is pregnant and may not be able to work and the husband is so broke to feed a pregnant tired woman and after the baby is born, while breastfeeding at home, who will pay the rent. bills or other needs in the home if she marries a broke busted guy. Think if you are a woman on that point of view. women need to marry a guy who can provide for the family. and real provision takes money. Banku, fufu, groundnut soup. jellof for a whole month takes money. nice house and school fees takes money. please think like a woman a bit, then you can help us women as your sisters make right decisions in marriage.
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
There are many women that has passed on pregnancies to other men my sister. I don't beleive that any young girl is actually interested in a broke old man. Money makes it easier for women to love old men. Suga dadies exist for a reason
Peace Peace (1 year ago)
They look happy, so let them be happy. btw the man looks good.
Ivan Johnson (1 year ago)
Get a life and stop talking about people. Africa when
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
So let me get this straight of all the things said in here that is all u could say?
osinachi chilaka (1 year ago)
ur opinion is so biased, its aggravating. Personally, i prefer older guys, cos i just like the maturity and peace and experience that come with it. So if i meet someone older, fall in love with him and by chance he is rich, that makes me a gold digger, after all my years in med school really?? man pls try to be less judgemental, cos u seem to be talking from a place of vendetta, like maybe ur girl left u for some rich older guy?? ...BTW, if u know any rich white guy, holla...lol
gwen Sun (1 year ago)
Lagos Accra, if she parading this man around it means she loves him.Age is just a number. life is all about happiness don't judge her.if she is happy with the man then let them be.
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
You jking right? Do you know how many men and women have paraded aroun with people they didn't love? Go talk to prince charles and lady D.
GhGuan (1 year ago)
Lol.. If this is bad, you should take a critical look at the state of moral standards in African, especially Ghana. Our women are loosing it and that means our society is going down. It's even difficult for a good man to find a good wife these days in Ghana.
Fshn Tik (1 year ago)
I live in europe and I am a white (20 years old guy) I think color does not matter and does not mean anything about how they really are in person,but for africans that is an opposite different thing they don't really respect girls let's take for example black africans refugees in europe they raped many european girls they are fucking savages and have no fucking hygine + not clean but not all of them are the same there are even good africans....I am not racist not at all I don't care if someone is black white or red fuck color (I have black friends) what I mean is african culture is fucked up towards girls they even beat them but still I think probably she married him because he was rich but still even white girls marry rich guy black or white it does not care....
Obaapa Madline (1 year ago)
Don't you have anything better to do with your time than doing this shit, for all you may may your sister or cousin maybe doing worse, find something better to do with your time rather than doing such stupid videos!
Sexy Babe (1 year ago)
this is bull shit go and look a life
selina duodo (1 year ago)
this is very disgusting, have u ever checked the age difference between Abraham and Sarah in the Bible? which part of the Bible states that one should not marry an old man? if she gets hurt does it add up to your sorrows? when will Africans learn to mind their business and stop being judgemental? will that stop people from going to heaven? use your blog to preach the word and stop poking noses in people's private lives abaa....
LAGOS ACCRA (1 year ago)
Isn't it funny u r on here poking ur nose into my matter? If I choose to criticise is it ur matter? U see how stupid ur argument sound now? Anywhoo I will still entertain ur question. Abraham was not twice Sarah age (the age difference was only 9yrs) now Hagar on the other hand was getting it on with an old man. BTW what has this got to do with the Bible anyway? You are talking about me minding my own business but u will be the same person that will want me to help u when things go bad then qoute the bible wrongly to back it up. What was the essence of the good samaritan? Did he mind his own business? Anyway I hope i have helped u learn a thing or 2 but I........

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