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Text Comments (16104)
sam SAM (5 hours ago)
looks like beginning of porn LUL
Barry Jackson (6 hours ago)
They could have just made the movies like this, but the producers probably would have thought it would look too cartoonish.
Rocio Corona (10 hours ago)
I vot for Wolverine
Photo PoopBomb (17 hours ago)
Selin Avakin (17 hours ago)
+18 XD
Isaiah Gilbert (17 hours ago)
Wolverine should have won
danielle jelks (18 hours ago)
that's my bro ya that's by bro let's skedy
Kaylem Simpson (19 hours ago)
But wolverine can heal
Chida Ambrose (21 hours ago)
Wonder woman should be killed
This makes more sence TBH
Mario Guerrero (1 day ago)
This is bs wonder woman is a semigod she should win that battle.
Yojan Andres Rojas (1 day ago)
Que asco de videos xomo van a creer que wolverine va apoder matar a wonder woman.. si no fue capaz ni un dios muxho menos un mutante ....... JAMAS
perfect boy (1 day ago)
You just got deadpooled
Jota Pacara (1 day ago)
Está mejor animado que mismo DC
Grogin (1 day ago)
He should have just decapitated her. Done.
ExodusFlash (1 day ago)
This is the same bullshit when batman was beaten up by wolverine but now wonder woman!!!(opinion)
David Collins (2 days ago)
This was better than any of the X-Men movies I've seen. Why? Gambit and Jubilee. Love those guys!
Lukas Steel (2 days ago)
Que mentira ! Mulher maravilha ganharia essa .
Lonewolf 22 (2 days ago)
Man I love wolverine but Wonder Woman stomps his ass lol
Android Gamer (3 days ago)
Ya how much you heal you cannot come out of volcano as it will keep melting your skin
tanker2sh (3 days ago)
this is better than any of the garbage brian singer made
Gustavo Ortega (3 days ago)
Alguien que hable español?
Vinicius Souza (2 days ago)
Sou br kk
Jessenia Zuñiga (3 days ago)
kool wolverine vs wonder woman
سيف الصباغ (3 days ago)
Fun&Games (3 days ago)
Wonder wins. But good fight
Wolverine doesn't have a chance against WW but nonetheless this is dope....
lee eun sun (4 days ago)
Wooahh,nice,I've ever think that wonder woman and wolverine will battle,..how about zues fight with superman..hhahahaa
Cornelo boxing (4 days ago)
I’d be fucking Wonder Woman not fighting her
Thahira 1970 (4 days ago)
4:07This is wrong,wonder woman's sword is not capable of piercing through wolverine
Gabo Mslo (3 days ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHA Her sword can pierce ANYTHING, if that thing can pierce a Kryptonian, a Daxamite, Darkseid, and literal GODS, a little enhanced canadian is not going to be an issue
Gilberto Rivolta (4 days ago)
Adamantium can t be destroyed by lava
Luis Cortez (4 days ago)
Dippy Dinosaur (4 days ago)
At least you remembered Logan reviving from a skeleton
Paul Pokévids (5 days ago)
He will make a video in which a normal person kills one above all Coz the fight is unfair and inaccurate Wonder Woman would have wrecked him And why didn't wonder woman heal from the wound She also has advanced healing factor
mastrepeace (5 days ago)
Am I the only who would pay to see an entire live action show just Centered around the X-Men & the mansion?😊😊😊
Jason Smith (5 days ago)
I don't know why but it's always the fan movies that stay more loyal to the source material. Not that I dislike change, I love it but fans always seem to take greater care when it comes to making this stuff.
UndeadHaiena (5 days ago)
Do Deadpool vs Wolverine
Tamás Molnar-Nagy (5 days ago)
Nightcrawler is best
Roger Chua (6 days ago)
my fan is wonderwoman yay i will win wonderwoman
Daniel Romias (6 days ago)
Wolverine at magma?? Cmon..
Bobby Grey (7 days ago)
Wonder Woman cannot die from Wolverine has to be another demigod therefore she has Wolverine's number you lose buddy.
Layton Gemmell (7 days ago)
Batinthesun can you tell me we’re you got this logon suit and how much for it
Mahjabeen Khan (8 days ago)
Look wonder women boob are damage
Random Sandström (8 days ago)
You guys should make a video of all of the X-Men hanging out at the X Mansion
Bonnie Clyde (8 days ago)
Timogen Viente (9 days ago)
Wow. 100000000000000000x better than hollywood
Boyong Oragon (9 days ago)
Escalona Castilla (10 days ago)
Ustedes deberían hacer las series de cada personaje
Maria Deac (10 days ago)
the alternate ending is real ending wolverine regenerate extremely fast
Eduardo Pólo (10 days ago)
ele ja tinha morrido pelo fogo soco e espada
Rakesh kumar (11 days ago)
Nice video
El BorreguitoRasta (11 days ago)
Wow incredible!!
Samantha Damasceno (11 days ago)
Ajit Adhikari (12 days ago)
Really? Common wonder women is way stronger then logan..
Jay Nation TV (12 days ago)
Loving how the characters actually resembles their comic book counterparts... unlike the movies.
Вячесла Rvain (13 days ago)
Начало будто в порно
VEGETA SUPER SAYAN (13 days ago)
BULLSHITS!! The match it's over with Wolwerine in the magma. Game over. WW wins.
icyhugs (13 days ago)
So.... Wolvie is going to grow baby legs like Deadpool?
SENTRI LOMBARDO (14 days ago)
Best wolverine!!!......
Naila Al Rajhi (14 days ago)
Why is everyone horny????
Johny Ryan Padilia (15 days ago)
His bones are made of adamantium too tho
Pedro Otávio (15 days ago)
Victor Moran Jimenez (15 days ago)
Esos xmen se ven mejor q los de fox
Geraldi Situmorang (16 days ago)
I can't wait to see this happened on the actual movie
Hanash Bin Asif (16 days ago)
My favorite Character is Wolverine
aldric kurniadi (16 days ago)
Wonder woman win 💯 persent
john k (16 days ago)
Damn wolverine just wanted to hit damn lol
john k (16 days ago)
I'd Fuck the wonder woman out of wonder woman lol
Michael Canada (16 days ago)
"Let's play a game I call, just the tip."
Raihan Zahir (17 days ago)
Who is the first chick???? Whooo ....why dont you guys fucking give the names
Malinourn Malinourn (17 days ago)
well done plausible. the prime thing in Wolvies favor is wonder woman underestimating him and his intensity. That being Said She has about the same power levels as Shazam. Actually she is Shazam and more due to her training and weapons with one exception she is not invulnerable. Oh WW would have used the laso to have him submit. In most comics few mortals can over come her command with it. She does have a healing factor not wolvie level but for combat close enough. He beats her on healing faster. In water Wolvie sinks he is 5 foot 2 inches or 4 inches depending and weighs over 300lbs with Zero Fat. Now there are a great many variations to the extreme abilities of both characters so let just toss the writers license to improvise out the door. compare: Wolverine Wonder Woman Strength dead lift 1000lbs Dead lift min 100tons Bend mild steal bend most metals Speed: nervous system 268mph ? 600 - 900 mph? running 15 mph near light speed (not speed force but magic) damage Skin - knife cut yes Skin knife cut Yes Resistance: Bullet - Yes Bullet - Yes skeletal High resistance Skeletal High resistance Damage down to skeleton with some bio mater Yes Has not bee done? Recovery: from extreme damage or loss of organs Yes Yes back from the dead Yes YES Heals faster the Wonder Woman Yes Heals faster the Wolverine NO concussive High resistance Extremely High resistance Blast: Combat Hand to Hand Swords misc. All Roman Greek and European medium to heavy sword skills: Hand guns Knife hand gun knife shield lasso wip Both will fight to the end warriors till death if need be The top 2 reasons Wonder Woman Wins is two things Wovie is not She is Dam Hot and Smells good to
ankush dhuria (17 days ago)
Damn good....love it...
Galaxy Switch (17 days ago)
Locust2003 (18 days ago)
So that’s how to make wolverine’s comic outfit look cinematic
Klown Sanity (19 days ago)
It's more interesting to see wolverine win since he's basically the underdog in this fight.
Gabriel Barbery (20 days ago)
pero el adamantium cuando se enfría, ya no se puede derretir con nada en el mundo, ademas que es indestructible, no tiene sentido que haya perdido la mitad del cuerpo en el volcán
vishalverma 299 (20 days ago)
Wolverine can't stand a chance against wonder woman
saumilshah98 (21 days ago)
Just how much detailing have they made.Loved it.
Giuseppe Ventimiglia (21 days ago)
the wonder women is fantastic.........
Nicolas Vega Sánchez (21 days ago)
wolverine wins
French Coupon (23 days ago)
Thats a babe packed short ;)
My Best (23 days ago)
How it can possible wolvarien beat
Alberto Esquivel (23 days ago)
Pintor dé autos muy lindo el videojuego
Who loves. Wonder woman
I love wonder woman
You know wonder woman is 💯 persent stronger than wolverine
Marcelo Pereira (23 days ago)
Será que um vulcão conseguiria derreter o adamantium? problema é que a Mulher maravilha é a namorada do Batman e queridinha do Superman, o Wolwerine que se cuide!!
Ace GP (23 days ago)
Now this is how the X-Men movies were supposed to be!!!
Ezequiel Soler (23 days ago)
Bryan Singer say WTFFF!
Kimmy Mac (24 days ago)
Junior Maia (24 days ago)
A encenação da briga da Mulher Maravilha foi melhor do que a briga do filme dela .
Marco Polo (24 days ago)
я задумывался это порно ХХХ
OkamsRazer (25 days ago)
One teensy, problem....Wolverine got dropped in the ocean and had to swim to shore, not once but twice and is STILL covered in grime? I think Prof. X needs to invest in some serious "Goo B Gone" for this guy cuz he been rolling around in some nasty stuff. That and the fact that I can't really see Scott sending Wolverine on a "Kill on Sight" mission as opposed to ""You can't fricken die so dont kill anyone else no matter what" mission against another Hero.
Rachel Triplett (25 days ago)
What is wolverine doing is he sexying
Gerardo Cummings (25 days ago)
love it
Keith Mathews (26 days ago)
too bad, that would NEVER happen LOL! Wonder Woman would whoop him like a red-headed step-child lol!
Michael_ The_god (26 days ago)
You forgot wolverines healing factor!!!!!
Ken Nguyen (27 days ago)
There is one thing in this video that bothers me when he comes out of the lava he doesn't have his adimantiom legs it's really annoying
Lavonia Duda (28 days ago)
Nice. 😊
Sandeep Singh (28 days ago)
the video is good they both were equal for some time but how cam you defeat molten lava i know wolverine can heal fast but how can he survive lava temperature is like sun

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