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Plant Based Breakfast - Chipotle Mushroom Scrambled Eggs on Hash Recipe - #007

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These Mexican inspired scrambled eggs and hash are an easy option for a Sunday breakfast for two or to add to a great brunch spread with friends. Style inspired by Peaceful Cuisine. Full recipe below! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recipe: serves 2-3 60g mushroom (your choice) 1ea chipotle in adobo 0.5ea red onion 5ea eggs, large 2ea starchy potatoes pomace oil, for cooking sea salt and fresh ground black pepper 0:00 Wash mushrooms and dice. Set aside. 1:15 Mince chipotle. Set aside. 1:41 Peel and dice onions. Set aside. 2:37 Break eggs into bowl, add salt and pepper. Beat until even in colour 3:54 Grate the potatoes into a bowl. Squeeze out excess water and reserve liquid. Place dried potato in a separate container. 5:22 Drain off the water to reveal the potato starch. Add this starch to the grated potatoes to help bind the hash browns. Season and mix 6:36 Heat oil in a pan and add small batches of grated potato to desired size. Press flat. Cook until outer edges are brown and flip to cook evenly on both sides. 8:13 Remove from pan and drain on paper towels before plating. 8:24 In same (or new) pan on medium-high heat, add some oil then the onions, mushroom, and chipotle to cook. Stir often. 8:57 Once mushrooms are fully cooked and soft, remove from heat to let cool slightly before adding beaten eggs. Return to low-medium heat. Continuously stir until eggs are cooked to desired texture. (I like my scrambled eggs slightly wet) 10:39 Remove from heat and add to hash browns on plate. Add hot sauce if desired. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anthony is a trained chef living in Hong Kong but originally from the USA. He's spent over 6 years in Asia and over 12 years in professional kitchens after graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York with the last few years in vegetarian/vegan kitchens. Evidence supports that primarily plant based eating habits are ideal for our bodies and the environment. These videos aim to teach others how to eat plant based dishes they'll actually enjoy because they can change and adapt the foods you already like to eat. They'll also have clips of Hong Kong and other travels. Music: William Tell Overture by Rossini Today's video style inspiration: Peaceful Cuisine YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ryoya1983 Find Anthony on: Instagram: anthonyj.damico Facebook/Snapchat: Anthony J Damico
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Jason Ing (3 months ago)
Eggs aren’t plants?
Anthony J Damico (3 months ago)
Eggs are not. My hopes were to a make a recipe for those who want to transition from their usual regime to a healthier one. Not everyone I've met was prepared to go cold turkey
Texas Girl (1 year ago)
I personally would love to see happy colors on this fused recipe.  Interesting!!! I will try it!!
Anthony J Damico (1 year ago)
I appreciate the input! I'm sure some happy colours can be arranged. Thank you
Awesome! Just awesome my man!
Anthony J Damico (1 year ago)
UTOPIA Puerto Escondido Thank you! A wise man gave advise that I should make my videos a little longer

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