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Dirty old man trying to get a young girl song - The Gentleman Sleazebag (The Old Married Couple)

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Buy the album from http://theoldmarriedcouple.bandcamp.com or on iTunes, Spotify etc Get The Old Married Couple's latest single at http://www.theoldmarriedcouple.com/freemusic This song tells the story of a young girl responding to the advances of a 'charming' older gentleman. It features the worst pick up lines and the best comebacks ever. Lyrics: He shuffles out of his brand new convertible car Thinks he's got a shot with the cute little girl at the bar When he came in she thought he was looking for help Imagine her surprise when he started introducing himself 'Cause he was from a time she wished she was from except he was 85 and she was twenty...four He told her she was pretty 'Looked just like Lauren Bacall' Assured her that his vintage was not a problem at all He said 'I'm like a fine fine wine. I'm only getting better with time and this time what I'd like to do is spend a little more time with you' She said 'It wouldn't be so bad if you weren't the age of my Dad It wouldn't be obscene if you weren't a gentleman sleazebag' He thought that he was funny, he thought that he was sweet He said 'Hey pretty honey, come home with me 'cause I think that you're pretty' 'That's OK' 'I'm a silver fox' 'You're old and grey' He was looking her up and down She had to turn him down She said 'You're not a fine wine, you're an old cheese You are just a gentleman sleazebag' 'I think I'm a classic' 'I think you're a creep' It's nearly 7:30 time to go to sleep 'I think you dropped your smile, love' 'I think you dropped your teeth' 'Your legs go on for miles' 'I don't know what that means You sleazebag' You sleazebag.
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Izac Ladd (1 year ago)
Yeww go mr beech

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