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9 year old young girl doing 12 1/2 chin ups!

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Posting daily chin ups for those who are following...9 year old gymnast working on chin ups. Yesterday she did ten, tonight 12 dead hang chin ups and she did these after her 4 hour gymnastics practice
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Mattias Bergstedt (1 month ago)
Strong af but the grip should be shoulder widht. The movement should go from a deadhand up over tha bar and controlled on the way down. This is to avoid injury and make the exercise harder
Rodney Mcneil (1 year ago)
Yeah that's impressive we can only do like five or 10 and finally I see nine-year-old doing chin-ups
The Benjo (2 years ago)
Using momentum and half repping
Tony Mcculloch (2 years ago)
I'm no expert but I think if she keeps slamming down on her elbows she going to have problems later in life. It should be, slow and controlled on the way down to avoid any injury.If she were my daughter I think I would have her wear something a little more rather than a little less too! Keep up the good work!
k a t e & a s h t e n (1 year ago)
Tony Mcculloch FYI I know this is me from years ago but that's what gymnasts wear ... that's what we compete in so ...
jennifer05904 (5 years ago)
Yes, she can do pull ups also she just prefers chin ups...someone requested she do half.chin ups then half pull ups I think.I have that recorded I will look. As far as the 20, I have yet to get that recorded I've seen her do them at gymnastics but were not allowed do go back and record them during class...she'll keep working on it, maybe she will make 20 on her bar. I will post an updated video soon
jennifer05904 (5 years ago)
She can do more...she can do 20 on the thinner bars at the play ground I need to take her and record it..at home it varies.sometimes the bar hurts her hands and she doesn't make.over ten and sometimes she will do 12 to 15...
nasaguy (5 years ago)
Fantastic! Is she up to 13 yet?
jennifer05904 (5 years ago)
Oops, meant good idea
jennifer05904 (5 years ago)
Not sure, I know she can do ten pull ups with hands way you are asking about. She can do both better and more of them on the thinner bars like they have at the park. That's a good use though, I'll have her try it tonight, thanks!

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