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Why men don't respect women

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D G (2 months ago)
I finally found someone that simplified what is going on. Women don't respect themselves
truli91 (1 year ago)
How about i tell that women's purpuse on earth is not just to get married, that is what you implied that the marriage value decressed. Women dont care about that. They care to make their own money so they don't have to ask a husband to give them money. They would rather sacrifice marriage than being tied to someone who does what he wants with their life.
Sha Verse (1 year ago)
Random (2 years ago)
i read about this the other day
Driana563 (2 years ago)
Round of applause!
Breanda Crump (2 years ago)
tht was a great video brother. more women need to hear this today.

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