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'No Facebook, no talking to boys': Chennai college's appalling diktats for girls

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A shocking diktat by an engineering college in Chennai for its women students - the Sri Sairam Engineering College in Chennai says women students can't carry phones or pen drives, shouldn't use Facebook and WhatsApp, can't talk to boys, can't wear high heels or color their hair… the list goes on. The college, who's professors join us on the show says the circular is a forged one aimed at spoiling the college image, but students say this is par for course not just here but in many Chennai colleges. Are we living in the 21st century? Watch full video: http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/left-right-centre/no-facebook-no-talking-to-boys-chennai-college-s-appalling-diktats-for-girls/383929?yt Download the NDTV news app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.july.ndtv&utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=Inhouse_App_Install
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Text Comments (149)
Tamothar (1 month ago)
Mentally ill people ruling college administration..
Haris Almuri (1 month ago)
Most of the engineering colleges in tamilnadu is like this
Vasavi Mohan (4 months ago)
U bitchman y r u shouting
Vasavi Mohan (4 months ago)
I’m ex student I hate sairam clg
Vasavi Mohan (4 months ago)
Ya it’s true. It’s jail
Ankit Singh (9 months ago)
This Rahul Ishwar will get a tight punch 👊 on his face from me!! I have seen all the interviews of Rahul Ishwar for different different issues n he always supports n spreads negativity which pisses me off!! 😡😤😧
Abhilash Thakur (10 months ago)
Anchor is to hilarious and horror
shyam prasad (1 year ago)
If you want jeans wear it no one stop you except your husband.
missa missa (10 months ago)
Jeevitha Pandith its okay lol. 😁 Just disgusted with the mindsets of these ppl.
Jeevitha Pandith (10 months ago)
missa missa lol I didn't get that sorry dude. 😂😂
missa missa (10 months ago)
Jeevitha Pandith no, i wasn't talking about you. I was telling it to the orignal poster. 😅😅
Jeevitha Pandith (10 months ago)
missa missa sure get me a time machine.
missa missa (10 months ago)
shyam prasad chutiya... YouTube chalana chodke.. 100 years back chala ja..
shyam prasad (1 year ago)
If we leave Chennai like north india.ppl here will be north Indians.
shyam prasad (1 year ago)
I support Sai ram college
Devi CHowdary (1 year ago)
I am ex-student of this college (2007 ECE batch). These rules are senseless, like which generation are we living in? come on dudes grow up, give respect to women , not just ruling them, respect alumni. This guy Balu has tortured everyone by creating his rules, choosing this college was stupidest decision of my life. Please Fire Balu so that the students can live in peace and don't have to pay fines for silly reasons
ram kumar (1 year ago)
who gave him doctorate kill him first , its shame to call him prof
deepasri bala (1 year ago)
do you seriously think to ban women from wearing jeans, leggings, Don't use WhatsApp , Facebook and all that will reduce the rape Percentage ??! the most ridiculous is hair coloring and wearing high heels. women have to change all these things just because a man can't control himself. common man !! rapists are all sick minded people. rapists cause rape. of course women have to take precautions like carrying a self defensing weapon and all that. but stop victim blaming. all the reasons which they mentioned is completely ridiculous which is driving me insane.
Ipsita Bose (1 year ago)
wht....sincere intention....hahaha
Ipsita Bose (1 year ago)
are they crazy??!!
Vyacheslav Kervezee (1 year ago)
English teacher?? What a fucking joke.
Chaitanya Yeturi (1 year ago)
Last point by Sanu!!! Bang on!!!!
Jeevitha Pandith (1 year ago)
that professor doesn't even know to speak. The Education in India has to be given in proper hands
Durga Devi (1 year ago)
Maran if you want to establish culture then allow them to wear dhoti
Durga Devi (1 year ago)
your english is damaging your institute
Even Brown (1 year ago)
Hindu extremists like Rahul Eswar are as dangerous as Taliban and Isis
Sai Krishnan (2 years ago)
this is fucked up in many levels!
Mrudul Kollara (2 years ago)
this kind of shit scares me about the future of india
in the name of culture they(colleges in Tamil nadu) are treating us as slaves. please save us...
gayathri s (1 year ago)
Abdullah bin Zakariah most of the college following strict dress code we are not allowed to wear jeans and leggings only chudidhar with long top not above the knee
Abi Sheak (2 years ago)
not only sairam there are many colleges like this across tamilnadu
saravana kumar (2 years ago)
respected mrs.kavitha - do u know the climate of the chennai and do u think jeen it's formal -clg is a official place -so u hv to wear formals
somnath Ghosh (2 years ago)
what do u wear in clg?
Eswari J (2 years ago)
Maran is a fool.
Eswari J (2 years ago)
Maran English is superior than bill Gates
Amit Bhatia (2 years ago)
you can choose your country leader after 18 years but not your life partner fuck that person who made such rules
koustav naha (2 years ago)
that alumni just want to wear Jeans she is only concerned about Jeans ...wtf is wrong with her..
Sudharshan Iyengar (2 years ago)
Exactly!!! There were many issues left behind
Shanker.R Ramanathan (2 years ago)
OMG is he a professor??
raghu 143 (2 years ago)
the girl in the last nailed the show ... it happens every collage in chennai ... i wonder why it is happening ??
Rayhaan Pirani (2 years ago)
Rafool, we will question everything. I question you, are you a failed abortion? And Google what a strawman means.
ab bc (2 years ago)
the girl at the end nailed it....
ab bc (2 years ago)
feel like slapping the shit out of sairam n rahul....
Prav ee (2 years ago)
Sri sai ram college recently beat and killed a student and told That as a suicide still no Action have been taken on the college search "sai ram college suicide" on Internet and see the results 😒😒
Pavithra Arjunan (2 years ago)
what i watching here, some mentally ill people ruling college administration.. Well done!!
Madi (2 years ago)
In my college, if I ever wear a shirt which has a logo. I have to bring my parents to my college. BTW I should not wear T-shirts, Jeans, Black shirts. My college also hires thugs to deal with the protests. There are about 11 suicides in my college due to pressure. And the name of the college is Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College. FTW
Dave Dave (2 years ago)
Professor maran....... ayee yayee yo...yohr hinglish ayiyayiyo bhaat an accent.
Sibi Goku (2 years ago)
lol Maran. He's one of the guy who enforces some of these rules standing in front of the gate. And the bad thing is after all this the rules came back.
Pranesh Rao (2 years ago)
rahul eeshwar is funded by hugging saint
Mini Rvi (3 years ago)
that guy with black coat is talking so loud. he needs to calm down a bit.
Dechan U'Napa (3 years ago)
professor Maran more like professor Moron
Sibi Goku (2 years ago)
yeah we call him that😂😂😂
Padmanabham Mishra (3 years ago)
I just wanted to know why commi NDTV and Kavita don't talk about Hijab, Nakab other things. They really are against anything traditional. Afar as wearing Jeans is concerned Rule is only for college premises They can wear anything they want outside collage.
aravind d (3 years ago)
a**holes!! NDTV covering college codes...what abt the floods....first set ur priorities right!!!
Deepak NC (3 years ago)
wow.. can a professor be so dumb!! feel sorry for the students
Vamshi Vijaykumar (3 years ago)
can't even speak proper english and this chutiya is a lecturer
sriman reddy (3 years ago)
mr.rahul ... if you go like this (long hair) to the college which you are supporting, the college management wont allow you inside. you will get slap from gundas .
vijay krishnan (3 years ago)
Rahul easwar is a bloody disgrace. most hated malayali! these channels call him only to add some entertainment, cuz he is too stupid
balaji P R (3 years ago)
The rule about jean is all around many colleges across TN, not only sri sairam engg. college..... They allow students to wear formals only.... similar rules apply to other colleges too.... but the torture faced by the sairam student.... no words....
College is like prison stupid management and the stupid uneducated professor and he is a as......hole
Nikkitha Ramesh (3 years ago)
Only when no people join such colleges, that's when they'll know how stupid the rules have been created by the college committee
Prasanna Srinivasan (3 years ago)
rahul eshwaran... who the hell is this guy... such a disgrace
chotu tiwari (3 years ago)
महिला आजादी के नाम पर देश की लडकियो को नंगा करने का नया ट्रेंड सुरु हो गया है ! क्या महिलाओ की आजादी छोटे कपडे पहने या फेसबुक और watsapp तक ही सिमट कर रह गई है . इन तरीको से लडकियों की सुरक्षा में काफी मदद मिल पायेगी .देश में कुछ भी अच्छा होता है तो पता नहीं इश चैनल को कौन सा कीड़ा काटने लग जाता है ! क्या जिन्गदी भर वो लडकिया उन्ही कॉलेजों में ही पड़ेंगी
Jagdiz 07 (3 years ago)
whatever there is in Circular was true. college authorities cant denied that.. A piece of advise to Professor. Pls Understand the situation and speak and most importantly your English is out the world ...lol... Stupid go and learn that first. Mr. Maran to Reporter: why did u banned jeans :? Maran: we have 21 yrs of teaching experience why boys and girls are not allowed to speak : we have 21 yrs of teaching experience why kattapa killed bahuballi :we have 21 yrs of teaching experience Get lost you stupid moron...
Neha agarwal (3 years ago)
Bloody Nonsense! I dont understand how can rules apply to girls. If the boys are the ones who create problems, y are the bans not on the boys! and how do these rules resolve any issues. Such colleges have such idiotic ways to control things. The Professors of these colleges and rule makers seem to not have learnt anything in life!
Neha agarwal (3 years ago)
Great job at teaching technology by banning technology! Great going Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai!
HARRISH M.J (3 years ago)
who is he?was it his first time on tv he is just shouting:))
Sakhi Pradhanani (3 years ago)
rahul eeshwar plz die putting dress code on girls for protection.... bullshit
Arthy Santhosh (3 years ago)
even Abdul kalam wont be allowed into Sairam Engg coll. because he has long hair..!
Ayan44 (3 years ago)
i would like to propose the idea of a left wing college in india. sure most of the people who are not 'chutias' will gravitate towards that instead of this ridiculous and sadistic institutions like Sri Sairam Engineering College.
Shalini Moorthy (3 years ago)
Omg.. did the guy in the black shirt do his eyebrows?? o...O They're so well-defined :P.. and why is he shouting.. ?
Arthy Santhosh (3 years ago)
+Shalini Moorthy because he is lying throughout this video
mohamed sehal (3 years ago)
Vimal V (3 years ago)
@Rahul: How much $$$ did Balu give you to talk shit like this??
ABDUL RAZAK (3 years ago)
South india especially Tamil nadu is regarded as the educational hub of india ..colleges like yours makes us feel ashame for being in Tamil Nadu,are u going to apply hitler's Nazisim in ur collge or do u want to teach Engineering????? #Fuck Sairram #Raise ur voice students!!!!!!! and Dont be a slave, our country is democratic nation slavery like this should be abolished!!!!!
viknesh pkb (3 years ago)
they are producing engineers .. the sir Sairam engineering factory..
UdhayDr (3 years ago)
Professor maran ROFL! If he teaches to students in that English! am sure that's the biggest punishment for Sai ram students!!!
Dave Dave (2 years ago)
ayi yayi yo apparriya lol
Viswanath Raajendhran (3 years ago)
professor maaran first learn ABCD properly you dumbshit.Cant even speak proper english,and debate properly..
Rekt Gaming (3 years ago)
Fuck that guy with black coat -_-
Dappan Vincley (3 years ago)
maran- neeyellam oru professor...english olunga pesavenam atleast ethavathu puriyara maari pesalam la....thoo naaye ...echa baadu...poi mothalla nee padi....koothi mavane
Mahendran Jayavel (3 years ago)
Professor Maran sucks, if I were a parent I will not send my kid to study under this pathetic guy, not to this college, hell NO!
gautham vittal (3 years ago)
prabil (3 years ago)
@rahul eeshwar .if u do not know anything please sit in kerala and dont interfere in these things unless u do not know any thing.i know whats happening there as my cousin was studying there.please shut your ass.... the list is true but they never put it in their website,because they know they will have to face such consequences later.
kilo man (3 years ago)
I'm not sure what the big fuss is and the issues would have been easily sorted as it got escalated. Media please stay away from these things because now a days you guys are making a hay out of even a small issue. I certainly agree that few rules make no sense but at the same time jean rule is something i don't see any issue. I dare anyone who can raise a voice once you enter an organization and shout that i will wear a jean all 5 business days.If you can't tolerate few basic rules then the generation is gonna suffer a lot. Hats off to that lady you says why not jeans. I request her to take this to all the organization and implement this so an Indian can wear whatever he likes. Good i followed rules in my college and i stay in line when requested. Rule such as boys and girls should not talk is a crap. Any rules or regulations should help an individual to better understand what future has to offer. Prof.Maran, you better get tutored and your english is pathetic. NDTV your debate is useless and better put your points in such a way that justifies your role. Please don't bring Kalam sir into this. He lived by principle and he values good rules. Don't think there is a start up culture everywhere. Once you get out of college 90% it is a white collar job and better learn to follow rules. Students if you know certain rules can be followed, please do it. Its for your good. Believe me a colleague of mine was not able to survive in industry just because organization did not allow her to use smartphone. she just can't take it. The rule is justified because you have to work in data sensitive area. Again simply she has to quit and organization gives no shit about what you think. Surprised why so much commotion only during college days. why not during school and almost everyone shuts their mouth once they goto job.
Naman Sheth (3 years ago)
Dear NDTV, I just want to say a point about the rules laid by the college inSri Sai Ram and other Engineering colleges . The professor kumaran was insisting the point about our culture in south India. People in olden days used to wear "vesti's" and not shirts. The professor himself is wearing a formal shirt 👕 , which was an idea or concept by the Britishers to educate us. Then why is the professor wearing a shirt ,he should be wearing traditional south Indian dresses. I only want to tell the students have the freedom to wear any clothes which they have and not the college, ex: Mumbai or Bombay students can wear jeans and t-shirts and come to college. As time passes even the generations change we should learn to adapt them.
Yugendran N (3 years ago)
Lol most of the rules are true in Engineering colleges of TamilNadu.. But this paper is true and draconian..
Richard Parker (3 years ago)
Brahmin Talibans.
Vaitheeswaran G (2 years ago)
These r christian institutions. I studied in SASTRA which is run by brahmins. It's an heaven
prem shankarr (3 years ago)
+p.vivek Vivek Yes. know ur fckin facts fckin richard !!! Its a christian institution.... jeppiar group is also not brahmin...
p.vivek Vivek (3 years ago)
+Richard Parker they are not brahmins..that is a christian colg..owner name is leo ..
Adithya Rajkumar (3 years ago)
I Feel like slapping the life out of Maran. Spoiling the name of Chennai, Tamil Nadu and India . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its cause of people like him we are laughed at !!!
Arthy Santhosh (3 years ago)
+Adithya Rajkumar throw him into the bay of bengal
rajdilraj (3 years ago)
What is call rules, they are made for betterment of the institution NO ONE should be NOSING in it
OfficialAshie (3 years ago)
Hi guys! i have made a video regarding the issue in Sri sairam college. please watch and let me know what you think. Its in my channel. i would really appreciate it
sathish kumar (3 years ago)
next time call mr.balu the so called campus discipline adviser
Sandeep Raghuraman (3 years ago)
These rules didn't just apply to girls, they were applied to boys as well. Sairam Engineering College (sucks)
Suhas Anjan (3 years ago)
I think formal clothing is appropriate for an Engineering student. But what stuns me here is that all communications between girls and boys are ceased which is inappropriate.
vignesh wicky (3 years ago)
In Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, Boys are also not allowed to wear Jeans and all the rules are applicable to Boys also . Not only in Sri Sai Ram Engineering College most of the colleges in Tamil Nadu are following rules like this. I'm also a Student doing Engineering in Chennai. In my College also they are dictating us. We(Students) can't question them. If I question them they will simply take my College Identity Card and call my Parents to come to College. Until, I will be not allowed to enter into my Class Room, lab or library. It's a torture to us because my hometown is Kanyakumari and my parents are living there. It will take around 12 hrs for travelling. what I can do? I was forced to Tolerate all these things What else I can do?
Sudheer Seran (3 years ago)
that guy is not even getting the point and responding to it. how come he is going to understand the other aspects. Brilliant!!! 21 years of experience.
Ganesh S (3 years ago)
its very silly, NDTV is asking if girls are not allowed to wear Jeans, even boys are also not allowed to wear jeans or T shirt in our college,
vignesh wicky (3 years ago)
+Ganesh S The problem is not Jeans. The Problem in Engineering Colleges is their damn rules. I'm an Indian, You are an Indian. All Indians has their right to choose what to wear? The problem is not Jean the problem behind it is , all the rules are against human rights. If I made any mistake, then the entire responsibility is mine. who the fuck are they to torture my parents mentally?
yadunandhan s (3 years ago)
the most funny word used by all these engg college is "CULTURE" while we talk about culture especially tamilnadu's culture......you should ask all professors,other non-teaching staffs and students to wear veshti for guys and saree for girls jeans or formal or blazzers etc wat evr non-sense is a western culture lmao(laugh my a** out) do you people think only jeans is western culture and formal pant and shirts are tamilnadu culture??.....hahahahaha how funny it is....seriously?? what evr kind of pants or shirts it is brought to our country by british people which is so called "WESTERN CULTURE" MANAGEMENT & PROFESSORS please go refer HISTORY BOOKS culture pathi pesa ahrambicha nalla asingama ketra pora...!! IIT top ranked college.....are they following culture??......dont they allow students to celebrate??.....aren't those student not studying??
Muthu Irulan (6 months ago)
yadunandhan s 👌
vignesh wicky (3 years ago)
+yadunandhan s I also agree with this. If their problem is CULTURE then make all Boys to wear Veshti and Girls to wear saree
Akash B (3 years ago)
05:46 Lol Y r u advertising ur colg :P 😜
anandhu g krishnan (7 months ago)
Akash B o
Viknesh H (3 years ago)
that guy rahul itself is in his own style better go to these institutions and have this style
jaa navi (3 years ago)
At first NDTV need to explain how come thy done whole program on fake rule paper nd didn't try to find authenticity. ..... Second there r thousands of colleges in india where dress code is formal clothing no jeans its for both boys nd girls...... aur iss kkaavvitaa ke baare mein to saab jaante he hai kya hao ye
vignesh wicky (3 years ago)
+jaa navi If the document is a forged one why can't you allow press to conduct a open survey with your college Students? I'm also a Student tolerating the rules of Engineering Institutions.
madhan vijay (3 years ago)
+jaa navi - you may claim the document as forged one. if that is the case, if the college is not feeling guilty will they allow the press to have a open survey with their college students ? :p . Just understand the logic behind this mam, none of the student of that college claimed this as a forged one. only the professors and management is claiming this as a forged document.
Prince Mejel (3 years ago)
+jaa navi If every college has the rule.. it doesn't mean the rule is perfect.. what is the reason behind guys/girls shdn't wear Jeans? will just wearing jeans affect studies or character? Top MNCs like Microsoft, Google and FB allows people to wear casual.. It is not NDTV that should grow up!
jaa navi (3 years ago)
Every college has its own dress code.... the guy clearly said tht no jeans for boys as well only formal clothes. .... so wat is wrong in tht.... I studied in engg college even thy wnt students to wear school type formal clothes for two days a week. .... grow up NNDTV
ajin johny (3 years ago)
who give them rights to beat the students
gowthamshankarkp5 (3 years ago)
+jaa navi Dude Seriously... You are saying grow up NDTV... I think you should growup...
karthikm (3 years ago)
+jaa navi Did you have saloon in your college?? You had not FB acc while u studied ther ? Had you not taken a PEN DRIVE to you college? Have u not spoken to atleast one boy during your college days? The list is very big! Had you done atleast one of these, you would have been humiliated as if you did a dead crime. Your parents would have been humiliated. and Rs,5000 would have been snatched from your hand. AND THE WORST PART IS... AN UNEDUCATED GUNDA SINGLE HANDEDLY WILL RULE U!!! U wont believe?? you want proofs?? Try to visit the college premises at least once! Dont support these stupids! Only Stupids, politicians of their grp and uneducated ppl will support them!
venkat S (3 years ago)
I'm ex-student of this college. most of the things discussed are very true. They execute these things with a help of a guy name called balu. this guy is powerful than principal in this college.
jipmerarun (1 year ago)
venkat S Hey boss. my brother is studying there. It seems that, they have promoted Balu instead of dismissing him.. Now he is the in charge of hostels and mess... It's not a college... Just a glorified jail...
Nishant VK (3 years ago)
+venkat S Congrats on Surviving it! Thumbs up.
Arthy Santhosh (3 years ago)
+venkat S Remove Balu....
madhan vijay (3 years ago)
Guys, i just want to share a stupid incident happened in this college recently, one of the hostlers family visited the college campus to see her. a small boy of the family who may be started his schooling was not allowed inside the campus reasoning that he was wearing Jeans pant. (remember that kid is from kinder garden, that infant doesn't know what is going on finally he went inside the campus with his inner wear :p ) - what's wrong in wearing jeans??? that too for a visitor??? really ashammed of such incidents that too in the name of culture and custom. is this what we learned from our culture??? seriously ashammed!!
Deepika Deepi (3 years ago)
+madhan vijay same happening in RMK institutions too.......
MithunOnThe.Net (3 years ago)
What a bloody ass that Rahul is! Typical hypocrite blaming everything else except their primitive minds for crimes against women!
Ramya S (3 years ago)
Proffessor Maran cannot lie. Things mentioned in circular are cent percent true.
yadunandhan s (3 years ago)
+Ramya S being a professor in so called big engg college look at his english hw come he even became a professor.....such a shame this shows his teaching ability mr.maram sir please join some spoken english class during sem holidays
Arun Koushik (3 years ago)
But he never understood a thing 😂
Sree Ram (3 years ago)
"Clearly he doesn't understand logic"
Viswanathan Mahalingam (3 years ago)
the point of media was not that the students to wear Jean or some form of informal kind of clothing .... but the point is why would an institution curtails the basic rights of an Indian to a great extent!
lordon gewitt (3 years ago)
Join www.reddit.com india community for enlightened discussions and culture appreciation.
jonakchetia (3 years ago)
Satyanash Engineering College
World of Stars (3 years ago)
I don't know y the media wants students to wear jeans skirts minis etc U can clearly see the South Indian culture and
kishore kumar (3 years ago)
+World of Stars - in 50's, 60's south indian ladies didn't wear blouse(ravikkai). Do you think they were culture-less people..
Sudheer Seran (3 years ago)
+yadunandhan s well said Bro.
yadunandhan s (3 years ago)
+World of Stars clearly see what??........south indian culture??. 1st explain what is south indian culture?? dont make me go nutts mister.....r u crazy or wat?? if u say media wants students to jeans skirts blah blah shit ask those engg colleges to bring a rule tat students shld wear nly veshti and saree which is so called bloody south indian culture vantanunga culture ah pathi pesa
Arun Koushik (3 years ago)
The media doesn't wants to ruin your culture :) It just makes sure that some freaking stone age ppl don't mess with the freedom of students and the damn female rights equality :) If it's the culture that says women are inferior... Time for the culture to vanish into thin air :( Grow up!!!
Ashwin Madhavan (3 years ago)
+World of Stars yeah clearly..
World of Stars (3 years ago)
It's very good coz education is not just part time job
Ramkumar Arunachalam (1 year ago)
college guys if allowed based on their economy will wear torn /rugged jeana ,, then it will lead to other disciplinary problems..
Ramkumar Arunachalam (1 year ago)
hare idiots , I accept all other accusitions , but wearing Jeans is wrong...

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