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Old Man Narrates Young Girl

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The me-narrated TFiOS box set: http://dft.ba/tfiosboxset The real audiobook not narrated by me: http://dft.ba/-17Qg In which John discusses narrating one version of The Fault in Our Stars audiobook, the unusual and good-hearted conversations with Brilliance Audio that made it possible, how copyright and intellectual property law affected his first novel Looking for Alaska, and why he is so troubled by the SOPA and PROTECT IP bills currently being discussed by the United States congress. HERE ARE A LOT OF LINKS TO NERDFIGHTASTIC THINGS: Shirts and Stuff: http://dftba.com/artist/30/Vlogbrothers Hank's Music: http://dftba.com/artist/15/Hank-Green John's Books: http://amzn.to/j3LYqo ====================== Hank's Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hankgreen Hank's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hankimon Hank's tumblr: http://edwardspoonhands.tumblr.com John's Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/realjohngreen John's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/johngreenfans John's tumblr: http://fishingboatproceeds.tumblr.com ====================== Other Channels Crash Course: http://www.youtube.com/crashcourse SciShow: http://www.youtube.com/scishow Gaming: http://www.youtube.com/hankgames VidCon: http://www.youtube.com/vidcon Hank's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/hankschannel Truth or Fail: http://www.youtube.com/truthorfail ====================== Nerdfighteria http://effyeahnerdfighters.com/ http://effyeahnerdfighters.com/nftumblrs http://reddit.com/r/nerdfighters http://nerdfighteria.info/ A Bunny (\(\ ( - -) ((') (')
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Text Comments (1667)
Grinner gone wild (11 months ago)
Raise your hand if u are a nerdfighter 🖐🏽
John Waggoner (1 year ago)
John, this Manbra joke is funny now, but you've gotta look at the bigger picture. Think of Henry. One day, he's going to be in middle school. And middle school is full of little monstrosities that love to make the lives of other people worse. And they also use the internet. And now, you have recorded yourself on the internet saying you're a Manbra. And these middles-school monsters will irrefutable proof to mock Henry about his father being a Manbra. And they can mock your other children as well. And your grandchildren. You've doomed them all to being the descendants of a Manbra.
Harshil Bodalwala (1 year ago)
"And then, I took off my bra." John Green
Eric Codecire (1 year ago)
"I was starting to miss signing books" -John Green, 2011
Pat Shand (1 year ago)
Here in 2017, traveling back in time to the day I found out that my favorite author is a Man Bra.
Trulee Y (2 years ago)
Wow John!! I didnt know you wrote that book!
Trulee Y (2 years ago)
WAIT JOHN WROTE THE BOOK? The one with the saying "some infinities are greater than other infinities"?? Omg!!
SoFear B (2 years ago)
"And then I took off man bra"
lavoixdusilence (2 years ago)
I am a man. I am a zebra. I am a manbra. -- John Green, Internationally Renowned Author
Slimy Weasles (2 years ago)
"You can trust me; I'm a man bra" should be on a t-shirt
TheLordOfThePotatoes (2 years ago)
+Slimy Weasles put that on a t-shirt!
David Van Drunen (2 years ago)
After watching a bunch of vlogbrothers in a row I feel like a shy dinner guest sitting between them just smiling and nodding.
Kenzie Hancock (1 year ago)
Nessa B (1 year ago)
David Van Drunen That is where I am right now 🙈🙈🙂🙂
Saira Maroof (1 year ago)
Astro_Owl (2 years ago)
Shea Elliott (2 years ago)
You explained the feelings in words!!! This is the truth of Nerdfighteria :D
Thats a shame, i'd love to hear him read it but £30 is kinda ridiculous.
Zander Henriksen (3 years ago)
did you write Paper towns? and the foult in our stars?
Adam Martinelli (2 years ago)
You don't want to wage a war against the Nerdfighters. They're very good at fighting... Nerdfighting.
Shea Elliott (2 years ago)
Zander, relax. swf wasn't trying to wage a war against Nerdfighters. swf was actually implying that John Green is one of the best authors of today, meaning, one of the best authors still living. And that's far from trying to start an argument, that's a huge nod to the genius that John Green gives to the world today through the vlogbrothers and his writing. (I know I'm very late in this comment thread, unfortunately I didn't even know about John when this video came out)
Zander Henriksen (3 years ago)
swf (3 years ago)
+Zander Henriksen There are a lot of authors that are way better than he is. However, almost all of them are very, very dead.
Zander Henriksen (3 years ago)
Hedvig Wurnell (3 years ago)
omg, why haven't I found this channel before!!
Hedvig Wurnell (3 years ago)
+Olivia Griffith thank u! Hahaha I think you're right xD
Olivia Griffith (3 years ago)
+Hedvig Wurnell WELCOME!!! You're likely never leaving. xD
jules lee (3 years ago)
if a jogger ran at the speed of sound could he still hear his ipod
Rachel Davies (3 years ago)
I'M MAN BRA! Oh my god I love this channel.
eDGE Catalyst (3 years ago)
Well we now know it's at least as long as six chapters
i do music (3 years ago)
He is the coolest nerd ever!!!!!!!
Marie Lastname (3 years ago)
Youtube subtile thingy thinks we're called nerd biters. Eff yeah, nerd biters!
Marie Lastname (3 years ago)
+ineedtobenormal Let me know all about it!
nia (3 years ago)
+Marie Lastname same. i'll try. sounds creepy, but i'll try 
Marie Lastname (3 years ago)
+ineedtobenormal Mine are. I lick them almost every night before sleep. They taste like chocolate pudding. That's why they are brown. Try yours if you can. Just use your enormously long and flexible tongue.
nia (3 years ago)
+Marie Lastname mmmm. are brown ones good? 
Marie Lastname (3 years ago)
+ineedtobenormal It's delicious, you should try it. (Well, blue eyes are sometimes a bit too spicy...)
Rilian Lunsford (3 years ago)
It doesn't even make sense that you would have to have a "creative" solution to have two audio book versions.  It's your book.  You should be able to make any version you want and grant permission to anyone you want to do whatever.
Benjamin Myers (3 years ago)
Spoilers alert! There will be 6 chapters
Katie Husband (4 years ago)
Yeah i bought the john green audiobook this summer. Best investment I ever made
harley drymon (4 years ago)
Is it wrong i think hearing his version would be so much more fun.
a larger fruit salad (4 years ago)
I watched these in order purely on accident ... Wow
Nicole Miller (4 years ago)
Snigdha Kucharlapati (4 years ago)
Can we still get it?
NoStressCrossfire (3 years ago)
Yes, it's still is at dftba.com ! Type The Fault In Our Stars in the search bar and you'll see, it's one of the results :)
Michelle Husain (4 years ago)
YEAH CHICAGO!! Gotta love that traffic
Camila Morra (4 years ago)
Well, it was either Man Bra or Ze Men. Good choices, you make.
Hana Morris (4 years ago)
Sadaf Kadir (4 years ago)
I'm preety sure that luxurious and wasteful are synonyms as far as anyone but the dictionary is concerned
Katlyn Mendoza (4 years ago)
Okay so I'm new to the Nerdfighter community and I just read The Fault In Our Stars but I also am starting to read Looking For Alaska but with that I am reading it to my guy friend who has no access to the book, that's not against some piracy or copyright laws is it? I know it's a dumb question but I don't want to do any bad.
NatalieSigns (4 years ago)
MAN BRA! I'm crying.. 😂 But not as much as I cried at TFIOS. I... Could rant about TFIOS. But... I won't. Not today. I will when the movie comes out though. So....... Yep....
Cassie Kennedy (4 years ago)
John the man-bra!!
Maddie N (4 years ago)
Are you still selling the audiobook narrated by you?
Gabby Renee (4 years ago)
Matt Perry (4 years ago)
It's a manzier
Stevie Hudson (4 years ago)
"And then I took off my bra"
Adam Martinelli (2 years ago)
Old Man Narrates Young Girl in my pants.
Annie Kate Walsh (4 years ago)
I was just thinking that. " And then I took off my man bra"
Garrett Allar (4 years ago)
I bake at a Panera, YAAAAAYYYY. You go to Panera and I stay employed, I buy your books and watch your videos causing you to stay employed. I love the free market system.
acomputer121 (4 years ago)
LIMITED EDITON!?!?! NO! NO! NO! John, I wanted to hear a 16 year old girl speaking through you! You're voice is relaxing and just plain awesome!
Lily Findlay (4 years ago)
Wrote the additional lines to the poem into my hardcopy of looking for alaska. As much as I appreciate that if John were to write it it would breech copy right, I still believe its a beautiful poem, and like the idea that when I re read the book I will be reading it a John first intended. 
Taber McFarlin (4 years ago)
My substitute English teacher showed us a video of John, turns out more people in my school know who you are than I thought!
Ruman Shahriar (4 years ago)
Kate Rudd is freaking adorable.
Jw Smart (4 years ago)
creative commons is total bullshit. SOPA is needed. "viacom" is not a rich person. It is a company that employs thousands upon thousands of people. "viacom" doesn't matter. what matters is that thousands of people may get the old heave ho if viacom can't protect it's property. THOSE PEOPLE THEN BECOME UMEMPLOYED BECAUSE ASSWIPES THINK THEY CAN STEAL. Seriously - why are smart liberals so effing stupid so often? And frankly edna st. vincent millay estate can ask whatever they want. You raise the money or cut the quote. Can i quote your book with impunity? NO! Christ almighty I hate people who call this stuff censorship...when you just know if their stuff was being stolen they's go ape shit. 
floralirony (4 years ago)
To address your early concern about protecting property and enforcing SOPA because it employs many, I do not completely agree that it is necessarily the better choice. If we were to use John Green's example about his 2004 situation, Looking for Alaska COULD have been better than it turned out to be if he were able to include more from the poem. The literary richness could have deepened which leads to greater insight and usefulness in analysis (allusions). This addition could have led to greater sells, which calls for a higher yield of book production, which hires more people to produce the books (factory workers, drivers, etc.). Jobs would find their way one way or another. With these limitations, you are hindering full potential. I know that this example sounds quite the stretch, but I'm only using it to bring light to another perspective. Now I am not fully aware of all the facts, so I may be wrong in some aspects, but I just wanted to shine light on the other point-of-view.
aaronl22 (5 years ago)
Haha man bra
Marcia Corono (5 years ago)
'Trust me, I'm a man-bra' should be a T-shirt.
Jacky Ngauff (5 years ago)
You mean *looking for Looking For Alaska, right? haha. no matter. i often make this mistake.
Angelite, (5 years ago)
Locally grown......BUTTER LETTUCE.
Jcalm (5 years ago)
In school we are doing literature circles. I saw Looking For Alaska and it was my first choice. Sadly, we got our books in today and I didn't get the book I wanted.
Faelwyn Silverwing (5 years ago)
So do I!
Rachel Love (5 years ago)
Man bra or... bro? (Thanks Cosmo Kramer)
Zee Jones (5 years ago)
looking sexy.
Ptolemios Frost (5 years ago)
"Butter Lettuce...." XD
wantin (5 years ago)
she looks like amazing.
Amalia C. (5 years ago)
Does anyone else think Kate Rudd looks like Jenna Louise Coleman?
Leila Jane (5 years ago)
I clicked on this half expecting John to start singing Christina Aguilera's 'The Voice Within'
Raspberry Mint (5 years ago)
Zebman (pronounced ZEEB-man) might work tho, right?
FairyBubblePuppy (5 years ago)
I thought he was gonna say "Mebra" but that's not much better and then I thought "Zeman" but that sounds a bit too much like semen and long story short man-zebras probably and sadly should not be a thing. D:
Laila Wenrich (5 years ago)
I'm pretty sure he was at the Walnut Room:)
TheLunaFace (5 years ago)
that made me guffaw
lea (5 years ago)
oh sweet holy lord I would ride that one legged pony all the way around the corral
Sara Devoe (5 years ago)
has anyone seen him blink?
Precious Joe (5 years ago)
Imagine someone who doesnt know what 'narrates' means and expecting something entirely different from this video.
AnnimeAdiect (5 years ago)
Allie Cotten (5 years ago)
My all-time favorite intro to a Vlogbrothers video. Ever.
P3dotme (5 years ago)
We could also go with mabra, mebra, or zebman.
clarence ho (5 years ago)
ok then how about a zebran
clarence ho (5 years ago)
how about you're a zebra, a man and a ze-man?... ... what do you mean it sounds weird? :P
clarence ho (5 years ago)
you're a man, a zebra and a man bra? that sounds weird...
Megan Marie (5 years ago)
Ha, John will never again say he misses signing his name.
cowgirl1984x (5 years ago)
OMG! Brilliance Audio is like 3 minutes from my old house!!
ZipplyZane (5 years ago)
I consider this a misleading title, since we didn't get to hear you reading as a young girl. Is really everything in the book a spoiler? Is there nothing in there that wouldn't surprise us?
jaevairny (5 years ago)
liking that robe
TheFolkes1 (5 years ago)
lawyers can be nice people too :(
Samantha D. (5 years ago)
Welcome to Nerdfighteria! We hope you like it here. :D
Bryanna Mackey (5 years ago)
I've only just discovered the glory of this channel, this being probably the 6th video of which I am viewing, and not even 5 minutes in I've liked it. <3
Matthew Goodman (5 years ago)
Just bought Looking For Alaska Really excited to read it
Trinity Henky (5 years ago)
I agree, you are a man bra.
Kristi Rich (5 years ago)
#872: I love Johns Voice!
WhatIfItWasPurple (5 years ago)
Old Man ******** Young Girl. Unnecessary censorship.
Aaron Charnay (5 years ago)
Thumbs up for Chicago
Potato Man (5 years ago)
thank you veryyyy much and if you want to be friends i'm up for anything so email me back my email is right up there and maybe we can be friends so yeah please reply and email me at [email protected] and see ya later if you want to you know
SmashPotatoe (5 years ago)
Yes...maybe. I'm not sure, but I think you're only infringing copyright, if you try to publish your summary.
musikSkool (5 years ago)
Paraphrase means using different words. If the original sentence was; "In the noonday sun, his chapped lips beckoned the larger of his hats, though at home it slept in silence, for it too had a distaste of the sun." To paraphrase that sentence I would say, "His small hat didn't protect his lips, but his large hat gets sun-damaged." 'Paraphrase' is just a fancy word for 'summary'. I thought copyright only protected exact words. Does that mean school kids wring a summary are infringing copyright?
SmashPotatoe (5 years ago)
For example, Paper whose author is Hank - "John is not evil." (edited from John's paper). However, I'm no expert in this area, so I don't know if there are some weird exceptions, for example, needing an authorization of the original sentence's author to be able to publish a paper with the paraphrased sentence. I'm sorry. I'm not good at english nor at explaining things, so, if you want to know more, you can google "plagiarism".
SmashPotatoe (5 years ago)
I don't know in other literary works, but when publishing scientific papers it is sometimes illegal. For example, Page 1 - I am good. Page 2 - I am not evil. In this case, you're paraphrasing inside the same paper and that's legal. Another example, Paper whose author is John - John is good. Paper whose author is Hank - John is not evil. In this case, you're paraphrasing something from another paper and this is illegal unless you explicitly say that you're paraphrasing John's paper.
mustardsfire22 (5 years ago)
Me 2.
BGM Live! (5 years ago)
Are you related to Tyler Joseph??
Jamie Johnston (5 years ago)
I wonder when Henry will begin to comprehend just the effect his dad has on the world
Potato Man (5 years ago)
CAN SOME BODY TELL ME HOW TO BECOME A NERD FIGHTER PS my email will be found know [email protected] if you misuse my friend will kill you or i will have arrested then one of mt friends in jail will kill you for me thank you please Email and say your name is Dumbldore or else i will not who you are Peace
HLVR (5 years ago)
Free Man is a studio album by Jamaican reggae singer Burning Spear, released in 2003. -Wikipedia
Nat Douglas (5 years ago)
i dont think so.
Simona Veselá (5 years ago)
It is even better when English is not my native language. Vlogbrothers DID teach me English
Levi Johansen (5 years ago)
what if... like... everything was like free man.... then weed would be free man... and the copyright would be free...
Sabrina Shaw (5 years ago)
you can trust me. I'm a man-bra.
Maddie W (5 years ago)
he talks so fast and intellectually I feel ten times smarter just listening to him rant
L kwiecien (5 years ago)
Does anyone have a copy of TFIOS being read my john or know where I can find it because it's no longer on the website and that makes me sad
Alyse Leonard (5 years ago)
You were in Chicago? Damn, why didn't I know about you guys back then. I was in Chicago at that time. Urgh! So close.
Alice in Wonderland (5 years ago)
A two year old youtube video about a nine year old book really shouldn't be relevant...
musikSkool (5 years ago)
Paraphrasing? Is that still legal? Like; "chapter one was about his favorite cat :blah: :blah: :blah:"? And then proceed to, using my own words, basically describe every interaction he had with his cat, though never actually quoting anything word for word.
Alex Graboyes (5 years ago)
Just a point, past John, don't worry about your audio book reading skills, you did great and I enjoyed it. Even the parts that I had...not quite read in your voice whilst reading the book.

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