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Life of a Kumari Goddess: The Young Girls Whose Feet Never Touch Ground

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Broadly heads to Nepal to witness the centuries-old tradition of worshipping Kumari, a living goddess manifested in the body of a young girl, to see how life is for the sacred children spending their lives in a temple—and what happens when they grow. WATCH NEXT: Ex-Scientology Leader and Trans Icon Kate Bornstein on What It Takes to Survive : http://bit.ly/2atfFnw Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-BROADLY Come find us: Broadly | https://broadly.vice.com Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/BroadlyTV Twitter | https://twitter.com/broadly Tumblr | http://broadlytv.tumblr.com Instagram | https://instagram.com/broadly Pinterest | https://www.pinterest.com/broadlytv Newsletter | http://bit.ly/1JKF1oA More videos from the VICE network | https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Text Comments (15547)
Toni Stultz (1 hour ago)
I cannot believe how brainwashed these people are. And that girl is sitting on the throne like what the FUCK is wrong with everyone?
A (1 hour ago)
Hey Shadow (1 hour ago)
I am Nepali and I live in Nepal but I’ve never seen a Kumari nor we believe in her She is part of Newari culture here in Nepal and we other cultures don’t really worship her and also it’s only done in Kathmandu LMAO THE FUNNY THING is I studied about her as a SOCIAL PROBLEM which is stopping our society from developing in school ... never knew she was worshipped so much until I saw this video
Ami ra (3 hours ago)
Dramatic Peace (7 hours ago)
Me at that age: Homework School Depression Boy problems Fake people
Sea Oceana (14 hours ago)
Imagine if that wasn't Kumari. And she is a spoiled girl!
jewel (15 hours ago)
i thinked of this a while ago and im dumb *so if she stands up she will be levitating? dafuq?*
Marie Turner (15 hours ago)
The only floor she touched is the floor of her mothers stomach when she was in the womb😶😑
Victoria Hamilton (21 hours ago)
Did anyone think Doctor Strange?
J C (1 day ago)
I would like to know what happens to these young girls as they get older, after they are no longer Kumari.
lindy woods (1 day ago)
poor kid how sick
MooMooCowGirl1 (1 day ago)
2:29 can we just notice how it looks like she’s about to kill him
Nikolka Niezgoda (2 days ago)
Why is the eyeliner so long? She's gonna fly off. WOOOOSH
Re Union (2 days ago)
Good thing my country believe on god
Re Union (2 days ago)
Thats a very stupid tradition
Stephanie Vega (2 days ago)
4:08 the mom trying to hit her daughter
Jack G. (2 days ago)
What if she never gets her period? 🤔
Pain_Is_Good (3 days ago)
This is about as disgusting as the Pope and his thugs living the life in the Vatican.
Jay Meets World (3 days ago)
that little girl eyes if looks can kill lol
IDKBOB TA (3 days ago)
You can tell she's just always pissed some dickhead rings a bell in her face all day. Also maybe you shouldn't tell people their living incarnations of gods... Cause that went so well in North Korea
Nicole Leblanc (3 days ago)
Why are you so ignorant?....Open your spiritual eyes this little girl is not a godess...But just a kid who want's to play like other kids of her age. Kissing her feet doesn't make you pure??? Only the blood of Jesus makes you pure of all your sins. This is a blaspheme to say that she is a godess... May God reveal the truth about Him to all of you and forgive you for doing such a thing... Let children be children...
Karan Sarkar (3 days ago)
Salutations to Kumari Goddess, may she always bless us. Om Shakti.
Angel Mapoy (4 days ago)
A god? C'mmn Jesus is our true god, who created us..This girl didn't deserve this, Jesus has a plan on her. Satan always there to fool us.! Wake up my brother and sister.
Sodafruit12 (4 days ago)
Children are supposed to move it is unhealthy to sit inside all day :0
انا جزايري (4 days ago)
Islam is the religion of truth Based on the worship of the one God who has no partner and no child He is above the seven heavens  And his knowledge and his ability everywhere, and the first and the other, and the dhimir and the sublime, and he is on everything capable Here is a summary of the doctrine of Islam And the Prophet (Muhammad peace be upon him) Mahwah only mediator between God (God) and people I hope you read the Koran and thank you
Can we marry kumari??
mulunesh gobena (4 days ago)
Yup.... she's very happy
chantelle smith (4 days ago)
They take them into a dark room and perform prayers etc.. Sounds abit odd to me
KawaiiPinkPunkStar (1 day ago)
I highly agree. Especially since they don't tell you what they do to the children in that dark room (like, they're not allowed to? and why not, right?)
Gabrielle Bernard (4 days ago)
Basically it's a way for the family to exploit their daughter and bring in money. Goddess, humbug
Anna Y. (5 days ago)
Her feet look crazy sunburnt
etikae1 (5 days ago)
How depressing
Elaiza Soberano (5 days ago)
Period = Freedom
Doris Shen (5 days ago)
"she doesn't look happy!!!" she can't smile at people what do you expect lol
yooku kookie (5 days ago)
The girl who told that she was a former Kumari is such a humble person.
Kit Bryan Pengco (5 days ago)
I do respect the culture and beliefs of Nepalis but on my perspective, it seems that being a goddess at such an early young age is quite depressing. I had it on my mind as I watch the video.
unknown tunisian (5 days ago)
the rate of ignorance in india is soooo high
Anil Kumar (5 days ago)
What a beautiful and clean culture!!! Pimps bitches and sinful Christians who have sex with women other than there wife,or those who eat dead cows and born out of adultery can never understand!!!!!!
Shanza Zahid (5 days ago)
Why does the child look like she's possessed or something.. Emotionless
Meme Cat (5 days ago)
What if she puts her leg to ground
it is so hard to see how stupid and brainwashed some people are, these are to brainwash and use stupid people so they themselves can get fame and wealth
Eyeliner on FLEEK
Niamh Xx (5 days ago)
2:29 when my parents turn my shows off the Tv
Niamh Xx (5 days ago)
The sunburn on her feet from having to have them out
Thalia Watton (51 minutes ago)
Her feet aren’t sunburnt they have been painted.
Alon Nir (6 days ago)
Primitive Bullshit
Shreya Bajgain (8 days ago)
You know what I find really funny, these people in the comments are disrespecting someone else's culture. Yes I'm kinda triggered cuz yall go making assumptions on something you don't fully understand
Angelic K (8 days ago)
I'm 18 and never got my period it is very hard for me to induce it, imagine if the girl doesn't have enough hormones and cells to get a period will she stay a goddess forever? XD
Titi Pop (8 days ago)
På tid å skarpe kniver her! Selv små barn er smartere enn dere!
danirows183 CLI (8 days ago)
She doesn’t look sad, she just looks bored as hell
claqui nette (9 days ago)
Moi elle me fait de la peine elle sourie jamais dans la video et c ... Voila
Shabana Nawaz (9 days ago)
I feel really sorry 4 her, i hate to think wht she is going through n which rituals the head priest performs in the dark.😥
Ahmad Faris Zawawi (9 days ago)
she doesn't look happy
gabriela (9 days ago)
who else has read the webtoon For The Sake Of Sita?
Random Stuff (10 days ago)
her dad "so when she goes to school it wont be hard" *shows all the gifts bestowed on her.
augora lodge (10 days ago)
i think the girl is not happy dont hate me i Respect other religions
Muroto-Kun :3 (10 days ago)
I feel bad for that girl, she just sits, and does nothing, I feel just so... so sad.
Jennifer Gill (10 days ago)
SHE DOES NOT LOOK HAPPY AT AAALLLLL !!!!!! She looks like she hates it.
Bella Rodriguez (12 days ago)
Sad life. Then they throw you out like garbage. Insane!!!
Rayhana Hassan (12 days ago)
She is just a little girl like the others she just wants the money 💰
chelsea bts (12 days ago)
I know this is their religion and stuff, I’m Nepalese ( not Hindu) but the poor girl looks like she just wants her life back.
Kathleen LaRose (12 days ago)
This is in my opinion child abuse.. This is not a judgment of religious or political practice. It is abusive to in-prison a child in a role they cannot understand at their age.
Natasha Kings (12 days ago)
Me when I wear new shoes and the weather decides to be a dick
Che Starwarsqueen (12 days ago)
How happy
PMA Judge (13 days ago)
Yasmin Styles (13 days ago)
Imagine when she needs the toilet. Does the whole community carry her ?
lucy girl (13 days ago)
Most. Ridiculous. Thing. EVER!!!!
Donald J. Trump (13 days ago)
lol she uses the money for v bucks im sure
Alex b (14 days ago)
Wish I was a spoilt bitch and get a drag queen do my liner 😂
cute sea urchin (14 days ago)
“They took her in a dark room to preform rituals which they will not let us see” done by a priest... hate to assume but... molestation
Zøe (12 days ago)
+supermouse73 The selection process is conducted by five senior Buddhist Bhajracharya priests, the Panch Buddha, the Bada Guruju or Chief Royal Priest, Achajau the priest of Taleju and the royal astrologer. She is taken by the priests to undergo a number of secret Tantric rituals to cleanse her body and spirit of her past experiences. Once these rituals are completed, Taleju enters her and she is presented as the new Kumari. She is dressed and made up as a Kumari and then leaves the Taleju temple and walks across the square on a white cloth to the Kumari Ghar that will be her home for the duration of her divinity. Source: Wikipedia An ex-royal Kumari says that the "physical examination is not intimate." idk but still seems fishy.
supermouse73 (12 days ago)
Zøe Maybe it was a woman 🤷‍♀️
Zøe (12 days ago)
+supermouse73 These are some of the criteria for being chosen as a Kumari Body like a Banyan Tree Eyelashes like Cow Neck like a conch shell Chest like a lion Voice soft and clear as of a duck Same horoscope as of the King Sign of Serenity and Fearlessness Black Straight Hair and Dark Eyes Delicate and Soft hands and feet Thighs like those of a deer Small and moist tongue Sexual Organs small and well-recessed Nobody should "examine" a child's body like this
supermouse73 (12 days ago)
Not all priests are disgusting pedos lol
Zøe (14 days ago)
I thought about that too...so disturbing
She doesn't look "happy" she looks like she wants a normal life poor her😭
Tracy Martel (4 days ago)
lunar_plays the art editor how can you NOT know?? The whole documentary is about their beliefs
+Tracy Martel oh sorry didn't know it was religious
Tracy Martel (4 days ago)
lunar_plays the art editor respect others people’s religion sm
+BreezyBratZay X dam that a lot of stuff about the kumari 1.can't touch the floor 2.plain expiration that is PURE evil it's the life of a kid it's free
BreezyBratZay X (10 days ago)
lunar_plays the art editor she has to have plain expressions. It’s part of being a Kumari goddess. Not even on cameras.
Screw The Net (15 days ago)
And we think princess complexes in the west are bad...luckily this is in the east so they dont necessarily grow into self interested glory hogs all the time. Still, though people can worship as they choose, something stupid is still something stupid, and religion is too flawed already to not call this silliness out. Buddha would be rolling in his grave if he wasnt such a cool guy.
Kele (15 days ago)
Why you gotta put subtitles on top of subtitles? Why? Can’t really make out what’s written
iKON LoveScenario (15 days ago)
Oh. I've read a manga about this. Didnt know its really happening.
Jonas Dialola (16 days ago)
Cris (16 days ago)
Poor kid , chosen to be what they want her to be , can not be a happy and normal girl 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😢😢😢
Fun Unlimited (17 days ago)
Mobile use garna paixan
pipi (17 days ago)
this sumn else
maryam abrar (17 days ago)
I am so sorry but y dont they let the child to live a normal life...where is it written to pray a little girl is it in geeta?hindi supcriture tells us that there is no reflection of God then y
false gods for false religions the bring the humans to a wrong way!!!^^ ~ the bavarian Mystican ~
Vanolia Trimm (17 days ago)
I'm sorry but this girl is not happy, her whole face says so
Kepunden Nargaroth (17 days ago)
why they worship human creation?
Anime Nation (18 days ago)
Actually kumari pratha is practiced by one of the ethnic group of Nepal. Not all Nepalese people and their lives are that bad as this document shows as kumari.
Blue (18 days ago)
She even looks like she dosent know wtf is going on
vladimir mikhailov (18 days ago)
These religious practice must be illigal world wide ! Barbarism !
vladimir mikhailov (18 days ago)
I don't want this kind of culture diversity in our neighborhood...
mrmortician (18 days ago)
Ridiculous! Seriously Ridiculous! So when she gets her period at whatever age, and stands up to finally be able to walk as a real human being, and not a "Goddess" only to fall to the ground like an infant that hasn't learned to walk yet....Nothing "Goddess like" about that at all! Borderline physical and mental abuse to me! I feel sorry for these girls! So what does it make her once her feet actually touch the ground!? Oh, a free person!
vomitinyourface (19 days ago)
..shes got that lowered chin upgaze down pat!! :D
random epic videos (19 days ago)
if you don't know shit then don't comment ..we don't laugh at your culture given how you fuck within your own family and how most often then not you are drunk.
Jasmen coelho (20 days ago)
This is why I have a problem with this: There is a shroud of mystery regarding how they select this young girls and the rituals. Part of the 32 perfections regard these children's genitals... Already this looks bad to me... "Some of these are poetically listed as such: A neck like a conch shell A body like a banyan tree Eyelashes like a cow Thighs like a deer Chest like a lion Voice soft and clear as a duck's In addition to this, her hair and eyes should be very black, she should have dainty hands and feet, small and well-recessed sexual organs and a set of twenty teeth."
rosa prendergast (20 days ago)
That's just sad that she has to live that way.....she's a kid....she should be having fun!
LiveWire (20 days ago)
Sushma Ghising (20 days ago)
I am from Nepal and I don't know much information about kumari but I have heard that if you become kumari then you can't marry anyone but it's all superstitions after all.
cathy may magbanua (21 days ago)
Poor people ☹
Jennifer Liza (21 days ago)
They've taken Idolatry to a new level. Seriously.
George Spiggott (22 days ago)
it will be difficult to assimilate into society, but imagine being able to say that you used to hold a goddess within your body. I am not religious but truly believing that you were personally chosen by your deity to serve as her avatar must be an indescribable experience.
natalia morales (22 days ago)
She doesn't look to happy :(
Luke R (23 days ago)
All of the people I have met from Nepal have been very friendly, likeable people. I dislike religion. It is ridiculous, in all cultures.
Luke R (18 days ago)
I just praised the people of Nepal. I only stated that I find religion ridiculous regardless of the culture. How did you get that I'm hating on them out of that?
Jadyn Oenning (18 days ago)
sorry to be mean but dont hate on them its what they believe
Isabella Booher (23 days ago)
its sorry but being a kumari actually sounds awful and I would never want that for any young girl
Sanjanasri Vedavyas (23 days ago)
Okay but imagine how underdeveloped her leg muscles must be.
oh yeah yeah (24 days ago)
I saw the Kumari she stuck her head out of her window i also went to see a minor kumari she put a red wax thing on me
Kaye Yan (24 days ago)
what will kumari do if she wants to bath? poop? or perioud? do she will touch her feet in the c.r's ground floor?

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