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Magneto & Mystique Kiss Scene | X-Men First Class (2011) Movie Clip

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Magneto and Mystique Kiss Scene | X-Men: First Class (2011) Movie info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1270798/ Buy it on Blu-ray: https://www.amazon.com/X-men-First-Blu-ray-Michael-Fassbender/dp/B00MP2FRMW Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne, Kevin Bacon, January Jones, Nicholas Hoult, Lucas Till, Caleb Landry Jones, Jason Flemyng, Zoe Kravitz, Oliver Platt, Rade Serbedzija TM & © Fox (2011) -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/filmicbox ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filmicbox ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/filmicbox ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/109939716731213840534 -------------------------------------------------- Magneto and Mystique Kissing Scene 4K Ultra HD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuGtSnFs0lbb7Loo0WeKmVQ
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Text Comments (762)
Scopian01 (1 year ago)
Click here for Emma Frost Captured Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Dqg60CMMtc
Matthew Moloney (3 months ago)
Damn Mann (7 months ago)
Filmic Box I
Abdalla Jaamac (7 months ago)
Filmic Box .
Son of Hecate (1 day ago)
I feel that Rebecca Romijn and J-Law should star in a movie where they are mother and daughter.
Rajdeep Majumder (2 days ago)
Came from the memes🤣
Kiesterson Kaneb (3 days ago)
So this is where the meme came from xD
The Queenorsomething (3 days ago)
There should be a parody movie/video where the X-men travel everywhere on a plane in first class or have to stay in the air or something will happen and they are in a private jet in the lap of luxury.
shadowdance4666 (6 days ago)
I believe that she would be hotter green, instead of looking like a Smurf with an overactive thyroid
Arran Haigh (8 days ago)
Mr Norsk-Finn (8 days ago)
Bruno Raio (10 days ago)
Imagine if Raven turned into Charles. LoL. Considering the bromance between Magneto and Prof. X, Erik would be like "well... i guess it's a win win then"
Star_Playz (11 days ago)
I have found the meme
t s (12 days ago)
Perfect Girlfriends
KyodaiKen1979 (12 days ago)
I was happy to see the cameo of Rebecca, the only true Mystique.
Venom ! (12 days ago)
0:29 and hence the biggest meme was born
Corey Toomey (12 days ago)
“She’s good.” “You have no idea.”
Cody Sray (16 days ago)
He really should’ve just stopped her at the Rebecca phase and got busy there’s not a more beautiful woman around
PowerStar Alt (16 days ago)
icewallowcome 1835 (16 days ago)
Ibikari1 (16 days ago)
I like when he reads people's minds, so sexy
Ibikari1 (16 days ago)
He was so rude, get out Raven. .ugh
Jaiyesh Raichand (16 days ago)
Well noone knew this would become such a popular meme...
kerry Anne Boland (16 days ago)
she looks beautiful as mystique
Meijor Emerald (18 days ago)
A meme was born
getmemedlul (19 days ago)
She was always naked oof
Bidocf (21 days ago)
0:25 Rebecca Romijin
Murat Bozkurt (21 days ago)
Richard Lisondra (22 days ago)
"This is where meme started"
Player One (22 days ago)
Zade YO (22 days ago)
2:27 McAvoy's the expression for being out of words is so spot on. Many of us have been put in an identical scenario by someone younger and he portrayed that so perfectly lol
Choy Bisnar (23 days ago)
Will you play a Hideo Kojima game? Maybe in a few years. How about now? *Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain* I prefer the real Metal Gear game. *Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater* I said the real Metal Gear game! *Metal Gear Survive* Perfection.
Ya Boi (24 days ago)
I don't like her voice.
Gall900 (24 days ago)
Magneto's superpowers include controlling metal and convincing women to run around naked all time.
Meriban Ebru ilhan (26 days ago)
I AM Batman (28 days ago)
When he said "Perfection" I couldn't stop laughing!
Murder Doll (1 month ago)
*X-Men First Kiss*
MagikarpThePerson (1 month ago)
I love how he says: maybe in a few years.
Lana Beniko (1 month ago)
Hiro Ciko (1 month ago)
this was the original meme of perfection...lol
1:47 😂😂😂
Ong Grace (1 month ago)
Hey Jennifer ,which radical revoluntionary bad boy you prefer? Magneto or Gale?
Cannibal Candy (1 month ago)
Is Magneto trying to be an anime harem protagonist?
micika 97 (1 month ago)
favorite sceen off the hole movie... 😍and 1 info in this sceen Eric is 34 age and Raven 21(in real life) , think about it 😮
And thus was born the greatest meme of all times
TheZombieWolf TZW (1 month ago)
the meme is born
уυrí ρlisetsky (1 month ago)
Raven: let me pee for a sec.
ManMeja ThePukul (1 month ago)
I prefer for real Raven I said the real Raven Perfection
djrocks 562 (1 month ago)
Just because she wants to be herself doesn't mean she has to be naked
Obvious relationships (1 month ago)
What is the music in this scene? For the life of me I can't find it anywhere. It seems to skip this score in the soundtrack. It should be between to beast or not to beast and true colours but it's not. Someone please help!!!
Axel Luna (1 month ago)
Alv de ahi sale el meme
BernicoDarkBlue (1 month ago)
Hey Vsauce, Michael here!
Burak Bektaş (1 month ago)
X-Men First Class (2011) Movie Clip 3,642,503 views 10K 858 SHARE SAVE Scopian01 Published on Dec 1, 2017 Magneto and Mystique Kiss Scene | X-Men: First Class (2011) Movie info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1270798/ Buy it on Blu-ray: https://www.amazon.com/X-men-First-Bl... Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne, Kevin Bacon, January Jones, Nicholas Hoult, Lucas Till, Caleb Landry Jones, Jason Flemyng, Zoe Kravitz, Oliver Platt, Rade Serbedzija TM & © Fox (2011) -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/filmicbox ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filmicbox ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/filmicbox ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/1099397167312... -------------------------------------------------- Magneto and Mystique Kissing Scene 4K Ultra HD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuGt... 670 Comments Add a public comment... Pinned by Scopian01 Scopian01 11 months ago Click here for Emma Frost Captured Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Dqg60CMMtc 136 TheFikri136 11 months ago Michael Fassbender is so hot. Eh, I mean Jennifer Lawrence. 1.8K Kayden Mcthomas 11 months ago "I said the real Raven." 1.4K Alexis Yañez 11 months ago Jennifer Lawrence is sexy 1K Autobot AvengerXL5 11 months ago (edited) Well, this a surprise. 869 EL MOVIEMAKER EL MOVIEMAKER 11 months ago (edited) -Could you pass me my robe? -You don't have to hide -I'm cold man... 1.1K Ziggy Wynder Ziggy Wynder 8 months ago I prefer the real Teen Titans. Teen Titans Go appears I said "the real Teen Titans." *Teen Titans appears." Perfection. 446 I'm Just Saiyan I'm Just Saiyan 11 months ago Man she was flat chested. Flat is justice 655 Tahsin Tasnim Tahsin Tasnim 6 months ago PERFECTION 158 CookieMastah CookieMastah 11 months ago If Magneto says Mystique should walk around ndue, why does he still wear clothes? 676 Darion Darion 7 months ago Imagine Raven turned into Eric 115 Eccentric●Artist Eccentric●Artist 8 months ago When he said " The REAL...raven" And then he said " Perfection" I was just like , UH wow 185 Ulquiorra Schiffer1 Ulquiorra Schiffer1 11 months ago I loved how Fox portrait Magneto/Mystique relationships. When she lost her powers, Magneto abandoned but commented "Such a shame she was so beautiful." Referring to her mutant form rather than her human form. Here is the same. 390 WafflingMean44 WafflingMean44 11 months ago It's unfortunate that she may have thought Charles was viewing her as ugly. In reality, he views her as a little sister and so seeing her naked, regardless of what she looks like is really weird for him. But she definitely had a crush on him for a long time because she thought he was the only person who would accept the real her, as he was the only mutant she knew. 798 TheBatFamilyforever TheBatFamilyforever 8 months ago You know, Magneto's words actually aren't bad when you think about. He's just trying to motivate her to be proud of who she really is, to not hide just because the world views her ugly because of her appearance. Her gift. 84 George Hamilton George Hamilton 6 months ago Erik : Maybe in a few years. Erik, one minute later : [kisses Raven] 33 Darion Darion 7 months ago Marvel to Tobey Maguire "I want the real Spiderman" Andrew Garfield appears "I said the real Spiderman" Tom Holland appears "P E R F E C T I O N" 93 Kharn526 Kharn526 7 months ago JLAW is nothing compared to Rebecca! 131 Waylon Jones Waylon Jones 11 months ago (edited) 7 years ago, damn 684 William Wallace William Wallace 10 months ago 1:00 “have you ever looked a tiger and thought you want to cover it up” no... but i never wanted to french kiss a tiger 31 Venom Venom 11 months ago Prequel Anakin I prefer the real Anakin... Clone Wars Anakin I said the real Anakin... LEGO Anakin Episode 2 Perfection... 109 Green Weeaboo Green Weeaboo 11 months ago The Start of the Video-00:48 a Meme was Born. 330 Jesse Ray Jesse Ray 11 months ago You don’t how refreshing it was to see Rebecca again. Even though it was only for a second, I’m just happy she involved in this movie. 114 gor9027 gor9027 11 months ago One of the best cameos in a superhero movie and this one already had an all timer with Wolverine. 122 Fearful Gaming 5 months ago I don't know why so many people in the X-Men universe see Raven/Mystique's true form as ugly. I'm sure I speak for a great many people when I say: Damn girl, work that scaly blue booty. 22 Archy Bald 11 months ago (edited) Magneto: You don't have to hide. And that was the begging of the fappening. (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) 75 Tanya Bhatia 10 months ago Tiger... Damn it! Erik she is still human or mutant or whatever! Why the hell would she not wear clothes? I mean does being a mutants mean you move around cloth less? Or is it just for the blue colored ones? Does that mean Hank should also walk around naked? And Kurt too? But wait what about the Red ones like Azazel? Should they also be naked or not? Erik logic is really frustrating at times. sigh.. 30 James Lopez 11 months ago Perfection 425 Vinnie Fabian 11 months ago 1:27 was awkward for me,I watched with my family 60 Captain Fire 11 months ago A deeper meaning: You're not perfect until you're truly YOU. 21 Luke Toolse 6 months ago The birth of a meme. 21 Erick Hernandez 1 month ago (edited) Tom Holland in bed “I want the Real Spiderman” (Andrew Garfield shows up) “ i said the real Spiderman “ (Tobey Maguire Shows up) “Perfection” 6 Cmdr. Data 11 months ago That's were the meme begins! 120 huzar237 4 months ago (edited) Anyone else ever wonder if Mystique grows a penis everytime she morphs into a dude? 🤔 10 Senor Fabulous 2 months ago Hey look they made that meme into a film 5 Combustible Dragon 5 months ago Jeniffer lawrence aint hot...micheal fassbender is🔥🔥🔥 9 nobody survives even one bit 11 months ago Lawrence is hot. 40 Yusuke Sakurai 11 months ago Jennifer Lawrence ↓changed Rebecca Romijn? 64 Dimas Bintang 10 months ago This should become a meme I'm sorry 22 [email protected]&@rcher 11 months ago Some Fanboys reaction: That's not mystique 0:28 Welcome back mystique 43
Joseph Lai (1 month ago)
love you
Christian Tedja (1 month ago)
Vegeta to Goku, "Are you Chichi's Songoku, or are you Kakarot?"
Adrian Zekaj (1 month ago)
Can you fix them subtitles??
Linguinix (1 month ago)
Some would say he has a fetish...
Waylon Jones (2 months ago)
1:22 I thought it was a sex scene
LiAngelo Ball (2 months ago)
Man she was so much hotter when she was thicker and younger
Foo Yong Jie (2 months ago)
0:31 A meme was born
Dark Dante (2 months ago)
The birth of a meme.
Z (2 months ago)
Imagine every night is different from last night.....!
Leggo my Depresso (2 months ago)
So THIS is where that meme came from...
Karen Lei (2 months ago)
I think Magneto kissed Raven was not because he had any special feelings for her. It was simply a recognition for her identity as a mutant
Guess What? (2 months ago)
I absolutely f*cking loved that brief cameo by Rebecca Romijn... as Raven morphed into an older version of herself. Such an amazing touch, moment of continuity and a nod to the original trilogy.
Angela Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Charles was so funny, struggling to tell her to put some clothes on.
Chicken Gum (2 months ago)
I would want mystique to turn into Sommer ray
demoniac__ (2 months ago)
this guy has some fucked up fetish
Cybernetic Nerd (2 months ago)
I only came here because of the meme. 😆
utj l (2 months ago)
well that's where the meme come from
Shakhnoza Eshova (2 months ago)
1:43 Charles's reaction 😂 he tries so hard not to look at her and looks confused 😂😂😂
i have an anime pfp (2 months ago)
0:45 and thus the meme
Daniel de jesús (2 months ago)
The first mistique she is hot min 0:27
FREE Will Dummies! (2 months ago)
Hes in to Furbies lol ☺
Ronyfcb Farfan (2 months ago)
Will the real raven please stand up
siblings vlog (2 months ago)
Jennifer is to sexy and lovely
Route 1 (2 months ago)
She is lucky it wasn’t Thanos 🤔🍆😵
Mike Trough (2 months ago)
I think just flew over magneto's head that what he got at 0:22 WAS THE REAL RAVEN
Mike Trough (2 months ago)
Just makes 10 secs of appearance........Still own the freaking scene... WELCOME BACK REBECCA, ♥♥♥
Dagoranna (2 months ago)
Sara Espejel (2 months ago)
0:47 Perfekshion
Ian Worley (2 months ago)
Sorry what you AHHHHH ERECTION
Wild1 P (2 months ago)
"Are you gonna tell me what's the matter or do I have to read your mind?" 95% of us Men thinking, IF ONLY we could read a woman's mind..
Epic Fanboy (2 months ago)
birth of a meme
King Dave (2 months ago)
A Meme is Born
flukeman022 (2 months ago)
Magneto : the real raven, you don't have to hide anymore. Xavier : where are your clothes? Put put some clothes on.
Chill And Jill (2 months ago)
And thus a meme was born...
-nefarious grimes (2 months ago)
and so the meme was born
Clymax01 (3 months ago)
Would you tap that if she stayed blue ?
MegaFaggot 21 (3 months ago)
sooo thats where the meme is from lol
mahidhar yvs (3 months ago)
Birth of meme
Xa Vier (3 months ago)
Meme material
Piero Mendoza (3 months ago)
I domt understand ravem was not in love with beast? And now with magneto? :v
wtf is more like "sex scene"
Wild1 P (2 months ago)
Sorry this is not a sex scene! No offense to the "real Raven" but I'm not attracted to reptilians!
Jose Toral (3 months ago)
Her skin texture in incredibly unique... I wonder how it would feel hitting it from the back.
Jaznizzle _ (3 months ago)
“Have you ever looked at a tiger, and thought you ought to cover it up.?” Damn..
SLJREB YHTTAT (3 months ago)
I legit only saw the video for the meme
The Lone Knight (3 months ago)
I don't get why he is encouraging Raven to be herself in this scene and then in The Last Stand when we see what Raven really looks like Magneto is like "You're gross and not one of us anymore ! Go rot !" Guy's a narcissistic hate monger.
Petur Petrov (3 months ago)
In this moment Meme was born
Aashish Neupane (3 months ago)
Now I know the origin of the meme 😁😁
Leon Chua (3 months ago)
And that's how we got the mystique with no clothes
Andrew Potter (3 months ago)
Who else is only here to review the meme format?

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