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This Tutorial will explain basics of Oracle 11g EXPLAIN Plan by using this ppt & some hands-on in Oracle 11g R2 Database.This tutorial will include below topics. Understanding EXPLAIN plan. Set up & Use EXPLAIN Plan. Explain PLAN_TABLE & related scripts & DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY. Generate & View EXPLAIN Plan. Read & Interpret basics of EXPLAIN Plan. EXPLAIN PLAN limitations.
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Text Comments (26)
Alex Gamboa (3 years ago)
Nice job with this vídeo. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Regards from Costa Rica.
SYED AYAZ Ahmed (3 years ago)
Greetings… I have being learning ORACLE SQL, PL/SQL from your videos posted on youtube.com I really appreciate your effort in imparting your knowledge to us. I request your to please send/email the Oracle SQL,PL/SQL  scripts, PPT and notes used in the videos to “ [email protected]“ I Once again appreciate your efforts in sharing the your knowledge Anticipating your response earliest
Bhavani Pm (3 years ago)
very usefull
SP Swamy (3 years ago)
Nice one Anindya! Can you please share more SQL tuning techniques?
Keren Peter (3 years ago)
Hi. Very nice video dear. liked a lot.Please post more such videos. Just one small correction: @8:50 its DBMS _XPLAN. You mistakenly said DBMS_EXPLAIN and its being missed out to said. Am I right dear?
Ravi Nava (3 years ago)
Hi Anindya Really great work Can u please share me the docs to this mail id [email protected]
Santosh Muduli (3 years ago)
Hi ,Awesome!!!!!!..Can you please share a session about oracle architecture..
Stelone (4 years ago)
Basics - Well Explained. Thanks! :)
sujata saha (4 years ago)
May i have your contact details ....interested about more class 
Dilip Kumar (4 years ago)
Nice one
Balu Reddy (4 years ago)
Nice explaination, Please share those demo files that can be help full for us
Subbaraju Sagiraju (4 years ago)
Very nice tutorial, great work.
Bhaskar Kolloju (4 years ago)
Thanks, it helps well to understand the basics of explain plan.
Geetanjali Mehra (5 years ago)
better explained. good job.
Seeta Pawar (5 years ago)
well explained.
john paul (5 years ago)
Thanks .. simple and very informative video :)
jk V (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video...really helpful..
Manish Singh (5 years ago)
nice video keep it up ..
Anindya Das (5 years ago)
thanks to all :)
mali321 (5 years ago)
Keep up the good work dude.
Sreekanth Miryala (5 years ago)
Thanks Anindya Das for overview on Explain Plan..
Abhishek Kumar (5 years ago)
Truly Good Work & Nice Compact to the point presentation. Recommended to watch for people who doesn't know about explain plan.
Anamika Roy (5 years ago)
a good video tutorial ..
Mainak Mukherjee (5 years ago)
Great work.
andy moor (5 years ago)
Very good work. It helped me in understanding explain plan
Samindra Dey (5 years ago)
Great work Anindya.... Very Helpful.

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